2018-03-11 Long Time No See

From Transformers: Lost and Found

2018-03-11 Long Time No See
Date 2018/03/11
Location Rigard - Pagoda of Knowledge
Participants Drift, Lieutenant
Summary Drift catches up with Lieutenant after his journey.

The Pagoda of Knowledge is the foremost library in Rigard. Upon entering, one is struck by the height of the shelves bearing a truly vast store of datapads and even physical books. The vast brown supports of the shelves rise like tree trunks from the dark green floor. Hovering platforms silently bear researchers up, down, and across the shelves in search of answers to their questions. Despite the large open space, it is nearly silent.

It's been a hot minute since Drift returned to Tempo following his sabbatical and it's about time he reconnected with some of the people he said good-bye to only a few months ago. Freshly polished and with a small box tucked under his arm, Drift arrives at the Pagoda of Knowledge to meet with a friend he was told he could find here. He approaches the nearest person, a researcher who would really rather not be bothered right now, and inquires about the whereabouts of Lieutenant. "You know, he's tall. And green. Seen any tall, green guys around here recently?"

"Study tables, third from the back left corner." the researcher gruffly replies without a glance.

Yes, he's been in the Pagoda so often he has his own unofficially marked spot. Lieutenant isn't entirely being productive as he could be, besides typing up information on Unicron. His talk with Blast Off- before he 'murdered' the Deputy- had him planning ideas. He's in the middle of that when he senses someone he's not sensed in well over a month. "Drift," he straightens once the mech is in view, "You have returned from your travels."

Lieutenant may be able to sense Drift's uneasiness in the way he carries himself when he first approaches him at his desk. The last time Drift saw him, he was hanging out in his apartment and hadn't yet been touched by the cold hand of death and he's not entirely sure what to expect. Hearing Lieutenant's voice, unchanged since the last time they spoke, seems to put him at ease and a smile teases at his lips. "I have. You look.." How does he put this without causing offense? "Alive."

Nailed it.

"Not nearly as alive as you, but thank you." Lieutenant remains unfazed by his own predicament but he does notice Drift's uneasiness. At least if he continues to act normally, thing may go smoothly. As though death were never a factor. "Sientate," he gestures across the table, "Tell me, how did you find your journeys, you seem much better than you had been."

Drift pulls up a chair and takes a seat, finding it easier to smile the longer he interacts with Lieutenant. "I'm not sure where to even begin, it feels like I was out there for an entire lifetime." He gets this strange look in his eye as he reflects back on his journey but he quickly moves past it and places the box he's been carrying around on the table. "Oh, I almost forgot! I got you something a while back and never got a chance to give it to you on account of uh... you know, the whole dying thing. And then coming back to life and being imprisoned thing.."

"Your letters were quite extensive of you time away," The avian recounts, noting brief reflection. He'd like to ask on it but decides it best for Drift to bring it up when he feels comfortable. Lieutenant's optics look over the box before tentatively reaching out for it. It's technically a gift, right? He's allowed to pull it closer to see inside of it? "Well I doubt anyone was given anything when they were imprisoned in that Universe." Wait. "Or do you mean when I was imprisoned on the Lost Light?" It's been a few times he's been in and out since Drift left.

Drift says, "Sorry the letters stopped for a while there. I got a little sidetracked on this desert planet, kind of lost sense of time. And space." Drift rubs his forehead with the heel of his palm and then drops it onto the table. "Uhh, I meant when you were locked up on the Lost Light. What's this 'universe' thing you were talking about?""

The box has assortments of sweets inside, neatly in their own section. It's quite thoughtful of Drift to go out of his way to get this. "Thank you kindly, Drift," he nods offering a bag from the box. Trust him, the snack will help with the information he's about to drop. "The space bridge malfunctioned and it sent anyone who went through it to a Universe parallel to our's. The only difference being that the Decepticons won the war."

Lieutenant pauses. How to put this gently to an ex-con? "It was dismal."

"It's no problem, really! Consider it a thank you for giving me all your furniture. Er.. by the way, if you want it back you can have it since you're, you know, alive again and all." Drift gives Lieutenant a goofy grin and takes the bag, struggling to open it until he opts to use his teeth. Before he can even pop a single sweet into his mouth, Lieutenant drops that bomb on him and he suddenly finds his appetite non-existent.

"W-what? Seriously? How long ago did this happen? Did we.. did we lose anyone?"

