2018-05-01 Boxes and Brunch Friends

From Transformers: Lost and Found

Boxes and Brunch Friends
Date 2018/05/01
Location Rigard - Lakewalk Thoroughfare
Participants Lieutenant, Rung
Summary Local zombie steal boxes from old grandpa and walks away. Grandpa jogs just to keep up.

As much as he'd like to, he can't spend the entire time with Starstruck. They depart and Lieutenant slips back to Tempo. While normally, he'd force himself to be calm in impeding doom, he's all too busy thinking about what to do for the memorial. The Lakewalk Thoroughfare has nice designs that Lieu could suggest to Star. He's making note of some idea when he spies a friend.

"Rung," Lieutenant greets as he approaches the retired therapist.

Rung is in the thoroughfare looking for some sweets or trinkets for some former patients. Surprisingly, Unicron growing ever closer doesn't help those with intense anxiety or PTSD. Shocking, really. So Rung has taken it upon himself to try and ease the minds of some of his former patients with a gift here and there. Just as he takes a box from a vendor, the former therapist's attention is drawn by his name, "Hm? Oh hello, Lieutenant!" The vendor gleefully takes the exhorbitant amount of shanix Rung passes over, easily flipping towards another customer as Rung gingerly meets Lieutenant halfway with his veritable tower of boxes.

"Allow me," Lieutenant offers, taking most of the boxes off Rung's little hands. Seems like a lot for one mech, sweets and the like really. "Certainly has been some time since I saw you," Which was after he was ushered into the medibay for his wounds. "Hope you have been well. You seem so."

Rung allows the boxes to be taken from his hands, grateful hum escaping his systems as he looks up and up and up to Lieutenant's face, "Thank you, yes and I hope you have been doing well in that time too. What brings you out here today?"

"Curfew, mainly," Which was shortened after the attack Lieutenant made on the Lost Lighters. They're right to be concerned but still. He wished he could have stayed longer in Pyx. "Have you been out to see New Iacon yet? It is not the same but it gives others a place to settle."

Rung begins his walk back towards the ship, gently ushering Lieutenant to join him with a small and likely near ineffective tap on what he can reach of the large avian's arm, "Yes I saw a bit of it. I'm glad that it seems to be rebuilding alright." Was he out there long? No. But he was indeed out there.

Lieutenant follows Rung regardless. "Agreed, it is a good start." Shame it may all end so soon. It truly is disappointing to think about. The avian tries not to linger on the thought long and swiftly replaces it with he recent conversation with Starstruck. A good subject topic, "What was it like when the Pious Pools were around?"

The change of topic also prompts a change in Rung. A small smile, reminescent of the oldest mechs becoming lost in the past, spreads across Rung's face as he gazes up towards the sky, "Quite different. Pious Pools was... I suppose one might say calmer than the other big cities. Its a shame I didn't have time to see it one last time before things changed. When the war started... well, I hadn't been there for a very long time. More work in the cities, after all."

Aw, it would have been nice to have seen some place so calm. "Considering all the entanglements we get ourselves into, it sounds especially charming." It sounds almost as quaint as Rung. Seems fitting to Lieutenant that such a mech would come from there.

"Yes," Rung admits, the far off look becoming more grounded as he catches back up with the present, "Really is a shame that the pools are gone now. Hopefully one day we will be able to reclaim the other cities, at least." A true shame it would be to lose the rest of the planet forever to the wilderness.

"One Day." Lieutenant agrees, "Perhaps if we-" live "-stay long enough we could take a look at it. Starstruck and I are working on doing something for Pyx, so why not another?" Not everything has to be lost to the wilderness. A nice little something to commemorate what it once was would be good.

Rung nods in agreement. Its a wonderful idea to try and restore the planet, isn't it? Once they get through this alive, that is. "Really?" Rung looks up at Lieutenant, helm tilted back curiously as he asks, "Have you and Starstruck been spending more time together? That's wonderful if you have, he is a very nice mech.

