2018-01-21 Mine!

From Transformers: Lost and Found

Date 2018/01/19
Location Nameless Junkyard
Participants Adagio, Quicksight
NPCs Dorani
Plot Artifacts of the Knights of Cybertron
Scene GM Jay
Summary Adagio and Quicksight try their hands at bartering, but negotiations go south.

When the space bridge spits out this small crew for the next artifact recovery, the first thing the lot will notice is that the place they've arrived in smells. They're on the edge of an enclosed junkyard, from the looks, surrounded by pile after pile of junk; though here and there glitters something that may be valuable, if one can dig it out. It's hot, too, which might explain the heavy stench hovering over the area like a thick blanket, a smell of decaying trash. Far ahead of them, in the distance, is the opposite wall of the building the junkyard sits in, and at their backs is a closed door. Their scanners point ahead, into the piles of junk. So far, they appear to be the only living creatures here, beyond the organic bugs that fill the air with a low, monotonous drone.

Adagio stomps out very carefully so as not to step on anything; even so, his foot lands in a pile Eww. He tries to maintain his nervous optimism while covering his mouth, which probably won't do much against the stench permeating this massive junkyard. "I guess the ardifagt is buried sobewhere id all the garbage? It's a good thiig we have the scadder, right?" He wiggles his kibble cautiously and takes slow, ponderous steps towards the big pile, then frowns as he looks at the scanner.

" accurate is it?"

Quicksight already has his artifact, but he's still quite happy to go one these missions. Though his probation period passed sucessfully, he's still been putting effort into showing that he can be better. This goes doubly so with Adagio involved. He remembers their last encounter quite well, and the Velocitronian's newfound discomfort around him.

That doesn't mean that he's going to torture himself with this stench, however. It takes him only a brief assessment of their surroundings to conclude that him staying on the ground isn't going to do anyone any good, least of all himself, and jump into the air. "Never heard of it not finding an artifact."

Despite its accuracy being in question, the scanner does not change, continuing to point them toward the heart of the junkyard. The smell doesn't get any better the deeper they go, and neither does the gooey floor. Still, they're alone, the muck coating the ground muting even Adagio's footsteps as they move deeper.

<FS3> Adagio rolls Eyesight: Success. (7 1 6)

Adagio gives the occasional self-conscious glance at Quicksight, given their last meeting, torn between being a little nervous still and his spark pounding at Quicksight the Hero coming along on a mission with him. He just wishes it was a less disgusting one. "Y-you can ride on my shoulder if you wadt," the big truck stammers, though he suspects Quicksight would rather be airborne. "Guess we just godda dig through the garbage! Would'dt be my first tibe doing that..."

He trudges through following the scanner, squinting to try to make out anything particularly shiny, magical or...artifact-y as he goes. "Maybe it's godda be at the bottob of one of these..."

As Adagio predicted, Quicksight doesn't take him up on his offer "I can see better from up here. Maybe we'll get lucky and it'll be up top." He's not exactly convinced of that possibility, but it's an excuse that doesn't risk offending or upsetting the bigger mech like 'it smells too bad where you are' might. And maybe, just maybe, he's right.

As if.

The scanner eventually stops them at a pile that looks like any of the other pile, various trash thrown together haphazardly, brownish liquid oozing from the bottom where something organic is likely rotting and liquefying beneath the pressure. There's half of a broken tricycle, far larger than anything a human would use, plenty of smashed alien objects that look like they could be appliances of some sort, string, gears, plastic bags, a lone, punctured rubber duck...and also a tiara, glimmering and glinting where it sticks out of the pile, a few expertly cut jewels, a solid gold statuette. The garbage is mixed right in with the treasures.

This particular pile calls to Adagio, too, beyond the blip of the scanner. Something on the opposite side of where he's standing pulls at him, at his spark, willing him closer. There's a bit of junk in the way but if he clears it, it feels like it will be easy to find.

"Thaks, Quicksight..." Adagio smiles up at the plane, but it's still...nervous and subdued. They'll have to talk a bit more about what happened before when they're not knee-deep in trash. (Which, for Adagio, is a big deal. That's a lot of trash.) He sticks his hand into a pile of goo and garbage and blinks as he spots the treasure. "...Wah? Did sobeone-" He gives up covering his nose and just deals with the stench. "Did someone...throw all this out? What a waste, it's so pretty...but..."

