2018-01-22 The Children of the Stars

From Transformers: Lost and Found

The Children of the Stars
Date 2018/01/22
Location Hollowed out asteroid
Participants Starstruck, Jazz, Skystalker, Cosmos
NPCs Pizzazz, The Misticons
Plot Artifacts of the Knights of Cybertron
Summary They all get a bit too into the music.

This may not be what was expected when the space bridge dropped the team off to chase after an artifact signal. This, being...

COSMIC ROCKAPALOOZA! TAKING PLACE IN AN ENTIRE HOLLOWED OUT ASTEROID WITH AN ARTIFICIAL ATMOSPHERE AND STROBE LIGHTS! THE BIGGEST ROCK FESTIVAL THIS SIDE OF LUNERIS V! And this year, tonight, there's a special event! In a major publicitity stunt-excuse us, epic event, mechanoid glam rock band The Misticons are opening the stage to any band able to win the crowd over when playing against the notorious, neon-colored superstars in a BATTLE OF THE BANDS!

Thus far, they're undefeated; a band of rabbit-like creatures slinks off the stage, exhausted and defeated. Lead singer Pizzaz throws the horns to the crowd, a big grin on her brightly-painted face.

"Come on! Someone's gotta be a challenge! You at least gotta TRY!"

Oh, and to anyone who can beat them? A bundle of prizes awaits on a display near the stage, well-guarded and kept behind reinforced glass. They include...well, SOMETHING in there is definitely the source of the artifact signal.

Skystalker knows he can't feel wind properly even in a fake atmosphere, but somehow the blaring sounds and glaring lights that they encounter on the other side of the spacebridge seems to make him feel buffetted. A battle of the bands? Really? The music is a little familiar, he feels.

It's all a jostle, at first, and he has to flare his wings some to guarantee a personal space as they check things out. Keeping aliens at bay, anyway, while he follows the artifact signal on a handheld device, stopping in front of the prize display. His response on taking in the locator's designation is a single curse word, something delightfully colorful from the Rust Narrows.

"Now what?"

Cosmos steps out of the spacebridge and is most definitely not expecting to be assaulted by blasting music and flaring lights. Flinching against the sudden onslaught of sound, the UFO sidesteps to avoid several excitable fans jumping around wildly in place, "Not what I was expecting but I'll take this over a volcano or black hole." If Cosmos can survive Siren he can survive this.

Soon he feels a strange pull. Focusing on that guarded display, Cosmos tells the others, "Guys I think what we're looking for is definitely in there in the... very well guarded prizes ... box...." Hm. So that could be a problem. "Uh... Think they would open it if we asked really nicely?" Probably not.

When the sounds and sights hit Jazz, suffice to say he perks up, letting the atmosphere settle in his circuits, boosting his confidence rather than shaking him. He manages to move naturally though the crowd to arrive at the source of the signal with the others, feeling in his element. "Sure, maybe if we asked nicely and also with guns primed." He scans the room full of partygoers. "BUt that option is probably not... the best one we've got."

There are aliens of every shape and size, though the Misticons appear to be of a species at least similar to Cybertronians. The main difference seems to be that they can project colors and shapes onto their translucent outer bodies with an effect like LED lights. They're playing an in-between set right now while they wait for the next 'challenger,' and the crowd seems happy with that. But soon they'll be calling for more competition. It is a battle of the bands after all, what's that without a battle?

The armored creatures guarding the prizes give the Cybertronians a strange look but say nothing else.

Giving the guards an innocent smile before turning away, Skystalker's features crease in a moment of 'yeah right' over to Cosmos, and it seems to last even as Jazz playfully suggests the possibility of holding the party at gunpoint. "No. It isn't. We're just here to get whatever it is, not create a galactic incident. Another one." Sky amends, quickly. He casts a look at the stage just in time to see security haul off a raving fan from the edge. He considers the band then, eyes luminous against the spray of lights on the stage.

"I think--" Skystalker tries very hard to hide his amusement, looking the others in the visors. "We-- might have to wing this one. How are your music skills?" The detector in Sky's hands continues its helpful beeping.

Cosmos warily returns the guards looks, offering a weak wave in a wary effort to dissuade any suspicion that might be placed on the three. "yeah that doesn't seem like a good idea with the galaxy already waiting to blast us out of the sky." Cosmos turns to look as the crazy fan is dragged away, boggling at the hysteria some being seem to hold for those famous. The doesn't even have to look away as he responds to Skystalker, "Nonexistent." unless one considers humming offkey when alone in the washracks a skill.

