2018-05-15 Backstage Work

From Transformers: Lost and Found

Backstage Work
Date 2018/05/15
Location Cybertron - Tempo
Participants Static, Dust, Glaze, Hunker
Summary While most of the Lost Light's crew fights back Unicron's worms, some members of Support remain behind to take care of the logistical side of war.

Tempo's successful transformation last night was a victory, there's no doubt about it. But it was also just one battle-- the war isn't one yet, not by a long shot, and the waves of worms just keep coming. On the defenses surrounding Tempo, there are plenty of warriors surrounding Tempo, defeating the drones in any way that they can.

Here, out of the front lines, there's a different type of war being waged-- the war of attrition. Static is currently on the front lines of that, standing in front of a stack of crates with his cane, a datapad, and a frown. "Runners, report back," he calls out to the assembled group. "What's the status of the teams?"

Hunker could be out there helping in the battle, but he knows his purpose has never been to be a warrior; and that's why he's here, with Static, helping behind the scenes rather than up front. Up front where Roughshod very likely is.

But no, he can't think about that right now.

"We need more supplies on the front lines," Hunker says in his slow drawl. Surprising that anyone had tasked him with 'running', considering. "First aid, mostly."

Dust 's speed outweighted his actual experience in battle so unfortunately for Dust Devil...or fortunately if you consider how bad the fight was, he wad drafted into helping Static. All that time exploring the ship also helped since he was able to be sent to different sections and bring back the information needed. Though now that this bit of fighting is over, he's rather glad for the slight break. "Here is the rest of the data I collected." He offers over the datapad he's been using. "There were a couple injuries as Tempo reconfigured but mostly cause some idiots didn't pay attention ta their surroundings. And they're still workin on some of the relays that blew. So I got the list of repairs fer that quadrant and they ranked 'em fer ya in importance."

Glaze is a soldier. Ofcourse he is, what else could he be? He's got nothing against a fight for the sake of Cybertron, and the universe at large. Infact, he'd be perfectly happy to throw himself into the fray, but he can recognise when his skills are better put elsewhere. From the looks of it, there'll be plenty worms left for him.

This isn't his first run today, as shown by the dust already coating his plating, but he's showing no sign of tiring out yet. The solemn look on his face has been a constant since this started.

"Most of those who were injured the worst in the first wave have been evacuated, but there are still lesser injuries to handle." he nods, following Hunker's report "Energon supplies are begining to run low as well."

"Of course we do," Static mutters to himself. He reaches out to take the datapad from Dust and starts skimming over it, scrolling through the lists with the same frown still in place. "Seems about the same everywhere. Like Glaze said, Energon and medical supplies are running low, and they're also priority. We've got enough that we can distribute more to each quadrant's base for now, but we're going to have to deliver them in person. It's early in this thing, but better to start rationing early than go hungry later."

"Just tell us what to do." Hunker glances at Glaze, the dart of his optics hidden by his visor. "Which quadrants should we hit first?" It doesn't matter that he's of rank with Static, he'll still bow to the Velocitronian's orders.

Dust stretches a bit and pipes up, "Jazz and I made some treats not that long ago, and I'm sure others have their little stashes. Maybe you guys could ask for a voluntary call for provisions ta help with the levels. That way either what's brought can be recycled back ta normal energon or like the treats, can he used for moral boost and spread among the crew?"

"Medical supplies and regular energon should come first, but if we have the time, A morale booster may be a good idea" Glaze agrees. "We'd need the time to see what people have to volunteer, if anything."

Static stops just long enough to give Dust an arch look, leaning on his cane. "In theory, not a bad plan," he says. "In practice, any extras that the crew has stored away in large enough quantities to share are likely to be either engex or worse, and we don't need half the ship falling down drunk right now. If they're determined to make a good time of things, we can let them do that on their own time." He shrugs. "if you want to hand out those treats as you go, be my guest, Dust." Then he starts moving again, limping toward the stacks of crates, pointing toward a few that seem to glow from within. "That should be the energon rations for today."

"Static's right, if mechs've got their own stashes, it's not likely they'll be any help to our fighters." Moving over to where Static has indicated, Hunker lifts one of the indicated crates, easily balancing it on his shoulder. "We oughta focus on getting these out to the troops first, and work on any extras later."

Dust nods and looks at the freight being hoisted about so easily by the bigger mech. Yeah He's not exactly the best one for delivering the large stuff. He listens to the other mechs and nods. "Gotchas." Optics focus on his feet.

"I think it's still worth ot ask around. Chances are, someone might at least know how to make something more appropriate. Even a little bit can go a long way in times like these." But Glaze isn't going to persist. There are more important things to focus on right now. He turns towards the crates that Static is pointing out, following the mech with his optics before doing the same with his feet. From his back, he pulls out his shield which, with a smal lmovement of his hand, begins to fold and shift, finally settling in the form of a sled, which he sets down near the stack.

"If you think you can get it out of someone, be my guest, Glaze," Static says with a shrug. He grabs the controls for a small hoversledge himself, but rather than abandon his cane in favor of tugging it along, he hits a few buttons, sending it slowly on its way, and following along behind it, occasionally course correcting for the slowly moving transport. "Each section should be getting four storage cubes worth of energon, delivered directly to the person in charge."

"Noted." Hunker moves to set his crate on the hoversledge, then hesitates. His instinct is to lift Static, carry him along so he doesn't stress his leg. Hunker stifles it. "Anything else we need to do?"

Dust turns to look at the hoversleds and grins. That was certainly one way to get the job done if you couldn't carry the items. When Hunker asks if there was other things that needed done, he turns to focus on Static in case it's something he can do better than transport duty.

Glaze eschews the hoversleds in favour of his own. It might not be as hovery, but it does the job just as well, and he can move it faster. He continues listening as he begins to heft the crates onto it, pausing to nudge the built-in restraints out of the way before setting it down. He'll have to see about those moreale-boosters when his shift ends.

"For now," Static says with a nod. "Everyone have your energon, then?" He looks around, making sure that nothing's been left unsecured or precariously positioned, then nods. "Right. Time to deliver all of this, then. And while we're visiting, make sure there's nothing the camps are low on that they didn't report."

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