2018-1-05 Fun In The Sun

From Transformers: Lost and Found

Fun In The Sun
Date 2018/01/05
Location Not Quite a Beach Planet
Participants Wheeljack, Sideswipe, Sky Lynx, Sandstorm
Plot Artifacts of the Knights of Cybertron
Scene GM Chi
Summary This beach interlude gets interrupted.

Artifact hunting's buddy system usually means two, but four works even better when the coordinates are sending you into the great unknown. When the space bridge spirals open this time, it's to reveal an expanse of glittering water on a planet whose sun has just reached its apex, glinting off the surface in an almost blinding display. It's shallow enough to see the bottom isn't far away, but there doesn't appear to be any land in sight, at least not from the direction the bridge has opened into. Off in the distance, a pointed structure rises from the seabed.

"Beach trip Beach trip BEACH TRIP!" Sideswipe chants, practically bouncing his way through the bridge. N E A T. He's definitely only here as backup muscle, having retrieved his own artifact quietly and with very little fanfare a bit back. This? This is just for fun (and to be helpful). "What'd'ya think it'll be? Where do you think it'll be?"

Wheeljack is practically bouncing himself, though for different reasons than Sideswipe, as he comes through the bridge with all manner of scanners primed and ready. "I can't wait to get readings of a first artifact contact," he says to the group, his fins lighting up almost as bright as the sun. Unfortunately for the gorgeous location they've ended up, Wheeljack's attention is almost all directed down at the device in his hands. "I've never managed to take the time for one of these trips before!"

Sandstorm's got his artifact, had it for a long time, and yet he still volunteers for these trips once in a while. Just because he's craving a bit of danger, and he's not close enough to Drift to tag along with those suicidal harbinger-bashups. The fact that a certain scientist is here is just a bonus.

"Ugh." Lifting a hand, he shields his optics, decreasing the sensitivity of his optical sensors. "Who do we ask to turn the brightness down." Shooting Sideswipe a side glance, Sandstorm grunts. "Close, if we're lucky. By the way, if he holds us up with science slag I'm already voting to leave him behind." A thumb is jabbed in Wheeljack's direction. Gonna be a petty jerk right out of the gate apparently.

Sky Lynx, thankfully, is not bouncing. That would get absolutely everyone here drenched head to toe. He's the last to come out of the space bridge, towering behind the others. "I would imagine we would first need to find a beach for a beach trip" he observes as he scans their surroundings from his supperior vantage point "I don't see any nearby, though there is something up ahead."

When the bridge spirals closed, there is a sandy shore not far away with ominous black sand shimmering under the water. Fortunately for everyone, Wheeljack's scanners back up Sky Lynx's observations: There's something up ahead, and that spire's the only structure around for miles. At least this planet's straightforward: flat expanse and a big ol' pointy thing to mark the way.

"Nobody'd back that vote, Sandstorm. Everyone loves Wheeljack, you'd lose so fast." Sideswipe chirps, slinging an arm over Wheeljack's shoulders to give the scientist a gentle nudge forward. Walk, bud. "And beach trips just need water. Who cares if it's an actual beach, I want my interlude episode."

"It's important to see how the artifacts set up their initial spark resonance!" Wheeljack says, shooting Sandstorm a look. It's very dark, considering how sunny his disposition was just through the gate. Sandstorm clearly isn't doing anything to get himself onto Wheeljack's good side. "What can you see?" he asks Sky Lynx, instead, though he does at least finally look up. "Scanners say the artifact is that way... oh." he pauses, cycling his optics as he looks at the shape on the horizon. "Is that a building?" he says, slowly starting to walk as Sideswipe begins to nudge him forward, letting the water lap around his legs as he walks.

"Everybody who's not part of maintenance. Talk to me when you've cleaned up one of his messes." Sandstorm isn't part of maintenance either, not technically, but he's worked with them enough that you'd be hard-pressed to refute him. "Mhm, sure, right, whatever." As if Sandstorm hasn't brought his own equipment, doesn't have his toolbox strapped to his hip. No, no, Wheeljack is the annoying nerd here, not him.

"Nice of you to notice. There's nothing else out there and the scanner's pointing that direction, so why don't we do as it says, hm?" Sandstorm trudges forward, splashing through the shallow water toward the spire.

