2018-11-08 Collision Consult

From Transformers: Lost and Found

Collision Consult
Date 2018/11/08
Location Hallways
Participants Soundwave, Minimus Ambus
Summary Soundwave runs into Minimus. He doesn't actually bounce off.

Soundwave isn't scheduled to return for some time. So there's genuine surprise when he just shows up, landing in the Lost Light's shuttlebay. He doesn't even comm ahead. He just sets down and guess that spot is his now, schedules and organization be damned. (Sorry Logistics.)

Soundwave doesn't stick around either. He disembarks at record speed, running down his shuttle's ramp and hopefully not trampling anyone as he makes his way through the halls. He's very fast on foot- faster than he looks, at least- thanks to years of having an immobile alt and having to keep up in some fashion. He thunders down halls and shoves anyone who's not already out of his way, out of it. He's too focused, his visor too brightly glazed, to pay attention to what's in front of him. And, to be fair, he hasn't had to worry about running into the Magnus armor for some months now.

Literally. Soundwave literally runs head first into the only other significantly Big Blue on the ship. Ow.


Minimus was never an insubstantial figure when he was Ultra Magnus. The collision is loud, a crunch of impact as armor hits armor. Minimus isn't even really inclined to make way for others when he comes up to their knee. As Soundwave hits him and more or less bounces off, he braces and turns a ponderous glower down upon him.

"I beg your pardon," he says in a tone that actually sounds like he's saying how dare you. "I'm only _just repaired_."

Soundwave doesn't bounce off, but he does manage to fall back on his aft, rubbing a dent now in the side of faceplate. Ugh, now his head hurts. "And I doubt you will require any repairs no-- Magnus. I mean, Minimus. In the Magnus-" A little wisely, Soundwave stops talking to pick himself up and dust himself off.

"Apologies, I almost forgot you could look like this, too," Soundwave says. He quickly moves on. "Minimus, have you seen Penchant? Do you know where he is? I-- I can't find him. Assistance, greatly appreciated."

Minimus checks over the front of his very sturdy armor looking for dents, chips in the paint, etc.; and frowns over himself in a fastidious way that he would be self-conscious of were it pointed out to him. "He tendered his resignation," he says crossly. "I believe he's already disembarked, although if he hasn't I expect he is packing or some such. I returned and the first priority on my desk was to sign off on the new reassignments to Logistics."

Soundwave looks taken aback- its a miracle he can look such a way without his face being seen. Its the most taken aback visor and faceplate Minimus has ever seen. "What?" he asks, monotone edging to hoarse, static crackling around the word. "Don't-- Do not sign off on anything. Let me find him first. He has to still be here, I was not gone that long... Don't accept the resignation or adjust any Logistics. I just need to speak with him. This will be sorted." He nods to himself, fingers curling at his sides.

"It's already done," Minimus answers crisply, his tone sharpening with an edge of exasperation. "I'm certain if Penchant wishes to return to his post at a future date it is something that can be discussed. By him. Really, Soundwave, what _is_ this? I wasn't going to leave an entire department necessary to the adequate functioning of this vessel floating in limbo. I assumed when I received the request that he had his reasons."

Already done. The news makes Soundwave's shoulders bow, curling forward as his head lowers and visor dims. It's like a physical blow. He was kidding himself from the start when he couldn't hear even the faintest whisper of Penchant in the sea of the Lost Light. He's too late. He left and- he shouldn't of left.

Soundwave's head snaps up, visor flaring as he looks up at Magnus. (That's going to take getting used to, again.) "Minimus, you have made tremendous mistakes before!"

Minimus Ambus stares back into Soundwave's visor with a baffle slowly encroaching its way across the weight of the Magnusian helm. After a beat's pause, he says: "Yes." The single syllable is rather neutral, rumbled with a weight of expectancy behind it as he stands large and patient as a sudden monument in the hallway.

Right. Minimus is not a mind-reader. Right. "What did you do after?" Soundwave asks. Minimus is the pinnacle of things good and right. Soundwave respects his methods, respects his thoughts, respects his character. If he could do what Minimus would do... "How would you make it right? After being... Terrible to someone?"

Minimus Ambus stares at Soundwave for a beat of almost total silence and then lifts one of his large hands to kind of slide his thumb and middle finger over the line of his nose, up to the pinch of his brow beneath the weight of his helm. "Accept responsibility for my terrible action," he states, almost without inflection, _almost_ matched to Soundwave's typical monotone. "Apologize." A beat passes, and he grows notably more dry: "Historically, after spending some time avoiding the self-examination required to accept responsibility. It appears that you already know you've done something wrong. I assume from context that you and Penchant had a ... disagreement."

