2018-01-31 A Blessing

From Transformers: Lost and Found

A Blessing
Date 2018/01/31
Location The Bone Forge
Participants Bone-Spur, Chimera
Summary Chimera needs some quiet time.

The heat collects easily down here, vented upward through a set of grates. It leaves the place in a dry heat, the lighting running in lines along the ceiling and periodically ending in lanterns along the walls. The walls themselves are lined with hung weapons, armor, and tools, the floor with chests full of sorted scrap and metals.

The forge itself is lit mostly by the fire and pinpointed light, and there are two separate workstations. One is a smaller bench clearly for delicate whitesmithing work. The other is home to two anvils, one plain, the other a deep onyx that seems to give off a constant, water-like glisten of its own.

It will be some time before the wound in Chimera's spark will begin to heal, but after that day on Cybertron she can feel the edges slowly begin to knit back together, though it'll never be fully closed. To help the ache a bit, she seeks out a familiar place and an even more familiar face to spend some time with.

The smell of the forge and the heat on her armor are welcome sensations to the beast as she enters Bone-Spur's workshop, tailtip flicking delightedly when optics train on the dinosaur. "Greetings, Bone-Spur. I hope I am not interrupting?"

The anklyosaur is working the massive set of bellows when Chimera arrives, and it pushes the heated air around like a tide. The fire it feeds is a mass of coals inside the forge, red hot and simmering at its nest. Broad shoulders heave at the handle to the bellows, up and down with a steady movement. When she hears the sound of her name, Bone-Spur pauses when she lowers the tool flat, lifting her head marked by smudges of ash. The blue-gray of her eyes lights up when she sees Chimera there, tail a-twitching back at her.

"Hey! Nah, not a lick! You're fine, darlin'." Bone-Spur does one more pump of the bellows before stepping away from it, satisfied at the temperature of her coals. She goes about loading up a basin of scrap as she looks the other beastform over. "To what do I owe this pleasure?"

Chimera relishes the heat pouring from the superheated coals, a shiver racing up her spine that puffs out armor and mane a little. It's so very comforting. But she needs more than that right now, giving into some selfishness for once and approaching Bone-Spur between her loading and slinging arms suddenly around broad shoulders in a close hug.

"Forgive me.." Chimera murmurs lowly to Spur, face hidden against the side of boney helm. "It has been a.. rough few days. I am simply in need of some good company, is all."

Bone-Spur has barely finished sliding the basin over the coals when she turns right into an embrace. Chimera can feel her startle just a wee bit, but it passes; rough hands come up to settle around the feline's back, a tentative hold. Until she speaks, Spur can't be sure what it is-- so she defaults to a comforting grasp.

"Aw, now..." Bone-Spur rumbles passively as Chimera's face hides from her optics, the shapes of her helm obscuring much. "A rough few days...?" There's a moment of Spur huffing through the slight points of her teeth, as if she might decide to ask who made it so rough. For now she doesn't, letting Chimera instead hold on in peace. "'S alright. If ya need me around, tha's fine. I don't mind..."

Chimera is usually the supportive one, so seeing her wanting for comfort is somewhat uncommon. "Thank you.. And fear not, it was something of my own doing, to better myself. It is never easy doing what is best for you." She speaks softly and wilts into the embrace a little, the quiet thrum of a purr vibrating in her chest.

She hangs a few moments longer, soaking up the contact, before slowly extracting herself and smiling softly to the anky, hands remaining on shoulders. "It has been a while, so checking in on you was the second reason why I have come. How have you been? I noticed the weapons you have made available, so hard at work I would imagine."

The stray thoughts of pulping whoever's fault this is dissipate when Chimera tells her that it's her own doing. Bone Spur lets out a small, gruff sound, hands at Chimera's back wrapping a little closer as she wilts. Dinos don't purr, but Spur definitely knows what the calm vibrato means as it bumps faint against her own armor. Whatever happened it must have been harrowing to have left the leonid in such a state. When she pulls away, Spur's fingers trail gently on the ends of long mane, a curious touch to the filaments.