As the something pulls at him he lurches closer to the junk pile in front of him, and almost as if in a trance, he starts pushing it aside.

<FS3> Adagio rolls Body+body: Good Success. (2 8 7 5 6 4 3 7)

"Organics" Quicksight mutters, though it's unclear if he means that it would be like organics to throw stuff like that away, or if he's simply pointing out that it smells like dead ones. To keep with the groundbound truck's slower pace, and to get a better look at things, the miniplane has so far been circling above the junkyard, and thus, when Adagio suddenly starts diggin through one of the piles, he's in a position to come up to him from behind in an attempt to see what it is that has his attention. Ofcourse, since his designers never bothered to give him the ability to hover, this means that he does have to land in the muck, and then push through it to get around Adagio's bulk "Ya see something?"

As soon as Adagio touches the pile, something awakens. There's enough junk here for a person to hide in and therefore Quicksight didn't see the figure who approaches now, waddling on short, bowed legs, dragging a thick tail so long it disappears in the garbage beyond. It is an ugly thing, with gray skin the color of stone and a wrinkled, hairlesss face, tiny eyes squinting at the two intruders as it hobbles toward them. In a smoother voice than expected for a creature like this, it hisses, "That--is--mine. Thieves! Touching mine! Out!"

<FS3> Adagio rolls Courage: Success. (7 4 2 3)

"I see a lot of things, but I can't tell-waaah!" Adagio squeaks, staggering back as the creature hops out of the trash, covering his mouth. "I'm sorry! I'm sorry, really! I didn't mean to disturb your home! But, uh, but..." He clears his throat. "We're...we're looking for something. Maybe you can help?" Nice alien? Please, please be a nice alien?

Quicksight bristles reflexively as he whips around to face the sudden arrival. His plating lowers onlt a little when he finally spots the alien. His brow ridge krinkles in disgust. Ugh, organics. "We ain't interested in your junk. We just need one thing and then we'll leave."

"All of this is mine!" the creature snaps. It tries to push past Adagio, which proves very difficult considering it comes up to his knee. "All of these are mine...thieves, get out! Will not take Dorani's things!" It stops, then, somehow squinting even more at the two of them, beady black eyes flicking from one mech to the other. Then it smiles, baring crooked, stained teeth. "Unless...make a deal, hm? Give me something I want, and you take what you want. Equal trade, hm?"

Adagio keeps scanning through the things in case he finds the one that he needs, but he still can't quite tell yet. Something is pulling at him to a degree that's almost uncomfortable, but there' many things here! SO MANY THINGS. He gives a little confused look up at Quicksight, shrugs in his glacial way, and then kneels down to talk to the alien. "I...uh, what is it you want? We don't have much on us, but I might-I might have something in my subspace..."

Ugh, these organics. "How's your life sound?" Quicksight steps forward, towards the alien "There's a giant fragging planet eating evil out there" he points up at the sky "That destroys everything in it's path. The thing we looking for is supposedta be part of a weapon to destroy him. He gets here, and you can say goodbye to all ya junk, assuming ya survive it."

Dorani leers at Quicksight, baring its teeth in a disgusting grimace. "Don't care," it says, waving at the mech with both hands in a shooing motion. "You. Equal trade, hm?" It turns all of its attention onto Adagio. "You pick what you want, then I pick what I want! It must be equal."

As Dorani speaks, the disturbed pile shifts beneath its own weight, now that some of it has been moved by Adagio's searching. The thing that tugs at him finally becomes visible; a teacup, chipped slightly on the edge and small enough for a minibot to drink from comfortably. It's white porcelain with a floral pattern etched artistically in lavender and silver colors, and it perches dangerously on the edge of an old music player.

<< It was a nice thought, >> Adagio transmits to Quicksight, << but unfortunately not everyone is all that altruistic. For what it's worth, I agree with you. >> He's just about to shuffle through his subspace when his optics fall on the little chipped teacup. Could that be it? That, smaller than his fingertip? He has to kneel down to see it in detail.

"...What would you want us to give for-for that? Um, I mean the teacup," he amends, because he's pointing at a bunch of stuff at once. Stupid big fingers.

Quicksight is quite happy to return the look, mixed in with annoyance. "<< I was counting on self preservation, but looks like this slagger too dumb to realise what's going on. >>" to Dorani he scoffs "You just gonna die anyways soon." Before he has a chance to say anything more, like turn his previous offer into a threat, Adagio speaks up, drawing his attention back to the pile, and the object he's pointing out. "That's an artifact?" Quicksight looks from the cup, to Adagio, and then back. Adagio looks like he's feeling 'the pull', but... "How the pits would that survive all these milenia? It looks like a gust of wind could knock it over and it'll break. Ya sure it's that?"

