2018-02-18 Two Halves Together

From Transformers: Lost and Found

Two Halves Together
Date 2018/02/18
Location Rigard - Rooftop Oil Pool
Participants Chimera, Airazor
Summary Airazor and Chimera talk the pros and cons of dubious resurrection.

Chimera hasn't heard from Rodimus since he put together his mission to go take a look at the Harbingers. It's true that they may just be taking their time, but still.. The beast shakes her helm, setting the thought aside, and casts her gaze out over the edge of the building from her spot in one of the bigger oil pools at a corner of the rooftop. The sight may lack the glimmer of reflective stardust over Rigard, but the lights of the city in the dark are still pretty.

Her reasoning for being here is a simple one, to soothe old joints, but she also required a peaceful place to collect her thoughts. Sighing softly, the large glass of plain energon is brought back to her lips to be sipped from before a dry hand tucks a sliver of gold filaments behind a horn. For a change her mane has been tied up into a messy bun, not wanting to get it wet. Airazor soars in her beast mode over the nighttime city. She's been doing that a lot, lately, getting out and stretching her wings when she can get away from training. The Eukarian is practically a ghost in her habsuite, which she visits only when recharging is necessary. It's unclear how long she's been up, her frame built for lingering, but all that goes up must come down eventually. Airazor swoops and dives at a shallow angle towards the oil pools, where she had spotted Chimera on this latest turn. Instead of transforming or landing anywhere else, Airazor instead alights without invitation atop one of Chimera's horns, gripping it experimentally with her talons to test her Rung-sized weight against it. Don't want to cause any damage.

"Hello, Chimera." She greets.

Rung weight is akin to a feather to Chimera, which is.. rather apt considering who swoops in to perch on one of the horns curling around the side of her face and out. Color the felinoid surprised and thankfully not sipping her drink still, lest she spill it, but a happy smile easily finds her face. "Quite an entrance, my friend." She chuckles with a small tilt of helm to counterbalance the added weight.

Reaching up, the back of a large finger is fondly stroked once over the falcon's head. "Would you like to join me? I could use the company and some news of the day."

Airazor leans into the touch, but just a little bit. Don't want to seem like she's enjoying it too much. "I was flying around and I saw you were alone up here, so I thought I would say hello." At the invitation, the falcon springs off of Chimera's horn and flaps her wings one or twice before transforming and landing on the opposite side of the pool. She still hasn't had much of the cosmetic damage from her disastrous battle with the Harbingers repaired: the golden curve of her helm is still scratched up, and in general Airazor looks a little the worse for wear. Not one for oil baths. But she eases into this one, feeling the buoyancy of the oil. "This is so weird." She says, waist deep. "I guess they don't have water on Cybertron. The mechaniforms are always laying around in oil."

Chimera sees that lean, little bird. But she won't say a thing, instead showing amusement at the sight of Airazor leaping off and into the hot oil. "They had some, primarily in the Mithril Sea. Most is laden with mercury, however. I do not mind the oil, it feels good on my joints.. But I do miss Eukaris' hot springs. Are they still there in the eastern mountains? I know not how much the lands have changed since I was there."

"Yes." Airazor offers, simply. She gets deeper into the pools, not quite being standard-sized, crouching until the oil just kisses the tip of her beaked-helm, so that her oversized green optics reflect powerfully off of the amber surface. She holds that position for a moment before straightening again, and eventually leaning back on the side of the pool. "There are lots of pools like that. I miss them. I always feel kind of...gunky after using the mechaniform pools. They take a cruder grade." Airazor lifts a black-armored hand out of the oil and watches the thin liquid drop from her fingertips and pool in her joints. She looks back to Chimera. "But it's changed a lot. Even in the last few years. Really, more in the last few years than in the last few thousand." She looks down, at that, then looks back up, her expression suddenly more fierce and earnest. "Do you believe them when they say they can bring back the dead?"

Chimera smiles softly to the bird at that answer. "Perhaps a rinse in the showers after may refresh you." It's good at lubricating, but having it sit on your armor likely isn't pleasant, especially for one so lightweight. As for Airazor's next comment, Chimera's smile loses some of its edge and she murmurs, "Change for the better or for the worse, I wonder." Her hope for the former.

And then, out of nowhere, a topic that still hangs on her mind comes up, the beast's jaw working and optics glancing out back over the city when leaning back against the pool wall. "..So you wonder too, do you? I admit, I am conflicted over that. I see Lieutenant and Pipes, shells of themselves, reanimated. And now I hear of new life of those long since past." A fang catches her lower lip, pensive, as a single optic shifts back to her company. "But are we certain those brought back by Optimus and Megatron are the originals? Can a copy even be considered the real thing? ...Either way I do not like it. The dead must remain as they are and to drag them from the Afterspark is nothing short of cruel."

"It's all I can think about." Airazor confesses, sitting a little lower in the oil. "I thought you might know. God of death, and all." She grins, but it's obviously more than a little forced. The falcon considers Chimera's words, looking at her own reflection in the oil pool. "Is it? I don't know. I never thought about it." Airazor wonders aloud before looking up at Chimera. "But maybe it is selfish. I don't know, can't know, if they're the real thing. I've never met them. I don't know if it's a copy or something else. But..." She trails off and looks away from Chimera, perhaps unable to hold her gaze. "...There have to be a lot of people-" Not her, no. "-who would give ‘’anything’’ to have someone back. And maybe they'd think that, the person on the other side, would want to come back to them...don't we owe it to them to try?" Now she looks back, every ounce of her usually cultivated fierceness drained from her features.

