2018-02-15 Bath Gossip

From Transformers: Lost and Found

Bath Gossip
Date 2018/02/15
Location Lost Light - Recreation -- Oil Baths
Participants Mirage, Starstruck
Summary Mirage and Starstruck soak and catch up.

Some entirely unnecessary fabric half-curtains hang across the entrance with a swirl of some strange foreign characters painted onto the fabric.

The air is warm and rich with a bouquet of scents. Near the entry, the sharp, bright scent of soaps and cleaners is strongest near the the racks of open showers; shower heads of adjustable heights allow bots from Minimus to Magnus to make use of the facility while benches and stools give space for the injured or wearied to slough off the mess from a fight. Beyond, a larger space is cordoned off into several sections.

There are a few small, deep baths, capable of holding one very large mech, or a couple of smaller mechs. Minerals and scents are racked on the wall nearby to be added to the smaller baths. By far the largest pool is a communal soaking pool, hot enough to sink deep past armoring into the struts while an icy plunge pool nearby is good for waking back up.

Sliding doors lead to the body shop next door where a clean frame can go for touch-ups.

One would think Mirage would be soaking in one of the pools, considering how far he had come. However, the scout finds himself inspecting the decor instead without realizing it. When Mirage came upon the fabric half-curtain hanging across the enterance, the scout leaned in to get a better look. His digits brushed over the weave and his optic ridges knit with deep thought. When he spotted a shadow in the doorway behind him, he muttered, "Where do you suppose they imported this from? I know places where one can get a much better quality of fabric."

His lips pursed in thought, golden optics dimming. It's almost like he didn't realize he was standing in the doorway, right in everyone's way. It finally hit him a second or two later. Mirage suddenly stood up straight, optics cycling wider. "Excuse me, excuse me. I didn't mean to get in your way like that."

Starstruck really has been feeling a lot better about things since his talk with Lieutenant the day previous, and while there's still the constant thread of Unicron hanging over the ship, he can't help but keep that bounce in his step wherever he goes. Which would be the oil baths, right now, to take a nice relaxing dip in a more intimate setting rather than the open pools of Tempo.

Or at least, that's where Starstruck wants to go, except there's a very familiar frame barring his path. "Surprised it took you this long to say anything," Star comments fondly, crossing his arms and grinning down at Mirage. "Nah, you're fine! What kind of fabric were you thinking?"

Mirage spins out of the way, parting the fabric and holding it with one hand so that Starstruck can ease past. The scout's faceplates flush with embarrasment at Starstruck's assertion that it 'was fine.' It certainly is not! He's a trained scout, meant to notice his surroundings. It is unusual that someone is able to sneak up on him, but.... He can worry about that later. Starstruck wants to talk fabric? Mirage can oblige.

The scout brushes a finger along the fabric, slick with fluid from the showers and wash basins. He flicks the droplets towards the ground with a look of disdain. "Something of Grishian weave perhaps? Highly resistant to rust, fine weave. It is a bit pricy to import, but we all know you must pay for quality."

"Why don't you put in a request with command, and--oh wait." Starstruck does slip past the curtains before stopping on a wince as he turns to face Mirage again. "We probably can't afford it right now, with Drift gone. Fuck. Maybe we can save up and get something? I'm sure everybody would like to see a nice touch like that added to the ship, helps with morale." Gesturing toward the rest of the room, he adds, "And don't let me stop you from going about your business in here, either."

Mirage steps away from the curtain, suddenly remembering he hadn't come here in order to critique the decor. "Right, right," the scout responds, his faceplates easing into a more geniune smile. "I was just going to... ah, touch up for Torque. I know we live together now, but it's nice to do little things for her sometimes." He gives Starstruck a knowing look and starts to ease towards one of the pools.

"Preparing for a special occasion, too? Or just looking to treat yourself?"

Starstruck's beaming grin eases into something softer as he follows Mirage further into the baths. "That's real sweet of you, Raj. I'm sure she'll appreciate it."

Star doesn't get in the bath right away, giving Mirage the time to choose a pool and gauge from there if the scout wants company or not. In the meantime, he moves to the rack of additives, tilting his helm as he looks them over. "The latter, mostly. I finally talked out something with a friend I should've taken care of weeks ago, and now that everything's good between us again, I wanted to like...wash off the rest of the bad vibes, I guess."

Mirage eases into the colder bath, only shivering lightly as he slips in. He glances back at Starstruck as he talks, trying to hide the flicker of interest in his gaze at the mention of what just happened. "Yes, that makes perfect sense. If you want to talk about it..." the scout says, letting the offer hang in the air. Everyone knows how Raj is about gossip, and he senses a possibility. He gives a thoughtful hum as he wades towards the middle of the bath. "I'll have to consider donating a higher quality curtain to the baths once I've done paying for Visages repairs." His lips components pursed at the thought. That might be a while.

