2018-02-11 Post-Punishment

From Transformers: Lost and Found

Date 2018/02/11
Location Lost Light- Mess Hall
Participants Dead End, Starstruck
Summary Star checks in on Dead End after his rivet duty.

Lesson learned when it comes to being a smart aleck in front to the new Captain and Her deputy. Rivet duty is a tedious chore, and those he worked beside didn't appreciate his commentary on how their efforts were pointless. Ten hours later, Dead End is sitting by himself and polishing his frame. He may have done a tremendous amout of work, but he doesn't have to look it.

Not everyone is taking well to the new captain, and Starstruck gets that. Rodimus was great! This new mech...well, she seems kind of like a stick in the mud. At least that's how the rumor mill has painted her.

What doesn't track is being mean to Hound. For an Autobot, he's really cool, dog! So when Starstruck grabs himself a plate of enerwings - the day's special - and spots Dead End, he makes a point of grabbing another plate and heading over to where the Stunticon has seated himself.

"You doing okay?" The second plate of fried energon 'chicken' wings slides over the table's surface toward Dead End, while Star offers a friendly smile. "Heard you got put on rivets."

Ah, Starstruck. The considerable 'outlier' of the Decepticons, given his attitude. Without the badge, most- Dead End- would amuse he were just another Autobot. "Don't you know it's the right of passage to be on rivet duty?" snarkily asks the stunticon. Despite his attitude, he is does find his humor something to laugh at behind his mask. "What about you? Coming out with a new single for your little star-band or whatever?"

"Not a rite of passage I had to take part in," Starstruck responds, smile going lopsided. Resting both forearms on the table, he leans into a slouch as he talks. "Mm, we've been working on it. Turns out the galaxy isn't so interested in our music once they find out it comes from a bunch of Cybertronians." He shrugs, in a 'what can you do' gesture. "We'll have to wait until we've kicked Unicron's ass and the galaxy loves us again."

<FS3> Dead_End rolls Nihilism: Good Success. (8 4 7 1 4 5 4 8 1)

Dead End shakes his head, "Sure they'll love us again."

"You know 'they' never loved us to begin with, and listen, we're not really going get to the end of this because we're basically all sparked to die. Unicron is just a looming reminder that it's soon all for naught." With that, Dead End shrugs, continuing to polish his shoulder as he eyes the goods Starstruck had brought over.

<FS3> Starstruck rolls Singing: Great Success. (5 1 8 8 1 5 8 3 6 8 2)

"Well no, they never loved us, because they didn't know us. Until we started, you know, murdering organics. But that's all different now!" Starstruck scootches closer, ignoring his own plate of enerwings for now. The pessimism does not seem to deter him as he begins to sing, softly. "The sun will come out, tomorrow, bet your bottom dollar that tomorrow, there'll be sun." He shifts to face Dead End fully, one arm remaining on the table while the other falls to his side. "Only MTOs are sparked to die, and even they're getting a second chance now! We've got this."

"How charming..." Should there ever be an encounter where Starstruck doesn't sing, it is un certain whether that would be a good sign or not. "Well, what does it matter if we met our fates within three seconds or three million years. So long as it is painless." Dead End pauses his polishing to slowly push his plate towards the larger mech. "Your consideration is a delight, but not everyone has lips behind a mask, Starstruck."

"Cheers to that." Then Starstruck winces, taking the plate back and piling the enerwings onto his own. "Fuck, you're right - I'm sorry man, I didn't even think. You want something else? They've got enersmoothies today, too, in all these great fruit flavors, I can grab you one of those instead?" Here is where Starstruck shows his true non-stereotypical 'Con colors, in that his voice is legitimately concerned, his features twisted in guilt over the mistake.

Dead End dismisses Starstruck concern with a single wave. "It is best that I never got into that 'face fad' or my looks would have received more attention on the battlefield." Away his cleaning cloth goes, now that his frame is perfectly polished and ready for the showroom floor. "While I may not mind a smoothie, I might grab one later. It is not important and not having one this instant does not mean I will immediately perish."

"Hey, there's nothing wrong with a mask or intake. You don't need a mouth to be attractive." Starstruck tries another smile as he picks up one of the wings. "If you're sure! I don't mind grabbing you one, you've been out on the hull for hours working rivets, right? You could use a good rest, and I'm a very good errand boy." His visor flickers in a wink, even as he shifts again to settle both elbows on the table and start eating his first wing.

“Since you insist." Dead End purrs in reply, resting his arm against the table. It's clean- he wouldn't have done it if otherwise. "Rivet duty is preposterously dull, and the tedious minimal task to be repeated makes it feel like a slow death. I felt another age pass me by and am still in dire need of another oil bath to soak in."

Starstruck quickly nibbles off the 'meat' of his wing, sucking at his fingers as he places the clean iron frame back onto his plate. "Rivet duty really sucks," he agrees, far less poetically, "and it blows that you had to go through it. You don't have much more to do, do you? Or did you finish?" He reaches for another wing, then pauses, giving Dead End a side glance. "It might help to give Hound a chance. He's done good here, for an Autobot."

That is just gross. Licking the substance off your fingers is nasty in Dead End's eyes. "Finished." he clarifies, his disgust hidden behind his visor. "It was not as though he wasn't being a 'bad mech' to begin with. Hound is a decent character who just became an experiment. While I may not pity him, I do not dislike him entirely. Besides, I was drinking at the time, and my comments slipped out." The stunticon shrugs, seeing no issue with his comments. Everyone gets drunk and does things that can be out of their control. He just doesn't regret his.

Starstruck, oblivious to his own social faux pax, laughs. "You were trying to joke? Huh, guess Ignition isn't fond of that kind of humor. But hey, at least you're done!" He reaches for another wing and tears into it with his teeth. At least his eating is neat - mostly. "Hound's a cool dude though, he's helped me out a few times. Even though I royally kicked his ass on a mission, once." Another laugh, Star lifting a hand to cover his mouth before he swallows the food in it.

"Kicking Autobot ass never does get old." Dead End muses, "I am sure he is, but that will have to wait until the next time I meet him." With that, the Stunticon gets up from his seat. "Nice chat, but I think it best I get my smoothie and be out. Tata."

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