2018-02-10 The Weapon

From Transformers: Lost and Found

The Weapon
Date 2018/02/10
Location Lost Light - Science and Medical - Science Labs
Participants Penchant, Lieutenant, Brainstorm, Sandstorm
Summary Some sort of conclusion is reached after a study of Tempo's weapon. We think.

So Support had been told they could carefully, respectfully, study Tempo's weapon. So maybe Sandstorm's curiosity had been piqued. So maybe Sandstorm had followed Brainstorm in going about this careful, respectful study.

It was a miracle these two were allowed to look at all.

But look they did, and the results were in, and Sandstorm had posted what they found for the rest of the department. He guessed other mechs wanted to know, so he might as well share. And while he was at it, he might as well help Brainstorm open some time for other members of the department to discuss it.

It's not like a Perceptor meeting. There's no datapads set out on the table, no references available for those coming in. It's just Sandstorm leaning against a workbench with his own datapad, optics flicking between the screen and the door. His rotor arms shift every so often, but otherwise he doesn't move.

Penchant tries to keep up with the more scientific findings when he can, and he's been permitted to poke around without escort now, so he's glad to sit in and listen here in the labs. He sits atop the bottom rung of a tall stool, with his own datapad and an eager smile.

It takes a certain kind of person to take their time showing up to their own meeting. The busy kind. Way busier than you've ever been, doing much more important things than you've ever done. Consider yourselves lucky that Brainstorm actually poked out of his lab for once.

He doesn't look particularly concerned by his near tardiness, strolling in as if nothing has happened to find a spot near Sandstorm "Well, I see atleast someone could make it. Lieutenant wants to find out what the now-Support division would find on Tempo's weapon. How he found out about this meeting isn't as important as the findings. With a datapad and stylus out, he's already making notes. "Thank you for gracing us with your brilliance," the avian says to Brainstorm with a touch of amusement.

Sandstorm looks up from his datapad one last time, lets his optics roam over their 'guests'. "I don't think these two count," he says at length, tone even. Instead he turns to Brainstorm, his ridiculous amount of kibble spreading and widening to metaphorically cut Penchant and Lieutenant out of the conversation. "Since it's just us, I guess we should get on with figuring out what the hell our results mean. You got any ideas? I'll wait for you to get all your 'genius' out before I say anything."

"Hey! We count!" Penchant waves his stylus from his lowly seat. "Can you summarize what you found? The sooner we can sign off on firing this weapon, the sooner we can /save people/. Since that's what this is all about, Sandstorm."

"I'm actually kind of with him on this onw" Looking at Penchant, Brainstorm juts a thumb at Sandstorm "I mean, you're logistics, and you" he looks at Lieutenant "Aren't even part of the crew anymore if I recal. You guys won't understand half of the details, so I'll try to make it simple for your sakes. First of all, we have time before we need to 'sign off' on anything. We still need the artifacts to charge, so we have something to shoot with, especially since we only have one shot. One good shot anyways, so we'll need to make it count. The crystal itself is amazing! I've never seen anything like it! Well, like it yes, but nothing that could store so much energy relative to its size. Completely different storage mechanism. Imagine what such a thing could be used for if we could replicate it!"

While he could argue Sandstorm's comment on not being counted, there are better things to speak on. Such as the weapon. If Sandstorm needs him to be invisible, he will. For now. Lieutenant only shrugs and makes another note... until it's pointed out he's not apart of the crew anymore. "Be that as it may, I am well-versed in many things read. Perhaps I may not have either of your intellect, but I will be able to follow along." he replies evenly, "Besides, Anialus would take my word over your's on how well Support handled the weapon."

With that, Lieutenant jots down some pointers on the important points of what Brainstorm has to say. He doesn't particularly care what they think.

Sandstorm, ignoring Brainstorm, ignoring Lieutenant, shoots the cassette in the room an annoyed look. "We don't even know if firing this thing is the best course we've got." He does go quiet for Brainstorm, and as soon as he's finished pipes up again. "We've only got the one shot, like he said," a thumb jerked in Brainstorm's direction, "And we don't even know for sure what that shot does. The energy's the same as Vector Sigma's and the Matrix's, but last we checked, the Matrix didn't kill Unicron, did it?"