Jazz's face splits into a grin as he looks to Skystalker, already anticipating what this would entail. Thankfully the giddy expression fit the overall mood of the event, or it would look slightly crazed to an onlooker. "I'd say mine ain't too bad if ah do say so myself." He glances up to the stage once more, watching the Misticons perform. "This is goin' where ah think it's goin, right?"

There are hallways-well, tunnels leading to dressing rooms, and another armored alien, a bouncer taking names of 'challengers.' Speaking of which, another challenger band is up on the stage now, a group called Brinescreaming with a jellyfish-like lead singer. They're...well, they're not very good; they may not last their first song before being booed off the stage.

"You guys SUCK," Pizzazz jeers, making what is indeed a very rude gesture in several different cultures from her home world. "You all suck!"

"We are the Misticons," the bass player adds triumphantly. "Our songs are better!"

Skystalker winces a little, despite his smile. Oh, okay. Well. He looks to Jazz with a lingering look of stress, wondering if he's really thinking of what he's thinking. This is a terrible idea.

"Right." Skystalker settles on that answer, watching the stage as they drag the other band off. Nice to know. All of that. "You think they'd let us borrow some paint or something? Come on! We have to try. You can bang on some drums or something--" The starfighter puts out a hand, taking Cosmos by his wrist and moving drag him along to where the backstage corridors head.

Cosmos doesn't like where this is going, "Wait you aren't saying we should-" Cosmos' visor widens as Skystalker tugs him forwards, not fighting the pull but quickly descending into something close to panic, "W-wait Skystalker no offense but this is an awful idea! If you're really going to do it I'll just drag both of you down!"

"Nah Cosmos!" Jazz loves where this is going. He falls into step on the other side of the panicked bot, a hand on his shoulder to comfort. "We'll find ya a role, like Sky said. Plus with more members we'll seem more intimidating. We'll be fine!" He turns his focus back forwards and fixes his visor on the bouncer. Then out of the corner of his mouth, "At least we'll be better than those last guys." Probably. Well, encouragement is encouragement.

Upon arriving in at this COSMIC ROCKAPALOOZA, Starstruck promptly lost himself in the crowd. Listen...he knew what was going on as soon as he saw the place, and he also knew what had to be done. He found the aliens he needed, flirted it up with the furry big-eyed creature doing makeup in a back corner, and returned to the others with many goodies in hand.

"Just shake that ass, Cosmos, that's all you need to do!" Starstruck's reappearance is as spectacular as his updated look: a glimmering pink stare is painted on his cheek, lips standing out in a darker shade, a long velvety black cape affixed to his shoulders. His chest headlights are outlined in similar stars - like nipple pasties, but safe for work! - and the first thing he does upon reappearing is grab Cosmos and try to shove him into a tight halter top with a boob window. "Here, for you guys," he says, holding out the other garments and accessories he's collected. "We're gonna win this thing!"

The jellyfish band really is just. Bad. Sure enough, they got booed off the stage and Pizzazz throws up the horns in victory.

"Next up is 'Moondreamer,'" the announcer, well, announces as a group of pastel-haired humanoids takes the stage. They're honestly not bad, but maybe a little peppy and cute for the crowd, and they just don't have the stage presence of the Misticons.

"It is definitely an awful idea." Laughing his way into bravery, Skystalker's grip loosens only slightly and he stops, and he looks back to the other spacer while he drags him along backstage. "Can you dance?" No sooner does he say this does Starstuck bustle up, decorated like he walked through a car wash of velvet and glitter. Bravery seems to be properly bolstered once Starstuck finds them again, and the angle of Sky's wings does a turnaround, perking up along with the lights of his eyes.

"Starstruck to the rescue." They are definitely going to try! Skystalker makes them follow him past the bouncers to the dressing area. They have time to think of a name back there too.

Skystalker ends up with some kind of long, feathery white mantle that drapes down in front and back, glittery golden belts, and colors the contours of his eyes and cheeks with a stick of brilliant gold paint. He doesn't need too much to look the part, ending up examining himself in the mirror as if he is shocked he's under there.

