2018-02-11 A Quick Checkup

From Transformers: Lost and Found

2018-02-11 A Quick Checkup
Date 2018/02/11
Location Lost Light - Science and Medical - Medibay
Participants Torque, Hound
Summary Hound visits Torque for a post optic repair checkup.

Hound waits for a lull in the medibay's schedule to make his way down from his office. He doesn't need much, after all-- during a busier period of the day, he'd probably end up waiting for longer than it takes to actually check out his newly-repaired optic. So when he finally steps inside, the place is rather empty, and it's easy for him to flag down the person he wants to see. "Hey, Torque," he calls across the space when he sees her. "Got a minute?" He looks about as relaxed as one could expect, except that the audial panels on top of his helm are held rather stiffly.

Even if Hound's optic was just cracked, the medical team still wanted him back in for a check-up a few days later. Better to be doubley sure. It's a good thing he's prompt about it, too, or else Torque would go find him personally.

Having checked in on patients still in the recovering ward, for one thing or another, Torque is busy updating things at one of the desks at one side of the room. The sound of the door prompts her helm to turn a bit first before optics follow from the screen, spotting the familiar mech and meeting him with a grin when he greets her. "Always got a minute, c'mon in." She rises from her seat and waves him over to one of the medical berths to sit. "How's the optic feeling?"

"Thanks," Hound says with a smile for Torque. He steps over to the medical berth and pulls himself up onto it with a small hop. As soon as he's settled on it properly he tilts his helm forward, to give Torque better access to the formerly cracked optic. "Optic's working fine," he reports. "Feels a bit sensitive but I'm not sure how much of that is just knowing that it's been replaced." His fingertips click against the berth, slightly, as he talks.

"Luckily it was a pretty easy fix. Should get used to it soon, though." Torque smirks and gently takes Hound's chin as he presents the optic, her other hand taking a pen light from a small personal compartment. "Follow it a minute.." The pen is held up in front of him and moved this way and that, testing his tracking, before shining in said optic to peer past the lens.

"Lookin' good to me." She confirms, ending on a gentle palpating around the socket itself before withdrawing. "You should be fine, but don't wait to come back if somethin' feels off, yeah?" Stowing her light, she then offers him a little smirk while leaning hip on the edge of the berth. "Been alright, aside from the optic?"

Hound dutifully tracks the light, then resets his optics a few times when Torque pulls it away. He at least doesn't bring a hand up to rub or press at the optic, and he refocuses on her quickly. "Right. I know better than to risk getting on your bad side," he says with a smile of his own. "And yeah, everything's..." Hound says, seemingly ready to dismiss any other worries, when he pauses. "Actually. Do these usually move a lot?" he asks, gesturing toward the audial panels on his helm.

"Hey, at least my bad side's better than Ratchet's." Torque grins back and nudges Hound's shoulder teasingly with a finger. Ah, but what's this about his audials? The gesture draws her gaze up, helm tilting and a brow lifting. "Hm? I mean, I guess as much as anyone with movable helm parts? They're expressive. Why, someone say somethin'?" If he'll allow it, Torque aims to give one of said panels a fond little rub between thumb and the side of her forefinger.

"Prowl pointed it out," Hound explains. His optics dim briefly at the touch to the panels, and it flicks slightly as Torque withdraws her fingers, then stills again, as Hound wrinkles his nose. "I'd never noticed it before. Does it feel weird to you, to think about that? I'm not used to having... well, movable parts to my frame." He shrugs, giving a wry grin. "I was too boxy for that, before."

Torque just scoffs softly when Prowl is mentioned. "'Course he did." To his question, she gives a hum of thought and looks briefly to the side, a hand reaching up to touch at her own antennas. "Dunno.. Not really? I mean, I've always had 'em, so I never had to think of them being something new." Back to him, a smile returns at his humor and she chuckles softly. "Boxy or beasty, I like yah as long as you're still Hound. But I can see why it's weird havin' the panels now. They betray what we're thinkin', whether we want them to or not. But I like 'em. Gives me somethin' to mess with." She teases again, smile impish.

