2018-05-03 Listening Audials

From Transformers: Lost and Found

Listening Audials
Date 2018/05/03
Location Lost Light - Broom Closet
Participants Lieutenant, Trailbreaker
Summary Trailbreaker is drunk in the closet again. At least he has company.

This is definitely not Trailbreaker's habsuite. He's not really sure where this is. But it feels comfortable, and there's something nice to lean against. Which happens to be the head of a mop, but it makes a fine pillow. He came back from Hopper's, hitting a few other places along the way, thinking of asking Fireflight for help getting back to his habsuite but a bit too embarrassed to do so. He'll just...wait it out here. It's fine. No one will find him here. He'll sleep this off in this nice dark place. Nobody needs to know, especially not Fireflight.

Meanwhile, someone with good senses might feel strange movement in the closet as Trailbreaker tries to get comfortable, or hear a hiccup or two.

Lieutenant does have good senses, incredibly good. Not referring to his common sense or sense of self-appreciation, but at least he has one good one. Something that picks up movements within a pretty large radius. Normally, if someone is in the closet, you let them be until they're ready to come out on their own. Trailbreaker, however, is probably a different case. That case being drunk and in need of returning to his hab.

"Not the best place to 'hang' when the drinks are over." Lieutenant comments when he opens to door to the local magna-wheeled truck.

The sudden light gets Trailbreaker stirring as he sits up unsteadily, which takes a few tries. His visor flickers to life, his image of the newcomer a little pixelated but clear enough. "Uh-Lieuuutenant! Hi, I was jus'...I was just, you know...inspecting! The floor. To see if it was clean. In the closet. I-I am sorta, I think standin' up is gonna be a little hard right now, izzat okay?" He pulls his big feet inwards and lowers his slurring, warbly voice. "Can you, uh, not tell anyone about thish? About this?"

"No one shall hear it from me." Assures the avian as he steps inside, closing the door. He just going to sit on the berth, out of the way. Trailbreaker can sit when he's ready. "Anything you require? Energon? A damp towel? Maybe a bucket?" Might as well try to help out. Lieutenant is just going to stick around until Teebs is ready to stand so he can walk him to his hab.

"...Uh, maybe a listenin' audial? Towel sounds nice, though." Trailbreaker leans back against the collection of mops, cursing himself for being just clear-minded enough to have a sense of shame. Usually when he's this drunk he's beyond caring and can attribute any later shame as a Tomorrow Teebs problem. "I wasn't gonna...stay out that late. Just gonna catch up at Hopper's, then I realized I hadn't seen the new Iacon since-since goin' to talk to Orion. And that made me a lot thirstier, ya know? So to speak? Sometimes I'm just drinkin' to fuel my tank, or that's what I tell myself, but more often it's..." He trails off, making a hand gesture like he's not quite up to say what he's thinking.

A listening audial can always be provided. A towel, on the other hand, is thankfully available in the closet. Lieutenant easily tracks on down to soak it. Once rung out enough, he get closer to drape it over Trailbreaker's helm while he opens up. Drinking to drown problems it seems. This might be more of a Rung-area, but the mech isn't present at the moment. "...not." Lieutenant finishes, assuming that's where Teebs is going. "Sorry to hear you were not drinking over a pleasant memory."

Trailbreaker smiles weakly, wearing the draped towel over his head like a silly wig.

"After a while I was just drinking to forget even after I'd forgotten it. Cuz if I'd been that determined to get drunk it musta been really bad." The smile starts to wilt. "Thought about askin' Fireflight to pick me up. But, uh, how often is he gonna wanna play mech-sitter to his drunken boyfriend? Wait around for me to recover from hangovers, be patient when I have to call stuff off cuz I ain't feeling right, I mean...he's a sweetheart about it. He's understanding. In a way that makes it worse. He doesn't desere to put up with that."

Oh Trailbreaker. Lieutenant pulls his legs up to crisscross them on the berth, giving his full attention to the mech. There's certainly concern for the sweet boyfriend, Fireflight, but in a heartbreaking way. The stoic mech doesn't quiet know the aerialbot as well. He knows basic information and some personality given the time they were in Megatron's Universe. Trailbreaker said he wanted a listening audial, so Lieu bites his tongue from trying to give advice for now. "Why would you say it makes it worse? Or is it that is makes you feel guilty that you might be burdening him?"

"He's real energetic and bright and I'm...slow, and I mean, would you wanna be with someone who ruins his tanks? But he says he doesn't mind. I believe him, I do, just...hmm. Maybe I mind." Trailbreaker concentrates, leans against the wall again, braces himself with his hand and manages to wobble to his feet. It's a little precarious; he still has to use the wall for support, and everything's spinning a bit.

