2018-05-05 Be Prepared

From Transformers: Lost and Found

Be Prepared
Date 2018/05/05
Location Cybertron
Participants Sky Lynx, Dust, Skywolf
Summary Yes our teeth and ambitions are bared - wait, we're the good guys here, aren't we? Well, in that case, just make sure you keep up your training.

When Dust Devil found out they were back on Cybertron, he was completely thrilled. Yes the ship was a cool place but the space was limited, even with the Titan for the ride. It was really hard to go full on out, or enjoy the natural beauty of a planet. Well at least enjoy the more rugged nature of a planet that isn't climate controlled. So now that there is a brief lull in the overall scheme of things, Dust Devil has snuck out for some freedom. The area is out aways from the city enough that there's no one to bother as he tears across the uneven surfaces in his Hovercar mode. A dust trail rises his in his wake as his turbines blast the ground beneath him.

A lull it may be, but as they say, no rest for the magnificent. They do say that, right? If they don't, they should, because the certianly magnificent Sky Lynx is not resting. There are still things that need to be done, and he's happy to help! Things like having a look around the area, both to gather some data on the status of the planet since the end of the war, and to make sure no stray Harbingers have decided to follow them here.

So far, everything's all clear. Infact, it's so clear that it's beging to get a little boring. Thus, the cloud of dust on the ground below catches Lynx's attention imediately, even bringing him to descend some to take a closer look. He's fairly sure he's seen that guy before. Either way, it would only be right to announce himself, given that he's already probably seen him, as a giant space dragon soaring over your head is a little hard to miss "Hello!"

Its been ages since Skywolf stepped foot on Cybertron, with some unfamiliar faces he took a flight just out of Lost Light. Though they also dont know him, and he provides few words for own intro. "Well I am Skywolf, working on lower decks while maintaining and shifting of cargo crates that contains very useful scientific equipments, gadgets and other items." Still not able to believe that he made it back to him home after so long time. The bots he take a flight with does not meet any background, so he wait for them to dissolve what he is doing here. Replies with some nice gesture in respect that he bestows upon them. "I was just looking for some control point, and just in time I came to see this ship. So I thought it would be better to hop in for lookout.", while addressing others.

Dust caught Sky lynx on his scanners as he raced across the quiet piece of Cybertron. Though he's surprised when the Air commander soars in close for a look. Taking a turn rather excessively, his hovercar mode flips into the air in a barrel roll that culminates with Dust Devil transforming and landing on his feet with a skid, having to only use one hand to stabilize the landing. Clearly pleased with his attempt to show off, the young mech smirks and glances up, "Hey there! Stretchin the wings while ya got a chance?" At least the dust around Dust Devil has started to settle. "Or did ya need somethin?"

"I always have the chance to stretch my wings" Sky Lynx points out as he slows to hover above dust "But right now, I am flying recon. It appears that trouble follows us everywhere we go, although, to be honest, I haven't seen much of anything." He looks up, scanning the surounding wilderness. Nope, still not much of anything "Cybertron has really changed. I did see you though. I know I've seen you before somewhere. I feel like we've flown a mission together."

Dust grins as he looks around, "This here reminds me of my home colony...well at least the part you could see. It was mostly a mining colony but it'd been failing for some time. I used to come out onto the surface and enjoy getting out of the underground. This weather is nice though compared to what we had and yes sir..I went on a couple missions as support so ya mighta seen me then. I try not ta bug guys like you off the missions." He vents in a sigh, "This is only the second time I've been to Cybertron. As long as there are wide open places like this, I think I could really get ta callin this home. What about you? I'd almost be envious of you flyin types. You can go anywhere!"

While getting some free time out of his tasks, Skywolf manages to get out of the ship so that he can venture around to observe how its been come to this. He transforms and flies towards the exit to the sky over midnight. Its hard to get check this thrusters while on the ship, but for now it is just full throttle.