Drift can keep the furniture since the avian kept the bare essentials, like the grand piano and the book shelves. In any case, Lieutenant shakes his head. "No one died, thankfully. Minimus Ambus is now the Universe's smallest phase-sixer, Rodimus, Cosmos, and Blast Off were mauled- but all repaired now, and Soundwave got his memory scrambled again." The avian opens a hand in trying to reassure that despite everything, it's okay. "Everyone seems to have been recovering well though, so it only felt like a week long Monday... if that helps you feel better?"

Drift says, "Oh my god," is all Drift can say when Lieutenant drops bomb after bomb after bomb on him. By the time it's over, he feels like he's going to throw up. "Uhh, to be honest, that doesn't make me feel even the slightest bit better. This happened while I've been here, hasn't it? The entire time I was fucking around in my apartment and feeling bad, people were being imprisoned and brutally maimed in a nightmarish universe." Oh yeah, he's definitely going to be sick. "Holy shit..""

Oh. Lieutenant closes up the box. Socializing is a fickle thing that could still use some practice. "Drift, a lot of bad things are going to happen," he sighs, crossing his arms on the table. He's not sure if advice or comfortable will help in the situation but he gives it a shot. After all, Drift is his neighbor and friend, "All we can do is try to support those after the fact, even if we were not there. I do not want you to feel guilty because you may have been upset for other reasons."

Drift leans forward, bracing his elbows on the table and holding his head in his hands. It takes him a moment but he manages to calm himself down and quell his nausea. "No. No, it's fine. Really. I've been on the fence about something but I've made my decision. I needed to hear this."

At least something worked out from it. Lieutenant may have some concerns, but if Drift said he's fine, then he will leave him be. Still, the avian does sympathize the mech. He's a bleeding spark, sue him. "On the fence about what, if I may ask?"

"About rejoining the Lost Light." Drift lowers his arms and looks Lieutenant in the eye. "Skystalker told me about Rodimus stepping down and Ignition taking his place. I wasn't sure if I could handle being on the same ship with her, much less serving under her, but I think it's time."

Well it beats serving under Megatron. Lieutenant isn't opening that can of worms to explain. "I hope that goes smoothly," he needs to do the same, but he's yet to do anything worthy enough. "Would you still be sticking to your apartment? As you do realize you are going to have a roommate when you return." That's going to be amusing, who would be a good roommate for Drift? Whetstone? They're both sword nerds after all.

"Yeah, I hope so to. The last time I saw Ignition she was genociding my people for Tyrest." Drift sighs and rubs his face. "A-anyway, I'm not sure about the roommate situation. I can always sublet my apartment if I need to, I suppose."

Ohhhhh. Yeah, Lieutenant was probably high on syk during that whole adventure under the Library stairs to have remembered that. He's just not going to comment on that at all. Roommates are lighthearted to talk about. "I think Starstruck already does something like that. He has a hab on the ship as well as an apartment, so perhaps you may end up in a similar situation." His wings flick alternatively, unsure if that really would be how that works.

"Maybe. It's been a long time since I've had a roommate, it could be interesting." Drift grins. "Or terrible. I have a lot of friends on the Lost Light, but there are plently of people who hate me still. It could get a little dicey." Now that he's feeling better, Drift finally takes a candy from the bag and pops it into his mouth. "Okay, so, besides being in jail on the ship AND in some nightmare hell universe where everyone was tormented mercilessly, what else have you been up to? Do you live here now or something?"

Well at least Quicksight still has a roommate. Lieutenant keeps from mentioning that though. "Try to look on the bright side, more often than not, I think there are enough friends for you to room with. Maybe even someone you find more common ground with." Bright side! As for other things that have been on going, "I cleaned up my apartment, the Lost Light library, started speaking to Starstruck again, and technically I spend enough time to pass for living here."

Talking to Starstruck again? That definitely has Drift grinning. "Doesn't sound bad at all, I'm glad things are working out for you." He takes another candy from the bag and then wiggles the bag at Lieutenant. Come on, don't make him eat all the candy he got you! "Were you working on something before I came in here? You looked busy."

Lieutenant's fins lower bashfully at Drift's grin. Just talking, nothing else is going on, be certain of that. He takes from the bag, while trying to think of a good excuse to give. Drift probably doesn't want to hear 'looking for a way, if any, to use myself against Unicron.' "Ah just- light reading.. the usual. Gently hitting the books. You know. Wish to join me?" It's not just a good excuse, it's a great one and Drift has absolutely no reason to think Lieutenant would lie to him about something like that. "That sounds like a fantastic idea," he says with the brightest smile imaginable.

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