2018-05-15 Pirate Thing

From Transformers: Lost and Found

Pirate Thing
Date 2018/05/15
Location Cybertron - New Iacon
Participants Breakdown, Vortex, Air Raid
Scene GM Tez
Summary Vortex and Air Raid try to rescue Breakdown from a grim, wormy grave.

It's 360 degrees in a circle, but it's 41,253 square degrees in a sphere, which means 41,253 degrees of potential attack, of which 20,626.5 are watched more closely as the foolish make certain assumptions about an attack being unlikely to come from below. It's fine. They probably don't burrow. That won't come back to bite them at any point in the future.

Don't worry about it! This little adventure in the hear and now is set above ground in the sky where Air Raid and Vortex are assigned together on drone slaughter detail. It's all the carnage Vortex could ever want. They've just finished shattering a descending landing pod -- falling from Unicron, it contained untold numbers of drones, designed to break apart and release on impact; however, intercepted by Vortex and Air Raid, it's instead become a blaze of burning energon and melting slag as the destroyed worms rain down on the fallen forces -- when they get a call: Breakdown's gone quiet, his signal cold, at X and Y coordinates.

The front line has moved past Breakdown's position, and the ground is carpeted with the twitching remnants of Unicron's drone fleet.

Air Raid is enjoying the heady rush of that sweet, sweet robo-adrenaline as he tears up the sky in his newly minted jet mode. It feels /right/. Undeniably right. No urges to roar or flap wings or shoot lightning out of his nosecone, nope.

As the landing pod breaks apart and rains flaming shrapnel, Air Raid can't help but dive and weave through the wreckage, whooping over comms. "Yeah! GET SOME!" he shouts, banking to stay within the general range of their assigned field. "Highfive, Tex! ...Psychic highfive!"

Technically, technically Vortex should be on some field medic duty or something. But how can he possibly resist taking these things down. Their final death thralls and gushing insides are way too satisfying to pass up.

Plus, he gets to fight with one of his favorite people. And maybe show off a little.

Vortex putters after Air Raid, lacking the speed thrusters provide. He does a little barrel roll, cackling. "Yeah, yeah, high five! When you hit it with that missile, it made my-- oh, hold on." He bobs in the air, spinning seemingly uncontrollably. Its normal. Then he turns on a dime, taking off in the direction of coordinates. "C'mon, Raider! Let's go spread our badassery around. Looks like someone needs it. You got that right? Wanna scout ahead of me? Don't get eaten."

Gossip says that Starscream might've taken off his cape and crown to join the fight in the sky. As forces move to fill the hole left behind by Vortex and Air Raid, there might even be a glint of those bright and shining colors before they pull away.

It's quieter here, removed from the field of battle. There are splatters of energon everywhere, and the stench of burnt metal. Some of the worms still writhe, not quite entirely dead, as Cybertron's fauna reaches out to do its part. Tendrils of creeping vines reach up from the ground to wrap around the bodies that have spilled upon it. The vines tighten, squeeze, and shatter the not-quite-dead worms. The energon soaks through the metal beneath, and drips perhaps all the way down to Cybertron's beating heart.

There are signs that the ground has been disturbed: the scars of fresh metal, shining and untarnished, where something tore into Cybertron's subsurface. This is about where Breakdown's signal went dead.

"Huh?" Air Raid is slow to catch on. Oh, they're missing a guy. "Yeah, comin'!" He lingers, however, watching Starscream from a distance, fighting the urge to dart in and show him up. But he eventually joins Vortex on the ground, transforming with a small bounce. "Heyyy, the planet's being helpful for once," he notes of the reaching vines, keeping his distance. "Can these things dig?" He pings Breakdown's frequency a few more times, obnoxiously.

"The plants are always helpful, especially when wanting to practice some manueverablity. Or get rid of evidence. You know how it is," Vortex says, fearlessly dipping down on occasion as he keeps up his erratic flight path. He scans a wider area, falling behind Air Raid. Stupid thrusters, almost miss the wings. "Plants got roots and stuff. So... Technically, I guess. Any luck finding him yet?"

