2018-06-04 Panic And Comfort

From Transformers: Lost and Found

2018-06-04 Panic And Comfort
Date 2018/06/04
Location Lost Light- Mess Hall
Participants Adagio
NPCs Wedge
Summary Adagio and Wedge have a tearful conversation in the wake of the fall of Cybertron.

Wedge is in the midst of celebrating when they receive the message. Unicron is gone, everyone is safe -- ! Except. There's that message from Adagio. There's news following it of what Megatron did. There's a lot, and Wedge rushes somewhere private for their call.

"Daj -- Daj, can you hear me? Tell me you can hear me, please--"

Adagio hasn’t wanted to talk to anyone since getting back. He’s afraid he’ll cry, and it’ll be embarrassing. So rather than his room, where kind Swivel stays, he’s hiding back in the kitchen stress-cooking up some energon cupcakes when he gets a call from the one person he does want to talk to.

“Wedge,” he says, bringing up the visual on the comm, “hey...hi. Thanks for calling...” He knows he’s trembling and hates it. “I...”

"Hey, hey, you're alright. You're safe, okay? You're okay." Wedge leans toward the screen, two hands curling around the edges of it. As if they can hold Adagio from here. "It's good to see you. I got your message - what are you up to?"

“I-I got caught in the riots and the takeover. I had to hide for a day until I found a shuttle off. You know me, I’m so slow...” Addy tries to smile. It’s a valiant effort. “I couldn’t hide, so I used my voice to distract people and-and I’m durable. So I’m okay. I’m sorry about that message, I was panicked...”

"Don't be sorry." Wedge presses their knuckles against the screen, as if they could touch Adagio's face. "You sure you're okay? Where's the ship, I can - I can be there soon."

Adagio shutters his optics. “We’re in orbit, I think? I think...sorry, I can’t think. Clearly. Right now.” He shakes his head. “I’m scared. I’m scared and some part of me wants to go back to Velocitron and forget about being a hero. But...”

"Don't stress yourself worse, Daj. And I can't say I would be against you coming home." Wedge leans forward, their three free hands all on the monitor now. "But I know they need you out there. You've always been a hero, and right now they're the ones who need you. As much as I'd love for you to come home...this isn't where you need to be right now."

"You-you think they need me? I just...I don't want to be a burden who always runs and hides. And who can't even run. Not on you, or them. Do you think I have what it takes?" Adagio sniffles, wiping at his eyes and making a faintly musical little sob. "Well, if you have faith in me, I have to make you proud...even if I'm scared."

Wedge presses forward, practically curling around the monitor. "Hey, hey, you're not a burden. Don't ever think that. You're a lot stronger than you think, okay? But I don't want you to push yourself just to make me happy, either. I have faith in you, but don't overextend yourself to try and prove you're worth it. Okay?"

"I-I promise. I promise! I'll do what I can. If nothing else, everyone's going to need cake after this. Good thing I was stress baking, right?" Adagio laugh-sobs, though he seems to be calming down. Even hearing from Wedge helps him. "It would be nice if you can come visit once it's safer. So you can see how much I've improved. And so I can do this without a monitor in the way." He puts up a huge finger against the screen, where one of Wedge's hands is.

Wedge sniffs, and rubs at the bottom of their visor with a free hand. "I'm sure it'll be the best cake they've ever had. You're an incredible baker. I'll - I'll try to visit. But I don't need to be there to see how much you've grown. Every time we talk, I see that."

"But I'm already so big-oh, I get what you mean." Adagio smiles for real this time, optics glowing a soft golden-yellow. "And you're always there for me when I need you. Thank you, Wedge. You really are a...the word Arrow used was 'Dad.'"

"A dad?" Wedge laughs, wipes again at their face, tugs awkwardly at their facemask. "I've never heard of that. What's a dad?"

"It's a...well, the Disney movies confused me. Most of those dads weren't very helpful," Adagio explains with a little frown. "But I think it's a person that helps guide a younger organic when they're little. And hatches them...? I was never clear on that part. But it sounds like it can be metaphorical. Arrow has a Dad named Grifter, and obviously he's not organic., you helped guide me when I was lost. You took care of me when I needed it. Even if I was never, ever little."

"So kind of like a mentor?" Wedge's facemask shifts as they smile. "Hey, I'm always happy to be there for you. As a dad or whatever. You're important to me."

"Right! Like that." Adagio chuckles. "And you're important to me. I'll make you the biggest cake when I arrive. I...thanks. I'm still scared, but I...think I can do this."

"You can. I know you can." Wedge laughs, then, and shakes their helm. "You don't have to make me anything! It'll be enough to see you."

"But I want to. Are you going to be safe, Wedge? You'll let me know if-if Velocitron's in danger, right? If Megatron decides to go after the colonies..." Adagio isn't sure Velocitron has much in the way of defenses, especially after the monolith emerged.

"He'll have one hell of a fight if he tries. We've been shoring up - I know it doesn't seem that way, but we have." For a mech with a covered face, Wedge manages to look very determined. "We're gonna be fine, I promise."

"I believe in you! All of you. But if he tries anything I'll be there to defend my home colony." Adagio tries to look determined; again, it's a valiant attempt, and it shows through in his optics even if he isn't very good at being fearsome or tough.

"Thanks, Daj." Wedge flattens one hand on the screen, pressing for a moment as if it can convey their touch. "If something happens I'll let you know, but don't stress yourself out over it, okay?"

"Okay. You-you too." Adagio answers the touch with his own, his hand dwarfing that of his 'Dad.' He's not feeling amazing yet, but he's better than he was before. He's stopped shaking.

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