"It looks solid" Sky Lynx answers as he follows along "Although there might be something on the other side." Despite his not jumping, those infront of him will still probably find themselves getting a little wet. While they might have to wade through the water, to the much larger shuttleformer, it's practically a slightly deep, if rather broad, puddle, allowing him to easily lift his feet as he walks, sending a spray of water with every step.

The closer they draw to the spire, the more it looks like an upturned seashell. Just a very, very large one. The water's begun rising as well, though there's no change to the surface, and it doesn't look deeper, but Wheeljack's definitely sinking and others will find the water rising to their knees and beyond.

"Shut up, Sandstorm." Here's Sideswipe's contribution to this whole mess of... Sandstorminess. "Jack, want a hand up, water can't be good for the tools...?" Shoulder rides. He's offering a shoulder ride to the smaller mech.

"Huh?" It takes Wheeljack a moment to start looking up from the scanner he carries, which he's a bit busy protecting from the splashes of water that both Sky Lynx and Sandstorm's movements have sent up. "Oh. Sure?" Then, completely missing the direction of Sideswipe's offer, he shoves some of the equipment towards Sideswipe's arms. "Think you can keep it dry? It shouldn't be too heavy," he says, fins lighting up. "Thanks!" Then, looking at the spire, he adds, "It seems like the artifact would be here, if anywhere... I don't think it's just the whole thing though. Sky Lynx is right, we should probably check the other side for a way in."

"No," Sandstorm answers cheerfully. Is he about to fight with two people and make this whole mission all the more difficult for it? Apparently so! He powers through the water even as the levels rise, squinting and studying the surface. Nothing about its appearance has changed, yet it is undeniable that it's getting deeper. "Sky Lynx, if those two get stuck in quicksand or something, make sure to fish them out," he calls over his shoulder, rotor arms shifting in private amusement at the thought. He'll keep trudging toward the shellspire in the meantime, unperturbed at the idea that it might not exactly be safe to draw ahead of the others like this.

"Of course!" Sky Lynx promptly confirms, unaware of any less than selfless motivations Sandstorm might have had to make that suggestion "Infact" he lowers his head to make sure the others hear him "if anybody needs a ride, I would be happy to help." That's what he's here for, to help. He lifts his head again, but the silence is short lived "You know, this planet reminds me of Frow 9..."

<FS3> Sandstorm rolls Reaction+reaction: Good Success. (4 8 7 1 2 5 6 6)

<FS3> Sky_Lynx rolls Reaction+Reaction: Good Success. (4 1 8 5 7 7)

<FS3> Wheeljack rolls Reaction+reaction: Success. (4 8 2 5 3 2)

<FS3> Sideswipe rolls Reaction+reaction: Failure. (1 5 3 5 3 5)

The closer they draw, the deeper the water continues to get and the more the shell looms. Until it doesn't. A wave of saltwater lurches out and away from the shell and the ground shudders with movement as tentacles rise from the seabed and lash out at the approaching mecha. Sandstorm's lucky enough to dodge the massive tentacle that sails over his head and Sky Lynx is just far enough back that they're not able to land, but Wheeljack's nearly clipped by that same swing, only his shorter than average height saving him. When the wave passes and the initial burst of movement is over, the group is faced with a very, very angry shellfish-kraken alien whos waving arm seems to contain what they're looking for if the frantic proximity updates of the tracker are any indication.

Sideswipe, of average height and right behind Wheeljack, takes the side of a tentacle to the face and smacks backward into the water. It's deep enough to submerge him in now and bad news for the equipment but he really ate it. "GAAH-!"

Wheeljack has looked down at his scanner at the worst possible time, because he completely misses the creature moving, until the wave sends him staggering, widening his stance enough that he puts himself lower than the swing of the tentacle. "Wh--" he starts to say, only to be interrupted by the wet slap of a tentacle sending Sideswipe staggering. "Oh!" he says, turning back toward the creature with fins and optics bright in surprise. "It has the artifact!" he calls out to the others. "So this... may be slightly more complicated than intended." Understatement of the century, as Wheeljack backs up slightly, fumbling in the water for Sideswipe. "Sideswipe, I maaaay need my things back."

