2018-01-24 Totally Worth Almost Dying

From Transformers: Lost and Found

Totally Worth Almost Dying
Date 2018/01/24
Location An Alien's House
Participants Whirl, Sequin, Waspinator
NPCs Giant
Plot Artifacts of the Knights of Cybertron
Scene GM Koi
Summary We ruined a nerd's day.

When Whirl, Waspinator, and Sequin traverse through the spacebridge, they walk out into a deep pit. Quite possibly a well. Its a little tight between the three of them and, thankfully, its mostly dry outside of a dark, sludgy substance pooled at the bottom. The walls the well seems to be made of some sort of smooth stone all the way up to the top. Light can be made out from beyond the lip of this well, which... isn't particularly deep.

But it's not the odd well that's immediately brought to attention, its the intense smell of ozone in the air. Anyone's olfactory senses can detect it, immediately followed by the hint of something sour, dry, and flakey. The oxygen levels of the planet are intensely high as is the easily tasted salinity of the air. It prickles at their plating and tingles through their vents and wires as they all undergo the same chemical reaction: Oxidization.

Beyond the well echoes a deep bellow.

Waspinator steps through the spacebridge with the others and immediately looks down as his feet squish on the ground. Huh. The sludge seeps between the seams of his plating but really the bug has stood in worse before so it is quickly forgotten in favor of looking up the well as the ozone tingles his circuits. "Where izz thizz?" Flipping into alt mode, the beastformer flies up towards the top before he can be caught in a small space with Whirl.

Staying confined with Whirl seems like an especially bad idea, even to Waspinator.

"Oh yeah, this looks right," Whirl says immediately after walking out of the spacebridge and into whatever hell hole this is. "Ugh, it smells like shit in here." He splashes his foot into the sludgey grossness that coats the ground and scoffs. "Good job, guys. Five seconds in and we've already fucked up."

Sequin is happy to help with any mission that would further their cause. A bonus is that Waspinator is along for this one, though he has yet to form a proper opinion of Whirl other than eyeing those interesting legs. That said, all of his eagerness flies out the window the second he steps out of the spacebridge and into some disgusting sludge. "..I already don't like this place." He says in dismay after freezing from surprise, now picking up a heeled foot to shake off some gunk. Ick.

The strange feeling on his body doesn't help any either, some of his fingers twitching and the allusion of a frown forming under his facemask. Now stuck between two mechs and a hard place, which he usually wouldn't mind, he tries to peer up the well after Waspinator flies up. "Mh.. Hold on a moment, dear." He turns to Whirl and shifts into his altmode, keeping some legs off the ground to stay clean as he feeds some fine webbing from his spinnerets and wraps it around the mech's waist a few times for security. "We'll pull you up, hang tight." He assures with a hum and turns to skitter up the walls, back legs weaving his line as he goes for a thicker, stronger rope. "A little help, please, Waspinator?" He chimes while reaching the top.

Whirl is still kicking around in the sludge when Sequin transforms, which is already startling enough, but then he starts wrapping web around his waist. "Oh, nasty! You're a gross dude, spider-guy." Doing his best not to struggle, Whirl graciously allows himself to be pulled up the well like a bag of sticks. "Hey, Waspface! You see anything up there?"

Sequin's many eyes need a moment to adjust to the harsh sunlight which... Isn't the sun at all. Its from a massive desk lamp, who's bright bulb casts the room in bright yellow light.

Waspinator can see a great deal more from his vantage in the air. For one, the well isn't a well at all. But a massive mug which Sequin is precariously balanced on the edge of. There's alien writing printed on the side, which might be translated to 'It's Hump Day' with some semi-aquatic looking camel below. Waspinator can see the large desk the lamp and mug sit on, ornately carved with several papers and pens and ink cases scattered about. In one corner of the room is a humidifier, which comes the deep bellow, and the other a partially closed door with a wheely chair. This is a seriously, obnoxiously large room

One, towering wall is covered in picture frames but its hard to make out with only the desk lamp on.

