2018-11-08 Let's Have a Kiki

From Transformers: Lost and Found

2018-11-08 Let's Have a Kiki
Date 2018/11/10
Location Skystalker and Quicksight's Habsuite
Participants Drift, Skystalker
Summary Let's have a kiki

I wanna have a kiki Lock the doors tight

Let's have kiki

The science deck had been busier than ever since Tempo was rescued, given the repairs and diagnostics he's needed. Other than being randomly accosted inside the titan by Anialus, Tempo himself seems safer than he was. Skystalker give it a few days before returning to the brain chamber-- with a new plant. Something Rigardian. It was clear that the occupants prior had no time for organic garbage, including Tempo's little head garden.

At least Anialus didn't entirely scoff when he left it there, closeby.

Skystalker returned not long after that, taking up in his hab to avoid the science deck and keeping the door propped partway open as he works on something. He is absolutely unsuspecting.

Normally Drift would do the polite thing and knock before entering but when he peeks inside and sees Skystalker so hard at work he can't he can't help but have a little fun with the poor guy. Using all the stealthy ninja moves he's cultivated after watching countless hours of ninja-themed anime, he slips through the door and stalks up behind Skystalker. He doesn't grab at him, or yell at him to surprise him, he mostly just stands there, silently watching him like a huge creep before finally letting his presence be known with a forced cough.

Drift can see the datapad over Skystalker's shoulder, lit up with music bars and a light pen waggling idly in his fingers against the desktop. Absorbed completely in what he's doing, as usual. It's kind of cute in the nerdy way, right? The feeling of eyes tickles at his head a moment before Drift coughs, and the jerk around on his stool bangs one knee on the drawer and flings the pen into Drift's armor with a *tink*.

"Oof-- Oh, Primus-- Drift! how long have you been there?!"

Drift is polite enough to hide his grin behind his hand but not enough to keep from giggling like an idiot to himself. "I'm sorry, I couldn't help it! You had the door open and I saw the opportunity.." He laughs and retrieves the pen from the floor before stepping in close and properly greeting Skystalker with a gentle headbonk. "Like I said, I couldn't help it. Anyway, I was only standing there for a few minutes so if you were doing anything embarrassing before then, I missed it," he says, offering Skystalker his pen back.

"I had the door open because my vents felt stuffy... I was outside. Space dust..." Skystalker pouts some for his pride, though it eases as Drift comes in for a bump, and amber optics warm right up.

"Oh good, so you definitely //didn't// see me engrossed in the latest novella from my favorite alien romance series." Skystalker's eyes lid partway, dimming as he plucks his pen back into his fingers and sets it in the stand on the desk.

"Reading romance novels isn't embarrassing! That's a perfectly normal thing everyone does." Drift may be biased considering what he chooses to read in his free time. He spins himself around and leans back against the edge of Skystalker's desk, arms crossed over his chest. "Speaking of romances, something happened the other day and I... kinda wanna talk about it with someone." Gossip. He wants to gossip.

"'Something happened', you say." Gossip. Drift wants to gossip. Skystalker's features crinkle with a stifled amusement, lips pursing a moment later and brow ridge lifting. His hands busy with saving his work and sliding the datapad away. Sky lifts his hands with a beckoning gesture and a crooking smile. "You always do have the pulse of these kinds of things around here. Alright... spill."

Hopefully that chair can withstand the weight of two people because Drift just goes ahead and sets himself into Skystalker's lap, kicking his legs up over one of the arms. "Alright, so here's what happened. I was walking down the halls, you know, like I do, when I bumped into Penchant. He looked awful, he was all upset and had bloody eyes, it was bad!" He wiggles a foot as he continues. "Anyway, I talked to him about it and it turns out he got into this big thing with Soundwave because it turns out he's been carrying a torch for Rodimus for.. who even knows how long, and talking about how he doesn't want to be a cassette anymore."

Skystalker can't quite hide his surprise, and the chair squeaks a bit-- but of course it is sturdy enough, this is the Lost Light and Skystalker just took what was lying around. Still, he angles a glance past Drift's knees to make sure that it isn't about to tip over. Not unless Drift starts horsing around.

He lifts his head to start listening when the story begins, intent. As it goes, Skystalker gets increasingly more concerned. Bloody eyes? That's usually inner cranial trauma, right? Science notes take a backseat when the description of a fight with Soundwave comes, and Sky's features darken a touch. The torch part does not seem to phase, because he knows Penchant enough to not be.

"Here I thought this was going to be about something less serious." An unspoken apology, sort of. Skystalker's arm settles around Drift's waist, other hand resting on his knee. "Soundwave's track record of navigating this sort of thing isn't boding well, hn? God, poor Penny... he has such a loving spark. I hope he's okay..." Worry ekes back.

"Er.. yeah, about the being okay part. After we talked, he kinda sorta.. squirted blood out his eyes and passed out." Talk about burying the lead, at least he has the decency to look slightly ashamed about it. "He's fine now though! I mean, I don't know if he's out of the medibay, but he's still alive and functional, so it can't be that bad!" Hopefully. "I tried to guide him as best as I could, encouraged him to talk it out with Soundwave, but as you know Soundwave isn't the best at uhm.." Other people's feelings? Socialization in general? " know, that sort of stuff."

Skystalker's biolights blanch at the passing out. What? "I wonder if he was overusing his outlier ability... I can't imagine being in the middle of those two -fighting-, either. The bleeding sounds like head trauma, so as long as you got him there I'm sure he'll be good in no time. Physically." A thumb traces the edge of Drift's kneecap, an idle fidget. "Stressed himself right into medical. I'll have to see about sending a comm later."