There's no response on Breakdown's frequency, no matter how many times Air Raid @s him. The vines underneath their feet reach up to feel over their feet, slithering, touching, and retreating again to move off to other targets.

CRUNCH. Another large worm is shattered by the wrap of vines.

Air Raid jerks and dances away from the creeping touch. "Eugh. I don't mean the plants. The worms! Dumbaft. And I thiiink one of them grabbed him and pulled him under - ?" He draws closer to the tear in the surface, uncharacteristically cautious, with his plasma knife drawn.

Heh, the plants tickle. "The worms? I dunno... Guess we'll have to find out!" Vortex shouts, passing Air Raid up to dive right into the tear. "Who's a dumbaft now!" He shouts back as he falls through.

The gash in the ground opens ahead of Vortex into a black night. He falls, and falls, and falls -- just far enough to maybe start to think about getting concerned about how hard he is going to hit when he finally does. (Which is well past the point anyone rational would wonder.)

Air Raid might've admired Vortex's leaping-before-looking long ago. Now it's just, oh god, that's my partner diving into a creepy crevasse. "TEX, SLAGGIT!" He jumps in after, and attempts to use his thrusters and wings to slow his descent.

This is a bad time to not have, like, headlights or something. "Maybe the grounders are onto something," Vortex murmurs to himself, flaring his rotors out when the expected ground doesn't come up when he expects it. Its okay, this is fine. He just has to... bend his knees a little and give his rotors a quick spin to buff his landing and- oh, there's the ground.

<FS3> Vortex rolls Transportation: Good Success. (8 4 1 3 2 1 7 3 1 5 1)

<FS3> Vortex rolls Fortitude: Success. (8 1)

The ground comes up to Vortex quite a bit faster than he's expecting, and the quick whip of his rotors -- saves him, but doesn't quite save him. He still hits hard, sending a shock rippling form his feet up his struts and straight to his spark in a spike of pain. He may have just damaged something important in his foot, but it's fine! He can walk on it. Anyway, it's always important to fake a good landing.

Air Raid arrives with less style, but also less pain, landing next to Vortex in the dark. The tunnel is small and narrow, and certainly cramped for someone of Breakdown's size, but there are scrapes of his familiar blue on the wall where he dragged his ample ... torso past a narrowing to follow the tunnel.

Air Raid can barely support his weight with thrusters in this mode, so his landing is rough, but not as rough as Vortex's. Lights switch on from each wingtip, and when he confirms that Vortex isn't a pancake, he baps the crown of Tex's helm with the bottom of his fist. "Who the hell are you showing off for, huh? C'mon. Follow the blue paint. And let's hurry up before Cybertron decides to munch us."

Air Raid proceeds to @ Breakdown six more times.

It's like one of those anime shots where the shot freezes and the protag's body is filled in black except for their skeleton, which cracks with exaggerated little lightening bolts around the the injury. Except this is real so Vortex's foot caves and compresses where it shouldn't and he falls onto his aft. Hnnnnnnn- "I'm fine!" he squeaks out at Air Raid. "Er- ahem-heh-hem!" He clears his vocalizer. "I mean, I'm fine. That sorta stuff used to make you throw yourself at me."

Vortex picks himself up, testing his foot. Its fine. He takes a step, shuddering. Not fine, but he keeps going. A little sting never hurt before. "Good plan, lead the way, Raider. You're the one with the lights and I'm the one with the blender on my back." And Raid can't see him limp if he's ahead. Hehe, perfect plan. "So... Maybe Breakdown's hammer turns into a shovel and that's how he got down here..."

There's still no response to Breakdown's ping as Air Raid comms him, and the tunnel extends not so very fair before their lights spot the first sign of movement: worms, gnawing their way in widening circles as they continue down the narrowing tunnel. They seem oblivious to them, focused on churning forward.