"GAH!" Is the closest thing Cosmos makes to actual words as Starstruck starts to shove some weird cloth thing around his shoulders and onto his chassis- admittedly an impressive feat, "Criminy Starstruck what are you- shake my ass? What ass!?" There is nothing back there that he can shake, Cosmos is all topheavy!

Already overwhelmed, Cosmos can do nothing but be pulled along for the ride... literally at one point, his pedes scraping across the floor before his spirit cracks and the spacer gives in to their reassurances that this will be great (not really, but he is clearly going to be taking part so where is the use in struggling?), "I can try to dance but I doubt it will be pretty..." After passing the guards into the dressing room, somehow he ends up not only with that halter top practically stretched across his chest but some sort of feather-hair-thing placed over his helm like a wig. Neon pink and green paint is drawn in a jagged pattern beneath his visor.

"Just what we needed!" Jazz laughs when Star rolls up glamourized, His visor sparkles. First thing Jazz grabs out of the bunch of accessories is a stylish white panama, which he sets securely atop his helm. "That's tha spirit, Cos!" Jazz exclaims in delight as he finishes up his ensemble as they enter the dressing room, glad the bot had given into his fate. The saboteur has added white gloves, a shiny red jacket--not made for a cybertronian, but thankfully a being just as large--and to top it off...were those shutter shades? Over his visor? How did he get those to stay on? Overall, Jazz felt ready to rock.

For a second he looked at Cosmo's outfit in approval, then stopped to glance at a brown can of paint on one of the dressing room tables. Ah yes. "Ya look great, but what about one last ~little~ alteration?" He grinned.

"That one!" Starstruck responds, smacking Cosmos quite firmly upon the aft. Not painfully so, of course, just enough to get his point across. "You guys look fucking amazing! If you've got anything else you wanna add, Jazz, better do it quick; we should get out there and rock this joint before Cosmos figures out how to copy Mirage's ability through sheer willpower." Shooting Skystalker and Jazz a pair of fingerguns, he stops suddenly, expression going thoughtful.

"So we need a name." Star taps his chin, cocking a hip and resting his other hand on it. "Spaceracers? Cuz you two and then us--" he gestures at himself and Jazz, "--or, hrm. Protozoa...? Nah, I don't want Disney on my ass about copyrights. How about...Children of the Stars?"

'Children of the Stars' are registered by bored-looking stage crew, and the band is briefed on the deal. They have to wow the crowd and get them to cheer harder than for the Misticons. There's a sound-meter and everything. Everything's being televised so don't do anything too embarassing. Winners get the prize bundle, which includes GIFT CERTIFICATES and a few personal things from Pizzazz's collection that she clearly doesn't care a lot about, and maybe talk of sponsorships and an agent. Maybe.

And soon enough it's showtime. The Misticons leer at the competition, looking at them with contempt. Cybertronians, in a band? Everyone knows Cybertronians are only good at war.

<FS3> Skystalker rolls Allure: Good Success. (7 6 1 7 6 5 6 5 6 6 5 3 8 4 5)

<FS3> Jazz rolls Style: Failure. (1 2 4 6 1 1 4 1 3 4 2)

<FS3> Cosmos rolls Presence: Failure. (5)

<FS3> Starstruck rolls Singing: Success. (6 5 4 6 3 1 5 2 6 8 1)

<FS3> Skystalker rolls Musician: Success. (8 4 4 2 5 6 1 5 5 2 3)

Starstruck spends 1 luck points on I gotta keep these boys from shaming us in front of the whole galaxy.

<FS3> Starstruck rolls Singing: Great Success. (7 4 8 8 6 4 3 8 5 5 7)

A sound meter. Televised. Skystalker feels his spark leaping around in an increasing excitement. It's not that he's new to stages, but this? A concert! He's never quite done something like this. They wait in the wings as they are announced, and despite the leering from the Misticons, Skystalker takes it in stride. He's gotten leers before. Before he knows it the gang is on stage, under bright lights, and he's drawn a rarely used electric guitar from his subspace.

It takes a moment for him to get back into these strings, but he's also there to look amazing and give Star backup vocals. It balances out! He uses his bright voice to give another layer under Star's own, the guitar in his hands striking the right chords for a high-pitched rock sound.