Waspinator pauses as he reaches the top, insectoid helm snapping down to see Sequin toting Whirl up. A barf of laughter escapes him but theres no time to focus on the hilarity of this situation when his friend asked him for help! Zipping down, Waspinator grips the thread rope between his buggy limbs and tugs upwards to help Sequin yank the rotary up. "Wazzpinator only zzee... thizz izz weird..." Squinting as he yanks them up, the bug does a full turn. Everything about the room is- well its weirdly domestic just on a massive scale! Trying to shake off the still tingle of Oxidization in his lines, Waspinator asks, "... Can we go home?"

"You know, I certainly could keep you down in this pit, if you'd like." Sequin remarks while climbing, abdomen giving a shimmy. But he doesn't leave the rotary, much to his chagrin, and instead emerges upon not a floor, but the lip of something. Luckily he climbs easily, but the dazzling light makes him waver and close optics. "Nh! Bright.." It takes a second to adjust, but when he does his spidery face is.. confused while looking around. "...How odd. Either we shrank coming out of the spacebridge, or whoever lives here is extremely large.." Neither is good.

Helping pull Whirl up the rest of the way, he snips his line and tck-tcks down the mug and out onto the desk to inspect the papers. "I would love to, Waspinator, but we have an artifact to find. I suggest spreading out before our resident returns." They're both much faster than him thanks to being able to fly, after all.

Whirl heard that, Waspinator! "Was that a laugh? Are you laughing at me!?" Armour bristles and claws lash out to take a snap at Waspinator but all he manages to do is tangle himself in Sequin's thread until he's dangling upside down. Thankfuly the indignity doesn't last long and he's pulled up over the edge of the.. mug? He raises an arm to shield his optic from the bright light as he takes in the sight of the massive room. Now that he has some space, he transforms into alt mode and tilts his canopy towards Sequin. "Need a ride or you gonna Spider-man it across this room?"

There's plenty of air space to fly around in this muggy room. They're free to fly around and look about. Those flying can feel the rough rust beginning to subtely flake along their flight equipment. Its uncomfortable but nothing terribly bad- yet.

Sequin can't quite make out what language the carefully written print says but he gets an idea what its about when he can clearly see a beautifully drawn beetle on one sheet. Its even been perfectly painted with water colors to reflect its glossy emerald green carapace. Not far are several scrapped ink drawings of various other alien insectoids- marred only my accidental smudging or droplets of ink.

The artifact's signal that can be detected- because they would definitly not come here without one- is coming from within the desk. Possibly one of the drawers.

Waspinator yelps as he is caught laughing. Dropping the web rope like its made of molten metal, the bug zips across the gigantic desk before Whirl can decide to punish him for his mocking. Its during that fleeing that Waspinator notices the rusting of his joints. His limbs and antennai twitch more than usual the worse the feeling gets. "Where izz artifact?" The sooner they find it the sooner they can go home.

Landing on the desk, Waspinator begins to crawl along its edge, waiting for some cue as to what he should be doing.

Sequin idly waves a leg when turning up to Whirl. "I'm fine, thank you. Besides, I'd have to put more of my gross web on you if you wanted me along~." He chuckles and returns to searching. He really is not enjoying this flaking and rusting, though. It's ruining his lovely finish! But he'll endure it for now. Nothing a proper day in the shop won't fix. Still, his plating rattles in irritation while crawling across the desk, only to be distracted by the beautiful drawing of the beetle, his optics shining. "Oooh, how gorgeous. Whoever this person is, they've beautiful art." And with an appreciation for insects!

"It looks like it's just below us." He remarks, checking the tracker synced to their HUDs and nearing the edge of the desk before clambering down to one of the desk drawers it might be in. Transforming, he perches on the handle and grunts, trying to pull it with many hands and push against the desk with a leg.

"Suit yourself," Whirl tells Sequin, taking off to explore the room on his own. Like the others, he invitably ends up at the massive desk after a quick survey. For a moment he seems content to just hover there and watch Sequin struggle with the drawer but he decides that he really doesn't have time for any of this. "Stand back," he tells the others and they better act fast because he opens fire on the drawer with every gun on his body.

