2018-08-27 Stuck With Him

From Transformers: Lost and Found

Stuck with Him
Date 2018/08/27
Location Lost Light
Participants Lieutenant, Cosmos
Summary Cosmos is the very worst, very best friend.

"I should be used to it by now, but I have not the faintest idea where those tentacles have been!" Ten remarks with disgust at a conversation topic they've stumbled upon. The local librarian, with a fluctuating temper sits beside Cosmos' collar, finishing off his last bits of sweets he nabbed. Starstruck will probably need to refill the bowl in his room when he gets off shift. Unfortunately, the sweets are not changing the flier's sour mood.

"...Handling others without consent like that should be banned; but it would be a waste of time to write up a report on that." Ten grumbles.

Cosmos glances up from his datapad, gently jostling his tiny friend with the subtle movement. "I'm sure you have enough spite you'll rethink it later." He snidely comments before the spacer's gaze drops back to his book. Surprise, surprise. Cosmos has rather limited sympathy for the small mech, as it seems karma is simply catching up with the avian's antics. Cosmos dryly questions, "After all, handling others should be banned- just not when you're the one doing it, right?"

"Oh? if you've unlocked manhandling rights then why haven't I?" Cosmos puts his datapad on the table, shifting in his seat to stare at Lieutenant over the curve of his collar like plating, "You've throw a fit everytime I pick you up- even if its to help you get higher."

Ten's wings spread out when Cosmos looks at him. It's become second nature at this point. When in doubt, spread them out. "Sometimes! Not every time!" He counters, knowing those other times he's been too distracted, tired, or busy eating to throw a fit. "It is the indignity! I do not want to seem useless or incapable of doing everything I used to."

"Except carrying me through the hallway so I do not die under someone else' foot." Ten mumbles, doing his best not to die again anytime soon.

The wings go up and Cosmos has to choke down a laugh, putting all his might into banishing the image of a earth bird floofing out its feathers. "So your saying you don't fight it when it will keep you from dying. Yet you climb everyone like a jungle gym and are ok with them carrying you then." And perches like a bird. Like now.

"Because I can climb!" He declares, standing up. Logically, Ten would probably see the issue and consider other's feelings over his own. Not so much recently. "I am capable of getting to high places, I do not require assistance to get up where I must go." He climbs up to stand on Cosmos' flat head as if to show he's capable.

"Really." Cosmos, for the heck of it, sharply shifts his helm just as Lieutenant settles-- likely upsetting the mech's footing. Of course his hands wait to catch in the unfortunate (yes so unfortunate.) case of falls, but that's besides the point.

Ten and the terrible, awful, no good friend. He squawks as he flails his arms and wings for balance, then in a sorry attempt to fly. "You absolute codpiece!" He barks. Unable to throw anything at Cosmos, he drums his heels alternatively against the palm of his hand. "Going to peel off that mask and bite your nose one of these days." And with that, sticks his tongue out at his friend. Bleh!

Cosmos can't hold it back anymore, a snort is followed by a sharp bark of laughter. It amps up to a full blown cackle as the minibot's tongue makes an appearance in the one of the greatest shows of petulance ever seen. "Sure you are, Ten. Sure you are."

Stop laughing at him! He's not as ridiculous as he seems! Sort of. Maybe a little. (That's not a short joke on himself.) "Just you wait..." he grumbles, standing up once more with wings spread out. Even with Cosmos laughing and sassing at him, he really couldn't ask for a better friend to put him in his place. He deserves it, regardless of what he thinks. "So do you want to keep being the worst friend ever or do you want to keep being the worst friend _forever?”

Cosmos settles back into place, once again becoming a much nicer perch for the small avian. Ten will find no guilt clouding the spacer. How can he when such comeuppance is so well deserved? His question catches Cosmos off guard, his frame stilling and visor dimming in slow confusion, "Huh?" He eloquently asks for explanation.

Ten grumbles and mutters under his breath, pivoting to turn away from Cosmos for a moment. His fists ball up against his sides as his wings quiver. "I said do you want to keep being the worst friend forever?" He repeats himself louder, "The worst and the best? The friend who made me feel comfortable being me around him? Whom I like to make laugh (not at my own expense) and fluster. The one I should have asked long ago if he wanted to be my Amica before I become this- before I died."

"It boggles me how you still remain my friend after everything. So while we are still on good terms, and before the Galatic Council decides to arrest us all for the war and saving the universe because most of them just have a hate boner for us!" Ten whips back around, pointing at Cosmos, "Do you want to be my Amica Endura, Cosmos?"

Cosmos stills, words washing over him as he fixates on the tiny form standing before him. His visor doesn't waver, staying focused as the speech is made. it.... it hurts his spark a little, to see Ten being so open when so often he scorns the idea at being weak to others. He spins around and Cosmos' hands clench. His response? "... That speech probably would have been more serious without 'hate boner'."

But it isn't a no!

"STARSTRUCK SAID IT ONCE AND IT WAS VERY FITTING!" Ten shouted, his face flushed from embarrassment. He's been learning a lot from this new relationship. His armor puffs up entirely as he stands there glaring intensely at Cosmos. His optic lights wavering with a glassy look to them as if tears were welling up in them. Still, even with his arm shaking, he still keeps his finger pointing at Cosmos. "Do not make me tear off that mask, I swear I will."

Cosmos bursts into wheezing laughter at the rapid defense of his wording, palm flying up to brace his helm as he leans forward. Elbow resting on the table, Cosmos forces himself to stop laughing long enough to take a easing ventilation in, "I guess you're not wrong! But silly wording aside.... took you long enough to ask, I think. Especially after declaring me your amica without telling me. Yeah, I'll be your amica Ten." At the glassy optics, Cosmos shifts a hand forward to cup around the minibot-- not touching or picking up, but enough for the offer to be there. "No mask tearing needed."

Ten's armor relaxes back down as he shoves himself into Cosmos' hand. "...You do not control my actions," he mutters, considering not biting Cosmos' nose. At least not trying to bite it completely off. He rubs at his optics and sighs, "We both agree we are Amicas now. Officially."

"We may have to break some sparks on the bridge about that." Ten considers in an afterthought.

Cosmos curls his fingers in, brushing one digit along Ten's back with a slow but gentle motion. Calm! Quiet! Settle. "seems like it," Cosmos agrees, pausing in his petting to think back to all the times they were eavesdropped on by their colleagues at the consoles, ".... Siren may have just lost a couple dozen shanix."

Well, now he's calm. He's very calm now. Fortunately, Cosmos doesn't keep petting his back or Ten would start involuntarily purring. He's already been too vulnerable as it is. "That might teach him to make loud comments from the peanut gallery."

"Hey now," Cosmos chastises through his sniggering, "You know he can't help how loud he is!" The petting stops but Cosmos decides a little more retribution is coming Ten's way. The hand slips forward, scooping up the small avian as Cosmos leans back into his chair. His datapad is retrieved with the other free hand.

"His Got 'im! that one time will forever ring in my ears." Ten doesn't object to being scooped up this time. He just settles in quietly to read from his new perch. He'll fuss later about it. Just you wait, Cosmos.

Cosmos will wait. The avian is now stuck with him, after all.

What a bad decision Ten has made.

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