2018-09-30 emBer of the Knights

From Transformers: Lost and Found

emBer of the Knights
Date 2018/09/30
Location Gas Station in Space
Participants Cosmos, Ten
NPCs emBer, Gyro, Part Time Alien dude
Scene GM Jay
Summary Cosmos and Ten found emBer, and snacks.

Another search, another track, another journey through the cosmos to find emBer. It's easier, this time; she doesn't seem to be trying to hide her trail the way she had before. They don't have to chase her from ship to ship, and so find her signal on a small station meant for brief stops. She hadn't changed ships in weeks; the last one she was known to have is parked in the station's dock. It's one of only two ships there.

Soon the two ships becomes three as a third shuttle descends to the station's platform. "We're here." Cosmos declares as he let's the engine of their borrowed shuttle idle. Twisting in the pilots seat, he looks back at his travelling companion, "So what exactly is the plan now?"

Ten keeps perched on Cosmos' shoulder upon arrival. So far, so good. emBer is still on the station and hopefully, no one will get knocked out before getting to ask questions. "We ask where Cyberutopia is, first and foremost. If she does not know, then we try alternative questions until we discover a lead," he answers, tugging on Cosmos' collar. "Enough sitting around, we must go!"

Cosmos' visor rises to the ceiling as Ten tugs on his collar plating. try not to think of organic birds, cosmos. "Right." Turning the engines off after a moment's hesitation, as much as a quick escape might be good they cant risk wasting fuel (especially without someone else to watch said escape plan). He stands and takes a few wary steps out before making his way into the station proper.

Inside, Ten makes his way up to Cosmos' head to get a better view. "Try to fret less, Cosmos," the smaller one tries to calm with a pat, "You are a spacer. If anything happens, we can use you as our escape." It shouldn't come to that though. Ten doubts emBer would try to trap them. It's just a simple visit is all, they'll be out and on their way in one piece. More or less.

The station isn't abandoned, not like the last time they found emBer. It's lit by fluorescent lights, and very small. As they enter, they're immediately met by shelves of snacks for different species, from, yes, energon goodies to bags of live cockroaches to boxes of things they won't recognize.

If either have been to Earth, the impression is one of a gas station.

At the counter stands an organic, nearly eight feet tall, close to Ten in height. They are covered in black and white fur, with two ear stalks ending in heart shapes rising above their head. They do not look up from the datapad clutched in their three-fingered hands.

Cosmos sighs as Ten crawls up his helm, half expecting a pair of tiny legs to swing into his line of vision soon. "Right well, sorry I dont want to lose my friend's shuttle. I had to beg him to let me borrow it." Bribe is more accurate, actually. Once inside Cosmos gives the attendant a small, unseen, wave as he makes his way down the first aisle, "see if you can spot her up there."

Ten flairs out his wings and puffs up his armor at the attendant. He's not smaller than them. Still, he doesn't spy emBer from his perch. So with a huff, he hops off to Cosmos's shoulder, slides down his arm to get in front of the counter. For once, he doesn't have to stand on something to talk to someone. But he still stands on his toes as he holds out a datapad with an image of emBer. "Have you seen this 'former?"

The alien looks down at Ten. One of those ear stalks twitch, but otherwise, their features are blank. "No," they say, in Cybertronian. "Did you want to buy something?"

"No." Beat. "Maybe. Give us a few minutes to look around." Ten climbs back up Cosmos and nods to keep moving on. Maybe emBer is further inside the small station. Hopefully.

Cosmos continues his stroll down the aisles as Ten jumps from his frame, hidden optics scouring the rest of the store for anything that may be off. Ten soon returns, done with interrogating, so he’d better make sure nothing gets past them. Another row of shelves down. Just the same old organic foodstuff, knick knacks, and- Cosmos pauses, a flash of familiar color making his freeze in his steps. “Oh snap!” His hand lunges forward, “Ten they have ener-gushers!” His returning hand clutches a brightly colored package of energon goodies, “I haven’t seen these in forever!”

The attendant shrugs and returns their attention to whatever they'd been looking at on their datapad. This position doesn't pay enough for them to care.