The sudden movement and changing of their 'building' to something else entirely brings an equally drastic change over Sandstorm - where before he was grumpy and irritable, now his face breaks in a manic grin, optics sparking and rotors spinning with barely contained glee. Oh yeah. Oh yeah. "Guess they don't like trespassers around here!" he hoots back at the others. "You think?! I never would've guessed!" He doesn't need his scanner, nor the toolbox smacking against his side with the movement of water, to tell him that this creature has what they're looking for. Unfortunate that being mostly-submerged makes transformation difficult; he'll draw his blaster instead, aiming it at those tentacles. "Figure out where it's keeping the artifact, and be ready to grab it!" he orders. Now he's just going to look for a sensitive spot, like uncovered soft bits or an eyeball, to shoot it in.

"It is alive!" Sky Lynx points out the obvious as the creature shifts "We come in peace and only mean to take an item of utmost importance!" He steps forward as he addresses it, just in case it doesn't understand, and attacks again. Of everyone here, he's the most likely to weather a blow. And just in case it does understand and attacks again "But if we must, we will take it by force!" Or well, that actually might be how it goes anyways, considering Sandstorm has already started shooting. Either way, he's ready.

<FS3> Opposed Roll -- Sandstorm=reaction+reaction Vs Shellfish=8 < Sandstorm: Success (8 6 2 3 5 2 6 3) Shellfish: Good Success (3 1 8 7 2 3 8 3) < Net Result: Shellfish wins - Solid Victory

<FS3> Opposed Roll -- Sky Lynx=reaction+reaction Vs Shellfish=8 < Sky_lynx: Good Success (5 5 7 5 7 4) Shellfish: Good Success (3 7 2 2 8 5 1 4) < Net Result: DRAW

Sorry Sky Lynx but the big shellfish monster isn't sentient enough to get speech. It continues to lash its arms around at the mechs as it rises from the water. Below the massive, gleaming shell is a beaked face and two beady eyestalks. The tentacle that has the artifact inside of it - one of three- swings back around to smack Sandstorm and drive toward Sky Lynx.

Sideswipe lugs himself out of the water, sputtering through vents and spitting out of his mouth. "Ugh! Nasty. Here-" Equipment he managed to hang onto gets pushed toward Wheeljack while the frontliner rolls a shoulder and checks the status of his jetpack. Wet but.. it's technically waterproofed like his frame. "Hey, if we get this for you will you make me a new jetpack?" He doesn't wait around for an answer and launches into the air to go punch one of the flailing tentacles.

"Huh?" Wheeljack says in Sideswipe's direction, "Oh, uh--sure?" is Wheeljack's distracted answer, as he watches the creature warily. He'll think about what he's just promised later, but he'd probably say yes then, too. "Okay, okay!" Wheeljack calls to Sandstorm. The scanner is still held in one of Wheeljack's hands, and he fumbles to look at it, still backing up as the creature makes more swipes at the aggressive members of the group. "Try not to hurt it?" he suggests, probably in vain, in Sandstorm and Sky Lynx's direction. "It probably has no idea what we want or what it has!" Of course, that doesn't make its tentacles any less awkward to avoid. More searching, and more, and then-- "There! It's in the one that it just tried to hit you with," he calls out.

Before Sandstorm even gets the chance to fire off a shot he's hit by a tentacle, too slow to get out of the way in time. Doesn't matter; he pops back up out of the water soon after being submerged, rotors spinning feverishly as the liquid sloughs off of his frame. He shakes his blaster a few times to rid it of water before taking aim again, and this time he doesn't bother looking for a soft spot, he just starts firing. "What was that?" he calls to Wheeljack without looking away from the kraken. "Sorry, can't hear you!"

Now that he's up front, Sky Lynx's size plays against him. Though he tries to duck away from the tentacle, it still manages to graze him - not enough to do any real damage, let alone knock him over, but it's still not plesant. Looks like they're doing it the hard way. His jaws swing open. Too late comes Wheeljack's request - the gun in his mouth is already hot. Atleast it gives him an idea of what to aim at, sending a powerful blast at ... it was that tentacle, right?

