2018-02-13 Refill

From Transformers: Lost and Found

2018-02-13 Refill
Date 2018/02/13
Location Rigard - Southern District - Hopper's
Participants Sunstreaker, Trailbreaker
NPCs Bob
Summary Trailbreaker stumbles upon Sunstreaker asleep at the bar, not for the reason one might think.

Sunstreaker's golden frame has brightened one corner of Hopper's for several hours now. His shoulders bowed and head tilted forward, casting his face into shadow. His elbows seem to keep him propped up, his drink loosely grasped within his talons. It hardly looks touched, the bubbly container beginning to go flat and stale looking.

Sunstreaker hasn't moved at all or talked to anyone. Not even Bob. Bob is sprawled underneath the table and on top of Sunny's feet. The smaller bug watches the patron of the bar with four beady optics as he nonchalantly grooms his forepaws- servos- hands?? The larger pair. He's being a good boy.

"Hey Hopper! The usual, please!" Trailbreaker grins and flashes a peace sign at the bartender mostly to be friendly before thunking right down into a vacant seat, and the smile fades. That's about as much cheer as he can muster right now. "Uh, actually? Make that the 'bad day usual.'" Soon enough the waiter deposits something using tongs, sizzling and practically boiling out of its custom slender-necked bottle. Behold the Slendermech, strong enough to send Devastator into a coma.

Trailbreaker downs part of it right away to little effect and only then notices the brilliant gold frame. "...Hey. Sunstreaker? Bob?"

Bob looks up with a twitch of his antennae when his name is call. His limbs tuck away- BOB LOAF, A LOAF OF BOB- and he chitters inquisitively at Trailbreaker. Sunstreaker, meanwhile, doesn't move. He stays hunched over and silent, only the sounds of his steady ventilations can be heard.

"Haha, hi Bob!" Trailbreaker has trouble keeping up his grumpiness when Bob is being so cute. He offers the bug a little sip of his frighteningly strong enjex. "Well, if your keeper doesn't mind. Sunstreaker?...Sunstreaker?" He gives the bigger bug a gentle tap on the shoulder. "You alright, buddy? If ya need a ride back I can provide it. I barely started, so I'm good to drive."

Bob wiggles in his little loaf, stretching his neck out out eagerly to lap up the drink. Its a good thing Insecticons can down anything! (But that doesn't mean they should, Trailbreaker!)

Sunstreaker doesn't answer Trailbreaker, per se. Well, not in words. There's a soft, drawn out snore that ends abruptly when he's tapped. It shatters the carefully constructed support system that kept him alright, making him topple over and then jerk up. Violet optics online dully, some of his drink spilling. Bob rolls off his feet beneath the table. "Hng..." Sunstreaker murmurs, running a hand over his face tiredly. "Must've dipped into the red and didn't realize," he says to himself, looking at his drink. His nasal plating crinkles. Gross. "I- Trailbreaker? What-- why're you here??"

"'s a bar," a baffled Trailbreaker states. "Trailbreaker, bar?" He shrugs a little and peers over at Sunstreaker with worry creasing his features. "Into the red? That...never feels great. It looks like you mighta crashed. Do you need something? Like, something strong? You can have my drink if you want..." Enjex on an empty tank isn't always the best idea, but Trailbreaker tends to use it to fill up his easily-drained energy gauge quickly.

Sunstreaker squints at Trailbreaker before leaning back to peer around him. Not saying he doesn't believe him buuut... He definitly wouldn't fall asleep in a- "Oh, its a bar..." He frowns with a small purse of his lips, pulling inward at his frame. Embarassed. He looks at Trailbreaker's drink, one side of his mouth tugging back. "Yeah, strong... I'm sorry- but are you asking if I want to drink after you? Or are you offering to buy me a drink?"

"Uh, heh, I should just get you something. Maybe some fresh energon since you just woke up." Trailbreaker doesn't wait for Sunstreaker's response, instead waving the waiter over and ordering him some sweetened energon. He looks back at Sunstreaker and cups his chin. "You're at Hopper's. You doing alright? You don't seem drunk, and you wouldn't be if you're on empty..."

Sunstreaker's finials shift up, optics puzzling over Trailbreaker silently as his drink is ordered. "I'm not. That's Sideswipe's habit. Decided to give it a try. But I guess I just wasn't that thirsty." His mouth presses into a thin line. "So... You wouldn't of happened to hear the great news, did you? Mechs coming back from the dead." The line becomes a sullen frown.

