2018-03-24 Dumpster Fires

From Transformers: Lost and Found

Dumpster Fires
Date 2018/03/24
Location Lost Light - Science and Medical - Medibay
Participants Starstruck, Cosmos
Summary Cosmos threatens Starstruck a lil. Otherwise its a quiet talk. (set after My Friend, My Foe)

When Lieutenant is brought through the medibay doors, the reaction is swift; the remaining staff have been accepting patients for the entirety of the siege, and move quickly to get those who need the most immediate care to a bed. Despite knowing he's undead, the state of Lieutenant's frame has medical staff automatically moving him to a mediberth to be monitored. This is a reaction they haven't seen before, and wish to contain before it spreads further and kills him a second time.

As it's not an emergency, Cosmos and Starstruck are allowed to accompany Lieu, given seats inside the small curtained-off area he's given once the nurses are told that it was a Knightly Artifact that did this, and the effect isn't contagious. To the living. Star settles shakily onto a stool at Lieu's side, reaching for one of the avian's hands, errant tears still trickling down his face. He doesn't say anything, for the moment.

Cosmos stays by Lieutenant's other side, biting back tears as he instead paces back and forth and his corner of the room. He has to keep in motion, he has to keep moving otherwise his mind will focus and he will remember that- Another sob is surpressed as he dares to glance back at Lieutenant. He needs to refocus on something else!

Sniffling and swallowing back a shudder in his voice, Cosmos softly calls over to Starstruck, "Star I... What happened between you and Lieutenant? He.. he told me about you rejecting him, exactly what you said. I want to hear it from you're side."

Starstruck doesn't respond, at first. His visor is trained on Lieutenant, thumb stroking slow, gentle motions over the back of the avian's hand. After a moment he lifts his head, visor flickering as he resets his optics and looks to Cosmos. "Rejecting him? What are you talking about? He's my best friend."

"Not like that. Romantically. He said your response was, 'You mean alot to me. I know that. You're important to me. But I don't know if it's the same kind of feeling you're having'." Comsos' version isn't word for word as Lieutenant's was, but its close enough, "He understands but... I can tell he's still kinda sad about it. About you not feeling the same way like that. He's my best friend too..."

Starstruck stiffens, a slow locking of his armor along his frame, everything but the hand with which he's holding Lieutenant's tightening. "He...told you about that?" Oddly, Star doesn't sound upset. He gives a soft little laugh, in fact, as that tightness almost immediately eases. "That's good, that's...that's great. That he has a friend to talk to. I always worry...he likes to keep things to himself. Bottle it all up. I still don't know that much about him, but if he has someone he can talk to...I'm glad."

Shifting, a small, sad smile crosses his lips as Star continues. "I never said I dind't feel the same way he did. I said I didn't know, I'd never. Never thought about it. But even if I did feel the same, he's too good for me."

"You're kidding right?" Cosmos drops down to sit beside Star with a exhausted huff, "He's about as well put together as a dumpster fire.. but don't tell him I said that." He only said it now is because Lieutenant is unconscious, "He gets way too attached to people, he's self depricating, and he says he doesn't like touching people but likes contact if him mechhandling me half the time is anything to go by."

Cosmos falls silent, staring at Lieutenant as he lies there. deciding to take an insult from the avian, Cosmos flatly states, ".... Stop being a banana and figure it out already... Also if you do something without thinking and hurt him I will find a way to either kill you or key your paintjob for the rest of your days."

Starstruck chuckles again, then chuckles harder, then bends partially over Lieutenant and his mediberth as laughter racks his frame. It's a solid minute before he pulls back, fresh watery energon spilling down his cheeks. "Fuck, that's right, he learned that one from you. 'Banana'. I can't..."

A deep vent, and Starstruck wipes half-heartedly at his face with his free hand. "All of us are dumpster fires. I know you've noticed that. Nobody's gotten past that." A side glance, hidden by his visor. "Not you, not me, not Lieu. That doesn't matter. He deserves someone who can devote everything to him, take care of him...someone who can. Can be his Tormentor, again."