<FS3> Opposed Roll -- Sideswipe=unarmed Vs Shellfish=8 < Sideswipe: Good Success (8 7 1 6 2 2 5 3 1 4 6 8 6) Shellfish: Great Success (7 4 8 2 8 7 1 7)

< Net Result: Shellfish wins - Solid Victory <FS3> Opposed Roll -- Sandstorm=firearms Vs Shellfish=8 < Sandstorm: Good Success (4 6 4 8 2 4 8 6 4 5) Shellfish: Success (1 8 3 6 3 3 1 4) < Net Result: Sandstorm wins - Marginal Victory

<FS3> Opposed Roll -- Sky Lynx=firearms Vs Shellfish=8 < Sky_lynx: Good Success (3 2 5 8 7 3 3 4 5) Shellfish: Success (1 1 6 8 5 3 4 4) < Net Result: Sky_lynx wins - Marginal Victory

The tentacles swing around and rise up again and the angry fish slams them down toward the mechs. Sideswipe's rocket propelled punch fails to land on any of the tentacles, but Sandstorm and Sky Lynx both manage a good show, shots landing along the length of the target tentacle before it slams back into the water. On the downswing, one of the tentacles clips Sideswipe again.

"He SAID!" Sideswipe shouts, grunting when he's hit and fighting to stabilize again. "The one it's hitting you with!" Why does he always end up as the bullet sponge in these outings? Last time it was impaling and biting, this time it's tentacles! The frontliner winds up another punch, rocketing himself down after a tentacle.

<FS3> Wheeljack rolls Reaction+reaction: Success. (6 4 1 3 8 4)

So much for trying not to fry the thing to a crisp, Wheeljack finds himself thinking ruefully, as he watches all three start preparing to fight the tentacled and beshelled creature. At least he probably-- PROBABLY-- doesn't have to tell them to be careful about the artifact, considering that this thing seems to be rather hard to get a solid hit on! Wheeljack is prepared to shout out their target again, but then one of the tentacles slams down again, sending up a wave that has Wheeljack stumbling and almost pinwheeling to keep his balance in water that seems much deeper than when he first arrived. He curses when he accidentally dunks the scanner underwater in one hand, then looks at it, and back to the creature. "Well, if it's toast anyway..." he mutters, before pulling the back off of the device. A few wires yanked, then he lobs the entire thing in that tentacle arm's direction.

<FS3> Sandstorm rolls Mind+mind: Good Success. (8 3 6 3 2 4 8 5)

<FS3> Wheeljack rolls Explosions: Success. (1 2 1 5 5 1 2 8 6 3 5)

Wheeljack spends 1 luck points on gotta blow this up.

<FS3> Wheeljack rolls Explosions: Good Success. (6 7 6 8 6 3 6 2 6 5 4)

Sandstorm ignores Sideswipe too, his aim already shifting toward that particular tentacle. Yes, he heard that part; no, he's not going to acknowledge that he heard that part. He's just going to keep shooting at the tentacle, until something in his peripheral catches his notice. Why the frag is Wheeljack...? It clicks into place all at once, and Sandstorm shifts his aim, pausing and holding his fire until the thrown scanner is close enough. Wait for it...wait for it...there.

Hands steady, Sandstorm squeezes the trigger on his blaster and fires at the scanner in mid-air. That should help Wheeljack's little plan along. You're welcome.

Sandstorm spends 1 luck points on blowing that shit UP.

There's probably an easier way to take that tentacle off than shooting it and hoping they don't miss. The creature's bigger than him, but that doesn't stop the mighty Sky Lynx, hero of Frow 9. He lunges forward, towards the tentacle that just went down, aiming to pin it down with his weight. He doesn't even notice the small object hurtling towards the creature as well until Sandstorm shoots - not at the beast, but into the air and - Uh oh.