<FS3> Whirl rolls Firearms: Good Success. (8 1 2 3 2 3 7 6 8 5 1 6 2 6 3)

<FS3> Waspinator rolls Reaction+reaction: Good Success. (4 3 7 4 6 7 1 2)

<FS3> Sequin rolls Reaction+reaction: Good Success. (5 5 8 4 7 3 6 6)

The drawer is too big and heavy for Sequin to pull open. And thankfully, he gets his spider butt out of there in time for Whirl to unleash a volley of explosive ammunition. Very fiery, explosive munitions. Maybe a bit too fiery and explosive, actually. The bang is spectacularly loud and the fire extremely hot as it ignites the over oxidized air. Just about everyone gets a tiny singe if not some peeling paint from the wave of eat that knocks them back. As the smoke clears, it becomes clear that Whirl has made... A hole. A small, sizzling hole. There's a fifty-fifty change they'll fit through it.

From outside the room is a loud cry followed by thundering footsteps of a titan. Here comes the house's occupant.

Waspinator shrieks as Whirl lets loose fire on the drawer, streaking with all his winged might away from the explosion... which still peels along his plating despite the quick escape. He skids across the surface of the surface of the desk, stopping in a splay of limbs and jerky movements. "Wazzpinator alive?" Yezz, Wazzpinator alive!

Maybe not for long. Thundering footsteps ring through the room and panic soon follows; the one living there is coming back! Gotta hide gotta hide! Scrabbling this way and that, Waspinator somehow ends up squatting behind the base of that titan sized lamp- only realizing after he's out of sight that maybe he should have seen if the others were ok. Oops.

Sequin tries, so that's what matters. But Whirl has other plans, leaving Sequin very little time to react. Optics wide, he makes the only move he can and springs away and into the open air, though pivots quick as something in one of his wrists clicks. Slinging that arm out, a large, heavy metal dart ejects and sinks into the desk, allowing him to swing on the connected thread and cling to the table leg. "Whirl!" He hisses, singed and not at all pleased, and slings some rather rude clicks of his native tongue at the rotary.

That is until they hear footsteps, Sequin freezing. Shit, hide! Scrambling up the desk, there's only one place to go so close, so back into the coffee mug he scrambles!

Whirl is singed but doesn't seem too bothered by it if his laughing and hollering is anything to go by. "Hahahaha! HELL yeah! Did you guys see that?" He wiggles from side to side to shake the rust from his frame but the sounds of approaching footsteps gives him pause. With barely any time to think, he goes straight for the closest hiding spot: the hole he just blasted into the drawer. He may or may not get stuck like an idiot.

<FS3> Whirl rolls Hooliganism: Success. (2 4 6 3 5 8 2 4 5 4)

Everyone gets to their hiding spots on time... Except whirl has some difficulties. He gets a surprising amount of mass through the door before the tail of his alt catches on the edge. Maybe if he's really quiet, the giant won't notice and he'll have to to unstick himself.

The amphibious giant come racing in, large eyes blinking at his desk. He gasps and rushes over to smack at his papers which... Had sorta caught on fire- how did that happen? The desk shakes with the power of each strike before the giant grabs his mug in a panic to dump the content and extinguish the smoldering fire.

Waspinator chances a glance out from behind the lamp, optics wide as he looks at the being who just walked in. its.... well, its freaky. Why are its eyes so big? Waspinator would squint to judge the being more but is quick to drop back down into his hiding spot as it begins bashing on the desk. No no no no, he has to stay hidden, can't be seen- Oh... its dumping over Sequin's hiding spot. Buggy legs clutching the base, Waspinator watches with flared mandibles.

Sequin's feet are coated in old coffee sludge and he's clutching the wall of the mug as tightly as he can, hoping to blend into it somehow. Unfortunately the giant alien doesn't look inside, but instead tries to use the contents that aren't there to douse the flames. No no! He could've held on if it was a simple tip, but he can't stick against the force of the momentum and is dumped out into fire.

