2018-01-31 Screwing Up

From Transformers: Lost and Found

Screwing Up
Date 2018/01/31
Location Lost Light - Command: Perceptor's Office
Participants Perceptor, Skystalker
Summary What matters is that Skystalker learns from it.

The bridge offices are spacious with slightly beveled walls, polished floor panels and a prim desk with two adjustable seats for guests. A circular ceiling lamp offers a bright, warm light, and the walls are flanked with doors that either lead to additional offices or the officer's optional quarters.

With division leads getting spaces to conduct business, Ignition seems to be getting off on the right foot. Skystalker may not work on the bridge or in Navigation any more, but he still hears things. While he has expressed his dismay about Rodimus-- probably even to Rodimus-- Skystalker can't knock her taking over for too long. He arrives on the bridge level with a careful eye, however, slinking past who he needs to in order to not be noticed for long. Perceptor's message was short and unspecific save for the ASAP notation.

Skystalker arrives at Perceptor's door without fanfare, ringing at it before testing at opening it. "Perceptor, I'm here."

Perceptor perks up significantly when Skystalker walks in, standing up from his desk and hopping up on top of it. "Skystalker!" The excessively cheery greeting is followed by a wide spreading of the CSO's arms to encompass the whole room, optic bright. "They gave me an office!" He's never had one before, it's neat.

Whatever Skystalker was expecting, it wasn't Perceptor's cheer and the hop up onto the desk. Still, it brings a laugh and a sparkle of optics when Skystalker takes a look and closes the door behind him.

"I see that!" He approaches the desk and his friend doing a great Rodimus impression, amber optics moving up and down his frame and the extension of arms at the space. "Do you like it? I see you're making an imprint on the desk already--"

Tails flick when Perceptor bends over to look Skystalker in the face, smile still brighter than it's been in a while. "I've never been in a position to have a private office. It's quite official, isn't it?" He does look down at the desk and hunch a little, embarassed but unwilling to move and admit it.

Rather than let Perceptor hunch on his own, Skystalker lifts his aft up to set himself on the edge of the desk nearby. There! Now they are both on the desk. No need to be sheepish. Sky looks up at him over the edge of his shoulder, gripping the desk's edge and smiling.

"Really? I suppose it is, yes." Sky sounds a little surprised that Perceptor has never had an office.

Perceptor lowers into a crouch, crossing his arms over the tops of his knees and shrugging. "Not poor form for a first foray into command positions, hm?" It only took.... several years of service. Possibly because he is happier in the labs. "But we do have business to attend, excitement aside."

"I was hoping you asked me up here for something other than oogling your new office." Skystalker admits, wingtips tilting downward a moment as he surveys Perceptor's posture.

"I would probably have asked you up here just to oogle the new office." Perceptor deadpans, then grins full of fangs. His posture doesn't change from the causal crouch but his tails do fall to curl around his feet. "I understand that you haven't attended any institutions for instruction in scientific methodology or practice, correct?"

Skystalker seems amused by the fact that Perceptor would have asked him up here regardless. It's nice to know he'd do it, even it's silly. As Perceptor begins with something more, Skystalker relaxes against the edge of the desk and listens. The question has him glancing away, a hand lifting to fidget at his chest armor. "If you're asking if I've gone to a school, no, I haven't."

"Have you had any informal instruction with regards to ethical research practices or the standards we are meant to adhere to to ensure an ethical experimental process?" Perceptor follows up, reaching out tentatively to give Skystalker's shoulder a soft pat.

It's the second part that gives Skystalker a little more indication on where this could be heading. Despite the touch to his shoulder, Skystalker's wings tuck further downward and his manner stiffens. His mouth flattens a little before he looks up to answer. "Some. I mean... working with the others on some of the recent things, moreso?" Skystalker's answer is quiet. "I've been trying to take my cues from them."

"Then some formal instruction is in order. As I have the time and-" Perceptor swings a hand out to encompass the new office. Shiny. "The space, it may be best to conduct this myself. You aren't in trouble, this time. I know this is your first foray into testing with Cybertronians."

"I wanted to help him. You too. Them. I just-- I regret using it to question someone too-- and I really--" Skystalker's sudden stammer doesn't help his case-- he does consider himself in 'trouble'. "I didn't mean to be--" Bad? But he was, and recognizing it might be half the battle. He slips off of the edge of the desk, fingers twining together as he stands up again. He's no Shockwave, that's for sure.

Perceptor blinks, makes an odd melodic noise and shuffles a bit closer to Skystalker, slipping down to sit on the edge of the table and hold hands out toward the flier. An offered hug, if Skystalker wants it. "I did not, at any point, believe that you had malicious intent when you embarked upon this. Ignorance is something which can be easily remedied."