<FS3> Opposed Roll -- Wheeljack=firearms Vs Shellfish=8 < Wheeljack: Failure (4 6 2 3 6 1) Shellfish: Good Success (8 3 7 4 8 3 6 5) < Net Result: Shellfish wins - Solid Victory

<FS3> Opposed Roll -- Sideswipe=unarmed Vs Shellfish=8

< Sideswipe: Failure (1 6 3 5 4 4 2 5 1 5 5 3 4) Shellfish: Great Success (7 4 5 7 4 8 3 7) < Net Result: Shellfish wins - Crushing Victory

<FS3> Opposed Roll -- Sky Lynx=unarmed Vs Shellfish=8 < Sky_Lynx: Good Success (7 8 3 7 2 3 4 1 4 5) Shellfish: Good Success (3 2 2 3 8 7 7 3) < Net Result: DRAW

<FS3> Sandstorm rolls Firearms+50: Great Success. (8 6 2 3 1 3 3 3 1 1 4 7 3 2 7 3 7 7 6 6)

<FS3> Sky_Lynx rolls Reaction+reaction: Failure. (4 1 4 4 2 2)

Wheeljack lobs his makeshift bomb toward the Shellfish, it's shaky, and definitely not the best throw out there though. Lucky for him, Sandstorm's gun gives the explosive some much needed oomph and it manages to sear at the passing tentacle, shrapnel embedding deep into flesh and prompting a pained screech from the monster. As for its other tentacles, Sky Lynx manages to pin down the one he's aiming for but isn't quick enough to avoid the shrapnel that flies out from the explosion and into his plating. The third tentacle knocks Sideswipe out of the sky again.

Not Sideswipe's best day. He's up here, trying to wrestle a tentacle, when he just gets smacked down. A massive spray of water showers up from where he's landed, submerged again under the surface.

Wheeljack, having lobbed his makeshift bomb, is about ready to see it explode, and to cheer it on-- except his aim is off, even if Sandstorm's isn't, and-- Wheeljack ends up wincing with a sympathetic hiss as Sky Lynx takes the brunt of the blast. "Sorry!" he calls out. "I'll uh, I'll warn you next time!" Note to self, say something when throwing any sort of makeshift explosive. Speaking of, they're hardly closer to getting that artifact out, so, with his scanner gone, Wheeljack struggles through the supplies he had previously shoved off on Sideswipe. It's a bit difficult, considering the height of the water, but there's got to be a blaster or something in there.

Well that only sort of worked. "You throw like Misfire on drugs!" Sandstorm snaps in Wheeljack's direction. He doesn't bother saying anything to Sky Lynx; the guy's fine, look at him, he's huge he can handle it. Grumbling to himself, he takes aim at the injured tentacle that Sky Lynx isn't currently straddling, hoping to distract the beast. "I'll keep it busy, you find the artifact!" he shouts at the other...two? Where'd Sideswipe go?

<FS3> Sky_Lynx rolls Fortitude: Success. (5 4 8 2 3 1 3 4 3 4)

Sky Lynx roars in pain as the shrapnel riddles his plating. Yes, please warn him next time! This does not feel pleasant at all, and it nearly makes him let go of his catch. Nearly, because pain isn't enough to defeat the great Sky Lynx. His claws curl around the tentacle as he opens his mouth to fire again at the now restrained appendage, closer to its owner. Hopefully, the artifact will be somewhere along this length.

<FS3> Opposed Roll -- Sandstorm=firearms Vs Shellfish=8 < Sandstorm: Good Success (1 2 3 2 1 8 4 3 8 1) Shellfish: Good Success (3 5 8 6 6 4 7 2) < Net Result: DRAW

<FS3> Opposed Roll -- Sky Lynx=firearms Vs Shellfish=8 < Sky_Lynx: Good Success (7 8 5 6 3 1 7 2 6) Shellfish: Good Success (2 3 3 1 7 8 6 2) < Net Result: Sky_Lynx wins - Marginal Victory

Sky Lynx succeeds in severing the artifact-holding limb leaving a limp, squishy tentacle in the transport's grasp. Another ear-splitting screech and the Shellfish flails wildly making for an almost impossible to hit target - meaning Sandstorm's shots fail to land on anything solid, but the movements are too uncoordinated to deliberately hit any of their team. Disarmed, it's shrieks turn to bubbling garbled pain-noises and the Shellfish retreats further into the water.

It's good the group didn't go much further, there appears to be a massive drop-off not far from where they're standing.