The teacup tugs at Adagio's spark, drawing him closer. Small, delicate, fragile; yet here it sits, giving off all the signs that it is, indeed, his artifact.

"That?" Dorani slithers closer, peering at the small object. "For that, I will take..." Shrewdly, it looks to Quicksight, thin lips curling in a sneer. "It is very important, you say. Useful for defeating large enemy? Very valuable, then. I will need something valuable in return, for you to take it." It pauses, mulling things over, then points at each of them in turn. "You--" to Quicksight, "these plates." It rubs at its own arms, referring to his wing kibble.

"And you," it continues, to Adagio, placing its cupped hands over its eyes and then pulling them away, "The gems you use to see. Give them to me."

"I don't know how, but...I mean, I know it. In here." Adagio puts his hand over his spark chamber. "That has to be it. Though I'm worried I'd break it..."

He turns to Dorani. "Oh, see? All we need is--wait. His wings? My eyes?"

Looking faintly nauseous, and not just because of the smell, Adagio settles back a little. "I-I don't...I don't think we can give those up, sir. They're body parts! That's not the same as a-a thing. Look, um, I have cookies in my subspace, I think...!" Cookies, right? Not WINGS or EYES.

Gems - what? Quicksight looks up at Adagio. He doesn't wear glasses - wait. As Dorani mentions 'plates' and gestures at his arms it dawns on Quicksight. His optics narrow and he steps up clsoe to the alien "Oi! Those don't slagging come off! They a part of us! You don't see us asking you ta rip off ya slagging arm! Here's a fragging deal for ya! Ya give us the artifact, and I don't kill ya, organic!" his arm flies up infront of Dorani's face, and out of those 'plates' he so coveted comes a short but sharp blade.

"Cookies are not valuable," Dorani scoffs, shaking its head. "Cookies can be made at any time. Parts of your body, yes, they are valuable, difficult to part with. Worth an object so special, like this teacup." Faster than it would seem possible, its hand darts out and snatches the cup before Adagio or Quicksight can take it. It looks ready to barter further, except then there's a knife involved, and a direct threat.

Snarling, Dorani rises on its tail, feet dangling off the floor. "Thieves! Villains! I ask for items of equal worth, and you threaten! Leave! Leave my things!"

<FS3> Adagio rolls Courage: Success. (5 3 6 7)

"Qu-quicksight! We don't need to-I don't want to hurt him." Adagio sounds pleading, though he can't blame Quicksight for threatening someone who wanted to take his wings. "I can bring you back something nice, but--wait."

What was that Wedge said about not letting people take advantage of him? And Penchant, too? And Quicksight who's showing so much bravery, and who's right! It really is about the fate of the universe. Adagio can't waffle in the face of that. Besides...!

"Now hold on." A scowl crosses his face and he reaches a huge hand to swipe at Dorani, trying to pick him up if possible. Gently. "This isn't of equal worth to you. You're not doing anything with that teacup. You're not even drinking it. You just want to extort it out of us because it's a lot to us. An object of equal worth to that would be-something we're not using."

Oh, so that's how you're going to play? As Dorani raises up, Quicksight does too, shifting his weight to his toes, ready to launch into the air. It's Dorani's luck that he's currently quite mindful of Adagio, and thus, the Velocitronian's plea causes him to pause "Well I do" he growls, his optics still locked on the alien "Ya wanted equal. You threaten our saftey only fair we threaten yours!" still, he doesn't attack, though his optics narrow further in a sharp, meaningful glare. Look, Adagio's giving you a chance to reason. Take it if you want to get out of this in one piece. He's not holding back for you, buddy.

Dorani shifts out of Adagio's reach, clutching the teacup to its chest, sliding along on its tail now. "All of this is valuable to Dorani! All mine! Mine, mine mine mine. All of these are mine." It cradles the cup, cooing over it like one would an infant. "I threaten nothing. I ask for equal trade, and you pull knives! Thieves! Villains!" It rises higher on its tail, looming over Quicksight and reaching Adagio's chest. Its beady eyes fixate on them both, gnarled, dirty fingers curled around the teacup. "GET OUT!"