Name chosen, Starstruck takes the stage with the others. They're gonna be on TV?! His spark pulses erratically in its chamber, filling him with just as much excitement as Skystalker. He's bothered even less by the Misticons than Skystalker, flickering his visor at them in a wink and striking an intimidatingly awesome rocker pose in front of his mic stand. ...Once he's moved it so that he's not blocking the other three with his sheer size.

"Let's dance, put on your red shoes and dance the blues, let's dance, to the song they're playin' on the radio~" Starstruck, thankfully, is not on speaking terms with stage fright, and he's a natural once he starts singing, a bass guitar held low on his frame. He harmonizes well with Skystalker, focusing on giving the crowd that presence and pizzazz they're craving - even if she's not currently on stage.

Oh no... Cosmos isn't sure he wants to know what this little alteration is but at the same time, frickin curiosity is taking charge, ".... What alteration- AH!" Jumping as Starstruck smacks his aft, Cosmos is quick to cover the assaulted area with his hands like he can prevent Starstruck from trying again, snippily replying, "I doubt Disney would think to sue a bunch of alien robots!"

Turns out, he may not have wanted to know. When he ends up trudging on stage with the others, the UFO now sports what seem to be something akin to tiger stripes along the yellow of his plating. As soon as he snaps his focus from the paintjob to the stage however, overwhelming fear takes over. Those are cameras. Oh Primus this is going out to the galaxy. Fist clenching around one of the support columns just outside the wings, Cosmos has to force himself to walk on stage with stiff steps- where he immediately attempts to hide himself in the back with.... well he took a drum, that helps right? Turns out it might, when he hears the song Star has chosen.

Oh no. Even Cosmos can't stop from getting into it with a David Bowie song. At least he knows when to hit the drum on this one.

Uh oh. As Jazz steps out onto stage with the others, he realizes that the shades may not have been tightened enough. The yellow shutters managed to slip down his visor slightly as they get into place, obscuring his vision slightly. Thankfully most of the attention is on Starstruck as lead singer, and he gets them subtly reset tighter as he brings his borrowed saxohpone to his mouth, but it throws off his concentration for a quick second, alsmot missing his queue. He shakes it off quickly enough, the adrenaline and joy of being onstage again overshining any uncertainty. Lets rock!

The crowd loves Starstruck, marvels at Skystalker, and even Cosmos gets some oohs and aaahs. Jazz's glasses misstep costs a few points, but even that has its charms. The band's honestly not bad, not bad at all!

And that enrages Pizzazz. They were supposed to find a bunch of losers to make the Misticons look better! That was the plan! She's gonna wring Riot's neck...!

The Misticons break out into a rocking, glittery rendition of 'Up and Running,' one of their big radio hits, stealing some of the audience attention. The Children of the Stars have one more song to outdo them...!

<FS3> Starstruck rolls Singing+2: Good Success. (1 5 8 7 3 5 5 3 3 7 1 2 1)

<FS3> Skystalker rolls Musician+2: Good Success. (6 7 3 4 5 2 1 8 5 4 3 3 4)

<FS3> Jazz rolls Style+2: Good Success. (6 1 1 8 2 5 2 8 1 4 8 5 4)

<FS3> Cosmos rolls Presence+2: Good Success. (7 8 8)

Starstruck doesn't even break his groove as their song comes to an end and the Misticons start playing. Oh, is that how it's gonna go? Strumming up a deep note on his bass, Starstruck bares his fangs in a broad, cocky grin, the kind of rogeuish smile sure to make the boys and girls go wild. <<"Let's do this guys!">> he tightbeams to the others, sending them the song he's got in mind - before he launches into it, grabbing for the mic and really getting his hair nation on.

"Take me down to the paradise city where the grass is green and the girls are pretty, take me home!" Star's voice may be more suited for smooth r&b, yet he's able to let loose fairly well. "Oh won't you please take me home, yeah yeah!"

Guitar slung low on his hips, glitter and light in his optics, feathers a bloom of something soft against his neck and frame, Skystalker becomes fully absorbed in the music, especially as the first song culminates and the Misticons take over the crowd. His vents are hot and his makeup still pristine as he flares his wings behind him, a shining flick of metal that lasts through Star's tightbeam to them.

Skystalker's smile broadens, and his fingers glide into sync on the guitar in his arms, one heel keeping time, hips rolling and belts catching the spotlights. This time he lets Starstruck take the lead, providing a few high notes as backup, and taking over strings when the later guitar solo comes sliding and grinding in, the music filtering through his internal cues.

