2018-03-12 Good Company

From Transformers: Lost and Found

2018-03-12 Good Company
Date 2018/03/12
Location Lost Light - Habsuites - Common Lounge
Participants Sequin, Penchant
Summary It's always there when you need it.

Penchant is off duty for once, and glad to just loaf in the lounge. He's stretched out on the couch with his chin tucked and the brim of his helm shrouding his face. He /might/ be asleep. An iron hand puzzle sits on the table beside him, and the holoviewer across the room hums with Cybertronian news. Looks like it's just Pench here.

Sequin has about as much time off as Penchant, since he works with him directly, and even then he'll stay at the office at times to catch up on things. And yet even with some off duty time, the spider still seems to find himself in the cassette's company when he reaches the lounge's door and spots Penchant napping on the couch. It brings a smile to lips hidden beneath his mask. How sweet.

Today's outfit isn't much of one, Sequin taking the easy route today with a versatile, silk shawl with an intricate, mandala pattern of blues and purples. Silent steps carry him into the room, turning the holoviewer off first before looking over the small mech, optics soon drifting to the puzzle. He always sees him with these things.. Hopefully Penchant won't wake, and if he does he might spot Sequin picking up the puzzle and looking it over quizzically.

"I've been stuck on that one for weeks," Penchant murmurs, shifting to sit upright against the arm of the couch. "Maybe see if you can- oh, wow," he says, marveling at the fancy shawl. "Aren't you stylish." Tapping his foot against the durable cushions, he invites Sequin to sit with him.

Sequin shouldn't be surprised that Penchant was just resting his optics instead of sleeping. At least he doesn't jump, instead turning happy, squinted optics to his boss. "Funny how it looks so simple, yet be so complicated." He muses before catching Penchant's awe, vanity drinking it in as he pivots hip and a leg to flash those mirrors while a lower arm sweeps out to show off the fabric. "You like?" He hums, a grin heard in his voice. "I didn't want to be too dressy today."

The invitation is accepted swiftly, Sequin setting the puzzle down and settling in comfortably beside Penchant with a long leg crossing over the other and an upper arm draping over the back of the couch. "Enjoying your time off, sir?" He queries smoothly, helm tilting lightly to Penchant. "You need the rest, you've been pushing yourself lately."

"These things can get /incredibly/ complicated." Penchant smiles faintly at the dressy comment. "You look nice. And yeah, just... taking it easy. Had a rocky mission that flagship, but we got what we needed. Working through some... stuff. With Soundwave. And preparing for the siege. Trying not to push, really! What've you been up to? Y'know, besides keeping me organized."

Sequin's hidden smile wanes slightly when Penchant trails at the mention of stuff with Soundwave. He doesn't really know the Decepticon, but he knows he's important to Penchant. And seeing what's been happening to him lately... "I've been up to more or less the usual. Trying to pry more at our trade partners for news, tapping a few sources for useful information. Khepri, so far, has been able to steer clear of the Harbingers thanks to being mobile, but I can only hope that holds out until our mission succeeds." That part is spoken more quietly, a worry in the depths of his usually charismatic voice.

But he tries not to dwell on it, instead turning his attentions to Penchant and leaning down some to be closer. "But, me aside, I do hope you know I am always at your beck and call should you need me, sir.." He murmurs softly, crimson optics shuttering lower and his mask shifting aside to show gentle smile. "I'm your secretary, after all. It's my job to help you."

"Boy I'm glad someone's keeping an eye on that colony trade deal. Still wanna' go back sometime. To Khepri, I mean. After everything." Penchant regards Sequin carefully, as the spider reminds him of his services. "You're not... some kind of royal servant here, Sequin. Remember that. But since you're offering," he smirks, kicking up a foot to lay across Sequin's thigh. "Ankle joint's kinda' stiff." Totally secretarial work. "You going to be on the field?"

    <FS3> Sequin rolls Pressure Points: Good Success. (1 2 6 3 1 5 1 8 7 4 4)

"I'd like that. You'd be terribly spoiled." Sequin grins and leans back, only to be offered a small foot which he gladly takes in his lowest set of hands. "That may be true, but I'm one of those odd types that quite enjoys serving. At least when it's for people I'm fond of.." Penchant gets a sly glance from the corner of many optics, the corner of glossed lips quirking sharply as hands work at the tiny ankle and rub at specific points to make the underlying joints relax completely.