Sideswipe struggles his head back above the water's surface, ducking out of the way of a flailing tentacle and looking around. "Ow- Hey! Did'ja get the thing?!" He hurts. All over. So much.

"Sorry I'm not Perceptor!" Wheeljack retorts at Sandstorm, but he still can't help but wince at Sky Lynx's reaction. He'll make it up to him eventually! "Not yet! We're working on it!" Wheeljack calls. He can't exactly step back much more than he already has, with the water so high around him now, and he can't reach out toward Sideswipe, but he can, finally, pull out a blaster, and aim it at the artifact-tentacle. Hopefully the others can keep the other parts of the creature occupied, because Wheeljack is pretty sure he couldn't stand up to being flung around like Sideswipe has been.

"You could stand to take a few lessons from him!" Sandstorm shouts back, completely ignoring the fact that his own shots are going wide. Not his fault, the creature's flailing too much. Besides, they've got what they needed, and Sandstorm starts slogging through the water toward Sky Lynx and the separated tentacle. "Hey, hey, wait a fragging minute, you already blew him up once--!" Nope, too late, Wheeljack's shooting. Sandstorm's just going to stand over here and wait for him to stop, lip twitching with the laughter threatening to bubble up.

"I have its tentacle!" Sky Lynx corrects "This is the one -- " he turns to Wheeljack, about to ask for confirmation, only to see the engineer sending another projectile at him, this time in the form of a gunshot. Okay, it's probably not at him, but at the tentacle he's still holding, but he's really hoping Wheeljack's aim has improved within these last couple minutes. Ofcourse, the magnificent Sky Lynx doesn't run away in fear in the face of danger, especially since the tentacle is still squirming. Someone has to hold it down. He'll just...try not to hold it too close to where Wheeljack is aiming.

With the Shellfish scurrying underwater, there's only a few last waves to deal with and that's just water, not an angry tentacle. Speaking of tentacles! Wheeljack's on the right track trying to shoot the one they sliced off, but his aim could use some work. He doesn't hit Sky Lynx, but he doesn't hit the tentacle either. If Sky Lynx looks close enough, closer to the tip than where he severed it, there's a little glint of something embedded in the flesh.

Sideswipe groans and wades through the water toward Sky Lynx, squinting at the massive tentacle and the massive transport mech. "Heyyyy, you guys got it. Nice."

It's... something. "Uh," Wheeljack says sheepishly, shaking his helm as he looks at the tentacle. "I was going to open it up, but apparently I should leave that to someone else." He lowers the blaster, and starts to slowly wade his way through the water, trying to get to a section that's shallower than his current location. There's something, though, that draws him curiously toward the tentacle. "At least we didn't have to kill it?"

"You think?" Sandstorm butts in as he approaches, grabbing for the writhing end of the tentacle. If he can keep it still, then maybe one of these idiots can cut it open, since that's apparently what they're trying to do now. "Depends on its environment and biological makeup. Maybe it'll die without that tentacle, by bleeding out. Maybe there's something bigger in these waters that'll eat it while it's weak." He shrugs, even as he struggles to hold onto their 'prize'. "Or maybe it'll grow a new one. Who knows."

This time Sky Lynx is a little more prepared, and the shot goes past him, althought it's a tad close for comfort. Nonetheless, he heroically keeps his grip on the tentacle, keeping it in place enough for Sandstorm to be able to grab the tip with ease "If I may, I suggest opening it up at close range" he turns his head towards Wheeljack, watching him, just in case. Go on, he and Sandstorm will keep it still for you. Just stop shooting and throwing things, please.

There's definitely something embedded in it, and the metal of it can just be seen glinting through the tentacle's skin. Wheeljack can feel a sort of draw toward the piece. Shame his equipment's got water all over it.

Reaching up to pat Sky Lynx on the shoulder-leg-area, Sideswipe grins. "Nice, tentacle. That's cool." He aims that grin toward Wheeljack. "Seconding Sky Lynx, Jackie. Maybe uh... don't... shoot anymore."

"Yeah I'll... do that," Wheeljack says, shaking his helm. "Probably for the best..." and at that point he trails off, his optics caught by the glint of the artifact as he wanders closer. "So, what exactly is this thing?" he asks, finally getting in range to actually poke at the tentacle. "Too bad I don't have the scanner..."