Well, Starstruck is definitely here for a warm bath, so after choosing a nice mineral soak to add, he makes his way over to the warm pool closest to Mirage's and eases in. "You're still paying for that? Man, I wish I could help out. I kinda depleted my own funds, didn't realize how much I was spending." He chuckles sheepishly as he pours some of the mineral into the oil in his pool.

"Oh, uh...sure, okay. Lieutenant confessed that he had feelings for me, right before he--well, I'm sure you heard what happened. And I waffled on what to tell him, but we talked about it yesterday and decided to stay friends."

Mirage shutters his optics, squirreling away that nice bit of gossip for later. He is concerned, too, of course. He considers Starstruck a friend, even if he questions his taste in roommates. And now companions. Lieutenant would have been a nice, ah, balance to Starstruck's wilder personality. Still, he understood the complications. "I've... heard," the scout remarks. More than heard. He lives with Torque, after all. It was something of a painful topic.

"I'm glad he is still with us, but I think I understand why you wouldn't wish to pursue more. Lieutenant has a lot to work through at the moment. It would make things much more complicated."

"Yeah, I guess there's that," Starstruck says in a way that makes it obvious that hadn't occurred to him at all. Leaning forward against the wall of the pool, he folds his arms on the floor and rests his chin on them, looking across at Mirage. "Mostly I knew that if we were together like that, I'd still want to be with other people sometimes, and I don't think Lieu's into that. I...think I feel kinda that way for him, too, maybe, but." He shrugs.

Mirage's optic opens slowly, drifting across the pool towards Starstruck. He gives a slight nod of understanding. The other mecha doesn't have to fill out any of the words after 'but' for him to understand. "Sometimes it just doesn't work out?" he finishes. "Sometimes things just get in the way. Timing. Circumstances. Jobs." He hisses the last word, his lips curling back in disdain. What? Everyone knew the rumors about Hound and Mirage.

"Preferences for monogamy versus polyamory," Starstruck adds, in agreement. He tilts his head, studying Mirage. "What would you have done, if jobs, or circumstances, didn't stand in your way? You don't have to tell me if you don't want to, it's your business - I've just been curious."

Mirage shrugs his shoulder armor. There were times, before he met Torque, he might have imagined Hound carrying him away like in one of his romance novel, but those days were long past. He had emotions sorted out. Or so he hoped. "Are you asking about who I think you are?" the scout asks. "You little gossip," he teases. It is not as sore of a point as it had once been.

"Nothing, I hope. He wouldn't be who is without his stubborn tendency to take difficult jobs. His responsibility has never been to me, and never will be. Besides, I have Torque. I'm glad things went how they did. I'm sure you'll say the same someday.”

"Not a very little one," Starstruck teases back, lip quirking up on one side in a crooked grin. It fades again as he listens, frame slowly straightening, and by the time Mirage is done he's sitting upright and nodding thoughtfully. "That's a good way to look at it, especially since you do have Torque. So that way you can appreciate him as your friend while still loving the person you're with." He raises a hand to stroke at his chin, getting real academic in how he's mulling this over. "Yeah, yeah, I like that. Thanks, Raj."

There's nothing like being flattered for doing very little. Mirage offers Starstruck a crooked smile and a nod. "I'm not entirely sure what you're thanking me for, but you're welcome," the scout answered. He paddled to the divide between the two pools and rested his faceplates on the very edge. "Besides, let us be honest. I'm certain half the ship is infatuated with you. You'd break too many sparks by settling down with one." What he didn't say aloud, Starstruck was probably infatuated with half of the ship, too.

That makes Starstruck laugh and shake his head, settling back down into his more casual slouching over the lip of the pool. "Aw c'mon, I doubt it! People like me for a fun casual time, not for anything else. Not that there's anything wrong with that, I just doubt anybody but Lieutenant actually wanted to date me." He reaches across the divide to boop Mirage on the nose, if he can. "Meanwhile you've got the hunky Torque and sweet Hound wrapped around your fingers. Who's the true master of romance here?"

Mirage doesn't mind a bit of casual gossip, but the proper mecha suddenly goes stiff when Starstruck reaches out to boop his nasal sensors. The scout remains frozen in place, having to remind himself once or twice that the other mecha means well. He takes a deep ex-vent in order to ease the tension from his frame, but his smile droops a touch. "I wouldn't say a master so much as simply lucky. But beside the point, you have all the time in the world to figure out what you want. It will come around eventually," he remarks. "... But, please, no more of the booping thing. It's not fitting in a public space."

Oh right. Mirage doesn't like touching in public. Starstruck's antennae wilt, and his grin turns apologetic. "Sure, no problem. Sorry, I forgot." Embarrassed now, he slides deeper into his pool, letting the warmth of the oil soak away the sudden tension in his struts. "Think I'm gonna chill out for a bit, if you don't mind; but thanks for the chat, Raj. And if you ever wanna talk about stuff, I'm your man." A pair of fingerguns and a wink, and then Star's sliding back into the oil until only the tips of his antennae are visible. Ahhh, bliss.

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