"Perhaps, if I'm asked. I work much better behind the scenes, truth be told.." The spider focuses on the ankle as he speaks, though his words drift, clearly thinking on something for a moment. "..Penchant." He says after a long pause, soft glowing gaze shifting to hang on the small mech. "As I said, I enjoying serving people I'm fond of.. but I would want them to be able to use all of my skills. I hope you won't think less of me for it, but.. should you need any unsavory tasks performed, then yo need only ask." That last part is murmured as optics lock with Penchant's long enough for his meaning to get across before looking back down to his massaging.

Penchant is so distracted by the touch on his joint that he almost doesn't reply. Sequin trails off in his odd tone, and the tape perks up after an awkward pause. "Heh..." Head-tilt. "Oh?" His mind goes /several/ places. "..." Okay, just to make sure. Reeeeal quick. Penchant dips into Sequin's mind to confirm - assassination, right, yes. "Noted. For now, though, I'm content with your skillful hands." He swaps out his heel for the other. "...Just how bad were the politics in your colony?"

Sequin doesn't appear to notice the dip into his mind, but he wouldn't be against it eve if he knew. A swift of feet allows for a continuation of the topic, the arachnid's mood lightening from that brief dimming. "You're only getting a taste of it. You really should let me do the rest of you sometime." A main optic winks as a free hand reaches to playfully glide a finger under Penchant's chin.

"..Mh, they weren't the best before Her Majesty. There was some in-fighting among the council, which made some people suffer for it. That schism left us open to attacks at times from thieves and other trading factions since we weren't as well received as we are now." He touches on a little history while working the other foot, his tone even and steady. "..But I'm thankful all of that ended when she took the throne." He looks up briefly, smile genuine. "Look at us now, thriving and harmonizing. I dare anyone to try and attack us again, because they'll be in for quite the nasty surprise. ..That said, I really only used my skills for her against outside forces. Not everyone was as genuine on the surface when it came to trade and relations."

"Yeah, heh, that'd be-" Penchant grips his helm brim and tucks his chin again. Sequin coaxes it back out. At least they were still alone in here.

"I'm glad things evened out. Let's hope it stays that way. Ideally without you... going and doing unsavory things." He finally shifts, swinging his legs over the edge. "As much slaughter is going on," he adds, sadly. There's a weary slump in his frame, starting from his helm, traveling down his shoulders to leave his arms propped against his knees.

Sequin is left holding air when Penchant pulls away, his warmer attitude settling back when he sees the cassette's bowing posture. This drives him to reach for the mech and smooth a hand soothingly down his spinal strut while leaning down nearer him. "..What would you have me do for you right now, Penchant?" He intones quietly, not wanting to see him so down like this.

Penchant musters a sad chuckle. "Aw, it's alright." He looks up, chewing his lip. "You've been good company. You always are." Beat. "Say, could you teach me how to weave this stuff?" He reaches for a loose bit of the silk Sequin is wearing. "Maybe not so much the patterns, that seems kinda' complex. But just... a simple sash? Is that possible?"

"As are you, sir." Sequin replies sweetly, expression thoughtful, and soon after does something even the mind reader may not expect. It's a small kiss, almost chaste, on Penchant's forehelm. Sequin holds it for only a second until he draws back to regard the mech with bright, enthusiastic optics and a beaming smile when asked to teach. "Anything's possible with a good teacher~. Let's begin with the basics, shall we?" Already he's unspooling simple thread from a compartment, ready to spend some of their time off with a lesson. Penchant will be making sashes and more in no time!

Penchant's lines run hot as Sequin plants that kiss. Aw, aw geez. His weak smile grows broader, as he's shown the loops by his patient sewing instructor. Turns out it's pretty tricky, but Penchant follows along as best he can, only sewing his digits into the fabric /twice/. It's a little shoddy and frayed by the end of it, but it's definitely a sash.

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