"You weren't thirsty but you were running on empty?" A still-puzzled Trailbreaker lifts his drink. "I feel like I've been thirsty forever. I mean, I have. You got some willpower, but you gotta put something in your tanks or you'll pass out again..."

And at the mention of mechs coming back from the dead, Teebs proceeds to demonstrate his habit by downing the rest of his drink all at once. "Yeah, yeah I have." He droops. "I knew Roller. He was a good guy. This isn't...this isn't right..."

Sunstreaker shrugs, gently touching the collar around his neck. "Better than it was before," he mutters. No more biting people or doors or whatever. He vents. "Yeah, not right... Should be thrilled though, shouldn't we? We don't even know who all is back or not. I dunno how some of them died but I worry-"

Sunstreaker's jaw clenches as his drink Trailbreaker ordered is delivered. He nods the mech off before taking the glass and pulling it close. He looks at the bright pink liquid before dipping a talon in to give it a swirl. "You know. I used to be able to do this- that. Get mechs to buy me a drink. Didn't usually even drink what they bought, just wanted to prove something... No one's bought me a drink in a long time, though."

"I mean...I should be glad he's okay, that the first Ultra Magnus is okay, that Orion can do miracles, doesn't seem like Orion. When I talked to him some months ago, he didn't seem all that enthusiastic about the battle. Now he's raising the dead? It's just off. I wanna talk to him again, see Roller, but what would I even say? I can't explain what's wrong with it. Just somethin' I feel in my gut." He taps his tank. "Ya know?"

He blinks behind his visor when he realizes Sunstreaker might have misinterpreted his gesture. "Oh! I mean, it isn't-I didn't mean it like that. Not that I wouldn't but-you're a handsome fellow! Always were, still are in a different way, but I have a-that is to say...I was just worried about you." Trailbreaker stops. "Wow, that was probably a big long ramble of 'didn't really help,' huh."

Sunstreaker wipes his claw off on the edge of his class before lifting his drink. "I know," he says. "And I know how you meant it." He smiles softly at Trailbreaker before taking a sip. Its sweet and that's how he likes it. "And, for the record, the mechs who bought me drinks usually were too, heh." He takes a longer sip, several mouthfulls. Below the table, Bob paws at Trailbreaker's knee for his own drink.

"Anyways- thank you, by the way- anyways, that's not... Hmm, that's not exactly what I meant about it. More like..." Sunstreaker rumbles in his chassis, thinking. When he speaks up again, his voice is quiet, small. "I'd rather not meet someone who I may have killed."

"...Oh. Oh. Oh, I...I didn't think of it that way." Trailbreaker stares into his own glass this time, the remnants of the glowing energon reflecting off of his visor. He raises it for a refill right away. It's gonna be that kind of night. "I wouldn't know what to say either. Or how to look 'em in the eye. Or any of that." He gives Sunstreaker a sideways glance. "It's like the past keeps comin' back to haunt us, isn't it? Literally, in this case. Orion and Megatron, and we're at war again, and now this..."

"The past doesn't haunt us," Sunstreaker says, leaning back. "It waits for us. Wherever we go, wherever we turn, no matter how much we try to run or shove it off... It finds us. It lingers until we can't ignore its miserable existence." He blinks before drinking some more, grip on the glass tightening. He watches his fuel levels. He's going to need a lot of these. "Er- sorry. Past and I aren't exactly on good terms. And I've been reading lately... I've been told it helps to talk about the good things in the present, though."

"Poetic, though, in a miserable way. I like it." Trailbreaker is going to need a lot of his enjex too. "But it does help. Puts it in context, I figure. Like, hey, let's talk about something good that's happening to us lately. I have Fireflight, 'n lots of friends here, and the enjex is good, and Rodimus seems to think I'm worthy of responsibility and I haven't flubbed that yet. What about you?"

