2018-01-30 Clarity

From Transformers: Lost and Found

Date 2018/02/03
Location Lost Light - Command: Penchant's Office
Participants Lieutenant, Penchant
Summary The looks that Penchant must have gotten from outside listeners for this. Artifacts do come in handy for more than punches. (Before: Cosmos Catches up on Chatter with Cards)

Penchant's desk is miniature, scaled to his own diminutive size. It comes up to the average mech's shins, and while it may be inconvenient for guests, it's clearly a piece of furniture Penchant uses the most often. The chairs are average, at least, two before his desk, adjustable as always.

There's a few hand-crafted paperweights perched on the edge of unopened crates. A pressed orchid suspended in glass, and a Rigardian shell on a small base. Penchant himself is looking through more crates lining the back wall, humming.

Bless seismic senses, as Lieutenant can 'see' the office before he's even close to it. It's SO CUTE! Penchant wouldn't want the avian to comment on something undignified though; so he gets all his internal adoring out on his way to the door. "Seems everyone is getting an office now," the freckled mech comments, looking around as though he hadn't been checking it out on the way over. "Congratulations, Penchant. One adjacent to Perceptor as well." Things must be patched up between them. That, or neither had a say in the matter.

"Thanks! Yeah, he's softened up. He can be pretty prickly but all around he's a nice guy. Just kinda' got dealt a bad hand, y'know?" Penchant turns and returns to his teeny desk with another paperweight, though without much paper around it mostly serves as decoration. A little abstract carving by Hunker. "I just got back from Khepri, with Sequin. Commerce traders have been trying to cut ties... since, uh, our reputation as Cybertronians lately is not great."

Eh, the mech who kept referring to him as a specimen and eager to cut him open isn't exactly high on his list of 'friendly' mechs. Lieutenant will believe Penchant at least. "Welcome back then." The avian takes a seat to closer admire the paperweights. Nifty little things they are. "I hope negotiations went well, and you paid attention." The avian may not find Sequin jaw dropping, but most do, Penchant.

"Pff. They went well because Sequin and I are a good team. We were able to bolster some agreements, keep people trading. There's a summit coming up... I'm trying to prepare for it. To assure that it's still safe to trade with Cybertronians." Penchant eases back in his seat, folding his hands over his abdomen. "So, just checking in?"

"A summit?" Lieutenant's fins flick with interest, "Hope that goes well for you. Although, it should. You are a good leader when you need to be." As for the 'checking in' the avian tilts his helm slightly, his wings flap slightly to dismiss it. "No, I am here to request the return of my handcuffs. Unless you still have a need for them to wrangle other superiors with."

Penchant brightens, peering up at that freckled face. "You flatter me. I'm glad you think so, Lieu." It takes him a moment to realize what Lieutenant is referring to. "Oh! Naw, hah. Everyone's just too big to wrangle." He pulls the cuffs from subspace, and one cuff has latched around the simple, silver circlet that is Penchant's artifact. He hands it over without notice.

<FS3> Lieutenant rolls Balance: Success. (7 6)

Too big. Considering the size difference, Lieutenant can understand the complaint. He takes back his handcuffs, raising an optic ridge at the thing dangling from it. "What is thi--?" he grabs it when there is an immediate, severe burn not only in his hand but straight to his 'spark.' The mech cries out, reeling backwards only to trip over a crate. Fortunately, his wings manage to spread out and catch on the wall to keep from falling down. Something in his mind seemed to leave him. As swiftly as it left, it returns. "WHAT THE HELL???" demands the mech once he's certain he won't fall, glaring at the ringlet.

Penchant startles when Lieutenant reacts with pain, and jumps to his feet. "Lieu? What?" He moves around the desk to take back the cuffs, which have fallen to the floor. "Oh, slag. It's uh, my artifact." He tries to open the cuffs. "Are you alright? It hurt you?"

<FS3> Lieutenant rolls Mind+Mind: Failure. (6 2 4 1 4 5 6 5)

Lieutenant spends 1 luck points on I NEED CLARITY.

<FS3> Lieutenant rolls Mind+Mind: Good Success. (7 3 8 6 5 3 2 7)

"Your artifact?" Lieutenant holds his hand, staring at it as though it attacked him. Which, technically, it did. "...give it back. I- I felt something. Besides the agonizing pain of the burning in my hand." He approaches to sit down with an outstretched hand and wide optics. "You know, before I come to my senses."

Penchant looks pretty goddamn wary here. He holds his circlet against his chest, frowning at Lieutenant's hand. "If you're sure, Lieu..." The circlet is held out. A basic thin band of metal, joining in the front with a small, curling design.