Not anything like Shockwave or his peers, or even quite like any of them in the heyday of war. Skystalker's gaze moves to and fro, settling on the hands of the other mech as he sits on the edge where Sky had been a moment ago. There's a small hesitance, and a sad glitter of optics, but Skystalker takes Perceptor up on the offer, ducking into the hug.

"When Bulk asked me to help I wanted to prove I could... and I'd been working on the oils from that tranquilizing plant... I thought..." Skystalker's vocalizer is muffled by nearness to another frame, just a touch dusky. "I didn't think. Now Waspinator hates me." That's a strong word, and it may not be wholly true. "I'm just the botanist. I didn't go to school or learn from the best or--"

Perceptor's winging it here but it seems to be working. After a brief moment of hesitation he pats at Skystalker's lower back, keeping away from the wings. "You are ignorant, but as I said, that is something we can fix quite easily. I am consistently thrilled to have someone with your knowledge and exhuberance for botanical studies within my department and have no doubt your work will continue to be enlightening." He gives the other a small squeeze. "You are doing very well."

Skystalker seems to want to hide in the embrace, but he knows how new at this Perceptor is. He leans back after letting his helm rest against Perceptor's frame for a few moments, absorbing some notes of warmth first. Sky's expression hardens with a moment of firmness, a tiny flicker of pride in the way that the other mech talks about him and his work.

"I do want to learn. I will." Skystalker's mouth twitches in a smile, a tad self-deprecating when he looks down. "When I make mistakes it feels like one step forward, two steps back. All of you are so far ahead of me. Because of science forged in war, I guess? I only started because of slagging gardens..."

Instead of giving up and letting Skystalker retreat fully, Perceptor slips his arms along to keep the other mech close enough that they're still sharing the same space bubble. His tailtips twitch on the desk. "Skystalker, I understand that I speak from a place of perhaps not... entirely understanding your situation, but the Lost Light is home to nearly all of the top minds our species has to offer. You cannot hope to compete with mechs who have four, five or more millions of years of experience and training and none of us would presume to hold you to such standards as that would be..." He fails to find a more cultured word and makes a face, continuing with: "Idiotic and unobservant."

Realizing he's being kept near is warming. Skystalker's hands alight on the insides of Perceptor's arms as they keep him in place, an easygoing insistance that the spacer stay in the bubble. So he does.

"I know you're all better than that..." Most of them, anyway? Skystalker's mouth eases, the line of his lips edging back to a parted, bated breath. Thoughtful. "I sit at the meetings and I take notes and I practice. And I want to be someone like one of you." Chin lifted, the last comes in a more determined fashion. "But if I do things like what I did to Waspinator, I deserve to be behind." So he'll learn.

Perceptor sighs, standing up to butt foreheads with Skystalker, if the mech lets him. "You deserve education and shall recieve it. The point at which this happens again is the point where you are expected to feel shame. And it will not." He rocks back, chances a small smile at Skystalker. "I know very little about your friend, but if he is of sound mind it seems unlikely he will be able stay angry at you for long."

The bump against his crest certainly feels catlike. Skystalker allows it, of course, vents quiet in their intakes. Don't let it happen again. He 'deserves education'. That catches at his spark, even with the smile from Perceptor

"It took him a while to even say my name. Now he's just calling me 'shinybot' again. I'm so stupid." One hand rubs its heel against optical socket, a dig at his own exasperation, stern frown included. "Everyone treats him like garbage and now I'm no different. I should have known better. I was garbage once too. I hope you're right... he's a good bug." Sweet, even-- sometimes.

"You're the kindest mech I know." Perceptor reassures, voice edged with a gravely purr that he looks honestly surprised at, absently touching his neck and frowning at nothing in particular. Cat things. "We all make mistakes, yes? I'm told what's important is that we seek to right what wrongs we've made and learn from the experience. Is..." He trails off, hesitating. "Is there anything I can do?"

Skystalker laughs softly, one hand touching on Perceptor's purring chest as he seems surprised by it. Sky is more used to seeing it from someone like Chimera, but coming from Percy, it's a little refreshing. "Just... keep your promise to teach me. You're the closest I'll ever get to a school or an institute. Or ever have gotten at all, really?"

"I will do my best not to disappoint." Perceptor says at length, sounding more confident than he really is. "I'll survey the schedules and alott time for it on the next rotation alteration. Until then, please postpone any trials or consult myself or Bulkhead for the particulars on contracts and documentation of informed consent." He bites at his lip, leaning forward to draw Skystalker into another hug, this one trying for reassurance.

Even if Perceptor is unsure about his comfort, Skystalker isn't; he ducks in against the other mech again, this time letting his arms coil around upper waist in an effort to reciprocate. The side of his crest rests momentarily against chassis. "I'm sorry about all this. Thank you for everything."

Perceptor hums, considering before speaking. "You're welcome." The purring doesn't kick up or anything, but it's a constant presence of soothing vibrations and pitch.

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