"I...want to be. But I don't know if I can." Starstruck threads his fingers through Lieutenant's, lying prone as he is. Then he grins, crookedly, and tilts his helm toward Cosmos. "Key my paintjob? Eh, can't be worse than a cracked headlight. It's real sweet that you want to protect him, though. Are you sure you don't...?"

Cosmos gives an exasperated blast of his vents, face screwing up in the immitation of a scowl as he harshly slams his arms across his chassis, "Yeah and he hunted me down to pin me until I apologized for not telling him what it meant! He didn't even ask I don't know why he blamed ME for embarrassing himself." Cosmos' irritation cracks, visor dimming as he looks down, "Yeah we all are, I know but... I think Lieutenant is just starting to feel better about himself. I don't want him to backslide because of something dumb. But I could also just be overprotective. Also tip: don't try to be the next that guy. Trust me, you won't be able to. If you're gonna go for it be yourself not someone else."

The question throws Cosmos off, helm snapping up to stare at Starstruck in disbelief, "Do I have a crush on Lieutenant? No. Definitely not. Don't believe the bridge's rumors. Until recently I... uh... lets just say my interests lied elsewhere..." His voice fades to a mumble as he leans back in his seat, "Kinda back to the drawing board on that front though..."

"Soundwave, right?" Starstruck's attention is back on Lieutenant and the hand he's holding. "Before the rumors of you and Lieu, I heard...well. I'm sorry." He looks away only long enough to find Cosmos' hand, to take it in his free one. "You deserve someone to love you and show you how amazing you are. Just like Lieutenant does." More laughter, this time weaker. "Not sure why he thinks I could...You're right. I can't be Tormentor. From what I heard, guy was a literal tank!"

Gently, he squeezes Cosmos' hand. "Maybe I should talk to him, when he's awake. I don't want him to backslide, either; I promise you, it's the absolute last thing I want. Though, if I talk to him, maybe you should too?" Star's grin snaps back into place. "Sounds like you two have a real deep connection. Amica-like connection. Might be something to look into."

Cosmos tenses as Star calls him out. Just CALL HIM OUT LIKE THAT! Slag. ".... How did this suddenly get about MY dumpster fire of a life?" Cosmos tries to misdirect, laughing weakly as well, "Who even told- you know I don't want to know. Yes fine, Soundwave. I'm over it now, we're about to die to Unicron and I'm not keeping my cracked eggs in that basket." Maybe one egg in that basket, but not a big serious egg.

Cosmos lets Starstruck hold his hand, more because he feels that mech may need it more than the UFO does. "I don't know, I wouldn't suggest amica-ship. That's something Lieutenant needs to decide and I'm not about to push him into it... also I am dead serious do not tell him about the dumpster fire thing. Lieutenant is a cruel monster when he is out looking for vengeance."

"It's about both our dumpster fire lives," Starstruck replies, amused. "I know what that's like, by the way. Believe it or not! I've had a crush that...just didn't work. I hope you find someone better suited for you."

So maybe Star does need this hand-holding. Maybe he does give Cosmos a second gentle squeeze. "Talking to him about how much you care about him isn't pushing him into it. Maybe he won't agree to be amicas right now but letting him know you care helps. Which I should do, too, when I talk to him. And don't worry, I won't say a thing to him. It's our little secret, okay?" The next smile he cracks seems more on par with his usual, before Star pulls his hand away. "We should...probably let him rest, huh. If you wanna head out, back to the siege, go ahead. I'm gonna check on something, be right behind you."

Cosmos sighs, "Why can't we just put out the fires and be regular dumpsters?" He lets the mech hold his hand until its finally released, looking down at the appendage as Starstruck speaks, "Maybe you're right. But thats something for another time. Yeah, I'm going to head back out. Keep an eye on him until you leave, ok?" Cosmos would rather he not be left alone for as long as possible.

"Maybe when the wars are actually over." Starstruck watches Cosmos as he gets up, gives him a solemn nod. "Don't worry, I'll keep watch 'til I leave."

Except, as Cosmos heads out, Star turns back to Lieutenant's frame. He shifts on his stool, pulls it closer, leans partially against the mediberth. He shows no signs of leaving any time soon, as he brings the back of Lieu's hand to his lips. The battle will continue without him, for a while.

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