"Aagh!" He shrieks with an upset string of clicks when flames engulf him. It doesn't hurt as much as if he was organic, but it singes his armor painfully before he can scramble out of the fiery papers and put himself out on the desk. Shaking, he vents hard on hands and knees until he realizes the giant is still in the room, making him slooowly look over his shoulder to the amphibious thing. "A-Ah... Hello there.."

Whirl is known for being very quiet and going unnoticed so of course he stays perfectly still and hopes the giant creature doesn't see his altmode ass hanging out of the drawer. Just kidding, he makes a ton of noise in his struggle to wriggle himself free.

<FS3> Whirl rolls Body+body: Good Success. (2 3 8 8 8 6)

<FS3> Sequin rolls Presence+presence: Success. (5 6 1 8 5 6 3 5)

Sequin spends 1 luck points on Gotta look fabulous!!.

<FS3> Sequin rolls Presence+presence: Great Success. (8 5 1 8 8 2 8 6)

Waspinator is safe in his little hiding place. Whirl manages to unstuck himself from the hole, popping into the drawer. Its too dark to make anything out but the artifact's signal is definitly in there. Whirl will find himself running into things if he doesn't trying getting some light.

Sequin does a marvelous job of distracting the giant from any noise Whirl might cause. The left over alien coffee helps rid the paper of fire, leaving one edge to ash. The titan seems to have forgotten all about the fire as he leans down, closer to Sequin. The bugformer doesn't need to speak the language the amphibian speaks to know the alien looks utterly enamored by Sequin's glitstening look. even with some of the damage. He mutters in foreign tongue to himself, voice low in booming and his ears unable to detect the squeak of the tiny spider's voice. He reaches out, grasping at a jar with paintbrushes and pens, other hand thoughtfully tapping his chin. Whatever he's saying are clearly happy compliments about the airachnid. He's quite a fan.

Waspinator watches in terror as Sequin is tossed from his hiding spot, revealed to the giant and sure to be squished!

or not. Instead of being smashed, Waspinator watches as the giant leans in close and begins to mutter to itself as Sequin lies there. Should... should he help? If he helps then he will be revealed, if he doesn't Sequin could get hurt, where is whirl? Ok, he doesn't really care about that last one but the point of if he should move or not still stands. In the end Waspinator ends up frozen in place by his own confliction.

"<< Mech, I suggest you get that artifact quick. >>" Sequin grates a little over the comm as he stares down the giant, ready to fight tooth and nail to get away. He's just about to go for a hidden blade when.. the creature makes for his art supplies? Oh... Oh! Color the spider surprised, it looks like it wants him to model! A perfect opportunity to buy time. "Oh, my, you're far too sweet! And me, such a mess." Social mask is put on and he playfully waves a hand to the giant before standing, ignoring the ache from fire and rust.

If it wants a model, then it'll have nothing but the best! And so, for its viewing pleasure Sequin goes about modeling several poses, using many arms to his advantage. And seeing how this thing likes bugs, he even pulls a surprise partway through and transforms to his altmode, rearing forelimbs in display with abdomen dazzling.

Whirl smacks into the back of the drawer after finally managing to push himself through. He crumples to the bottom of the drawer and then transforms, making out only the faintest of shapes from the glow of his optic. Fortunately, Wrecker training is hard to shake off even after all these years and Whirl makes sure to bring the most basic essentials with him on every mission: a gun, a spray-can of paint for vandalism, a back-up gun, quick-weld patches, another back-up gun, and an emergency flare. He pulls the later from inside his cockpit and ignites it, having learned absolutely nothing from the last time he produced an open flame in this environment.

Whirl's flare goes from 'yeah I can see around me' to 'holy shit there's a tiny sun in my hand.' If he just pinches the flare witht he very tips of his claws, maybe it won't feel so hot? This gets him a good view of the drawer, the artifact somewhere... Somewhere... Among all these rows and rows of corpses. Bugs about the size of Whirl, some smaller, all ordered neatly by use of being skewered through the middle with massive sword-like pins.