"We're, uh, we're sorry for the knives." Adagio really isn't at this point and doubts Quicksight is either, but he wants to be diplomatic. "But why is all of this valuable to you? It's just...stuff. It's all just stuff, more than you could ever use in a lifetime. Our eyes and wings wouldn't be of any use to you either. But a-a cookie you can eat. Or a song you can listen to..." That's sort of a mean gambit, he knows, but he's not impressed with Dorani's greed. "You can't even drink out of that teacup. It has a crack."

"I ain't fragging sorry for nothing" Quicksight hisses. Sorry, Adagio, he's not going to lie. He wouldn't even if he wasn't morally opposed to lying. This is going nowhere. He jumps, shifting form mid-air, the arm-plates folding out into long wings "Ya asking for something we'd be risking our lives without. You got one more chance to give it up nicely, organic, 'fore I run you through. I'm a soldier. Organic slaggers like you ain't nothing to me."

"It's MINE!" The more they talk, the more agitated Dorani gets. "I collected it myself, it's mine, you can't have it without trading!" Whatever chances they had of bartering are lost when Quicksight transforms, and Dorani seethes, a deep, terrifying hiss emanating from its body. A body that rises out of the other piles of junk, several 'aisles' over. Garbage and valuables alike cascade onto the floor as a great serpentine head erupts from the muck, hissing and spitting as it withdraws its tail and the lure attached to it. Its face is cracked, contorted, eyes a deep red, and the hood that spreads is missing decayed chunks, leaving ragged holes where there should be more skin. It lunges toward the two of them, coiling its tail - and the teacup - close to its body. Let's roll initiative.

<FS3> Quicksight rolls Reaction+Reaction: Good Success. (8 3 2 1 5 6 7 3 3 8)

<FS3> Adagio rolls Reaction+reaction: Success. (7 2)

Adagio lets go as soon as he hears that seething noise, chilled to the framework. And he decides he made the right decision when the rest of Dorani appears from the garbage. He is not a small organic. He is not small. In fact, right now Adagio feels very small, and he's not used to that.

He lunges away in his ponderous, clumsy way, almost falling backwards. Combat is not his specialty at all, and he worries if he reaches for the teacup he'll smash it.

<< "Quicksight, turn down your audials! I'm going to sing and I'll try to give you a chance to grab the teacup since you're faster..." >>

And sing he does, a gentle lullaby, a song of contentment and generosity, in that harmonious, warbling voice of his.

<FS3> Adagio rolls Siren Song: Amazing Success. (6 5 3 7 7 8 3 8 8 7 8 3 1 6)

Quicksight banks sharply as the now not-so-small Dorani lunges at him and Adagio. Well, he definitely wasn't expecting this. Not a problem for a Deception soldier however! "Hard way it is!" his engine whines as he zooms towards the serpent's head, preparedto start jeering and taunting it, only for Adagio's warning to come through. <<" Wha- ? ">> Alright then, if you say so.

Dorani, or the giant angry alien snake that was Dorani, its creepy humanoid-lure stuck to its tail, lurches back in anger as its prey dodges. There's another deep, seething hiss and it lunges forward once more until - it stops, suddenly. The pupils of its glowing red eyes grow wide, and it begins to weave gently back and forth to the rhythm of Adagio's song. The tight coil of its body loosens. The lure hangs off its tail, the teacup still clutched in its hands.

<FS3> Adagio rolls Siren Song: Good Success. (1 2 7 8 3 1 2 5 4 3 1 1 7 5)

Okay, good, the song is working. For now, anyway. Adagio has to stop to intake air again before he keeps singing, making up the song as he goes along. It starts to sound a little silly, with lyrics like 'you want to sleep in all the nice garbage? The garbage that smells so good to you,' and 'teacups aren't much use to you, this is no place for tea.' It looks like singing for a longer period of time tires him out a little.

Dorani, or the giant angry alien snake that was Dorani, its creepy humanoid-lure stuck to its tail, lurches back in anger as its prey dodges. There's another deep, seething hiss and it lunges forward once more until - it stops, suddenly. The pupils of its glowing red eyes grow wide, and it begins to weave gently back and forth to the rhythm of Adagio's song. The tight coil of its body loosens. The lure hangs off its tail, the teacup still clutched in its hands.

