2018-05-10 Just in Case

From Transformers: Lost and Found

2018-05-10 Just in Case
Date 2018/05/10
Location Lost Light - Science and Medical - Science Labs
Participants Nightshade, Lieutenant
Summary Nightshade shows Lieutenant a few things around the lab.

Normally, the only time anyone ever sees Lieutenant in the Science labs, it's surrounded by hundreds of sweets in the making. However, since his long time retirement, he's not made anything. Today is not breaking that streak. No, the avian is only looking for something. He approaches the locked, isolated rooms and begins hacking the door before it dawns on him.

He does need access to the area. Lieutenant didn't sense anyone in the labs who would have that qualification, or anyone at all for that matter. Briefly, he wonders if he should just continue and then apologize later. Wonder if Ignition is harsh with her punishments...

<FS3> Nightshade rolls Elegance: Amazing Success. (2 3 7 8 8 2 8 1 8 6 4 1 7)

"Can I help you, my tall, verdant friend?"

Nightshade had been sitting up on a rafter on her break, enjoying a little cube of sweet Energon smaller than one of Lieutenant's fingers. She makes her appearance with a slow fluttery hover, stopping midway at Lieutenant's eye-level with a little twirl that catches her wings in the hallway lights. They glitter, as do her cheeks; seems she's painted herself again, for no apparent occasion. "I am sure you were not about to try to hack into our laboratories without permission, yes? You were merely calling for assistance."

Hand caught in the cookie jar. Lieutenant jumps at the sound of someone actually inside the labs! He hadn't sensed Nightshade at all; although he should have at least seen her. Hard to miss someone as bright as a star, and the entrance of a show stopper. "Ah- um, yes? Yes. Hello, yes, precisely.." The avian's remaining optic flickers a few times, still getting over the shock, "Assistance." He points at her, then the door panel. Permission granted, please?

"Ohhohohoho!" Nightshade laughs, holding up the back of her hand, clearly more amused than anything else. "Of course, of course." She darts down to the panel and enters the password in, her little hands having to tap each button individually. "As long as you stay out of Brainstorm's labs it really ought to be fine, darling. Is there something I can help you find? Would you like a tour? I can show you my current projects if you are really so interested in chemical engineering and would like to see a small, colorful explosion today."

Lieutenant thanks Nightshade for allowing him to get in. Sometimes you see a locked door and you hack it open because you can. It happens. "While I am curious, chemical engineering may have to be put on the back burner today." he replies stepping inside, "Although, I would like to see what current projects you have in the making." Why not? She offered, and he's rather curious to see what she's up to.

"Oh, a lot of it's just...working on Unicron, rather grim stuff to be honest. You do not mind if I fly, do you? It's a lot easier to keep up with you tall mechs this way. One of your strides is, oh, seven of mine? Maybe?" She darts around Lieutenant with speed and grace, moving more like a drone than a true mech. "I just work under the chemical hood over there. It is not a full lab, just a bench, but it's enough for me. Right now I am working on some small-scale explosives to use against, you know, any reinforcements..."

"Twelve of your's." He knows this because of math probably. Understanding her position, Lieutenant flicks his remaining fins to respond 'yes' to her flying. His optic ridge raises at the bench and the itty bitty work station Nightshade has. All her tiny tools and projects. They're probably not absurdly small, it's enough to make him squint at everything. He might need glasses again if he's to see her stuff.

Lieutenant has no intention of saying it out loud but he thinks himself funny for that thought.

"Oh, a math expert, are we?" Nightshade settles lightly on the table and ducks under the chemical hood. She comes back out with something in her hands about half the size of her head, a cylinder. "I'm going to produce a few of these in case we find ourselves under attack again, so that I am less defenseless. I have never been made for the battlefield, but I like to contribute how I can. And you, Lieutenant? It is Lieutenant, yes? How are you...doing?" She gives a glance at the purple eyes. "Do you still need assistance with..."