Sandstorm recognizes when an artifact has gotten hold of someone. He felt it himself, he's got experience. "For Prime's sake, Wheeljack, use a damn knife." He hooks the tentacle as best he can under one arm, and flicks a knife out of subspace, holding it handle-out. "Here, use mine, since you clearly didn't come prepared."

"It doesn't look like it's supposed to be there" Sky Lynx observes, finally turning back to the object of everyone's interest "So maybe it's what we're looking for?" he turns back to Wheeljack. Weren't you the one holding the scanner or... is that what's now embedded in his plating? Well then.

He looks between Wheeljack, Sandstorm, and the tentacle tip. Looks like the later agrees with him. Well, come on! Everyone's curious! Well, he is, atleast.

When Wheeljack takes the knife to the tentacle, the skin parts easily enough around rubbery, almost gelatinous flesh (ew, organics). And as promised, just below the surface lies a socket wrench. It's seen better, fish-flesh-less days, but it's whole and calls to him.

Sideswipe blinks and leans up against Sky Lynx's leg, watching and listing a little backwards. "Gross. Flesh."

"I don't need a scanner to cut it open, I need it to scan it!" Wheeljack protests. "And now it's blown up." That should be obvious! He came here to get data, after all, and now instead all he has to rely on is the feeling in his chassis. It's urging him to reach out and take it. After all the deals with the Hand, he should maybe be more hesitant about chasing feelings like that, but... this is an artifact. It's different. And he has to know.

So when the rubbery tentacle splits under the knife, Wheeljack doesn't hesitate to reach out and take it, picking it up to examine it and turn it over in his hands. "So... I hope no one needs a wrench."

Sandstorm leans, waiting with as much anticipation as Sky Lynx for the reveal of Wheeljack's artifact. What is it what is it what is it wha---oh. "Ten shanix he mixes it up with his other tools before next week," is the first thing he says, giving the other two a lopsided smirk. "The first mech to lose his artifact. Can't wait."

Thankfully that particular leg that Sideswipe is leaning on isn't riddled with scanner pieces. That would hurt, and disrupt this moment of revelation that they're having here. When the moment of truth finally arrives, Sky Lynx stretches his neck down to take a closer look at it "It doesn't look quite what I would imagine a knight's artifact to look like" This is his first time seeing one up close like this, though he has heard about others' artifacts. Still, it looks a litlle lackluster for all the importance it's given.

In Wheeljack's hands, the wrench gleams and instills a sense of rightness, this is meant to be his. He just didn't know it until a few minutes ago.

"Mine and Sunny's are crowns." Sideswipe chips in helpfully, leaning pretty hard on the leg. Wooh, he feels bad. "Least yours is useful, Wheeljack! Nice." He'd very much like to lean on Sky Lynx forever and ever, until the shock of that last impact stops ringing up and down his spinal strut.

There's a moment when Wheeljack is actually speechless, absorbed in examining every last detail of the wrench. Fortunately for the others, that means that he tunes out at least part of Sandstorm's commentary. "And I'm not going to lose it, I have so much studying to do. We should get back to the ship! Oh, and before that monster comes back with friends or something." It's impossible to polish off the tentacle remains when they're standing in water like this, but Wheeljack at least makes an effort to rub off the problem bits.

"Fine by me." Sandstorm unceremoniously drops what he's holding of the tentacle into the water, unflinching in the wake of the splash that creates. "Next time we have a 'beach party', make sure there's an actual beach involved."

"That is what I said" Sky Lynx agrees. How can it be a beach party without a beach? This was more like a water party. With monsters. And exploding things. Maybe it's time to call the space bridge. It's not that he, Sky Lynx, can't tolerate the pain, but he really would like to lie down and get someone to get all this shrapnel out of his plating.

"It's a beach if you believe" The silver frontliner pouts, but the sullenness doesn't last long. "One space bridge comin' up." Sideswipe thumbs ups, finally feeling useful today. More useful than a chewtoy at least. He does the honors of radioing home with their coordinates. In front of their party and above the water's surface enough to avoid flooding the recieving room, the space bridge spirals open for admittance.

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