"It's contributing, I figure." There's a crooked smile for Chimera's soft, friendly one, and Spur angles her head with a small laugh, voice deliberately kept low. "They ain't the best, but they serve, yaknow? Seen some people usin'em too. As for me? I've been good. Stayin' busy, makin' sure my new buds stay outta trouble and all. You gonna be okay...?" She ventures backwards, just for a moment. Checking.

Chimera's soft mane leaves a gentle tingle on Bone-Spur's fingers as they run along the golden strands. "They are better than nothing, we are blessed to have you supplying us." And she knows if she ever runs out of arrows that she'll have someone to replenish them. However, to the backtracked question, Chimera's expression softens and she leans in to bump forehelm against Spur's own solid one, not having to be too gentle with the armored femme. "..I will be fine, so long as I have you all."

Eventually she draws away and looks off to the forge, a somber expression to her when studying the blazing fire within for a brief moment until it starts to hurt. "..There was a piece of Hephaestus I have carried with me for a very long time. I was too afraid to let it go.. But I finally came to terms with how selfish that was, and how I would be alright with you all around me. ..So the other day I finally laid that final piece to rest with Rodimus' aid."

Bone-Spur watches Chimera's features shift at the revisiting of her thoughts, a little regretful to bring it back there. But she has to. At least, she feels that way. The bump of heads brings a small pinch to her own face, a scrunch of nose and a twist of smile. When the feline draws away again, Bone Spur leans her weight against a wall near the forge, the heat drifting against her armor as she listens. Chimera's past is a heavy thing, but Spur knows what she has been told. Her features pinch again, this time more into a slack sort of frown, brow kneaded.

"Blood and bones, Chim--" The phrase comes with a small sigh of air and vents, and Spur angles away from the wall again. "That's a big step. Deciding to let go of what you had left?" There is a clear sympathy, all the way to the brace of her shoulders. "For what it's worth, ya did good. Least it feels like it..."

"As a Priestess of Mortilus it is my duty to send those deceased to the other side, so refusing to went against my every belief for the longest time." Chimera had her reasons, but she accepts the error of it now. Her attention draws back to Bone-Spur when feeling the weight of hands on her shoulders, tired yet happy. "My spark may feel raw for a while, but I am glad to have finally done right by him. And I have the love of you all to keep my spirits high." And speaking of, the giantess leans in to nuzzle forehelm against the side of Spur's brow, a more bestial gesture of affection. "I could use some comradery. When you are done for the day, perhaps Hopper's?" Chimera doesn't drink often, but she's found the act pleasurable enough with the right company.

Rather than think and think about what to do with her arms, Bone-Spur loops both of them up around Chimera when she comes near again, brows bumping and Chimera's more of a nuzzle. Spur's is more of an openly accepting thump. C'mere.

"I'm still proud of ya. You been carryin' that so long." There's a prompt squeeze, gentle but insistent as Bone-Spur angles a grin at the older beast. "That'd be nice. Been doing my drinking 'round here lately, ha-ha-- say, you wanna gimme a hand with this scrap while you're here? We can be busy together?"

Chimera chuckles softly under her vocals at the squeeze, always delighted when up against someone her own size. It's nice not being the only big one. "Well, either place you prefer, I am not too selective. Though I imagine what you have may be more potent." Optics glow warmly and she smiles, though spares a glance to the scrap pile when prompted and nods in reply. "I would like that. With the two of us, we will have drinks in our hands in no time."

"Hopper's a swell mech, but he waters things down." Bone-Spur laughs, the sound a gravelly rumble that comes with a wink at Hopper's expense. "I know a place we can buy a couple bottles between us and find a spot." Potentially to share the drinks and make a mess of something? Spur lifts a hand under Chimera's chin to tip her faceclose for a sloppily charming smack on the cheek. "Atta girl. I'm here for ya. Now lets get these bits cookin', huh?"

Another problem with being so large, not many to grab your chin. So when Spur takes hold of Chimera's and plants a big ol' smooch on her cheek, her tall perk up attentively and her optics flash with some surprise. But she's hardly upset. In fact she's quite amused as twittering laugh of rumbles through her chest and tail lashes with excitement. Suppose it's a good thing her face is too dark to immediately make out the little blush there. "Agreed."

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