There is no way any Decepticon could actually have been this glamorous and adorable at the same time! Clearly, the only way Nightshade ever killed anyone was through science. That or cuteness. Likely both. "I suppose if zombies are sent to us again, but you are contributing just fine." Lieutenant's lone violet optic remains on her, "I am doing well," Considering that he looks still like shoddy patchwork from his fight against Starstruck, he's physically fine. Even mentally he's strangely doing somewhat better. It's peculiar but he's not to dwell on it right now.

"Ah," Lieutenant turns to look through some of the shelves in the room. "I was in search of some acids, something that otherwise might be used against me without-" He trails off, looking at the patches of his arms. Being immortal was something he had enjoyed and taken more lightly than he should have. "-killing me. Slow me or my regeneration down enough in case of anything. I take no chances this time."

"Well, there's always the chance I am caught off-guard without a Hunker to hide inside," Nightshade says with a wry smile, despite the rather grim nature of their conversation. It's that old Decepticon humor slipping through. "Ah, acids, yes. I can try to get a collection together there...what do you think also of some kind of very strong glue? To stop you in your tracks without killing you, should the need arise? And is there someone in particular you want me to entrust with these things?"

The Decepticon humor goes over the Autobot's head. Shame. "As long as it is not Gideon's Glue, than yes. I tried handcuffs, but I know how to slip out of them so they would be useless binds." Glue might be the best way to go. He's mentally been fine for the past month, but better cautious than sorry. "I entrust St--" Wait, he shouldn't really be saying names, least rumors start. "-storing it with myself for now. Before Unicron gets too close, I will give it to another."

<FS3> Nightshade rolls Chemistry: Good Success. (6 2 6 5 3 1 5 7 1 7 1 7 4)

"Ohoho nonono, I don't know how to make that," Nightshade says maybe a little too loudly and too quickly, fanning herself. There's an anxious little twitch of her antennae. "Glue will at the very least be less painful, but I can provide some weaker acids too. I am glad you are taking such precautious, though I'm sorry you have to."

She peers at Lieutenant thoughtfully. She caught that little last-minute fix. "If you are sure, though I am going to need your word there. If you give me a day or two I can mix something up to your specifications. In canisters that will break when thrown. I am sorry you have to take such steps in the first place, though..."

Lieutenant pulls out a datapad to start writing down his word. Physical copies are better than verbal in court anyway. "No need for you to apologize. I should have died in the first place," he replies nonchalantly before handing over his datapad for Nightshade to see. "rather than come back to cause such issues for the crew." He did kill a couple Lost Lighters and nearly Windrose after all. "I do appreciate your assistance with this. It relieves me."

"A-ah...that's not true! I would say that is never true of any crewmember, Lieutenant," Nightshade insists as she looks over the notice in writing. "Though I realize this must be rather stressful for you. To say the least! I am sure those who care about you would rather you be here to 'cause trouble' than not here at all, no?" For emphasis, she lands on his shoulder and gently boops him.

There are some, a couple, that would rather he be around. Lieutenant doesn't mind being around either, but so long as it's not to burden others. He almost says something when Nightshade perches on his shoulder, making him flinch in reaction. It's fine, just habit. "I suppose so," he agrees, after the boop. "Your words are appreciated."

Landing on big mechs is just habit for Nightshade, too. She'd move if asked not to, or swatted off. "Ah, good, good! Wonderful, darling. I do try to spread positivity where I can even in bleak times like this. Now, consider the work order done. In the meantime I was thinking of taking some fresh air outside of the smelly chemical hood. Care to join me in the botanical lab?"

Lieutenant doesn't shoo her off just yet. She'll get off when she's ready. Hopefully. "Thank you for the offer, but there are other things I must tend to. Do enjoy yourself, and give my regard to Skystalker if you see him." As for himself, he's going to head out, with or without the butterfly on his shoulder.

"Oh! Yes, will do, will do!" Nightshade realizes that the lumbering green giant is lumbering off and goes airborne again, landing on the ground and letting him pass through. What a curious person. She's certainly not going to continue to be nosy about him later, oh no. Of course not.

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