Glancing back to his datapad, Sandstorm pulls a face, this time directed at Lieutenant. "So you're, what, planning on telling him we fragged up? So that he won't let us use it, in the event that we need to? Great plan. Especially when it's a lie. As for the crystal--" Another glance at his datapad, "--we can't replicate it. Not yet. Those tentacled freaks couldn't replicate it and they've got a headstart on us, so we shouldn't even try, especially when this thing is old as hell and currently our only chance for doing something debilitating to Unicron. Any questions?"

Penchant eyes Brainstorm with a small frown, but presses onward. "It /disabled/ Unicron, somehow, leaving the Knights to dismantle and seal Unicron in the monoliths. Is that right? And the difference in this crystal and the Quintesson crystals..." He flips through a few digital pages, "This crystal is fractal instead of geometric. Er, weren't the Quint crystals created by Rung? They were using him..."

"Killing Unicron might not be our best course of action either" Brainstorm points out, turning to Sandstorm "We could end up making things even worse if we do, considering that there's a non-zero chance that he and Vector sigma are linked and killing one hurts the other and disrupts the balance of the universe and all that. Knocking him out should work just as well. We just need to hide the parts better this time, and set up safegurads so people can't just accidentally drift by and unwittingly charge them again. And yes "He turns to Penchant again "The crystal is fractal, which is probably why it can handle so much energy, and no" he turns back to Sandstorm "Just because the Quints couldn't duplicate it, doen't mean we shouldn't try. The Quints didn't have me. Don't worry, I don't intend to crack this one open to do it. I might take it out to run some scans though. It shouldn't disturb the charging process so long as I don't take it too far."

Lieutenant's only response to Sandstorm's comment is to finally spare him his full attention. Nothing more. This dispute is over and he will remain whether or not it pleases the ex-wrecker. "So it would it be that fractal seems to work better than geometric?" he stabs at, "I doubt we could guarantee hiding Unicron any better than the Knights had, given that another few million years someone could disturb him again as we had. Although, I completely agree that killing Unicron is not the answer."

"Listen, egghead." Sandstorm's rotor arms rise, rotors whirling. "I never said we wanted to kill Unicron. I said the weapon probably doesn't kill Unicron, since we're using it in the Matrix's stead, which, as we know, didn't kill Unicron. And you ever thing recombining Unicron with Cybertron might be the better option? If it's part of Vector Sigma, then bringing them together again might be a whole lot better than separating Unicron's parts and hoping for the best."

Huffing through his nasal vents, Sandstorm continues in a mocking tone, "'Oh the Quints didn't have me' well you haven't figured this out until it was given to you by Tempo, have you? I'm all for studying the crystal, but I'm not here for you to run off with the thing when you might frag up the weapon. We still need it, and like pipsqueak said--" A jab in Penchant's direction, "--we're using it to save lives. If you go too far and the crystal loses its charge, we're scrap! We need it to knock out Unicron, at the very least, and--" Sandstorm pauses, glances back at Penchant, narrows his optics.

"Yeah. Rung coughed up the crystals the Quintumors used. So if we were gonna recreate it, we'd need something that wasn't thrown up by a mech."

"I mean... sure, it's prudent to create a chance at a second shot, in case this one, uh, misses? Or does something to Unicron that empowers him? Or is just ineffective, I suppose. But..." Penchant bristles at the nickname, then makes a bit of a face. "Rung /voided/ the crystals? Urgh, poor mech. Look, I think you guys have enough to surmise that it at least incapacitates Unicron, and from there we can probably think about 'hiding pieces'. Does anyone know how our Matrix ties into this? If at all? We went through all the trouble of assembling it... and it's still without a charge from Vector Sigma, who implied that we already kinda' have our Matrixes..."

Were he and Sandstorm not on the same side, this would be the point at which Brainstorm would start looking for a good hiding spot. Since they are, however, Brainstorm stands his ground, shoulder fins lifting up a little as he crosses his arms over his chest to stare down the other Autobot "Sounded to me like you were complaining about it beig non-lethal. And yes "he lens in. Personal space what? "I did think that. Like I siad, hide them better, and set up safeguards. They got seperated once, what's to stop that from happening again? I'm sure we're not the only ones to realise that, and I'll bet you that someone out there will decide that they want to drag out the ancient evil again."