Air Raid frowns at Vortex for a few seconds longer before taking the lead, knife swapped for his rifle. When the mass of worms comes into focus, he sidles up against the wall and crouches. <<"If shooting these turns out to be a bad idea, run when I say run, alright? I'll throw myself at you when we win this damn worm war.">> He fires three bolts of white plasma into the darkness, braced on a knee.

<FS3> Air_Raid rolls Firearms: Great Success. (7 5 3 2 1 8 1 7 2 1 8)

Each shot that Air Raid fires hits its target, and each target goes down when shot. Actually, the combined weight of their collapse and the sizzle of the bolts manages to crush and burn a fourth. He looks absurdly competent.

Competence is hot, especially when its with a big gun. The light almost reflects little hearts in his visor as he peaks around Air Raid to watch the show. Confidence bolstered by the display, he says aloud, "Damn, Raider. Okay, my turn!"

Pulling two of his blades out from their locks, Vortex jumps towards the worms- on his good foot!- with a wild abandon to his slicing. "Have you noticed how they make a really cool sound if you cut them vertically? Neat, huh?"

<FS3> Vortex rolls Melee Weapons: Good Success. (7 8 5 1 3 3 4 2 5 1 1)

Vortex demonstrates, slicing two of the worms apart, vertically, but the time he takes to demonstrate to Air Raid means he can't match Air Raid's totals -- or, quite, his finesse. Air Raid just has a little more style.

Despite the fact that they are tearing them apart, the worms really don't seem to be paying them much attention. Yet. They continue to attempt to carve their way forward, until they are wading past ankle-deep bodies to push into the dark. Is that a gleam of blue ahead?

Air Raid tilts his rifle towards the tunnel ceiling when Vortex leaps in with his blades. Tex may only nab a few, but Raid's going to look impressed anyway. He cheers and pumps a fist, which quickly lowers when he realizes just how many worms there are. "They're still ignoring us. Alright, hold off on your slicing for now... Maybe we can just nudge them aside. Come on, I see something."

Vortex looks a little disappointed but perks up with Air Raid's support. His chin lifts and he wiggles a little. He did good. "Holding off," he says happily, resting one blade on his shoulder as they move forward. "Yeah, I think I see it too. Hold onnnn..." Grabbing onto Air Raid for balance and support, he leeeeeans forward and gives the blue gleaming thing a thorough poke with his blade.

The jab of Vortex's blade is enough to force Breakdown's systems back online. They've gone into standby from energon loss after his failure to stop an entire massive tide of worms all by himself.

Let's be fair to Breakdown: he didn't MEAN for this to happen. He was just following a break in the usual pattern, diverting after some worms, and it turns out that the damage that he took in the fight completely knocked out his comm system. It's scattered somewhere from New Iacon to this hole in the ground, and no wonder all of those @breakdowns weren't getting through. But once he got deep enough to find out what they were doing, getting back out was a challenge -- and the massive piles of bodies show he didn't go down without quite a fight. The progress forward has halted as a result, but he's very lucky that Vortex and Air Raid are here to stab him.

Static and pain combine as Breakdown jolts awake, systems buzzing. He thrashes into motion immediately, flails dramatically, and completely fails to get up off of his back, on which he lolls like a particularly undignified blue tortoise.

"Fraggin' OW!" he blats in complaint. At least the voice is unmistakable.

Air Raid is too busy scrutinizing Vortex's leaning to knock away the blade that dips against Breakdown's armor. "Don't STAB him!" He backpedals with Vortex in tow, arm hooked around his middle, as Breakdown flails and remains supine. "Hoo... You uh, having fun down here?"