When Cosmos discovers the ener-gushers - right next to the ener-rollups - someone emerges from the back. Two someones, actually. The orange and black heli makes his way straight to the counter, while the second 'former moves toward the exit. Her gaze slides off of Ten and Cosmos, and she'd almost look disinterested if not for how her pace quickens.

emBer, emBer, emB-- "Gushers?" Ten's attention is nearly consumed by the sweet treats are brought up. He seems wide-eyed and excited for a moment when a door from the back opens. The avian looks up at the pair. That one near the exit. He may not have his seismic sense anymore but Ten knows a quickening, shady pace when he can see it. "Cosmos." he says, sliding into his Amica's hand. "Throw me at that exit. Now."

Cosmos waves the discovered treat in front of Ten with giddy glee when two new customers walk in. Well, maybe one customer- as the second begins to make their way toward the exit. Wait is that- Visor wide, Cosmos shoves the treats back on the shelf with a haphazard hastiness to rush after her retreating form. Ten asks to be thrown, “What I’m not going to throw y-” Oop she’s gonna start running if that pace is anything to go by! Former wariness forgotten, Cosmos tosses Ten over the rows of shelves as his own bulk swerves around the obstacles. “Hey! Wait!”

<FS3> Cosmos rolls Firearms: Good Success. (7 6 8 6 2 6 7 1 3)

With Cosmos' throw, Ten is launched forward toward the mech attempting to leave. The one at the counter glances up, all gossip curious, as Ten smacks into the side of the retreating mech's helm.

"Ow!" emBer hisses, even as she catches Ten to keep him from falling to the floor. Her sharp features shift into something softer. "Are you alright?"

She clearly doesn't recognize him.

At least Cosmos threw him. Ten expected himself to hit the floor but he never collides with it after his impact on emBer. Great. Being held by a stranger- of sorts. The indignity will have to be put aside for now. "Eventually, yes. Are you?" He asks as he rubs at his cheek before he continues, "We have been looking for you," Which totally didn't include keeping tabs on her whereabouts for months. "There are some questions we wish to ask of you."

Cosmos hurries over as she stops, relief washing through him as she stops and actually seems baffled by his presence. “Oh um- hey, sorry about that. He uh- he gets excited.” No comment about being the one to throw him, “Yeah, what he said. We were wondering if you could have a minute to talk. You know, nice calm chat. Maybe some energon treats!” Anything that doesn’t end up with them in a fight would be nice.

emBer stares at Ten, then at Cosmos. After a moment of silence, she offers the watermelon to his companion, cupping her hands to give Ten a comfortable seat.

"I had wondered when you would return." She's settled into a neutral expression. "What do you want to know?"

He does not get that excited. No rush to correct him though. Ten reaches back out to Cosmos to sit in familiar hands again. Once settled, "I suppose to start, have you ever been to someplace referred to as 'Cyberutopia'?"

Cosmos is quick to retrieve his friend, hands cupped around his small form and pulling him closer to his chestplates- Just so happening to put Ten slightly above emBer’s helm. For now he will leave the interrogating to him.

Once her hands are free and the question is asked, emBer seems to wilt. "No. The faithful are said to enter Cyberutopia when they die, yet..." She stops, and straightens. "I have never been, and I don't know where it is."

Well, Ten never promised he wouldn't die on this trip to anyone. He'll keep that as a last resort option. Just in case. "Do you know of anyone who might have gone? Or perhaps your acquaintance at the counter?"

“Yet?…” Cosmos trails off, glancing down to Ten then the mech mentioned. “What do _you_ know of Cyberutopia? What are some things you might have been told?”

"I don't know him." emBer doesn't even glance back at the heli loitering at the counter. "I...'formers have been taken by the Servants. They might be--" emBer stops, and invents. It's clear now, if Ten and Cosmos pay attention, that her optics are tired. "I wasn't told anything. The Knights....we aren't worthy."

She goes quiet, for a moment, then reaches into her subspace. "I know of some locations where the Serv--the Quintessons were working. If you find them...please, contact me." She withdraws a datapad, and holds it out.

"They might be?" Ten parrots, tilting his head at emBer and for once, not immediately taking a datapad offered. "You claim the 'Knights' are not worthy but if you are protecting the 'Servants' than perhaps there is one that we could speak to who would know?" The locations are one thing but it might help to have others to turn to if nothing else comes up.

Cosmos juggles ten into one hand proper then takes the datapad, vision locked on the exhausted face of the femme they have been hunting down. Not covering her tracks anymore is beginning to make more sense. “So if you’re unworthy.. what, did they just ditch you guys?” That seems strangely… sad if they did. “What are you going to do now if you ‘’aren’t worthy’’?”