While flying high above the ground, he scans for his friends that were left behind over ages ago. Though notices the academy where he got trained as a warrior and practiced various tactics with other cadets. Skywolf transforms and lands on the training grounds to find atleast someone there.

"You're a colonist? So you have never seen Cybertron back before the war?" With a thud, Sky Lynx lands, sending up four seperate plumes of dust "I assure you it was not all wasteland. We had more cities, all over the planet too, and some mining instalations on Luna 2. Hopefully, now that the fighting is over, we can rebuild. If you want to go into wide-open spaces, I can give you a ride sometime once we take off again."

Dust shakes his head, "Never really saw a Decepticon a way that's good I guess. I'm not havin much trouble with them on the ship. But I also know that there's tension too that I might not catch cause I've not had ta deal with it. We saw some fightin on the way to Cybertron, some idiots who didn't want ta believe the call and all." He glances around at the wasteland, seeing clumps of debris that could have been a building there, that flat rock, perhaps a span of road long collapsed. He finally glances back at Sky Lynx, "Guess it must be hard fer you guys to see it like this. I can see the possibilities, but that let ya understand the loss in some cases huh?"

Sky Lynx lets out a low rumble of agreement "The war's over, but there's still a lot of fighting. I, of course, have no regrets for fighting for what was right. Without me there, I don't know what the Autobots would have done, but it is a shame what happened to Cybertron, and so many other worlds. Once we're done fighting Unicron, maybe we can work on rebuilding." stretching his neck upwards, he looks back towards the distant city "This situation reminds me a little of what happened on Xileen II..."

Dust suddenly looks completely....entranced by the start of the story. "Where is Xileen II located in relation ta here?" He does a slight spin that ends with him sitting on the ground facing the much larger Autobot with rather rapt interest. "Old Grav would tell me some stories about some of the places he'd been but his processers were....they were gettin a little on the damaged side toward the end. But it was awesome listenin ta him."

"Oh, only about 50 lightyears away. It was one of the earlier battles, and it was most certianly an interesting one. I was there too, ofcourse. You see -- hmmm" Sky Lynx cuts off "Perhaps I should save it for later. It would not do it justice to rush it, and I can not dellay for long. I am still on duty."

Tough to find anyone at such time, he flies back to look around and hears something fell on the ground at near by location. Skywolf starts to ascends towards that location, and finds out some mechs in open. He transforms and lands near them, and stands there quite to indentify both. Being on Lost Light's lower deck, its hard notice those are in upper decks. But no Decepticon can forget about Sky Lynx, though he never faced him before still gives some acknowledgement.

Dust gets to his feet frowning just a touch, "Oh sorry sir...I didn't mean to be holding you up from your duties." That's when he sees Skywolf landing. A grin appears and he waves. "Hi there." He eyes Skywolf's flying frame with curiousity comparing him and SKy Lynx for a moment. Optics settle on Sky Lynx again, "Ummmm is...Is there a good time ta listen ta yer recounts? I really would like ta learn more about what happened durin the war and what Cybertron was like before."

Sky Lynx scowls slightly at the frown. Hey, he's happy to talk, just - he doesn't get to actually say anything before the sound of someone flying in catches his attention. He lifts his head again, he follows the mech with his gaze as he lands near by.

"Hello!" he greets the newcommer with a flick of his tail, before turning back toawrds Dust "Oh, any time I'm off duty, I'm usually in the shuttle bay. Bay One. I could probably take you along on one of my missions as well. Don't worry, you wouldn't distract me, and if it's going to be as quiet as it has been here, I wouldn't mind someone to talk to."

Dust chuckles softly, "Sorry, I'm used ta mechs gettin annoyed when I want ta learn more. I just didn't want ta be on yer bad side...I wouldn't mind hearin more of yer stories. I don't know any of the guys on the ship really. other than havin run missions with them." He grins. "But the few I have met have certainly been interestin. At least you aren't Grumpy like that Astrix guy. I think there are still blisters in my paint from him glarin at me."

