2018-07-20 Parkour Dancing

From Transformers: Lost and Found

Parkour Dancing
Date 2018/07/20
Location Space
Participants Trailbreaker, Fireflight
Summary Trailbreaker and Fireflight meet out on the ship's hull for some quiet time... oh, and dancing parkour.


There is a lot of it. The endless reach of the vast nothingness that the Lost Light travels through stretches out in all directions. Inviting are the twinkle of distance stars, each promising their own tales and adventures should you be brave enough to venture to them. To get there, however, a vessel would be required; perhaps the one you now stand on.

The outside of the Lost Light is just as impressive as the inside. The sleek paneling that comprises the hull is widest at the wings, of course, and narrowest at the bridge. A segmented visor denotes that, easily denoted in the design as the four main thrusters at the rear of the craft. The blocky, flat silver-gray surfaces that make up the majority of the Lost Light is broken up by the spiney crimson section at the center of the ship.

All is quiet here on the outside, an ideal location for quiet moments of personal or shared reflection.

Trailbreaker's been a little manic lately, trying to occupy himself with as much as possible. Some of it's in preparation to inevitably deal with Shockwave. Some of it is a crash course in diplomacy thanks to the library. A lot of it is just to keep himself from drinking. He won't want to drink if he's busy, right?

There was a little of that manic note as Trailbreaker invited Fireflight out here, onto the hull thanks to his own magnawheels. (He's sent Fireflight a few reminders to wear gravity lock boots, because if FF drifts off, Teebs has no bubble to save him.) He's staring out into the stars, smiling as they pass a distant nebula. Perfect view.

Fireflight 's late, as usual, though this time it's because he manages to FORGET the gravity lock boots despite Trailbreaker's reminder, so Teebs gets a quick radio message that the Aerialbot has to go back home and GET them where they still sit at his door, waiting to go. After Fireflight has gone all the way back to his habsuite, gotten the boots, put them on, and come back, it's certainly past time, but at least Trailbreaker will know why. "Sorry! Got 'em now!" The jet scrambles out onto the hull, waving to his boyfriend. "How are you?" Clump clump. Fireflight manages to also almost trip and lose his connection to the hull, but somehow does not.

Trailbreaker's learned by now not to worry when Fireflight is late. He smiles warmly and holds out a hand in case Fireflight needs the extra balance. << "Hope it wasn't too much trouble to get out here. It's just been so crowded in the ship lately, and I felt like I needed to get out." >> He uses his radio to speak directly to the jet and then gestures out at the nebula. << "Caught sight o'this in the Observation Deck and wanted to get a better look with you. Whaddya think?" >>

Fireflight gladly takes Trailbreaker's hand with a broad smile, and it seems the extra, steadying influence is both appreciated and needed. He stumbles a few more times before starting to get his equilibrium and being able to stand on his own. The Aerialbot glances up, "<< Oh? >>" Blue optics shine in the cold dark of space, face gawping as he gazes at the sight of the distant nebula. "<< ...Wow. What is that? That's beautiful. >>" The smile slowly returns and he looks to Teebs. "<< It's like... a swarm of fireflies in space, lighting the darkness. >>"

"<< Fireflies, yeah... >>" Trailbreaker watches Fireflight's awe with an entranced look of his own. Even after all he's been through with the war, he's still so open-hearted and sincere. "<< I think that's a nebula maybe? It's where stars are born. Sorta. There's some advantages to being stuck out in space like this, huh? >>" He gives Fireflight's hand a tight squeeze. "<< Thanks for comin' out here... >>"

Fireflight turns to look at Trailbreaker, mouth open with that innocent wonder. "<< Where stars are... born? >>" He looks back to stare, optics wider and brighter. "<< That's so... that's so.... >>" He pauses to frown slightly as he tries to think of the right word. "<< Well... /cool/ doesn't really seem the right word. Doesn't... measure up. But it IS cool. Amazing! Maybe that's more what it is... So it's like those little sparks we were saving, isn't it? Their own 'hot spot'. Except... I don't remember a lot from when I came online. >>" He pauses again, wondering aloud, "<< I wonder if they do? >>" The jet turns to look at Teebs with a smile. "<< I mean, stars aren't people or anything, but.... you think stars could remember something somehow? Some, I dunno, some kind of cosmic consciousness or memory or something? >>"

He's quick to return the hand squeeze, edging closer to the bigger mech. The jet's gotten more comfortable with Trailbreaker in recent times, and he leans a shoulder onto him, nestling closer. "<< Thanks for inviting me. How are you holding up? How's the... uh... >>" He points a finger up and then makes a circular motion like a bubble.

<< "I don't remember much either. I just remember being really hungry and thirsty when I came online." >> Trailbreaker blushes a little. Maybe he was always kind of a glutton. " << I never really thought about it that way, but I bet there are aliens out there kinda like stars. You could say we're made of starlight, if you wanna consider a spark something like that...heh, you get real philosophical sometime. I like that about you." >>

He puts an arm over Fireflight, letting the jet lean into him as much as zero gravity allows. "<< It's still busted, >>" he says, still smiling but with the slightest little wilt. " <<There's one person I know of in the universe who might be able to help, but I have a feeling I might not like his solution. It's okay. Even if I never do it again, I'll...adjust.>> " Now he's leaning into Fireflight a little.