"I don't like myself very much, so it's hard to believe it when other people do. Doesn't sound real."

Lieutenant spends 1 luck points on using one just cause I can.

<FS3> Lieutenant rolls Forbearance+50: Good Success. (2 5 5 7 8 1 2 4 8 2 2 1 6 6 2 1 1 3 1 6)

"Opposites do attract," Lieutenant counters, ignoring the rhetorical question. "If you mind, perhaps changing your habits might be good now. You have someone who supports and clearly cares about you. Things like that get a bit easier when you have someone to lean on. Look at Bulkhead and Wheeljack, Air Raid and Vortex," -Not the command trio- "Fortress Maximus and Whirlwind, Hunker and Roughshod. They all have their issues, but at least they all have someone supporting and willing to help them. If it is something you want, that is."

Trailbreaker's last comment strikes a hard cord with Lieutenant. Were the truck not drunk, he might have noticed how the avian's fists clench. His audial fins stiffen. Something he's been pushing in the back of his mind himself. It gets smothered once more in an instant. He says nothing about it.

<FS3> Trailbreaker rolls Mind+mind-1: Good Success. (8 1 3 7 1)

"Maybe I-I don't need to do this all the time. I mean, I tell myself when I wake up sick that it's over, never doin' it again, but then I do it again." Trailbreaker's laugh sounds a little weak and hollow. "But I...hmm. Maybe I can talk to medical about some stuff that's high concentration but won't get me like...this. So I can spend more time on writing. I have a thing I wanna write, it's about-it's about peace." He seems to immediately catch onto how that sounds. "Not like that! Noooot like that! I mean, just some' Hound thinks I'd make a good diplomat. Me.'re right, though, we kinda balance each other out and it's nice. It's real nice." This time his smile has a bit of a glow to it, not just from the energon. "Maybe he could help me. If I was to say like-to say like, if we beat Unicron, if we shtop an evil god, I'll quit. Drinking this much. But you gotta remind me tomorrow that I said it, or I might forget..."

He catches the fist-clench and his visor flickers. "I guess it's enough to like someone else enough, you don't gotta like yourself yet..."

Seems Trailbreaker is starting to come through. Lieutenant unfolds his legs but doesn't rise from his seat yet. On the plus side, Trailbreaker seemed to have a moment, the flicker of a flame, where he might be happy with Fireflight. Nice. "Take it step by step." he advises, "I think you may learn to like yourself as you are with him. Firefight may just bring out the best of you that you have been overlooking."

"Heh, ya think so?" Trailbreaker rubs the bridge of his nose. "It's better 'n hiding in a closet until I burn off the enjex, anyway. That's probably the first step, right? Not...not being in the closet and getting to my room. Hope I don't wake up poor Whisper again, though she doesn't...seem to mind? She doesn't talk much." He shrugs a little bit and decides to take that one big, first step.

Which he wasn't quite ready to take yet as he starts to collapse onto Lieutenant.

<FS3> Lieutenant rolls Reaction+Reaction: Good Success. (6 5 4 8 8 8 5 4)

<FS3> Lieutenant rolls Unarmed: Success. (6 2 2 1 1 2 8 2 4 5 5)

Lieutenant senses Trailbreaker falling and immediately gets up to catch him. "Habsuite it is then." He would try to pick up Teebs for no reason than he could, given the size difference. However, the weight might be a bit much for the avian. So he takes the truck by the arm instead. Lieutenant begins to lead Trailbreaker down the hall, "I think we can be relatively quiet for Whisper." At least getting inside. Anything after, that's up in the air.

"Oof, thanksh, Lieutenant." Trailbreaker's haphazard steps might be a little loud, but he's going to try to be as quiet as his enjex-addled frame will allow. "Heey, Lieutenant? Lieutenant, you give good advice. You 'n Rung. You're good with that. I should take...advice-ing...lessons from you someday..." There's going to be a bit of rather rambling, confused conversation on the way back to the habsuite. Sorry, Lieu.

Trailbreaker's ramblings are listened intently until after he's dropped off (with some apology mouthed to Whisper). Lieutenant exits the habsuite, only letting himself drop his facade when the door closes. Trail breaker's concerns with Fireflight had him start wondering about Starstruck. Opposites attract, but that doesn't mean they last. Just take Vortex and Riptide, or Minimus/Rodimus/Drift as examples. They don't work out for long. So how long until Starstruck stops putting up with him? How long is Starstruck going to keep smiling before he finds Lieutenant too much of a burden to be around?

The avian makes his way towards the elevator with a heavy spark, wondering if Starstruck might just be putting up with him to be nice. Perhaps a drink might be a good idea after all.

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