"Don't worry, I would be glad to tell you all about it!" Sky Lynx's tail flicks again "I'm always happy to have visitors. Don't worry about anyone who gives you trouble. Not everyone's like that. I certianly am not."

"Greetings! Its good to see some one with that glorius past, Cybertron is never been like this before the war. I was located at Centurion, never involved with anyone that supported the convocation. But still its an honour to be in presence of Sky Lynx."

Dust chuckles softly, "I learned ta return trouble twofold when they would give me problems. Little bit of an unfortunate habbit which I've been tryin ta curb...mostly." When Skywolf speaks he grins again, "Name's Dust Devil. Most people call me Dust or Dusty I think I've seen ya on the ship when I was scopin the place out." He has to chuckle at reverence given to the shuttle former. "He's right about it bein cool ta talk ta ya and all."

Flattery will get you...a lot of places actually. Actually, Sky Lynx is happy to take people places even without the flattery, but the flattery is most certianly appreciated. Just look at how his neck arches back with pride. "Well, of course, I am Sky Lynx, and I am happy to talk!" Really. The only thing better than a captive audiance is a willing audiance "It is a pleasure to meet you both. I'm afraid I don't know your name." Finally lowering his head back down to the level of the little people, he turns towards the newcommer.

Skywolf replies, "Yes we have few encounters before on the ship, but never came up face to face though. My name is Skywolf, just getting some free time off the tasks. I dont go beyond my limit so nobody knows me well, still I am also glad to see you both." while looking at Dust and Sky Lynx.

Dust says, "I'd enjoy the day off while you can. I sat in on one of the think groups. The stuff we're gonna try is gonna be interestin. And I only understood part of what they were sayin. And just that bit just made it clear that this is gonna be one of those make or break type deals. Guess its good ta at least be here ta TRY ta be of some use than hidin away where you'll hope you'll be safe."

"Whatever it is, I am ready to help with it." Again, Sky Lynx lifts his head proudly "That's what I'm here for, after all, to help, and to protect the Lost Light, and Cybertron."

Skywolf tries to digust the high & mighty feelings around him and calms down himself to the situation. He does not comment on missing the meetings, as he have never attended one. And for Cybertron goes, he will fight for it till the end. "I am not that over confident about my strength, but I can bring down any number of opponents that are against me.", adds after the comment.

Dust nods, "I found if yer not so good at doin frontal attacks, hit em from behind and use other tactics. I might not be strong enough ta break a rock with a pickaxe...but its amazin what can happen with a stick of explosive or even droppin the rock from a height. Might not seem, the most courageous. But I can get the job done when I need ta." He grins, proud of his own abilities though they might not be as flashy as the handsome shuttle before him.

"Yes!" Sky Lynx dips his head approvingly at the other mechs "Everybody has something to contribute if you trully want to help! And don't worry about not matching my abilities! Every contribution counts!" The tip of his tail flicks again as he speaks, loud and proud. Loud enough to be heard back in the city probably.

Skywolf says, "I would beat anyone with hand-to-hand battle, as its in our lineage. Gladiatorial combat is well known before the war at Kaon, I did not take part in it but heard though." displays some strength while implying to his comment.

Dust winces just a touch. Though its more that a voice like that could probably start cave ins on his mining world. "Well I'm glad I'm bein useful to you guys. My commandin officer gave me the choice of joinin you guys on yer quest or scrubbin the base from top ta bottom after a particularly spectacular use of my tactical knowhow. Of goal is ta show him all the new tricks I learned while I was gone."

"That's a good mindset" Sky Lynx agrees thoughtfully. He's getting caught up in this. He probably should get back to patrol soon, but surely it's no harm for him the great Sky Lynx to give some advice while he's here, right? He's being helpfull here! "Though I would suggest putting in some more practice anywyas. You can never be too ready, and this is Unicron we're fighting."

