2018-02-13 Small Galaxy

From Transformers: Lost and Found

Small Galaxy
Date 2018/02/13
Location Skydive and Astrotrain's Habsuite
Participants Skydive, Air Raid
Summary Aerialbros resolve some things. Skydive is ever patient with his hypocritical teammate.

It may seem a challenge to have two habs, but Skydive finds it convenient. His room in the shared apartment with his team is being used as a proper room, used for more personal things, while the one on the ship has been fashioned more as an office for all of his division work. He may no longer be a deputy, for personal reasons, but Skydive still has the information allowed him when he was. That, plus anything new, is being gone over at his desk with the holo-screen of his computer split into three for optimal information absorption.

So far he looks surprisingly composed and awake rather than the melancholy depression gripping him a while back. He has a certain spacer to thank for lifting him out of that...

Air Raid peeks in, as he is wont to do. Though it had been a while since he'd last prodded his teammate - Raid was sure to give a lot of space and time. Maybe it had been enough? Maybe? He's here to check, with a quiet, "Bad time?" He peers through the crack in the door, with one optic, as his tail sways uneasily behind him.

Skydive balances his chin on his thumb and presses the side of his forefinger's knuckle against full lips while overlooking the data of what appears to be recordings and images of many flight capable Harbingers still alive. He's studying, the information tucking away into some special part of his mind, but he's distracted when a soft voice calls from the door. Wings lift, roused, and he blinks becore glancing over to see Air Raid. Ah..

The Aerialbot doesn't seem as bothered by the mech's presence as Raid may have expected, though Skydive does hesitate a moment, a tad uneasy himself, before replying and sitting back in his chair. "..It's fine. Please, come in."

Air Raid eels his way in and moves to perch on the edge of the nearby berth. He sits stiffly, shoulders bunched, wings tightened in their odd fold. At some point he gathers his tail and hugs it against his chest. It's kind of ridiculous. "How... How ya' doin'? Heard you stepped down."

Skydive wouldn't say the sight is ridiculous, but it is a bit strange, like their roles have been reversed a little. It hurts, in a way, to see Raid all bunched up like that, and he wants to apologize for his words before, but.. it was the truth. A truth Raid wanted to hear, so in a rare instance something in Skydive pushes back the urge to say he's sorry. Instead he turns to his teammate, calm, an vents a soft sigh at the question.

"Better. And.. yes." Mouth thins and he glances aside with brows subtly knit. "I just don't believe I've been in the right mindset to take on the tasks they wanted me to. I feel a bit guilty for it, but I.. think I've been doing better since resigning." A beat passes and he looks to the perched mech, studying from behind his glasses until he asks carefully, "...How are you?"

"All of this is voluntary, so. Whatever works for you, y'know." Air Raid offers a little thumbs up, letting his tail drape over the edge. "I wanted to say sorry," he blurts. "I should've just said thanks. Sorry, and thanks. And sorry," he fumbles, frowning. He tilts his hand, spreading his claws. "You don't gotta' do anything, or feel anything. I was gonna' leave ya' be longer but I wanted to... say somethin'."

Skydive may not have expected the apology to come out of Air Raid so quickly, but he's glad it did. To hear him say he's sorry an fumble like that.. it both helps relieve a knot that been sitting in Skydive's spark, but also hurts to know of what lead up to this.

Quiet, Skydive leaves his chair and crosses the small room to stand before Air Raid, a sort of sweet somberness hanging on his features when reaching to cradle the sides of Raid's helm in both hands. He lingers here for long moment on those yellow optics before leaning in to wrap arms around his neck and nestle face against the top of his helm into feathery crest. "Thank you.. and sorry." He murmurs back, that urge to stifle his apology slipping. "..Neither of us were in the best state of mind to talk about that.."

Air Raid endures the embrace, the tough foil of his crest flattening under Skydive's chin. His hands reach up to rest against Skydive's arms, and he smiles against the cables of his neck. "You don't gotta'... do this, 'Dive. Hnn. Makes my spark ache, heh. Yeah, I was a lil' too defensive. You'd think I'd learn by now, huh." This seems to be the saddest admission of all. They linger there for a quiet moment, until Air Raid slides from the berth, and draws back, hands around Skydive's wrists as they hang between them. "What do you want? Be truthful."

"You always were stubborn." Skydive mumbles into Raid's crest with affection in his tone, his optics closing. "But.. It wasn't all you. There are things I haven't been able to come to terms with, and I'm sorry for that.." He wants to remain like this, but Air Raid eventually pulls from his grasp, instead holding the mech's wrists while standing before him.

