2018-05-01 From Whence You Came

From Transformers: Lost and Found

From Whence You Came
Date 2018/05/01
Location Cybertron - Pyx
Participants Lieutenant, Starstruck
Summary Two mechs paying homage to old ruins run into each other.

They've parked on Cybertron, Iacon more accurately. It's where Lieutenant is from originally, but he didn't leave Tempo to see it. He has memories to soak in from when it was beautiful. The skyline that could touch the stars, the bustle of those all over traveling about. It was a gorgeous city. The new Iacon isn't bad, but it's not Lieu's.

It is pushed aside for a smaller city near by. Many seem to assume it part of Iacon as the new buildings trickle over into the area, but Lieutenant is aware of what it once was. The desolate waste is where Pyx once stood. When he was young, he once flew near it. Millions of years later, he walks through the remains in silence. Everyone has their once place to go, pay their respecting memories to places that have been long gone. Pyx only has one who remains to remember.

Lieutenant takes a seat on a pile of rubble, pulling out a potted plant he had gotten from the botany lab. It won't last long, but it would give the place some life and color, even if it is temporary. An apology. Respect for a city he ignored, especially now that he's with the lone survivor, the Autobot feels he ought to spend some time to reflect on where Starstruck came from.

Starstruck has been acquainting himself with this new Iacon, that tries so hard to be like the one he knew and yet is irreversibly different. It's Metroplex, for one thing - and no matter how hard it tries to emulate, it can't recapture the city that used to be here. Even if Starscream wasn't in charge.

It's still an interesting city, though, and Starstruck has enjoyed the new sights and smells and sounds. Ignored the pull of his feet toward the remembered area where he'd met Ironbull. Where he'd become a Decepticon. He doesn't want to see what it looks like, now.

He doesn't want to see the smaller city that had once lived in Iacon's shadow, either. Not that there's a city there anymore, not that there's been a city there in a long time. Starstruck doesn't want to see it, but the pull of his feet - and the guilt - is stronger than his reluctance, so eventually he does meander over there, through the new growth of New Iacon that covers the outskirts of what had once been Pyx. It looks like he expected, a wasteland he needs to be careful in, even this close to civilization. What he doesn't expect is the familiar form sitting in the middle distance, and beneath his visor, Starstruck squints.

"Lieu...?" Star comes closer, stops nearby. As if this Lieutenant must be a mirage, and he needs a moment to assure himself of the flier's soliditiy. "What're you doing out here?"

It's surprising Starstruck is here, but it eases the avian when he senses the mech. He did hope the other stop hiding his roots, but it could be tough to face such a scene. "Starscream put me on a list," Lieutenant answers, setting aside the plant on the ground and out of his partner's view. "So I am avoiding him." He rises up to meet Star.

"A list?" Starstruck waits for Lieutenant to stand before moving to him, wrapping his arms around Lieutenant and pulling him close, bumper to chassis. A loose hold, but a comforting one. And there's no one around to see, so it should be fine - he hopes. "What kind of list?"

He leans into Starstruck's embrace like a lock and a key. "I do not know what list. But a list," Lieutenant replies with a hint of mystery. His hand runs idly over Star's back. "I have been arrested and brigged several times this journey; I prefer not to add to those numbers." Especially not if they end up dying to Unicron. He'd rather not die in a cell if he can help it.

"You came home," Lieutenant notes, changing the subject. Not that there's much to return to, but he does bring his hand up to pet Starstruck's helm. He's proud of him for this much.

Where Lieutenant strokes, Starstruck's hands remain still, knowing full well what would happen if he petted the wrong part. He didn't want Lieutenant to wiggle away. "How'd you find out? Did he just tell you he'd put you on a list or something? That's super sketchy, Lieu." Under the avian's fingers, Star's frame begins to vibrate with the soft purr of his engine.

"I wasn't going to," he confesses, antennae wiggling unconsciously. "I just...couldn't help myself, I guess. Why did you come?"

Worry about that list another time. How Lieu knows is nothing to concern yourself with, Star. What's more important is that Starstruck of Pyx has returned to Pyx. A brief squeeze is given as reward for Star confesses. "To pay my respects to where you came from." Lieutenant looks back over the desolate area. "I know little about it, those who lived here, and, considerably," his optics turn to the visored mech, "little of you."

A small pout forms on Starstruck's features, lower lip pushing out when Lieutenant avoids the question. Well, it had been silly to hope he'd stop doing that all at once just because they were a couple now. "That's really sweet of you, Lieu," he says, instead of pressing further, and brushes his lips over the visor covering Lieutenant's forehelm.

Then Star laughs, and shakes his head. "Me? You know all about me!"

Starstruck, you affectionate goob. Cheeks heat up at the brush against his visor as he averts his optics. Still takes getting used to. "I know your favorite singers, I know how you prefer your energon, and I know you are a Decepticon Pirate of the Revenge." Lieutenant lists off his fingers, "I know of the Revenge because Mixer would talk of you and them. I know of Pyx because of that day you opened up to me. But I know not of what you did, how you survived, why you became a Decepticon, or why you still pretend to be Iacon when you said you would change the file during my shift on the bridge four hundred and one days ago."

Lieutenant touches Star's arm around him to hold it lightly. "I do not expect things to change immediately, and these are simply things that have lingered on my mind for ages." Amoung dozens more. "All I want is to know you better and make you happy."

Starstruck opens his mouth to say that's pretty much all there is, then closes it, wincing guiltily. Oh yeah. His file. He still hasn't gotten around to that. "I keep--it's hard," he says, shifting away from the lie mid-sentence. "Telling people one by one is easier than putting it out there, in my file, where anyone can see it. Where anyone will know, will remember that it used to say 'Iacon', will be curious about why it's been changed. I don't know if I'm ready to get that in-depth with it yet."