Skywolf does not get to fight anywhere, though practices it daily while pushing and carrying heavy crates. There are no commanders where he works, as the orders are being placed as per the requirements. But still Skywolf remains on his guard all the time, as the call can come any time for him to dive into heated combat against powerful enemies. "Practice is the only thing that can lead to perfection of any skill or ability. Unicron or any one else, it will not matter if you have that wisdom over your own strength."

Dust grins, "I've asked Blast Off ta work with me on some of my combat skills because of my lack of experience. Though I'm happy ta learn with just about anyone if they're willin ta give me a chance and all. Unfortunately I get a little nervous about botherin mechs about things like that. Pretty sure no one wants ta babysit the new guy"

"Nonesense! I'm sure people would be glad to help!" Sky Lynx rumbles "We have plenty of others NAILs and colonists who have never fought before either, and the more of us are fighting, the more chances we have to win. Not that our chances are particularly low with me around, but higher is better. You could talk to Fortress Maximus to set you up. He heads the combat devision. You two could also train toether. "his head sweeps between the pair "I would be happy to help as well, but I'm afraif I don't fit in the practice rooms well."

Skywolf says, "I am always ready to be the sparring partner, as no one is assigned to me by division head. But I can be the one that could take on beatings from anyone. Practice rooms are open for that, we can spar against each other and improve our skills. If you want to, otherwise there are many options available." He takes out his long awaited barrel gun, cleans it before the use, aims at the field scattered with debris and shoots at the destroyed wagon. "I thougth it would miss but the shot reached the target. I can manage the long distance too."

Dust holds out an arm and rotates it slightly, A small turret rises from a triangle compartment on his forearm. "These aren't the most powerful but its really hard ta disarm me without...well...disarming me. That an they were great fer target practice even if we weren't actually fightin." He glances at Sky Lynx. "That and well..even when ya don't fight, you can learn things. Weaknesses....and such. Ya don't have ta have the biggest Boom if you can strike your target's weakpoints and bring him down. That's what I asked at the meeting, if they've scanned fer any weakened areas ta aim their shot at." He sighs, "I just hope we all live past this. Not that I'm terribly afraid ta die. I know everyone does and all. But there's so much stuff I still wanna do. And there's so many people I haven't had a chance ta annoy."

"I'm sure you have a devision head" Sky Lynx points out, stretching his neck to see Skywolf's shot better "Assuming you have a division, which, I assume, you do. I doubt that combat would turn anyone who wants to learn away." He looks up. He should probably get back to patrol soon, huh? He's been standing here talking for quite a while. As important as it is to encourage others, he wouldn't want to shirk his duties. Even if there's not much to see here. Still, he does have a few more things to say.

He looks down at Dust again "All the more reason to try even harder! Unicron has been stopped before, and we can do it again."

Skywolf exclaims that, "You can only know your weakness if you have any experience. Experience can only be acquired if you have practical knowledge. Which comes through taking part in real combat." He does not need to stretch this topic any further and remains silent for the moment.

Dust grins at Skywolf, "Oh there's a whole lot you can learn from data pads and stuff too. I might not have been able ta practice ALL the different points ta take down a mech. But I do know where ta hit fer the most part. And as fer all things in life. There's always some luck involved. Though skill goes a long way ta gettin things ta work." He turns to Sky Lynx, "Thank you sir fer chattin with me. And you too Skywolf."

"Ofcourse!" Sky Lynx tilts his head down at the duo. "Now, If you'll excuse me, I need to go back to my duties. It was nice to meet you both." With another nod, he jumps back up into the air, four small clouds of dust trailing after him as he gains altitude. Back to vast space of wilderness, and nothing much.

Dust waves to the pair and decides that he better finish killing what little time remains of him. "Have a great day guys!" He tranforms back into hovercar mode and speeds off.

Skywolf waits for the both mechs to leave, out of respect waves at both ends. He transforms and flies high into vast space.

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