What does he want..? The question is a difficult one. One Skydive can't answer immediately, optics cast down to the clawed hands holding on and wings falling a noticeable degree. There's much he can say, but almost all of it is selfish, so he can only say the one that isn't. "...I want you to be happy, Air Raid. That's never changed. I just.. worry. Not just because of who you're with, but mostly because of how badly you react when something goes wrong. I just don't want you hurt.."

"You're perfectly fine with me hurting," Air Raid reminds with a little wink. "You don't shy away from punishing me. You never have, really. But, physically, sure, I getcha'. That was a bit of a wake-up call, coming so close like that. It... wasn't thrilling, like it used to be. Don't worry. Okay, /try/ not to worry... I don't have any intentions of going that far again." He releases Skydive's wrists, hands falling to his sides.

"...I'm good with moving on, if you are," Air Raid offers, gently.

Skydive feels his plating ruffle a bit when he hears the accusation, only to settle when he looks up and sees the following wink. It's true, he's had to be stern at times, what with Raid being such a stubborn hot head. But at least now Raid realizes that the death race was too far, so to hear him say so is a great relief.

Hands at his wrists fall away, leaving the tingle of touch in its wake, and Skydive vents softly when drawing himself back up, a small smile on his face. "..I am." The urge to sit now that that's settled draws him to his berth, settling beside where Raid was and shaking his helm gently with a weak smirk. "At least you won't have to bear all my worries now that I have someone else to fret over."

Air Raid turns as Skydive moves to sit, and leans it to bonk his brow against his brother's. It's a cautious gesture which could have all sorts of strange implications, but Raid keeps it light and fond. His crest perks when he straightens, and he works himself into a nervous smile as his emotive tail coils upward. "Oh? The spacer? I haven't even met him yet..." There's a moment where he bristles, slightly, at the thought of /two/ teammates now paired up with /others/.

Skydive is glad for the bump of brows, optics falling low for a moment and wings giving a light flick-flick. It's nice. ..Though what isn't as nice is seeing the beast mech bunch up at the mention of Cavalier. It's hypocritical, but Skydive holds his tongue on that and instead speaks well of Cav. "You should, he's very kind. ..I actually knew him briefly in a time well before the war, but we lost touch. It's amazing that, out of all possibilities, he ended up on this ship."

"Ehhh. You knew a lot of nasty mechs before the war," Air Raid points out, his claw sliding up and out from under Skydive's chin as he meanders across the room. Time to fiddle with Skydive's stuff. A stylus immediately rolls off the desk he bumps against, to become forever lost. "Small world. Small galaxy. But... Good. Glad he's nice. Autobot?"

Skydive finds his optics narrowing a bit when he hears that comment, his chin drawn out briefly by the gliding claw under it. "You say that as if there were more beyond Gilt and Raze.." He can tell Raid is getting into a mood just by his more dismissive words and his body language. And especially so when asked of Cavalier's faction. This, coming from the mech dating a Decepticon and having removed his own badge. "..Would you disapprove is he wasn't?" He tests, needling at the hypocrisy.

"Naw!" Air Raid breaks into a hasty smile. "Neutral, Autobot, Decepticon, whatever!" He turns to face Skydive again, earnest in his smirk. "I'm glad. I just wanna' meet him. Sometime. When... whenever you think I should. I mean, I /might/ bump into him in the halls I guess. I'll be polite! Don't sweat it. I was fine with Trailbreaker! Gimme' some credit."

Looks like he caught himself, which is good at least. When Raid turns back around he'll be met with a knowing little smile. "As long as you're polite, it's fine by me." The mech stands to step beside the other, Skydive smiling wryly and gently pinching the edge of a wing. "And he's an Autobot, by the way."

Air Raid spreads his wings, to accent his winning grin and open palms. He cackles and dances away from the pinch. "Great. Autobots are pretty great. I say that only because all of my teammates are still Autobots." Another stupid wink. "I'll letcha' nerd out on your computer here... I see you're doing nerdtastic scrap. Thanks for inviting me in, 'Dive."

They may have hit a bump or two, but Skydive is overall glad they talked this out a bit more. It's tempting to follow after Raid dances out of reach, the Aerialbot giving a soft, close mouthed chuckle and giving the other a thoughtful look, his helm tilting subtly to regard him while resting a hand on his desk. "Glad you stopped by. ...Love you, Raid. Make sure not to get in too much trouble, now."

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