2018-05-12 Pool Noodles

From Transformers: Lost and Found

Pool Noodles
Date 2018/05/11
Location Lost Light - Docks and Storage - Storage
Participants Bladerunner, Hunker
Summary Bladerunner doesn't understand proper protocol for borrowing from Support.

Perhaps there should be time to reflect on life, and plan escape routes for when everything goes south. Everything gets eaten by Unicron and everyone then dies. For Bladerunner, he's conflicted on how he feels of this. He doesn't do well when things like deadlines and likely dying puts pressure on him. He won't admit it- mainly because almost no one would understand him if he did- but it terrifies him.

So Bladerunner's currently solving his problem by getting into anything that will distract him. Also known as getting into trouble. So if anyone is curious as to why there's a veloctronian pulling out crates and rapidly going through each like it was a Christmas present, now they know why. Sort of.

No, Hunker has no idea why this 'former is tearing apart his cargo. He has no idea why some random mech would be going through crates specifically labelled and stored for the entire crew, leaving a mess in his wake. When he ambles up to Bladerunner, datapad in hand, an uncharacteristic frown darkens his features. He doesn't say anything for a moment, merely watching, then suddenly asks, "Can I help you?"

Bladerunner doesn't pay attention to the mess he's made. He's halfway into this new crate, throwing out everything that doesn't pique his interest. Legs idly kicking out the edge as he unpacks someone's hard work. Eventually stopping with a curious rev of his engine.

What these foam, elongated donuts are even for? Sword sheaths? Bladerunner pops his head out of the crate, arms full of these assorted colored foam thing-y things when he sees Hunker just looking back at him. He takes a look around the mess he's made, realizing why the box is frowning. Oops. He can't sign at Hunker, so he just slowly puts his prize back into the crate, before nudging it away from him with his foot.

<FS3> Hunker rolls Mind+mind: Great Success. (7 8 5 1 8 8 5 6)

Hunker watches this whole affair, the 'former's continued search, his 'prize', his realization that he's been caught. It's not until the intruder looks up in confusion that Hunker realizes what's wrong.

"I...don't know Hand," Hunker says, slowly, trying for gestures. Can't say he's great at those either. "Um...what were you looking for?"

Bladerunner waves it off before rapidly responding with his own hands. Not many do as not many see to take the time to learn it. It is not a language we can download or understand within a few hours. Not to mention it actually takes many forms, depending on the race. Not actual racing, of course. Although, I would much rather be doing that, but this isn't velocitron and I'm banned from using that halls as a racetrack. So my current outlet is whatever come to mind to do. Which, right now are those wiggly swords.

Hunker may not have caught much, if any of that, so Bladerunner just points at the pool noddles instead. Those things, that's what he's looking for. He doesn't know what purpose for yet, but he intends to wreak havoc with them.

<FS3> Hunker rolls Mind+mind: Great Success. (8 7 3 6 8 7 6 8)

No, Hunker doesn't catch much of what Bladerunner signs to him. He's able to pick up on body language, sort of, and that gives him a general idea. He thinks.

"You...want to use these?" Hunker takes a step forward. "You can't. Not unless you sign 'em out. An' if what you're wantin' to do is..." He stops, reruns Bladerunner's signing through his mind. " There's plenty a space on Cybertron. Don't know what that's go to do with this cargo, though."

I will, Bladerunner immediately thinks to himself the moment Hunker says 'can't.' Maybe he'll sign it out, maybe. He could sign and run away with them. That counts, right? One never knows when they might need some wiggly swords anyway.

While running on Cybertron is an option, and he probably will later, he's doing thing right now. The velocitronian just looks over the mess he's made. Just needed to distraction, and Static isn't around. he admits, pulling out more pool noddles to add to his arsenal. Yes, he'll be taking all of them.

Hunker recognizes something from Bladerunner's signing. Static. "What about him?" He didn't catch anything else, his very rudimentary knowledge snagging and holding onto that familiar name. "You can't take those without signin' them out. It ain't hard. Just come with me an' I'll guide you through the paperwork. Why're you lookin' for Static?" There's a slight tension to his stance, a protectiveness. A possessiveness.

Because he is dad. Bladerunner replies simply before helping all the noddles into his arms greedily. These are about to be his now. Forever. and he occasionally teaches me how to race so one day I can prove to be not only the deadliest but the fastest Velocitronian. There is nothing more satisfying than a stab and run. Maybe a successful prank, dangling from a helicopter by a wire, or a killer karaoke session, but nevertheless.

Bladerunner hasn't signed a form. He hasn't filled out any paperwork. And yet he thinks he can take this in front of Hunker? "Put those down." He punctuates the order by stepping closer, his expression stern. "They ain't yours. You need permission to take things from storage."

Can't he just take these noodles with him to sign out and run off with his prize? Isn't that how this works? Apparently not. Bladerunner isn't threaten by Hunker's stern ordering. He just decides to make himself a pain and falls backwards onto the ground, rolling over on his side to hug the noodles. They're down. Happy? Feel free to drop the form on me at any point.

Hunker stares at the downed Velocitronian before him, and slowly rubs the back of his neck cabling. His shoulder guns give a short spin. "If you're lookin' for Static to give ya clearance, he ain't gonna let this kind of thing fly. You have to follow the rules, you can't just--frag. You got an easier way a communicatin'?" He scrubs a hand down his face. "Don't tell Static I swore."

Don't worry, he's not going to tell Static about the swearing. Bladerunner releases his hold on the noodles to sit up. There's a moment to consider, that maybe he should just explain. But they're likely all going to die soon so it'll go to his grave, regardless. He's only doing this once, so hopefully it's what Hunker wants.

Bladerunner opens his mouth to speak.

It may seem at first like he's not saying anything at all but lip syncing words. He is though, just at such a high decibel that the vibrations threaten to crack Hunker's visor if Bladerunner keeps it up for much longer. Which, he doesn't. He shuts up after a few seconds before signing Datapad.

Hunker sees the movement of Bladerunner's lips. He doesn't hear anything, though. He sees the movement and he feels it, a tremor in his visor, a shaking of the teeth in his helm - before Bladerunner stops. He signs something else, and while Hunker doesn't know what it means, he gets the idea. Something to write on. Some way to communicate.

A datapad is produced from Hunker's subspace and held out toward Bladerunner. A stylus is attached.

Bladerunner stands up to take the pad to scribble down what he wants to say. "I just want the wiggle-swords sheaths. All of them. I've never actually taken anything out from here so I don't know where those forms you talked about are. Also, I won't tell Static you swore if you don't tell him I made a stress mess." With that, it's handed back for Hunker to read. Just let him have his noodles.

Hunker takes the datapad back. He reads what Bladerunner has written. His shoulder guns twitch, his visor brightens, and he's quiet for a moment before he picks up the stylus himself.

It doesn't take Hunker long to draw up the paperwork Bladerunner needs. When he's done, he turns the datapad around to face Blade, offering the stylus to him. It's a fairly simple form to fill out for his noodles.

Bladerunner happily signs the form, turns it back to Hunker and grabs up his noodles to run out gleefully. Except, he only makes it few sprints forward before looking back at the mess on the floor. Then at Hunker. He should probably clean that, huh? You know?

Bladerunner will be on it.

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