Lieutenant tilts his head back and forth, "Not much more than before, but he certainly is an admirable mech. Hard not to." A smile seems to ghost over his face, but it's hard to tell if it truly was there. "In any case, we could visit the Pious Pools tomorrow or something."

Rung sees that smile Lieutenant. Don't think you got away being as sneaky as you think you are. He lets the change of topic slide, though- keeping note of that for later- and shakes his head slowly as his steps become less cheerful. His whole form seems to sag at the prospect of physically walking down memory lane, "As much as I would enjoy that, there would not be much to visit I'm afraid. It no longer exists." A fact that still brings an ache to Rung's spark, "I don't even know if I would be able to remember where it was located exactly."

It's sorrowful to see Rung in such a sad state. Lieutenant balances the boxes in one hand to pat his friend on the head in sympathy. "At least it remains in memory. It lives as long as you in there." He's not a therapist but he's trying to help.

He may not be a therapist but that is certainly an answer Rung would give! Clearly in their friendship the former therapist is rubbing off on the tall mech. Chuckling at the pat from a hand near large enough to encompass his helm, Rung finds himself just having to agree, "I suppose that is right." He waits a few seconds before forcing a topic change of his own, subtly asking, "So you and Starstruck are making plans regarding Pyx then, hm?"

It might be rubbing off, considering how often they take time to chat over brunch or tea. "Of course it is," Lieutenant replies, waving off Rung's comment. "Just a little something to pay my respects and hopefully make him feel better." And something to take their minds off of their impeding doom. "Nothing much than that."

Rung hums thoughtfully as he continues to walk beside his brunch friend, the kind of friendship some might argue two mechs as old as they are should have. "true enough! I don't suppose you would like any of these?" Rung taps primly at one of the boxes, "In hindsight I fear I might have bought too many. Perhaps you could share some with him. With you both spending more time together, its likely you may see him before I do." Surely the kind and genuine Rung would not be daring to imply something. Really, its hard to tell.

"It is all happenstance, to be quite honest." Lieutenant brushes off, "He lives in the building next to mine after all. I appreciate your offer, nonetheless. Thank you." He takes a box and pockets it for later. Maybe he should offer some to Star. With a mutter, he adds, "I do hope he does not think I am trying to spoil him with gifts."

"So, where are you headed next?" Lieutenant says in no way trying to change the subject once more.

"You can spoil someone if you want to spoil them," Rung comments before smoothly moving the conversation ahead like he hadn't even said the sentence. Who heard the mutter and made a sly comment? Not him! "Likely back to my hab, I need to decide who I want to give what." Red Alert will likely be getting the largest box he bought. None of this can be helping that mech.

Lieutenant gives Rung a perplexed look at that comment. Sly mech that one is. Unsuspecting. "Very well then," he nods forward. "It is nice that you are doing this for others. If you require any further assistance, I am free."

"They may not be my patients anymore," Rung informs Lieutenant, his back straight and chin held high, "But I still care about the health of each and every mech who came to see me before I retired. While I may not be able to assist in an official capacity, I am still more than willing to be there for any of them." As they reach the ship, Rung motions for Lieutenant to hand him back the boxes with a hearty bracing of his thin arms and legs against the coming precarious stack, "And I may have to take you up on that offer one of these days, thank you."

Rung is such an endearing mech. He cares so much for others. If they weren't in public, Lieutenant might have given in and hugged him. "You are quite sweet." Lieutenant doesn't hand any over quite yet though. In fact, he steals the rest of Rung's boxes and continue forward. "You can take the offer now. Try to keep up, my friend." Because Lieutenant isn't going to let Rung catch up quick enough to make him stop.

Lieutenant will hear several protests which begin to fade into the distance, before the rapid TAP TAP TAP of Rung's frantic jogging behind takes over. Long legs help end arguements, it seems.

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