Fireflight nestles further into Trailbreaker's side, gazing up at him with those wide, baby blue optics. "<< I like that. Made of starlight, that seems so... so .../comforting/, somehow. >>" He smiles, turning to take in the nebula again, his expression growing thoughtful, if a little bit melancholy and self-conscious. "<< Thanks. I mean it. I... Heh, I know I daydream too much. I know I was doing that even way back then, when I first remember anything. Always distracted by.... well, everything. But there's just so much out there! I mean... >>" A hint of frown ghosts across his face now as he turns to look at Teebs again, before shifting to a smile. "<< I'm not dumb! I just... have a lot of thoughts in my head. I notice things... like, all the time. Maybe too much, but... Uh. Anyway. I'm... glad you don't mind that. >>"

As Trailbreaker snuggles closer, so does he, feeling appreciative as he is enveloped in those big, broad arms. He nods, expression empathetic. "<< Shockwave, right? >>" He asks quietly, before reaching a hand up to Teeb's big chest. "<< You will, I know you will. For what it's worth, I believe you'll find that again, it's a gift you had before and I think you'll have it again. >>" He smiles, then adds, face perking suddenly with a thought, "<< But in the meantime, there's still a lot you can do! >>"

"<< You're not dumb, >>" Trialbreaker agrees with an insistent note in his voice. "<< Some mechs are just like that, having trouble keeping up with their own rapid-fire thoughts. Some writings on psychology mention that. Just like some have trouble being happy for very long even when nothing's wrong. >>" He holds Fireflight tightly, the stars reflecting on his visor. "<< It's just how Primus made us. >>"

"<< Shockwave, yeah. If I have to, I might use that as a lure for him. Hey, Shockwave, you like Outliers. Here's a broken one. But I won't let him destroy me, >>" he adds with a frown. "<< And you're right! Still got the magnaboots, heh. Unless you had something specific in mind? >>"

Trailbreaker's insistence that he's not dumb brings an appreciative smile to the jet's face. He responds to the embrace with a fierce hug of his own, gazing into that star-spangled visor with affection. "<< Yeah. >>" Leaning his head to rest on the other mech's broad chest, Fireflight just stays like that a moment, feeling the vibrations and soaking the warmth of the other mech's form in contrast to the cold emptiness around them.

Eventually, though, he pulls away enough to take Teebs' hands in his own. "<< Yes! I've been watching stuff on my datapad, you know those video sites, well when we can get 'em, at least. Anyway, there's so much amazing stuff people do out there. Some of it reminded me of you! >>" He grins. "<< Ok, so, like I was thinking, with your years of experience with magnawheels and defying gravity and making things float, I wonder if you've ever heard of parkour? >>"

"<< Par...kour? >>" Trailbreaker frowns and tilts his helm, cupping his chin. "<< It's, uh. It's a little like jumping, innit? I dunno how great I'd be at something like that, bein' a heavyweight and all. >>" He looks down at his bulky frame with a doubtful look. "<< Wait, I better let you explain whatcha mean first. You're the expert here... >>" A new hobby has to be worth trying, right? It's not drinking.

Fireflight grins wider. "<< Yes! Kinda like jumping... just... a lot of it, over all kinds of obstacles... Here, let me show ya... >>" The Aerialbot pulls out his trusty red datapad, tapping the screen until he gets a video up and playing, which he then shows to Trailbreaker. It shows Cybertronians running and jumping over buildings, often from extremely high heights, while performing cartwheels and flips and all kinds of stunts. The ones who have flying modes seem to have disabled their wings in some cases to increase the challenge, or they use them to perform outrageous flying manuevers while jumping and flying through tight and often hazardous places. "<< Isn't that amazing? >>"

Trailbreaker stares. Yeah, he can very much see why this parkour thing attracted the attention of an Aerialbot. They seem made to risk danger in the air, while he's...a truck, made for the ground. Or...walls. Or ceilings...

"<< I guess using magnawheels for that would be cheating, huh? >>" He chuckles, though it's silent in the vacuum of space. "<< Are you sayin' you wanna try that too sometime? Looks real high energy, and...yeah, heck, it does look cool. Let's do it together sometime! >>" He hopes he doesn't regret agreeing to that later...

"<< I would!, >>" Fireflight replies. "<< I... I was thinking we could try a little now. You don't have to stop using your magnawheels, even! In fact, I'd say, since we'd be learning, that magnawheels might be a good idea to start. Especially... >>" He smiles and sweeps a hand to gesture where they are right now. "<< ...since I think here, with no gravity at all, might be kinda interesting to try, just to get a feel for it. >>"

"<< Here? In the vacuum? >>" Trailbreaker briefly has a nightmare vision of one of them getting sent adrift by mistake. But then he could just call Cosmos or Blast Off, right? And he does have magnawheels, and Fireflight the shoes...and maybe a thrill could do him some good. Rodimus always seemed to go for it even if Trailbreaker's idea of a 'thrill' was more of a night on the town. And there's no town for a long ways off.