Sighing, Star pulls one hand back to reach up and brush his fingertips over Lieutenant's cheek. "But I guess I can give you some more details, if you really want to know them."

Lieutenant can understand that reasoning, he just wanted to know why. He won't push the topic any further, but he does hold onto his arm tighter. Just to show he's here for support. "It would nice to have some filling as to this enigma," he gestures at Star's face with a light smile, "known as Starstruck. How his day used to be and if he was always such a bean."

"A bean?" Starstruck snorts, visor warping with the rising of an optic ridge. "Aw c'mon, I'm not that soft!" He totally is. The wiggling of his antennae gives him away. "How my day used to be...? Nothing special, honestly. I was...have I told you? I was a commuter bus. I hauled mechs from Pyx to the nearby base, or to Iacon, or wherever. Not very glamorous."

Lieutenant pokes Star's side as he begs to differ on that initial statement. What a dork. "You never did inform me." Functionism was a thing though, so Lieu should have figured. He assumed Star was some band player or a bodyguard. Maybe in a better world. One of those other universes out there it might have been. "Life was not entirely glamorous before the war, but it was what you made of it."

"I made some fun of it." Grinning, Starstruck wiggles at the poke, and gently digs a fingertip of his own into Lieutenant's side. "Pyx was poor, as you know, but we'd party on the weekends when we could. I had a lot of friends here." His vocalizer hitches subtly. "It wasn't all bad, even under the Functionists, not that Burst would've..." He trails off, coughs. "Not everybody thought so."

Lieutenant jumps at the gentle dig but doesn't wiggle away. The sudden smile disappears like a mirage as Starstruck trails off. His attention unwavering as his helm tilts. "Burst?" Perhaps one of his many friends lost long ago. "They did not drink from the Senate's glass." he assumes quietly.

"No, he didn't." Starstruck pushes the words out, the edges sharp, cutting at his throat. "He'd always talk about how we needed change, to rise up from where the Senate had shoved us. He was..." Chewing his lip, he adds more quietly, "He was incredible. He died when Pyx did. With everyone else."

Another piece of the puzzle falls into place, and a rather important one at that from how Star is acting. He seems rather distraught about the loss of Burst. How he praises them too. Lieutenant embraces Star once more but decides not to press any further on the topic.

He holds onto Starstruck for a moment longer before stepping back to pick up the plant he had with him earlier. "Thought it might help bring some life here." the Autobot explains, holding it out for Star. "But you might know where it would be best to put it."

Starstruck hadn't wanted to tell Lieutenant about Starburst. Worried about how Lieu would feel, maybe. Jealously guarding the knowledge, as if sharing would deplete the memory of Burst faster than info creep could. He found now, though, that he felt a bit better for having said it - like he did when he told Roughshod.

"A plant?" Tilting his head, Star regards it curiously. "You think it'll grow on Cybertron?"

"No," Lieutenant states, realizing he probably should have gone with crystals in that case. Those would grown into a lovely sight here. Although those are more finicky than plants. "It was a last minute idea..." Much like most of his ideas. He's more spur of the moment than most might realize. The plant is lowered with some embarrassment about how haphazardly he thought this out.

Smiling, Starstruck carefully puts his hands over Lieutenant's where it holds the plant. "I know it's not exactly Pyx itself..." he says softly, "But maybe I can tend to this plant in my apartment. I haven't gotten any yet, you know. And it's kinda poetic, in a way..." His gaze falls to the plant, expression growing distant, wistful. "A plant that can't grow here and a mech that can't come back. Quite the pair, don't you think?"

"Quite." Lieutenant agrees softly. He bites his tongue from offering advice one dealing with those who cannot return, but he saves it for another day. Or perhaps never bring it up again. This is something he needs to allow Starstruck to open up about when he's ready. Even if it's not to Lieu, he just hopes it's someone Star trusts and someone who supports him.

Resetting his vocalizer, Starstruck lets the click wash away any negativity as he tucks the plant beneath one arm. "Hey, hey, no need to get so serious, alright? It was a beautiful gesture. I really appreciate it." He leans forward and kisses Lieutenant's nose, this time, offering one of his brilliant smiles, ticked up slightly higher on one side. "Maybe we can build a memorial here or something, since we're going to be around for a while."

A soft eep follows the kiss as the avian's face turns pink. "Let me be serious," he fusses, trying to regain his deadpan expression. Curse Star for making it near impossible not to smile around him. "Perhaps we could. It would be a nice side project." While they're at it, they could work on the memorial for Cybertron as a whole.

"You're always serious," Starstruck chastises, gently. His free hand falls to Lieutenant's waist, pulling him close again, nudging the avian into a gentle sway. "I'd like that. It's not like we've got anything to do but wait for Unicron to show up, let's fill the time with something good, something important, instead of worrying." Letting his forehelm fall to Lieutenant's, he keeps smiling, keeps swaying.

"And you are always a beam of light." His helm bumps Star's affectionately. The memorial is a sound plan to Lieutenant. It's better than waiting to die. He falls into they sway before he realizes what he's doing. His arm wrapping around Star's waist loosely while the other intertwines with his free hand. "Care to take a moment to simply enjoy being here now?"

Another laugh, Starstruck shaking his helm, antennae giving a few flicks of giddy joy. "You're so corny," he teases. "I love it."

It's easy to follow Lieutenant's lead, twining their fingers, shifting their sway into something less idle and more along the rhythm that plays in Starstruck's head. "Absolutely," he says, visor trained on Lieutenant's optics.

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