"Hey! You're aalive- congrats!" Vortex chirps cheerily at Breakdown, removing the blade. He'll just... Wipe it off on his shin. There, like it never happened. "He's awake now, isn't he? Primus." He rolls his optics, happy to be moved around like a paper doll. His rotors clatter behind him. "How ya doing, Breakdown? Need a medic? I've been working in medibay, could give you a patchjob. Give us a wave if you can still move."

Around them, the remaining worms -- and there are a moderate few -- chew on: digging wider, digging deeper. They like the cronch.

Breakdown's head falls back and he lies limp for a moment, staring unseeingly upwards. "Whozzat," he says a little grumpily-muzzily. "Tex? You the one who stabbed me? 'Course you are." He wriggles his shoulders a little, and then says, "I can probably still kill stuff. I ain't sure I can stand up."

"...We can't carry him," Air Raid mutters to Vortex. "He weighs a ton. You wanna' try to work your magic? Do you even have tools on you?" He frowns at Vortex's leg, and hefts his rifle again. "You figure that out, I'm gonna' see about killing these things before they make this tunnel collapse."

<FS3> Air_Raid rolls Firearms: Success. (4 3 5 3 2 8 6 3 2 3 5)

"No, it was Air Raid," Vortex tells Breakdown with an impish look at Air Raid before making his way to the Big Blue Bruiser. "You do that, Raider. I got all ten of my tools to help out. Don't worry Breakie, I'm coming to your rescue. Just, like, don't scream if I cross any wires or something, I don't carry anesthetic. Got some speeders. You want speeders? Hold still."

Air Raid manages to avoid shooting out the last of the tunnels supports, but that's about it. A worm dies. Just one. It's a good thing that Vortex is distracted.

<FS3> Vortex rolls Medicine: Success. (8 5 3 5 5 4 6 6 4 2 1)

Vortex realizes that he should not in fact amputate Breakdown's leg, but WOW is it messed UP. They aren't going to be able to carry him. It would be very ambitious of him to fix him here.

"What? How is feelin' pain /faster/ gonna help?" Breakdown thrashes about helpfully which is probably part of Vortex's acute diagnostics problem. "You two shrimps get me outta here and I'll do as many fraggin' uppers as you want. I'll sing you a fraggin' jingle about it. Whaddaya mean /don't scream/. What are you gonna /do/."

Air Raid gives his gun a hard shake, as if its at fault here, and levels it on the masses again. PEW PEW. "Hey!" he shouts over his shoulder. "Don't lump me in with shrimps! Tex, just knock him out and hotwire his alt."

Vortex taps his chin. "Well, I'm not going to remove your leg, so you can rest easy. Though, you'd look great with a peg leg- really sell your pirate thing you got going on." He looks around at the worms around them and his rotors all lift. "I'm gonna give you a patch job, Breakie," he says, getting down and dirty with worm parts. This will do, and some tensil cables should hold for a bit, and that he definitly needs.

"His leg is fragged to high... Unicron, I guess he's up there now. But alt mode won't get him out of this crevasse." Vortex waddles over to Breakdown, arms full of worm parts. He activates the claw gauntlets on one hand, his artifact's sickle claws perfect as impromptu saws and cable cutters. "Hold still or you just might lose the leg and then some, big guy. Tell me if you change your mind on the speeders." Then he gets to work.

<FS3> Vortex rolls Medicine: Great Success. (7 8 3 7 2 3 2 3 7 1 4)

<FS3> Opposed Roll -- Air Raid=firearms Vs Worms=4

< Air_raid: Good Success (4 3 3 8 1 5 7 4 2 3 1) Worms: Failure (4 1 3 1)

< Net Result: Air_raid wins - Solid Victory

The worms writhe in a heaving wave against Air Raid -- who is a rock against the tide. A rock that shoots laser guns, and kills a good handful, as Vortex does a miraculous job applying worm bits to leg gore and--. It's that Vortex magic. Improvisational. It's not long at all before they are ready to get moving again. In that time, Air Raid has fairly cleared the immediate space out. The last dying twitch seems to be fading in the worms around.