As Sequin poses, the alien shakes all the brushes and pens out of the jar. The giant watches in awe, grinning excitedly when Sequin transforms. What a dazzling creature! And that's when he brings the jar down to trap the spider inside the clear glass container. He turns his head, a long, sticky tongue lashing out at the air to hit the light switch. So he may he get a better look at such a precious new species of arachnid.

Lights now on, the other side of the room is illuminated. It shows several framed degrees but they're more second thoughts. Proudly displayed is a wall full of specimens within their shadow boxes. Sequin can clearly see the beautiful, emerald beetle from the drawing, its wings spread in a macabre display.

Waspinator flinches as the lights turn on in a blinding display, throwing up forelegs to shield his optics until they adjust. He almost wishes they hadn't. In natural Waspinator form, his first instinct is to scream in horror at seeing all of those bodies- purely by the basis that several of them seem to have a likeness to the alt mode that he currently is in. "Zzequin we-" Primuzz! He trapped Sequin in a jar like an tiny organic bug! (though in hindsight that is probably what they are to this massive being) He's gotta help, has to help, but how!?

Waspinator likely is not doing a very good job of hiding now as he both is illuminated by the lamp and pacing in a tizzy.

Clearly this was a good idea, distracting a totally unknown entity. Usually Sequin can guess intentions, but the dumping of the jar's content is a surprise while the covering of said jar over him is downright alarming. "Wh- HEY! Hey, hey, no!" All eight optics widen and he tries to skitter away, but he's quickly trapped, leaving him frantically clawing at the smooth barrier with spider feet. What's even more distressing is the reveal of all the insectoids on the wall, Sequin feeling his limbs go cold from the sight. Primus, how barbaric.

Shifting back, he resorts to banging on the glass with his fists, one even flipping out a blade to try and stab the thick container. To no avail, he searches the desk desperately and sees Waspinator pacing under the lamp, giving him pause. "<< Wasp... Both of you, order a spacebridge out! >>" If he's to be a distraction, so be it, as long as they're safe.

Holy shit, that's bright. Whirl places the flare in the furthest corner of the drawer and turns his back to it in order to inspect the grisly, and oddly nostalgic, sight before him. It's impossible to tell whether these insects were once sentient or not, so Whirl doesn't give it any thought as he searches through the bodies, casually tossing them to the side when they get in his way. "Come on, it's gotta be around here somewhere," he bitches to himself, optic flickering as it strains against the intense light. << Like hell! >> he radioes to the others. << I'm so close to finding this thing, I'm not gonna bail now! >>

It takes some time for Whirl to sort through this mass grave. But he finally catches sight of a good lead on the artifact. One of these things are not like the other- a Cybertronian shaped corpse pinned through the middle and put on display like all the other bugs. It's hard to tell how long ago the mech had passed as he is covered in rust. Well, everything is covered in rust except the top of his head. Odd.

The giant clearly can't make out anything the tiny bugs say out loud, instead taking some paper to begin writing. Notes on this new species he just discovered! Waspinator gets a brief glance before his attention goes back to the shiny arachnid. Meh, looks like a species he's already collected and catalogued and native to the area. He does pause his writing to shoo the wasp away before going back to scribbling down notes and making a few quick sketches in the margins. What a stunning creature- he's got just the place on his wall for it.

Waspinator snaps out of his forgetting how to Wasp as Sequin yells for them to spacebridge, freezing in his pacing as he focuses on his friend. He... he can't leave him alone. "<< Wazz-Wazzpinator not leaving you! >>" Jumping back as the giant swats at him, Waspinator flips back into root mode to catch his stinger staff as it ejects. He has to get that glass jar off of him... but first he needs to try and get rid of their bug murdering captor.

Sweeping forward in a dive before he can think too hard about it, Waspinator raises his stinger to impale it directly into the soft part of the being's hand.

