2018-09-06 On Vacation

From Transformers: Lost and Found

2018-09-06 On Vacation
Date 2018/09/06
Location Lost Light - Docks and Storage - The Brig
Participants Trailbreaker, Soundwave
Summary Trailbreaker goes on a Brig Adventure.

So at some point in the night, Trailbreaker wandered aimlessly down to the brig.

So far, he’s spent 15 minutes using his room key on an empty cell to no avail, sung along badly with a post-bar fight Grotusque, reminisced incoherently and sadly in front of Shockwave’s cell without turning the audio system on, and now that he’s in a maudlin place he plunks himself right in front of Soundwave’s cell, tilts his head and waves slowly. Sadly. Poor Soundwave with the head and all.

Outside of the brief glimpses of Trailbreaker during his Brig Adventure, Soundwave has been unaware of his hijinks. And when the Autobot finally stops outside his cell, he gives him a brief look before turning to view the wall. But he looks back quickly enough, squinting. Oh. It's not just an Autobot. It's a drunk Autobot.

Soundwave gets to his feet, rolling a few kinks in his tensile cables out of his shoulders, and approaches the energy field. There, he stares down at Trailbreaker. Watching him like he had Penchant just days ago- as if he's visually dissecting him.

Trailbreaker might wilt ordinarily under that stare, if he had the clarity to recognize it. He does not. Instead he just turns on the audio comm (this time) and...sniffles.

“I’m sorry, Sounwave. I’m sorry you lost your head n your new one is all confused n you think you’re somewhere else n I bet that’s real scary even though you’re also real scary right now.” He hiccups.

Soundwave's head ticks to the side when he's gifted with outside communication. "Terrifying," he says flatly. "You're Trailbreaker."

The mech concentrates and then nods. “I’m Trailbreaker. Thassright! You rememember ol Teebs. See, is some of you in there somewhere.” He points. “I mean mostly you uh, intimidated me n once I threw up in your office I think...”

"Yes," Soundwave says. "I do remember you. You weren't quite so overcharged last I saw you." Not since he saw Shockwave take him and many other outliers to his labs. Seeing as he can't remember his fate exactly, it wasn't categorized as important enough to remember. "You're surprised that I'm in here?"

“I can’t...tell, honestly. See I’m actually a liiiiitle drunk right now,” Trailbreaker explains in a conspiratorial tone, in case Soundwave can’t tell. “I’m glad I was shober last time, though.” There’s a hint of sadness in his voice. “So, uh, you alright here?”

"Are you. I have not noticed," Soundwave answers, gaze still sweeping over Trailbreaker. Meticulous and calculating. "I was told I had been killed and now I am a prisoner in this cell to the Autobots. But I am quite fine now that you are here." The spiteful sarcasm doesn't sound as good through a monotone synthesizer.

“I’m glad I you feel better. I feel awful about the whole thing. I’m the one who-I really had to know about Shockwave.” Trailbreaker leans his head against the wall to keep everything from spinning. “I had to know. So itzz my fault. I think.”

Soundwave's visor brightens. "Perhaps. It sounds as if it is. But..." He moves to the side of his cell where the controls are- on the other side of the energy field of course. "I would be willing to forgive you if you open my cell."

“Uhhh...” Trailbreaker pauses, as wheels turn in his addled head. He does want to be forgiven. There’s so much he feels awful about, so much he tries not to feel at all that never goes away. But some part of him still knows when something is a bad idea.

“I... I think that would make it worse,” he decides. “Maybe when you don’t go Autobots Autobotsh Autobotsh anymore cuz that’s, that’s kinda menacing, buddy. Like you might go run off to Megsatronners at this rate...”

Soundwave's gaze narrows and he's about to turn and walk back into the recesses of his cell when... His attention snaps back to Trailbreaker. "Repeat that," he demands.

“Uh...I think maybe that would make it worse?” Trailbreaker is trying.

"After that," Soundwave corrects irritably.

“Autobotsh? Megsatronners? That’s a-a funny name I came up with for him to make him less scary.” Trailbreaker grins weakly. “I’d never say it to his face, though.”

Soundwave has to take a minute to bypass the sheer disrespect Trailbreaker just unleashed. But he takes a step forward, the light of his visor now hazy bright. "Megatron. You said Megatron. You said I would run back to him. Where would I be running?"

“To Cy-Bertram,” Trailbreaker says, and then frowns and tries again. “Cinnamon. Cyanide. Trona-it’s on the tip of my *hic* tongue! The planet we come from what has all the Primes.”

"Used to have all the Primes," Soundwave corrects again, more mildly. Distracted. Megatron is here. On Cybertron. "... And if you are all here and not there, then... Cybertron must be his. Correct?"

“Uh....” Oops. Did Teebs say something he should not? “Nnnnoooo? He’s just, uh, we’re just on vacation here, long term, while he’s there.” Good save.

Soundwave pauses, taking that in... And then he slowly lowers himself to the ground, resting his cuffs in his lap. "I see. You must be having fun with everyone on this vacation, then?"

“Oh yeah, uh, lots of fun, no worries about war at all. This is.” Trailbreaker holds up an invisible glass. “Happy drunking. Obviously. I-I really hope you get better soon, though. People miss you. And and don’t go back to Megaman, okay? He’szz no good for you.”

"... Thank you for that, Trailbreaker," Soundwave says with all the suffering of a sober individual speaking to a drunk one. So much suffering. "Would you like to play a game?"

“Aw, sure!” Trailbreaker is getting awfully sleepy, but a game sounds like fun. Maybe it’ll help poor Soundwave. “Charades?”

"No." Soundwave shakes his head, optics never leaving Trailbreaker. "No, I thought we could play a fun game where you list everyone you know that's here on vacation. Their names will help me greatly."

“Oh, okay! Sounds kinda boring but...” Trailbreaker starts counting on his fingers. “Me, Fireflight, Starstruck, Rodimus, uh, Pearl...” He starts slumping. “...Ratchet...Lieutenant, Skyshhjzzz...”

Aaand he’s passed out. In front of the cell.

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