<FS3> Lieutenant rolls Fortitude: Success. (5 7 6 3 4)

<FS3> Lieutenant rolls Mind+Mind: Success. (4 4 7 2 4 1 1 1)

Such a small band, yet it hurts so much. Lieutenant grabs onto it, the burning through his frame but he tries to convince himself he's been through worse. He grits his teeth, vents hissing. "I- I can feel him leaving me. Unicron's hold is fading..." He has to release the artifact as it hurts immensely. A vent or two to calm down before he shakes his helm. "Get it away from me."

<FS3> Penchant rolls Telepathy: Good Success. (1 8 1 3 7 2 1 1 2 5)

Penchant freezes. Then projects a mental tendril that dips into Lieutenant's mind. Not too far, just the edges, and it's enough to confirm that Lieutenant isn't lying. The haunting reach of Unicron /feels/ weaker, here. Wordless, Penchant picks up the fallen circlet and presses it against Lieutenant's shin.

<FS3> Lieutenant rolls Fortitude: Good Success. (8 6 1 4 8)

The burning sensation returns sharply without warning. Which prompts Lieutenant to cry out once more. His wings straighten sharply as he claws his blunted fingers against the floor. He almost reflectively shifts to kick, but he grits his teeth and curls his toes instead. He can't hurt his friend. Through all the pain he can feel the disappearance of Unicron's energy. "Is this what he did to the Knights?" he asks, wincing more to himself than to Penchant, "Kill them? Bring them to life and implant the cravings to him? The building need to follow him? I want none of that..."

"I don't know, buddy, but if this can drive it all out..." Penchant keeps a sharp psychic eye on Lieu's mind, as the artifact seems to work its magic. He winces sympathetically - this seems far from comfortable - and pats Lieutenant's knee with his free hand. Yes, plz don't kick.

<FS3> Lieutenant rolls Fortitude-2: Success. (3 5 8)

Drive it out? Lieutenant may normally keep his expression unreadable, even seemingly bored. This? This hurts! He visibly shows it too. His vents cycle quickly as he tries to keep his hands from grasping at his leg. If he can hold out, maybe Unicron will be driven out. Maybe he will be freed once more! On his shin, the burn grows, the self-healing gone as the marks spread over his leg. "Why is this more painful than dying???" he whines in a straining voice, trying to keep his leg still.

Dying? This isn't going to /kill/ Lieu, is it? Penchant finally pulls his circlet away and holds it against his chest again. "Should... probably let the scientists handle this, I think."

When the circlet is off, Lieutenant's frame begins to heal swiftly. It is almost as though it never happened. The avian takes a bit longer to return to normal, venting to calm down. "I think it best to let them know..." he finally replies, sitting on the floor and drawing his legs close to his chest. "but I do not need-" certain mechs "-them calling me their specimen and subjecting me to an extended period of consented torture." Dramatic, but he's earned it after having the circlet burning a hole in him. "We can message them about it but I do not want them touching me again."

"Sure, Lieu. Of course," Penchant replies slowly, stowing the circlet. He's a little drawn up in the strange knitting happening on the green mech's frame. "No one's gonna' poke and prod ya'. I'll just pass it on. It may be helpful. Surely you don't want to stay this way forever, right?"

Gingerly, Lieutenant outstretches his hand to place on Penchant's helm. No hard feelings are given for that act. Without the artifact touching him, however, he can't speak as honestly as he might have with it. "I would like to stay this way." he answers flatly, "It will be fine, Penchant."

"There's about a million things wrong with that, but I'm going to chalk it up to your glowing purple eyes," Penchant laughs nervously, hands reaching up to rest atop Lieu's on his helm. "I know it'll be fine. It's gotta' be fine. Don't forget about your cuffs..."

Lieutenant alternates the flick of his audio fins to 'shrug.' Chalk it up to that but he doesn't see anything wrong with his current state. His fingers wiggle slightly to 'struggle' in his 'captured' hand. Adorable little hands Penchant has. "As if I could forget anything." he replies with a half smile, using his thumb to ghostly tickle over Penchant's audio. "You do not forget to take a break now and then, fair? You cannot be too much of a workaholic now."

"Naw, Sequin and Hunker do most of my work these days, heh. Yeah, fair." Penchant smiles at the touch and finally draws away. "Can you stand? Do you want me to get someone to help? I thought it might... work. I wanted it to work. I could hear it in your mind."

The handcuffs are picked up off the floor once his hand leaves Penchant. "I can stand." he confirms, "What you heard might have been a misunderstanding. Your help was thoughtful, but I am fine as is." With that, Lieutenant rises up to his pedes and stashes the cuffs in his subspace. "Hopefully, next time will involve less burning and more catching up."

Penchant offers a weak smile, and a weaker nod. "Okay. Yeah. Take care, alright? Don't... cuff too many folk, and such..." Lieutenant gets a little handshake, hand wrapped around two fingers.

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