" <<...Okay! Let's do it. >>" He grins, revving his engines just for show. "<< You can show me how, right? You're pretty agile compared to me. >>"

"<< Yeah!! >>" Fireflight grins in delight as those engines rev. "<< Okay! Yeah, lemme see.... >>" The Aerialbot pulls away to stand on his own, looking around the hull. "<< There. >>" He points to a protrusion of pipes running underneath a windowed walkway. "<< I'm gonna run up to that ventilation shaft /there/, then jump and grab hold of that pipe above. Then you follow, okay? I'll be there, waiting to catch you if needed. >>"

Oh jeez, they're really doing it. Trailbreaker hesitates, and then reflects on what Fireflight just said. 'I'll be there, waiting to catch you.' It's oddly reassuring, even coming from a mech smaller than he is. Not like gravity's a factor for them right now. "<< Okay! Uh, just be careful! >>" He may, just may, have queued up an emergency rescue frequency ready to call just in case one of them needs it.

Indeed, maybe they will. But Fireflight is full of excitement, rearing to go, and he nods. "<< I will! >>" The jet clomps over to the shaft, boots sticking a bit as he does so. However, he realizes he needs to get some momentum going, so he looks back over his shoulder, gives Teebs a thumbs-up, then turns and starts running as fast as he can until he reaches the shaft. Upon hitting that mark, he gathers himself up and leaps towards the pipe just above. It *seems* rather simple, but the weightlessness adds an extra element, even as he runs and leaps. The ship's movement adds an extra factor, and in fact the Aerialbot sort of bumps into the pipe sooner than he expected because of that- but at least he does it! "<< I DID IT!! >>" He exclaims, then, grabbing a better hold, he turns and reaches out an arm. "<< Okay, now you! >>" This is totally a GREAT IDEA!

<FS3> Trailbreaker rolls Reaction+reaction: Failure. (4 3)

"<< Alright Fireflight! That was awesome! >>" For emphasis, Trailbreaker waves and gives FF a thumbs-up before realizing oh, right, he's up. Erm. Bracing himself, he loosens his magnawheel grip just enough to allow him a little more speed without losing his pull against the ship and makes a run for it. It's a slower run, but that's natural. He's not a jet. Still with a grin on his face, he takes a flying leap for the pipe.

Unfortunately he misjudges and overbalances, flipping upside-down in the course of the jump, head-over-heels as he's thrown out of range of the mangawheels' grip. And he's just stuck floating that way towards the pipes. "<< ...Uh, lil...lil help here...? >>"

Ooops. Fireflight, grinning up until now, awps a bit as Trailbreaker doesn't quite make it. "<< Oh. Uh, right! I'm here, I'm here, just grab my... hand! >>" The Aerialbot stretches out to grasp for his boyfriend. He's not gonna let you drift off into space, promise! Light colored fingers stretch out as he leans towards the larger frame floating his way- and catch with a clutch of his hand. "<< Yes! >>" He proceeds to pull Trailbreaker towards himself and the pipes, but the lack of gravity and motion of the ship result in what is actually a graceful, sweeping arc. With weight meaningless here, Fireflight easily sweeps the truck in an almost dance-like move, smiling all the way, until Teeb's feet swing to within magnawheel distance of that pipe.

Trailbreaker is sure that someone would get him before he drifted too far out, but that doesn't change the intense relief he feels when Fireflight catches him and pulls him closer, and then...

He floats down in that arc as if flowing through water, the lights from the stars reflecting off his black paint as he stares down at Fireflight. Up. He's still a little confused as to which is which.

Letting his feet finally touch the hull again, he laughs silently and clings to Fireflight just for good measure. "<< That was an amazing catch! It's like we were... >>" He stops. "<< We could, uh. Dance like this, huh? I mean obviously no music, but long as we kept our feet mostly on the ground..." >>

The way the stars catch and glitter in Trailbreaker's dark paint really beautiful, Fireflight realizes. His expression warms with affectionate wonder as he sweeps the other mech to safety, then falls into an embrace of sorts, clinging close. Smiling up (down?) at him with a slight blush to his cheeks, the jet radios, "<< I... I guess it kind of was a dance, wasn't it? >>" His laugh comes through, genuine and pleased. "<< Dance parkour? Hey, maybe we've invented something! >>" His hands come to clasp on either of Teeb's broad arms. "<< See, forcefields or not, you're still full of ideas! >>"

The Aerialbot breaks a hand away so that he can bow, in the way he imagines dance partners do. "<< If you'd be so kind, Sir.... >>" Looking up, he sees a walkway above (?) them and points. "<< Let's make our way up there next? >>" He stands ready, one foot already off the pipe, ready for more. Parkour, dancing, whatever. Just being with Teebs.

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