"They are dead," emBer says firmly. Her hand trembles, making the datapad shake. "We have failed and the Servants are punishing us for our failure. I can't - I don't have names. You will have to find them yourself."

emBer shifts her attention onto Cosmos, and answers quietly, "Whatever I can." She doesn't stay for any other questions, instead pushing past the two to reach her ship. The conversation is over.

The heli at the counter, having loitered this whole time, stops to comm someone.

Oh... oh no. Ten looks at his Amica in response to her answer. If she goes, who knows how long emBer will last before the 'Servants' catch up to her. "Thank you." he replies after her, giving Cosmos another look. They have to help her. "You convince her to come with us, I will grab snacks for the rest of the trip."

emBer pushes past and Cosmos finds his attention following after the melancholy knight, staring at her back as she leaves. He’s not going to argue with Ten on this one. His next actions are impulse, the thoughts barely entering his processor before he is acting. Pushing open the door after dropping Ten, Cosmos calls after her, “Hey- Wait! We might know that ‘whatever you can’ could be.” His hands overs in the air, datapad balanced beneath one arm, “Or at least somewhere where you can go if you want… Somewhere where you don’t have to be alone anymore.” Being alone isn’t fun, Cosmos knows that almost better than anyone else.

The heli at the counter continues mumbling to himself, clearly conversing with someone. It's enough to take Ten's attention after the latter is dropped.

Outside, emBer slows to a stop, her back to Cosmos. She eventually turns to look at him, silhouetted by the star this little gas station is orbiting. It's nearly impossible to see her face. "I have my duty," she says, at last. "The Servants saved me from your war. I can't go back. Even if things have changed...I will find my own way."

Ten inches closer out of curiosity to the Heli. Something about them ghosts at his mind. As though he should recall them but can't quite place it. It's going to bother him if he doesn't figure it out. As would be not finding Cyberutopia. However, this one if more immediate.

The heli, upon finishing his call, notices the minibot inching closer. He kicks at the 'former without connecting. "Do you mind?"

He was the wrong person to put in charge of this task. the UFO's features sag as she denies the offer, arm slowly dropping to his side. "But its not our war anymore-" well... "not the same one! We just want our home back..." Cosmos is quickly losing faith in his own ability to do this, "They saved you but.. didn't they drop you right back into the middle of it?" With the added danger of being hunted. "Why dont you just-" hes got one more idea, "why not come with me and ten? Just for a little while? If you dont like it, then we wont stop you from leaving." They couldn't stop her really.

Don't worry Cosmos, Ten has faith in you. He would have tried himself to convince her if someone better weren't there with him. As of the moment Ten jerks back from an already missed kick by the Heli. "Do you?" Ten answers back sharply, "I am only trying to recall you without disturbing whomever you were speaking to over comms. Apologies for not distracting you instead."

emBer doesn't leave, even after that statement, even when she should. Instead she stays, and she listens to Cosmos, and when he's done...

She moves toward him, and takes one of his hands, gently pulling open his fingers. Then, she slides a datanote into his palm. "My personal comm," she explains, before stepping away. "I can't abandon the Knights, not yet. Contact me if you need more information."

She moves away, and makes a beeline for her ship. This time, she doesn't look back.

Meanwhile, in the shop, Gyro the heli makes a sour face. "I have no idea who you are, and I do not appreciate a stranger sneaking up on me while I am in the middle of a conversation. "

"My name is Ten, I am a deity." These are facts, "And you are easily irritated and seemingly quick to snap at others." Pot calling kettle, long time no see. "There. Not so much a stranger now."

Gyro stares, then pulls away. He clearly isn't going to acknowledge Ten's assumptions. A quiet "Thanks," is given to the alien behind the counter, and then he's off.

Cosmos stares at his hand, at the line of communication she's left them. It's not alot .. but it's something. It's a bit of hope that maybe they can help her in the future.

Adding the number to his contacts, Cosmos lingers outside for Ten to finish-- lost in his own thoughts.

He should really stick to not having social interactions anymore. Ten is a bit too aggravated for them, so he can't quite blame the heli for leaving the way he does. With a huff, he heads back over to the shelves they were at earlier and starts grabbing ener-gushers and other varieties of junk for the trip.

They're going to need plenty of it for the rest of their journey.

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