Cosmos will likely be mortified about this later but he is.. actually starting to have fun. Forgetting about the tight constriction of cloth against his chassis and how the strange wig that keeps blocking his visor, the UFO is getting pretty close to shaking his ass as Starstruck put it. Cosmos hits his drum to the beat as it moves with the rhythm of his swaying hips, he finds himself dancing (only a little badly, an accomplishment!) and singing along to yet another great Earth song with a grin hidden by his faceplate. He even allows himself to step out from behind the block of the others, the fact that they are being recorded put out of his mind at the moment.

As the second song starts and Starstruck send the tightbeam, Jazz almost forgets what they came to do, as The Children of the Stars show the Misticons what they're made of. Swaying and dancing slightly he plays, the smooth ring for the saxophone, while not in the original song, blends incredibly well and fits with Starstruck's vocals. The energy in the room, from their band (wow, look at Cosmos having fun! he notices) and the crowd makes him giddy and he has to stop himself from grinning while playing, though he makes up for it as his foot starts to tap, and jazz arches his body and his sax upward as he hits a particularly swooping loud note in the song. Man, he hoped someone was recording their performace, if only to watch the Misticons lose their cool.

The thing about fun is that it's contagious. Even though their talent shines and their outfits dazzle, what really grabs the crowd's attention is how much fun the Children of the Stars are having there on the stage. They're absolutely coming alive. Look at Cosmis's fantastic rhythm! Star's stunning vocals! Skystalker's moves and Jazz's sax! The audience goes wild, no matter how hard the furious Misticons rock out. And the sound-o-meter's big showy needle the Children of the Stars.


As an enraged Pizzazz slams her electric guitar onto the stage and storms off to go find her manager, leaving her bandmates to rush after her, the octopian master of ceremonies mounts the stage with a cart carrying the prizes. Cosmos will find himself particular drawn to a pack of tarot cards painted in neon, astrological designs, encased in a golden tin. There's also a few bottles of expensive Enerchampagne (what were the organic aliens going to do with that? Bias, bias we say...!) bubble wash, and some gift certificates to a very fancy, very trendy eatery on Paras-4.

The announcer at the end of their song bellows their impromptu band name, and Skystalker barely registers the fit thrown by the other band lead. Instead he faces the nearest camera, sticks out his golden tongue with a cackle of laughter, and runs it over the edge of his guitar's head stock. The audience is right-- they ARE having fun.

"Whoo~!" Skystalker lets his guitar angle against his hip as he waves out to the concertgoers, hamming it up for the cheering crowd and even giving a bow before turning his head to the others.

Fans start to pull at Starstuck's pedes at the edge of the stage, and it's not hard to get the party bus to come down to greet them.

Cosmos can't help but jump and laugh as they win, tossing a fist to the sky and winking one half of his visor to the camera in victory as Pizzazz throws a hissy fit. We won! We actually did it! we-

The cards... Any other day he might bemoan the fact that he is an astronomer not an astrologist, but right now he couldn't care less. Quickly taking the golden tin Cosmos flips off the top to shuffle through the deck, knowing in his spark that none of these cards are what he is looking for. Only one of them is it... He gets almost through the entire thing- showing the others a nice little view of the elegant art- before he finally stops to tug one card free. He stares at it, feeling the thin metal and glass of cybertronian design between his fingers as the image wavers.

He stares at it, knowing in his spark that this is it. This is his given artifact... </i>Yeah. That seems about right.</i>

Expression impassive, the mech looks up at the others to reveal his new artifact. Flipping the card around between two of his fingers, Cosmos shows them the image of a mech, crackling with energy, walking with a carefree jaunt down a cyberformed road.

Written neatly at the bottom: The Fool.

Skystalker is laughing as the fans in the crowd more or less absorb Starstruck, who just loves it. He turns to Cosmos as the prizes get rolled up, and Skystalker holds up one of the bottles in victory as Cosmos seeks out the one thing they came for. He isn't sure what to think when the other spacer gets to it, but seeing how much fun Cosmos had--

"And you're our fool." The arm holding the champagne hooks around Cosmos' collar and tugs him close, where Skystalker plants a friendly kiss to the side of his helm.

"Wouldn't have it any other way."

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