"And" Brainstorm's optics narrow "I'm a weapons engineer, and the ship's genius. I assure you, I know how to handle weapons without breaking anything, unlike some people on this ship, and I know what's at stake here as much as everyone else, if not more. You're missing the big picture here. If we can replicate that thing, we'll get a huge technological leap, and have a better chance against any other universe ending disasters in the future."

Having said that, he finally straightens out again, only to turn to Penchant again "If we rig it for a second shot, we increase the chance of it not doing anything either time, and we'll be wasting energy on priming it twice too. We only have a set amount of energy that's taking months to collect. If the first time doesn't work, the second time probably won't either, and I doubt Unicron will be open to giving us a chance to fall back and recharge. Whoever's shooting just has to make sure and not miss."

More notes are jotted down. "It best not be the Artifacts," Lieutenant mutters in response to 'already having matrixes. He's hating the thought of having to grab hold of his. "It may not be enough, but why not try on a smaller scale with a replica of the weapon? Judge the reaction based on a model instead of the real thing since, in realty, we only have one shot. Say we use a couple artifacts to test that? It would at least give us an idea on what could happen should we use it, other than 'it delivers a powerful blast as the Matrix did long ago.'"

"Pretty sure it's the artifacts," Sandstorm throws Lieutenant's way. He got bored of Brainstorm's tirade about a quarter through it, and spent the time flicking through the data on his datapad instead. Without giving Brainstorm the attention he craves, Sandstorm points his light pen at Lieutenant without looking up, either. "That is not a terrible idea. We've got the specs for the weapon now, and we know the artifacts power it. We could try something like that. We'll need volunteers and one of those fraggers from Unicron's army, but it's a test worth doing." To Penchant, next: "Our Matrix is gone. The replica we tried didn't work, you said so yourself. Also--" finally back to Brainstorm, "--'I'm the ship's genius' when you present me with some documentation that lets you do whatever the hell you want, then I'll agree with you. Until then? Cool your subpar jets."

"Well, okay. So even if we were to replicate it, we wouldn't be able to charge it in time. One shot, no matter what. Yeah, sure, we can try to see what it does on a smaller scale, but..." Penchant looks up to Lieutenant. "We've applied our artifacts to Unicronian tainted mechs. It's pretty clear what happens. It... hurts. Burns? Right Lieu? Though it cleared your mind... Spark energy, Vector Sigma energy... How is the weapon any different? We're charging it with our spark energy."

Oh now you've done it. Brainstorm straightens out, his shoulder fins raising even higher, engling up in indignation. His squint locks on Sandstorm "My jets are perfectly up to par, unlike your brain module. You couldn't do an eight of what I can. I've had more designs rejected for being too good than you've ever come up with. Believe me, I can do what I want, I simply choose not to because I like it here."

Lieutenant flinches at the mention of applying artifacts. The nice thing about standing is being able to take a half-step back from a group. In case anyone has any bright ideas of pulling one out. "We can leave you two to measure your intellect spikes -or whatever you measure with- later." back to the topics at hand, "While the artifacts do clear the mind, It is because Unicron influences me. I belong to him, where as he does not primarily belong to anyone. However, I agree that this should be tested... on someone else. I already let you experiment with me."

"That doesn't look like documentation to me." And with that, Sandstorm is done with the conversation. Lieutenant is far more interesting right now, as well as Penchant's insight. Shifting away from Brainstorm, this time it's the jet who's blocked by ridiculous kibble as Sandy's optics flick between Lieutenant and Penchant. "So the energy we're gathering burns away Unicron's taint, but it probably doesn't kill him. Considering the Matrix didn't kill him before." He taps his pen against his datapad.

"Hey, could you calm down maybe? Nobody said anything about testing this on you, and your little fit isn't going to help." Sandy taps his pen against pursed lips as he thinks. "This weapon, the energy is similar to Vector Sigma, and based off our sparks. We already know it burns off taint from Unicron. Maybe Unicron was tainted when he split from Cybertron - or whatever happened there. Maybe he picked up some slag while flying around the universe, and this weapon is supposed to cleanse him to make him able to join up with Vector Sigma again. Or something." More lip tapping. "We can't miss. No matter what this thing does, that's the consensus here - we can't miss. Are we at least agreed on that?"