Sunstreaker vents churn out a soft laugh- its about as lovely to hear as he is to look at. "I'm glad- a lot of mechs don't appreciate decent misery," he muses as he finishes his drink off. He leans down to set it on the floor to let Bob clean it out. He ticks his servo to get another roung- several rounds with the amount of fingers he has up. Better refuel now. "Those are good. Rodimus is a good mech. Hmmm..." His wings flick out with a faint buzz behind him. "I... Got this collar which helps with all of this. And Sideswipe got me something to help with my-" he hesitates- "my problem... And I there's someone-- I think I have a shot with. I'm happy around him and Bob loves him. He's understanding and funny and... Well, you didn't hear this from me but he just might be the most handsome mech on the ship." He flashes a gorgeous, if not bashful, smile.

"Awww." Trailbreaker grins, a little goofy as the enjex kicks in. "That's real sweet, you know? I like it when mechs find each other 'n connect and stuff." He taps his fingers together as if that's a demonstration of...kissing? Emotional closeness? He's not really sure right now. It made sense in his head. "If you don't wanna tell me who that's okay, but I promise to keep a secret if ya do. And see? There's that smile. It's dazzling, ya know? He's sure to be dazzled whoever he is. You gotta-you gotta teach me how to smile like that for Fireflight. Except I'm kinda plain..."

Sunstreaker's finials perk up. "Thank you," he says to to compliments, taking his half a dozen or so drinks he got. This'll fill him up. He hasn't had a drinking buddy like this- Sideswipe doesn't count. Twice the drunk, twice the hangover. No fun. "I'll just say that you know who he is. I hope he's dazzled- er... I'm not sure, really. I haven't told him how I feel, exactly... Not yet. I'm not-- I don't know when would even be a good time..." He taps his talons against his lips in thought before straightening out. "And you're not plain. Anyone can dazzle, Trailbreaker. You just have to find what it is about you that's dazzling. Me? Everything. Sideswipe? He's got his charm and humor. You? Hmm... Broad shoulders, that visor pops... Maybe we can start with stopping that face you make..."

"Eh, I remember going over that in my head. Any time's a good time. Okay, not-not any time, like you wouldn't bring it up at a funeral? Or when he's with someone else? Or-but I mean, it's easy to keep waiting for the right time and talk yourself out of it. Who knows, even if it doesn't work out, ya might be brightening his day by letting him know someone cares." Trailbreaker flashes another smile, and then blushes a little at Sunstreaker's assessment of him. "Well, heh. I am kind of a big guy, pretty strong. Maybe if I could find a way to show off--huh? What face?"

Sunstreaker looks over the brim of the mug he downs, watching his fuel levels tiptoe out of the red. "Maybe I'll tell him now... Soon! Should I get a gift? I've never really done this before- usually I'm the one with unsolicited offers. Well, used to be." Not since Iacon, not that it's ever bothered him.

"I find that a lot of mechs enjoy watching you tensile cables tighten and armor shift while doing physical activities. Or seeing your weight lift limit," Sunstreaker agree readily at showing off strength. He arches a brow skeptically. "Your face. The face. The one everyone sees you make when you do your..." He blossoms out his fingers of one hand. "Forcefields. You know, the face."

"Can't go wrong with snacks or fancy enjex. Don't go overboard though, or you'll pressure him." Trailbreaker taps his chin thoughtfully. "Weightlifting, huh. Yeah, I can do that. Bet Fireflight would like that, heh. Wait-oh, not the forcefield face again! I do not have a forcefield face! I just...have to concentrate! See?" He forms a little platform to float his glass on, and indeed does the face. "No face. S'fine."

Sunstreaker looks at the golden forcefield... And reaches out to put a finger on the edge to see if he can tip it over or not. "Yes face. But it's endearing, in a way. Ask Sideswipe to replicate it for you, he'd be able to help you better than me. My faces tend to be..." He thinks about it, his expression dipping back into resting bitch face. Yeah, that. He smirks, leaning forward and resting his chin in his hand. "Hey, wanna see if Bob can chew through your forcefield? I bet he could." With all he and Trailbreaker seem to plan on consuming, there's going to be more bets to come. This might turn around into a fun night after all.

The forcefield sparkles but feels strangely solid. Trailbreaker lets it dissolve and his face relaxes, though he retains a bit of a pout. "Don't have a forcefield face," he mumbles, though the mope doesn't last long this time. He's been seeking a distraction to cling to so he doesn't have to think about ressurected friends and enemies, and Stupid Bob Tricks are just the thing. "Bet he can't, loser buys the next round!"

He probably won't be good to bring Sunstreaker back to the ship after all.

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