Drift's face lights up in understanding. "Ah! That makes perfect sense! When I hear arguments, I think of yelling and and whathaveyou, but their version of arguing could be like.. mental combat, or something like that. Okay, yeah, that explains the bleeding then." Oh yikes, that makes it worse. Imagine putting so much strain on your own brain that you bleed out your eyes? Drift shudders. "You should probably comm him, yeah. I'm sure he could use some support."

"Penchant's good at yelling, but, yeah." Skystalker smiles thinly, "He's powerful, but so is Soundwave, you know? Outliers are complicated." This may be an understatement. "If it hadn't been blood I wouldn't be so worried. Things happen. But that is... intense." The spacer files a mental note away to draft something in case Penchant is still under Ratchet's iron grip. "Damn."

Drift puts a hand flat on Skystalker's chest in an effort to comfort him. "Damn is right. I hope he doesn't decide to leave, but if he does.." He shrugs. "There was a point where I had to leave, so I can't blame him if thats the choice he decides to make. Sometimes it's best." His fingers curl against Skystalker and he shifts it slightly to run a thumb along the closest armour seam he can find. "I imagine that after we deal with Megatron, many people will leave. I'm sure there are some people that would like to go home."

Once upon a time, Skystalker remembers being so nervous and scared that Penchant was going to become one of Soundwave's cassettes, and not just a student. The light weight of the hand on his chest seems to bring a wandering look back around, wings shifting and settling at the touch. "I just don't want to think he'd leave without saying goodbye."

"I know after this-- well, people want to live again. They almost had it, before he took it away again." Skystalker's optics flicker, mouth firming into a small line. He says it as if it's for everyone else, and maybe it is.

Drift is quiet for a moment, the only sound from him being the one his hand makes when it rubs against Skystalker's chest. "I have too many bad memories there," he says finally. "I have no intention of going back and calling it home. Do you?"

"It was, once. I don't know if it is anymore. Nyon is gone, but the peaks are still there, and the hotspots, and the newsparks..." If anyone looks at the sprouts and seedlings before bemoaning the fallen tree, it is Skystalker. "I want to learn to love it, but calling it home... maybe not. This ship is my home. Before that-- mmm." He knows he doesn't need to explain himself to Drift.

"This ship is the closest thing to a home I've ever had." And that includes the shitty apartment he bought specifically so he could have a 'home'. "That said, I've been thinking a lot about this Megatron thing, and what's going to happen after it. There's this sort of.. unusual, kind of amateurish sect of the Circle I met while on my, uh, sabbatical. I've been supporting them financially since I've been back, but it's for survival, you know? You can't gain insight, or get experience with just money. You can't buy your way into being a proper Knight. I've considered going back and.. I don't know, mentoring them I guess."

Sabbatical earns a small smile back. That might be a good word for it, really. Skystalker listens closely to the last, head tilting silently along. His wings flick from the shoulder, angling out with the inquiry of interest. There's a bigger smile by the end, and his lights tint with honey yellow.

"I remember you telling me a bit about them." Skystalker's hand moves from Drift's knee to the hand against his chestplate. "If they welcomed you once I'm sure they would again.."

Drift smiles at that. "Oh, I have no doubt about that, they seemed to get a kick out of having me there. Most of them joined the Circle well after that whole.. absolutely terrible thing that happened on Theophany." He frowns, still bitter about the whole thing. "They don't have Great Swords of their own but we still have all the ones we confiscated from that weapon, I was thinking I would take them with me when I go."

He's quiet a moment and then asks, "Would you be interested in joining me?"

Rehoming the swords with a new generation of knights sounds like precisely the thing that would work out for the better. Right now the blades are just being stored, save for the one that seems to have adopted the saurid Eukarian-- what better than to bring them back?

Drift's question comes on the tail end of a thought, and for a moment Skystalker isn't sure that he heard it right; the expectation of an answer, however, tells him that he did. Optics large and wings lifting, the amber lights blink back just once. "I'm not a knight, though... That wouldn't be intrusive or something?"

Drift shifts in Skystalker's lap, sitting more upright to look him in the eye. "Of course not! I have no intention of turning that village into Crystal City. I want anyone with friendly motives to feel welcome, and that would include you." He takes Skystalker's hand in his own and squeezes it. "You don't have to say yes or no now, you can think on it if you'd like."

So it won't be like before, even if those knights gave them Drift. He wants to share his experience in another way. Skystalker smiles, chin dipping and optics lifting back to Drift's stare. The taller mech's waist is clasped in the same way his hand is, with a tentative squeeze. "I don't know what will happen from here, but... I think I would like to see them."

"You'll need a ship, besides."

"The best one in the fleet," Drift quips. He snuggles in closer to Skystalker, the chair creaking in protest. "Kiss on it?" he asks, a wide, goofy grin on his face.

It's a simple enough trip for two. One won't even need a seat. Skystalker laughs against the snuggling, audials noting the creaking but not quite caring. "Sure. Sealed with one and everything." His laugh settles into the breadth of his chest when he pulls Drift in closer, meeting brows before the kiss comes close behind.

The chair creaks even louder and longer when Drift shifts his weight yet again, all the better to return the kiss and really get up in Skystalker's mouth. Hopefully it's worth it because a few seconds later, the chair finally creaks it's last and gives out completely, sending both of them crashing to the floor. Looks like getting Skystalker a new seat is next on the 'things to do today' list.

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