Penchant offers a sympathetic smile at his tall, green, nervous buddy. "Don't worry." Then, to Sandstorm. "Yes. Uh, I guess we ought to bring Tempo to Unicron? We'd just have to... handle the Harbinger flotilla there. Or perhaps we can manage from a safer distance. Should we talk to Intel about this? Get everything reviewed and signed off on?" He remains eager to just fire this thing, it seems.

Oh no you don't. Okay, they can leave the measuring contest for later, but Brainstorm is not about to let Sandstrom get away with treating him like this. You want excessive kibble obstructing things? Fine, have an excessivley long fin in your face when he pushes past to get infront of you "We just need to keep them from Tempo while he's shooting, and keep them from blocking the shot, which is a lot easier than eliminating them. I mean, I could build something that could do that, but it would need a lot of resources, and I'm pretty sure this new captain is even more Magnusy than Rodimus, and the Lost Light's weapons are the strongest he le tme set up on it. A short term distraction would be a pice of oil cake though."

"I can never be sure since no one here waits for a yes or no and just assumes when you want to think about, you just mean 'yes' in more words." Lieutenant grumbles bitterly, who is wordlessly not in agreement on hitting Unicron with that thing. He internally digresses, so not to spur more trouble. "Distractions would be more of Combat's issue. If the artifacts bring the Harbingers to the light, they will still fight. So that may not be much of a distraction as hitting them head on may be."

Sandstorm hisses, flexes his kibble, possibly smacks part of Brainstorm's wing with it. Possibly. "Doesn't matter how much like Magnus our captain is, we don't have the resources for whatever it is you're thinking. We barely have the resources to feed ourselves without Tempo's help, so whatever solution you're thinking of? Can it.”

"Yeah, sure, get Intel involved. Tell them to figure out how we can get past the Harbingers without !Rodimus roasting our afts. Get Combat involved too, I don't care. Our main goal is to get to Unicron if we're gonna fire this thing, and fire it when the time's right. Getting them out of the way isn't my job."

"Alrighty." Penchant scribbles down notes. "I figure you can still do a little mini-test, and attempt to replicate, if you feel you guys have time." He stands from his rung perch, and rocks on his heels. Despite the growls and mutters, he gives a thumbs-up. GO TEAM.

"And this is why I'm the ship's genius" Brainstorm steps forward, and to the side, right infront of Sandstorm, but far enough away to avoid any more 'bumping' "A decoy can just as easily draw their attention without all that energon spilling. Not everyone in combat has an artifact, and the Lost Light is still dockbound, so our guys would be slaughtered pretty quickly. I'm sure not all of them will leave, but if we can make them believe there's a bigger threat elsewhere, we can cut the numbers onsite, and make it more likely that we get enough time to hit."

"A suggestion as a distraction could be letting !Rodimus fight Soundwave on some other planet, which could leave the rest without a leader. That could be enough to implement a distraction." And not because Lieutenant just wants to throw Soundwave under the proverbial bus. Absolutely not. "So much for not understanding half of the details." Lieutenant remarks, as he starts heading out. "Thank you for your time and 'simplifying' your language to our level." A casual salute, and he is out to study up on his own.

"Because you're an afthole?" Sandstorm gives, leaning back against the table Brainstorm has abandoned. "You could've just, I don't know, mentioned this drone idea earlier without building it up. You could've given us a solution without twisting things to make yourself look smarter than you are. But hey, I'm not the ship's genius, am I?" Another point to Lieutenant as Sandstorm finally pushes himself away, following the other two out the door. "He's got a good idea. Maybe send that to command when you give them your genius plans, huh? Oh, and if it doesn't work? It's your fault." A mock pair of fingerguns, much like what their ex-captain would give, and Sandstorm is out. Later, loser.

"Flattery will get you nowhere" There are things that Brainstorm will contest being called, but 'afthole' is not one of them. He's well aware that he's not the nicest guy in the galaxy, and he doesn't care either. "I'm not making myself look smarter than I am. I am that smart. Don't worry, I won't give command any plans that are doomed to be ineffective because they assume that the harbingers are as disorganised as we are and don't have a chain of command." he smirks as Sanstorm leaves, before begining to move towards the hall himself. "Now if you don't mind, I have important work to do."

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