"I mean, I don't think I mind," Hound says, "It's not like I was the master of deception before the change, or anything. But it's... different. Not sure how I feel about other people knowing more about them than I do." Soundwave probably hasn't had to read his mind to know what he's thinking, in their brief encounters recently. Hound is easily broken from the potentially dark path of that line of thought by Torque's last comment, which makes him laugh. "Something to mess with? All right, I see how it is. Maybe I should return the favor?"

Torque's own antennas give two little flicks at the threat, smiling wide as she backs up a step from the berth to keep out of arm's reach. "You can try, but I dunno if yah wanna go gettin' physical with me again. We both know how that went for yah last time." Namely with Hound face down in the mud. That said, she turns to more of a thoughtful look to him. "But just ignore Prowl. Your panels are fine. I know it's still weird gettin' used to the new frame, but we're all here supportin' yah, okay?" Torque drifts back when saying that and rests a hand over his, giving a gentle squeeze.

"Not in the middle of the medibay, you wouldn't," Hound says. He doesn't reach out toward her antennae, though. Clearly it's just because he doesn't want to put in the effort to jump off of the berth, not because he knows he'd lose! When she steps back, though, he looks at her hand over his, and nods, a hint of a smile on his face. "Yeah, I know. Thanks. It's... It's not all good, but it's not all bad either, you know? I don't know if I would have chosen it, but it's starting to feel more like mine."

"Good." Torque nods firmly, smirking. "Make it your own. We'll find a way to reverse it, I'm sure, but until then you should stick it to the bastards that did it. Show 'em this isn't gonna stop yah!" Grasping the hand she overlaps now, she takes the other as well and holds them between the two of them with an encouraging little shake. "Maybe I can help yah feel a little better. How about we take a day, maybe even a couple hours, and go out to another planet like last time? Nice place to clear your head."

Despite his best efforts to keep them still, Hound's audial panels perk along with the rest of his frame at the suggestion. "Can't say I'd mind the chance to get out and really stretch my legs on a planet," he admits. "It's been a while." Those times recently clearly don't count, as far as he's concerned. Then he pauses. "Well. As long as Ignition doesn't mind me taking the time for it," he says cautiously. "I'm still trying to take her measure as Captain."

Torque is glad to see those ears perk, her own waggling with enthusiasm as optics squint happily. "Been missin' the dirt under my wheels, too. It'd be a nice little trip. Maybe I'll bring some engex, just to make it that much better." Ah, but he does make a point about Ignition, though Torque merely shrugs, unbothered. "Could always put in a request. Or I could make a doctor's order, but that may be a bit much, heh."

"She doesn't seem unreasonable," Hound says. "I'm sure I'll get the time for it. It's just making sure I'm not leaving a bad impression on her. She seems... pretty reserved." A complete 180 from their last Captain, in other words. But Hound shrugs that off, determined not to be bothered by it, and nods to Torque. "You bring the engex, I'll see if I can find any candies, we'll make a day of it," he agrees. "Find somewhere we can hike enough to deserve the break, huh?"

"She seems pretty decent so far." Torque comments on their new captain, despite not having met her yet. It's still a shame Rodimus had to step down, but maybe it was for the best for now. As long as they can keep going. "And maybe she'll loosen up a bit once she gets to know us better. It's probably not so easy for her either to suddenly take on a whole crew of strangers, especially with some of the antics that seem to find us."

But enough of the captain, Torque is focusing on the mention of candy. She nods with enthusiasm and grins, giving his hands a final squeeze before letting go. "You can count on me. I'll find us a nice, scenic challenge."

"Just don't slam me into the mud again," Hound tells her with a grin. He returns her hand squeeze before she lets go. "I have to keep a little dignity about me, or the crew won't ever take me seriously."

That little comment of course earns him a cheeky look, Torque winking with a coy curl of her lips. "I dunno, you weren't complainin' so much last time I did, so no promises from me. I'll browse around and see what planets I come up with, though. Catch yah in Swerve's after shift and we can go over my finds?"

"Works for me. I could use a drink, anyway," Hound says. He finally hops down from the berth, glancing toward the door at the sound of another crew member entering. "In that case, I'll leave you to the rest of your shift. And I'll let you know if the optic starts giving me trouble."

"Right, I'll see yah. And remember, own it!" Torque muses goodnaturedly while seeing Hound off with a wave before greeting the incoming patient, ready to assist. She'll have to search for some good locations between folks, but she'll be sure to single out only the best.

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