"<< Then you'd better find it quickly before I become this thing's next trophy! >>" And not in the good way! Sequin curses to himself, this artifact better be worth it. He's ready to sacrifice himself for it after all, but all hope may not be lost when he hears Waspinator's reply over the comm. Optics bright, he looks on as the Decepticon flips out his staff and lunges for the giant's heavy hand on the jar. Already he's gearing up to slam his body against the glass to help tip it over once the thing's grasp is off.

It's a good thing that Whirl's psyche is already busted because the sheer number of bodies in here is pretty fucked up. He can't even keep track of how many he's carelessly thrown aside and they're all starting to look the same until he spots that oddly Cybertronian one in the back. "Oh shit.." His optic settles on the incredibly stupid hat the corpse is wearing. Seriously, it's probably the dumbest thing he's ever seen in his life, it looks like a mix between a beanie and an octopus. He has to have it.

"Yoink!" Whirl tears it off the corpses' head and places it on his own. There is absolutely nothing morally wrong about this at all.

<FS3> Waspinator rolls Melee Weapons: Success. (5 5 8 5 6 3 3 1 5)

Waspinator spends 1 luck points on C'mon let me be awesome this one time.

<FS3> Waspinator rolls Melee Weapons: Good Success. (5 1 8 4 2 8 8 3 4)

<FS3> Sequin rolls Unarmed: Good Success. (2 6 7 4 1 4 8 7 4)

The hat... Looks pretty good on Whirl, its ridiculousness suiting him just fine. It feels oddly warm and comfortable up there on his head. The artifact is found, praise! Now Whirl just has to get out of this drawer.

Outside that drawer, Waspinator fights a noble battle against an opponent he'd probably lose against easy... If his opponent wasn't a literal giant nerd. The massive amphibian alien rears back to clutch his stung hand, causing powerful winds that whip against Waspinator. The giant belows in pain- funny how the little things can affect the big things.

Sequin in a true test of spider strength manages to topple his glass prison over, sending the jar rolling.

Waspinator is sent tumbling backwards heel over helm as the giant retreats and yells- metal carapace smacking the desk several times before stopping. Once sure that he isn't going to keep going, the insect's helm pops up from its protective curl to look for Sequin and where the giant went. He sees the jar go rolling past and his attention snaps to where Sequin has just released himself.

He's ok! The bug visibly relaxes once he knows his friend is free, panic ebbing before he remembers that though the giant is distracted that doesnt mean he will stay distracted. Popping up to his feet, Waspinator rushes over to the spider, yelling to him, "Need to go!"

The giant amphibian gets a handful of stinger and thankfully is wimpish enough for it to be quite effective. So with the hand off the jar and the full strength of all those arms, Sequin shoves off the glass cage and vents roughly in relief. Freedom! He stands after and is met by Waspinator, but before the Con can get too far he'll find two hands cupping his face and two bracing his shoulders, the arachnid dragging him in for a grateful smooch between his brows. He leans back after and smiles bright with now maskless mouth. "Thanks for the save, darling. And agreed, let's get the hell out of here." That said, he makes a sprint for the edge of the desk and climbs down to the hold in the drawer. "Hope you've got your prize, because we've overstayed our welcome!" He calls in, already on the line to hail a spacebridge for them.

Whirl has to climb over the piles of discarded bodies first, but he pokes his head out of the hole to show off his prize. "You like what you see?" he asks Sequin, tilting his head to make the hat tentacles flop around. "Totally worth you almost dying." He disappears back into the drawer only to burst through it in altmode a few seconds later, sending bits of drawer all over the place. "Hahaa! Fuck your desk!"

As Whirl further destroys an aliens prized possession handed down to him from his ailing father, the spacebridge opens for the bugs (and one chicken-crab) to come come home. They leave a stunned giant with a hell of a story. They might also want to get check-up for acute rust infection, rust rashes, and other oxidization diseases as soon as possible.

Waspinator blinks dumbly as Sequin kisses his forehead, a hand reaching up to rub at the spot as the portal opens for the three of them. Huh.. maybe he should be heroic more often... or not. Probably not.

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