Done. And done. And... That's it? "You do nothing else?" Soundwave asks, just to be sure. He doesn't want to miss anything he doesn't already know. His arms begin to cross and just... Give up half-way, falling to his sides. He looks at wall to the right and doesn't confirm Minimus. But he certainly can't deny it. He nods. "Yes," he says quietly. "I got angry. And... I told him to leave. But I didn't think--" His shoulders hunch.

"I don't know," Minimus says with a tight weight in his voice. He shifts, his balance slightly unsettled across the broad bulk of the massive armor, and there's a ticking over of his massive carrier's engine within the frame. "Sometimes you hurt another person and there is nothing you can do about it, because the pain is already given," he says. "No matter your wishes."

"I'm not supposed to hurt them. He- all of them- they're my cassettes. I take care of them and protect them." Soundwave's fists clench. "I would give them the universe, if I could. But I was angry- he was already wanting to leave because... Because he couldn't have Rodimus!" He puffs up, sounding angry about that all over again. But he deflates quickly. Before the exclamation is even over. "And then I told him to leave and not come back..."

Soundwave looks up again, back to Minimus. "How would you fix this? Please, I need help."

Minimus Ambus looks at Soundwave, looks into the visored face of this one-time enemy pleading for his help. His engines rumble, mutter and then hiss to a halt in a long, hissing sigh. "What rubbish," he says. "Jealousy is Penchant's problem to manage, not yours. You can't help him with it. In fact, you are the last person to be able to help him with it. He needs to manage his own emotions like a sensible mech, not spray them all over like a silly one. Apologize to him for losing your temper, assure him that you will support him in whatever decision he chooses to make, and mean it. If he's really going to throw away his relationship with you and the other cassettes and his career on this ship over a foolish infatuation there's really nothing that can be done about that. It's his mistake to make."

Soundwave listens as Minimus speaks, quiet and gaze never wavering. And when he finishes speaking? He continues to stay quiet. Contemplative in what was said and his own, silent anguish. His head finally ticks forward, a short nod of acknowledgment. Possibly agreement. His visor flickers, still conflicted, but he says, "Right. Of course. You always have had a talent of condensing a problem so concisely." He cycles a deep, heaving vent. Then he lifts his hand and- er. Um, no. Erm... He holds it out for a shake. "Thank you, Minimus. I mean that sincerely."

"You have certainly been witness to my struggle with altogether foolish emotions," Minimus says dourly, scowling from within the depths of his layered armor. "It's messy and ridiculous, and I am not an expert at it by any means. So I have no idea if I've helped you at all," he chuffs, "but you're welcome for whatever it is worth."

Soundwave continues to hold out his hand, possibly lifting it a little higher. It can't be easy to see things with how the Magnus armor juts out like that. "Hearing someone speak calmly while you feel anything but always helps," he assures Minimus. "And I am glad to see you sporting your armor once more. It looks to be in excellent condition. Let me know if you'd like to change that in the practice rooms sometime. I hope you haven't forgot how to use it." That's a tease. Probably.

"Indeed." Minimus clasps Soundwave's hand with his broad-palmed right, a solid shake. "It feels agreeable, like being myself again." He doesn't comment on the irony, though. "If you are asking for a rematch I believe it can be arranged."

"We could both use the practice, before taking back Cybertron." Soundwave give his hand a firm shake. Just the one. Its very professional- Ratbat taught him how to do years ago. Then he releases. "The offer of that superfuel still stands, though. But we can discuss that later. I still have to find Penchant. But. Thank you, again." He feels a little less... Panicked. Still tight and worried but not a mess. Better.

Minimus Ambus rumbles a kind of annoyed grunt without commenting on the superfuel besides saying, "I am going to speak with Ratchet." He then shifts, moving to stand aside and flatten his missile launching shoulders a little out of the way. These hallways can be rough on two large mechs at once.

Soundwave turns to the side and shuffles past Magnus like a crab. Were he Shockwave, this would have been impossible. But he's supremely flat-chested and manages fine. Its all dignified and not at all funny to look at. Then Soundwave nods once more to Minimus and is one his way. Without breaking any on-foot speed limits or reckless running laws this time.

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