Chimera's optics dim a bit in thought over Airazor's words, looking upon the small Eukarian in study before setting her drink down softly on the edge of the pool. "Asking a worshiper of Death on such matters may not provide the kindest answer.." She warms quietly, expression somber as the beast reaches to gently stroke over Airazor's helm again, clawed digits gliding around to tilt small chin up.

"I do not believe in dying too soon or too late, for Mortilus comes for us only when it is our time. Nor do I believe that it is truly the end of us. Though we may be beings of metal, our true essence is pure energy, and when our time is finished that energy is returned to its home, the Allspark. There is no pain there, no war, only peace. ..So to take someone from that and bring them back into the conflicts that come with mortality all over again.. Would you put them through that again, only to one day loose them once more, or they you?" Her brow tips meaningfully down at the avian. "..I, too, have someone I would do anything to bring back. But I do not, because I know that he is waiting patiently for me and one day I will join him."

Airazor lifts her chin as Chimera takes it gently, looking at her so intently it's as if her optics are reading the words as they are spoken. She's very visual. "But we live forever." Airazor replies, almost broken when she says it, the weight of those years left to be lived settling heavily on her. "Something will kill me, I know, could be tomorrow, it could be a million years from now. Am I supposed to wait, or keep him waiting, that long?" There's no accusation in her questions: they sound genuine, the vocalization of her thoughts more than argument. "Why do we even live, if the Allspark is so good? Do we have to suffer, before we're allowed go back?" Airazor slumps away from Chimera, settling back into the pool. "I'm not afraid of dying, Chimera. I'm a warrior. Or I was. And I am again." She looks up. "It's living that scares me."

"..I truly cannot say how time works in the Afterspark. It may be years, a day, or you may even be there now as we speak." Chimera admits, regretful that the answer isn't more precise. With her hand empty now with Airazor drawing away, Chimera rests it back on the pool's edge and regards the bird with a subtle tilt of helm and low shuttered optics. "..I believe living is important because we have the capacity to learn, to feel. There is a saying that I have found almost all mortal creatures use, and that is that it is the journey that is important, not the destination. I would rather meet my next life with all the experience of this one that I can have, both the good and the bad, and have something to reflect on."

The face looking down upon Airazor warms some at the edges when replying, "Being old as I am I can agree that living is scary at times, but it is not something you must give up on. It is a gift that must be used for all it is worth, even if to some it did not appear as much. That is why I will fight for mine until someone wrests it from my hands. Only then will I know it is my time."

Airazor listens attentively, optics as bright as ever. "It's still raw, and new." The much, much younger bot remarks to her elder priestess. "I think, for the second time I'm making a new life,'s so hard." Airazor has to admit. She thinks for another moment on what Chimera has said, but she does not comment on it. Chimera can see the gears turning in the falcon's head, and perhaps that is some assurance that her words will get the reflection that they deserve. "How did you do it?" Airazor eventually asks. "How did you..." She gestures futilely in the air, groping for the words. "...Not move on. You can't move on. I don't ‘’want’’ to move on. But...cope, live another day." That hand clenches. "All I feel is rage. And disappointment, in myself. You seem so...serene, and wise, and..." Airazor squints. "I guess you would have always been big."

Chimera doesn't enjoy seeing Airazor so burdened by this, but she understands all too well what she's feeling. "Do I really seem so?" She wonders around, a thoughtfulness to her tone when giving Airazor a weary smile, especially at the big comment. "I assure you, I have not always been serene and wise, as you say. I was fire-hearted and foolhardy when I was your age, and felt as you did when I lost my own partner.." Her gaze becomes glassy, looking off to some unknown thing while mulling over her thoughts aloud. "..You are right to say you will never move on. There will always be a weight on your spark, there will always be pain.. But you must try to look back on them not with regret, but with fondness, for if you carry them in your mind and spark then they are never completely gone. There is still that thread that connects your energies, no matter the distance."

Chimera's posture has since slumped to rest chin atop her fist, an elbow supporting her on the ledge. With a soft vent she pulls away from her chin's perch and turns helm back to Airazor. "All I can say is that you must not let that rage and self hatred lead you into destruction. It drove me from my people and I will always regret that. Instead you must turn it to your advantage, let it fuel your ambitions, and take heart in the people that remain around you. Live for yourself and for them, for I am sure he would feel the same." It's then that a fondness curls her lips and she speaks gently, "I am certainly glad I have remained, as I would not have met your or the others otherwise."

"I regret that he didn't get to meet you." Airazor replies. "He would have liked you very much. Living history." That thought brings a smile back to her features. "Firehearted and foolhardy...I might have been called that once or twice." The falcon's humor seems to have returned after considering what Chimera had to say. She rises, first to her feet and then a few feet after that, levitating herself out of the oil bath. Airazor drifts closer to Chimera puts a hand on her helm. "Thanks." She lifts it. "I'll think about all of that, I promise. I will." Airazor looks back to the ship. "Though I think it might take a while. But maybe I'll get there. I think I've got a good guide."

"I am sure one day I shall meet him, when the time comes." Chimera offers kindly. They have long lives, yes, but everything dies one way or the other. As Airazor lifts off from the oil, Chimera sits up straighter to meet her and smiles at the touch, a quiet thrum rolling in her chest. "Take it one step at a time, Airazor, no matter the speed. And do not hesitate to seek me out, should you ever need."

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