Once Vortex has worked his magic, Breakdown is finally able to-- with some assistance -- to shove his weight onto his better leg and stand more or less straight. He tests his weight on it, sniffs a little, and chuffs. "Thanks," he grunts at Vortex, and then flexes his hand, curling it into a fist.

With which he sucker punches Air Raid in the back.

"--Knock him out and hotwire his alt," he says.

<FS3> Opposed Roll -- Breakdown=unarmed Vs Air Raid=reaction+reaction

< Breakdown: Good Success (2 3 3 4 8 3 4 1 5 3 3 7 1) Air_Raid: Good Success (1 5 8 2 5 4 8 8)

< Net Result: Air_Raid wins - Marginal Victory

Air Raid almost preens from his slick worm clearing, twirling his smoking rifle right back into subspace. It's a very seeker-y gesture, wings angling with the slightest flick. Breakdown tries to shatter the moment with his bigass fist, and Air Raid squawks and scrambles out of the way. "Oi! Oi-oi-oi!" Time to size up the mech they just rescued and see if he can go toe-to-toe, here and now.

Vortex keeps some of the extra worm bits, shoving them into subspace. "No problem at all! Guess you owe this twig a jingle serenade, eh?" He almost tries to elbow Breakdown when the elbowing happens. His rotors prickle.

"... Wow, this is officially the stupidest thing I've been a part of in the middle of a battle for this planet. And that's saying something because I used to work with Brawl." Vortex braces both his hands on his hips, glaring at the two. "Primus... I'm too short, Air Raid help him walk. No more punching or I'm not flying you outta here, Breakie. Now come on, we gotta tell someone these things can burrow." Vortex limps over worms, heading back the way they came.

Well, if Air Raid is going to go toe-to-toe with Breakdown, now is probably the best time. Vortex's leg repairs have him more or less steady on his feet. His paint job is a hecked up mess. Energon spill has stained his face. One of his teeth has been chipped. He glowers balefully back at the jet, broad and bulky and solid and ugly with paint damage and the other aftereffects of his extended private duel with ten thousand fucking worm things. "Yeah? Yeah, you wanna go? You wanna go? How about we go the frag outta here, you hotwirin' little Autopunk?"

He chuffs, rumbling, and tells Vortex, "He earned that one," and shows no sign of immediately punching Air Raid again, but also gives no sign that he is going to back down if Air Raid gets in his face.

Air Raid wishes he was as scuffed up as Breakdown right now, as to look more intimidating. All he can do is fluff out his armor and flare his wings. Every 'yeah' makes them hike higher. He's close to shoving Breakdown's big chest until Vortex calls him off. Chopper lecturing is rare enough to actually work. "Fine. Come on, lean on me." He turns and waits, squinting at Vortex.

Vortex has no problems having responsibilities- but god does he hate being the responsible one. It suuuucks. What can you do with a couple of fighty bruisers like those two? He snickers before perking up. "Oh my god, Raider! We're like the flyer version of Breakdown and Knock Out. Look, you two are all fists and Knock Out is super handsome, and I'm super handsome. We should go on a double date some time, Breakie! If we don't die." Beat. "We probably won't die. Love ya if we do, Raid."

"Lean on me," repeat-echoes Breakdown with a leery stare. He hobbles closer and hunkers up next to Air Raid, leaning into him a sideways tilt. His bulky chest is almost enough to overbalance them both in this process. #bustygirlproblems. "Fine," he echoes.

"I ain't gonna comment on that comparison while I owe you my leg," he says beneficently.

    <FS3> Air_Raid rolls Body+body: Good Success. (5 5 1 7 7 8 6 4)

Air Raid manages to hold Breakdown upright, even when Vortex gushes about a double date. He drags both of them along the lengthy pathway back towards the surface, and quietly begins to fill the silence with more thorough comparisons, only between Vortex and Knock Out, where Vortex comes out on top each time.

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