2018-07-05 Build You Up

From Transformers: Lost and Found

Build You Up
Date 2018/07/05
Location Lost Light - Science and Medical - Wheeljack's Laboratory
Participants Lieutenant, Wheeljack
NPCs Burble
Summary Lieutenant has some questions and some comfort for Wheeljack (and accompanying Bulkhead marble).

"Bulkhead?" Ten asks, poking at the sphere. He originally came to Wheeljack to ask questions, but he's distracted by the remnants of the BulkBall. He can't lift it or move it an inch. However, he can loom over it, which is a self-indulging upside to this whole scenario. Ten will keep that to himself though. "Do you think he can hear us?"

Wheeljack has been keeping the burble safely in a small, clear container on one of the workbenches where he's spread out a number of different supplies and scanners. The section around the container has been largely left clear, which now gives Ten the space to loom. Wheeljack ostensibly has been leaving Ten to examinations on his own, in favor of working on reversing the marbleification process. In fact, he's kind of hovering in the area, occasionally remembering to fiddle with a datapad. "His spark readings indicate that he's in stasis," he says, fins a dim teal, "but it probably can't hurt to talk around him."

Ten paces around Bulkhead. At least he's still alive and not in pain. It would be freaky if he could talk back, but at least Bulk can possibly hear. "Well it is good you rest after all you put yourself through while we were dead." Mainly while Wheeljack was dead. Ten looks up at the scientist while reaching out to place a tiny hand on Bulkhead. "Any ideas on how to undo this?" It is rare but this must be the most amusing miscalculation Prowl has ever made, considering. The avian won't say that aloud though.

The teal decoration Wheeljack's fins flashes away to something more orangey before he dims the glow enough for polite conversation. "I'm working on reversing it. I still have the device that caused it, and I'm working to reverse engineer it while we're waiting on getting the plans for the thing." he says. He shuffles back toward his workbench and its clutter, putting down his datapad to start picking up and putting down other things, though he doesn't appear to be managing much more than rearranging the piles of tools. "I'll get it, it's just a matter of time."

Another pat the the Bulkhead marble. He had come with a request, but seeing the situation at hand has made him decide otherwise. For now, he's just here to keep things at ease. "Do not over work yourself trying to solve the problem, fair?" He knows they're looking to bond, but he's worried Wheeljack might fall into the same pattern Bulkhead did.

"Me, overwork myself?" Wheeljack says, with the faint hint of a chuckle. He settles back on a stool, crossing his arms and leaning them against the edge of the workbench as he looks away from the slightly haphazard piles of materials in order to focus on Ten. "Never. I work best under pressure, but I know better than to push myself into working when I'd make a mistake." He's not willing to take that chance when Bulkhead's spark is both literally and metaphorically in his hands.

That's a relief. Ten pets Bulkhead as he's going to be in good and loving hands. "Good, good." He replies, turning to the marble "You have a good husband here, Bulkhead. Of course you already know that, but I feel the need to hammer this point down. You two are incredibly fortunate to have each other."

Wheeljack's panels flush pinkish, and one hand comes up to rub at the back of his helm. "Aww, jeez, Lieu, that's nice of you to say," he says, a hint of warmth underlying his embarrassed fidgeting. "Think that the next time he gets worried about it I can send him your way? Once he's free of that thing and all back to normal, anyway. And we've done the conjunx thing all properly."

"Have you?" This is news to Ten, and good news too! He reaches out to touch Wheeljack but he's too far away to congratulate. "You can always send him my way, you hear that Bulkhead? You need to worry less, or worry with someone else." Firm pats, which actually stings harder than expected with how compact Bulk is.

Wheeljack's shoulders hunch slightly, but he sighs air out of his vents and shakes his helm. "After this last time, I can't really blame him for worrying. It probably won't go like what happened to us if I go out in the field again, but it's going to be a while before I take that chance," he notes, staring down at the little Bulk bubble. He doesn't exactly scoot closer into Lieutenant's touching range, but he glows warmly at the implied support in the gesture. "It must be disconcerting, getting used to the changes in your frame, huh?"

Ten grunts at the mention of his frame. He drums his fingers against the marble. He keeps touching Bulkhead just in case he can still feel and wants him to be at ease. "It is, admittedly," he answers, unsure if he should ask anything of Wheeljack about it just yet. "I thought of asking Nightshade to use her serum on me, but I do not want to go through the shrinking and growing again. Once was plenty."

Wheeljack can't help the alarm that has him leaning forward, hands tensing. "yeah, don't-- don't do that. I'm sure you don't have any built up spark strain after being in this frame for only a few weeks, but... better not to test it, right?" He pauses. "I can do a scan if you want, but-- ah, never mind. You already said you weren't interested, sorry."

"I do."

Ten's optics look at Wheeljack firmly, before clarifying, "I want you to scan me." Where this Ratchet, he would have much more hesitant with his answer. It's easier with Wheeljack as he trusts the mech. "It might be selfish, but for once I do not care how it might sound. I refuse to live the remainder of my lifespan a-" weakling. "-just this way."

"What, really?" Wheeljack cycles his optics in surprise, falling silent for long enough to process Ten's words as he looks over the small pink 'former. "That's brave of you, Lieutenant. Glad to know I've earned your trust. You sure there's not anyone you want here with you, though?" He offers, even though his hands are closing around a datapad and scanner already. "I could do it right now, but I don't know if you're comfortable with that. And what do you want me doing with the results of the scan?"

Yes, really. Ten shakes his head at the initial question, "Bulkhead is right here, even if he cannot respond. Besides, it is only a scan, not a reality bending whatchamacallit." Should things get beyond that though, he may have to ask Starstruck to make a detour from his rounds. On second thought, scratch that. He doesn't want to bother the mech about this. "I want you to make a casing to support my spark and a larger frame."

"He is, but he's not exactly in a shape to intervene," Wheeljack observes, but shrugs. "But if you're fine with it, I'm fine with it." He finishes pulling out the scanner and fiddles with it, then holds it out. "Okay, I'm going to run it down your frame a few times to calibrate the readings," he says, as he starts to slowly move it down the length of Lieutenant's frame. Then he can't help frowning when he hears Lieutenant's response. "Uh, Lieu, I don't know how much I'll be able to do with that," he says cautiously. "I know you managed before, but unless there's something I don't know about you, you're no loadbearer, right?"

Ten steps forth and remains still for Wheeljack to scan him. No doubt it would register what it used to say when he was originally sparked: irregular pulses in the spark, fragile, weak firewalls and internals. "Unfortunately, I was not born with such a gift," he relents with a sigh. "When I originally upgraded my frame required three layers of casing just to keep my spark stable... admittedly, it still had issues." Lack of heat would be the obvious one.

"However," Ten adds quickly, "I thought about how to possibly compromise in order to get back to how I was without... well." Dying.

"There might be something that can be done," Wheeljack says cautiously, even as he keeps running scans. "Especially if it's not powered entirely off your spark energy. I can look into some designs, maybe. But anything I do is going to be dependent on the results of the spark scans... which are going to have to wait until I've finished helping Bulkhead." Wheeljack shrugs, but he can't be sheepish about it. After everything they've talked about, he thinks Lieutenant will understand the delay. "But I'll see what I can do. That work for you?"

Ten understands. As much as he wants to return to his former self, he still has some patience about him to wait for when Wheeljack is ready. "Of course, that is fine with me," He'll only be glad if Wheeljack agrees to do it at all, despite what he may see on the scan. "Thank you, Wheeljack." Another pat is given to Bulkhead. Ten may try to talk to Prowl about this, but the mech probably feels guilty as it is.

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