<FS3> Adagio rolls Siren Song: Good Success. (1 2 7 8 3 1 2 5 4 3 1 1 7 5)

Okay, good, the song is working. For now, anyway. Adagio has to stop to intake air again before he keeps singing, making up the song as he goes along. It starts to sound a little silly, with lyrics like 'you want to sleep in all the nice garbage? The garbage that smells so good to you,' and 'teacups aren't much use to you, this is no place for tea.' It looks like singing for a longer period of time tires him out a little.

Quicksight's plan was to take a page out of Dorani's book and go for the eyes - he was even reaady to weave and dodge to reach them, but then, something happened, and if Quicksight had to guess, he'd say that it might have something to do with whatever it is Adagio is doing.

Actually, he does have to guess. Whatever it is, it seems to have distracted the snake, leaving the cup open for grabbing. The tail-lure-thing holding it doesnt' count. That's what knives are for. After a moment's thought, the scout wheels around, turning from the alien's head to its tail, aiming to shift back once he's close enogh and grab onto it. Can't risk it dropping the thing.

Dorani continues to sway, its hood twitching when Adagio's lyrics start going off-kilter. Still, its focus remains on the Velocitronian, and its body uncoils further. The lure is practically forgotten, giving Quicksight plenty of opportunity to grab onto it. Only problem is, Dorani notices when something touches it, and it jerks, close to breaking the trance Adagio has laid upon it.

<FS3> Adagio rolls Siren Song: Good Success. (3 6 1 8 7 6 3 4 6 6 3 7 1 6)

Adagio sees how the serpent-thing is jerking around, as if the charm is weakening, and takes in another deep vent. No, he has to concentrate! He changes to an Earth song that never ends, it just goes on and on my friends, some people started singing it not knowing what it was, and they'll continue singing it forever just because, it is the song that never ends, it just goes on and on my friends, some people started singing it not knowing what it was, and they'll continue singing it forever just becuase this is the song that never ends, it just goes on and on my friends, some people staaarted singing it not *cough* knowing what it was, and they'll continue singing it forever just because this is the song that never ends, it just goes on and on my friends...

So far so good, as far as Quicksight is concerned. One hand curls around the lure's arm, as his legs brace against its waist. His remaining hand lashes out, the blade housed within its plating poking out to reach for Dorani's 'wrists'. With any luck, it'll either be hurt enough to let go or Adagio's artifact is going to go home with some extra decor.

<FS3> Quicksight rolls Knives: Success. (5 3 2 4 8)

This is a weird song. Dorani doesn't seem to like it much, its weaving becoming more erratic as Adagio sings. Things only get worse when it feels that tiny pinprick of pain that is Quicksight's knife against its 'wrist'. Not enough to release its grip on the teacup, but the angry thrashing Dorani does works just as well. Its lure-tail flicks violently, with the real possibility of sending Quicksight flying - along with the teacup. They're both on the same trajectory, he should be able to easily catch it. Now they just have to deal with the writhing, furious alien snake preparing to strike.

<FS3> Adagio rolls Transportation: Failure. (4)

Is it not working anymore? Adagio shouldn't have fallen back on that song! Unfortunately he's about out of singing; his voice trails off, the hypnotic warble falling off. He can't do that for too long without preparation.

Instead he transforms into his truck form, not very fast, but can probably take more damage than little Quicksight can. "Quicksight! C'mon aboard!" he calls as he starts driving back off towards the portal. Very clumsily and slowly.

Good enough! Finding himself, and the cup, airborne, Quicksight snatches at the artifact and... Huston, we have a problem. He's not going to be able to transform, and realign himself, and hang on to the cup - well, he probably could if he really tried, but there's too much at stake here for probablies. Instead, he pulls it to his chest and gathers himself up, twisting to take the fall on his back.

<FS3> Quicksight rolls Reaction+reaction: Great Success. (7 4 8 8 7 1 3 6 4 7)

Quicksight is thrown wide, yet he manipulates his frame midair and lands with a whumpf on the bed of Adagio's alt, near the cab. Which is good news for Quicksight. Bad news comes for Adagio, as with his slower speed Dorani has time to whip forward and sink its fangs into the end of that truck bed, jerking off a piece when it pulls away. It spits the twisted metal onto the floor and roars in rage when Adagio's slow and steady roll brings him and Quicksight through the space bridge and to safety. Adagio might be a bit sore in the morning, with that missing chunk of his frame - but they got the artifact! That's what matters right?

Adagio yelps as he pulls in through the space bridge. It's fine, he'll just report to medical.

He transforms once he's there and whimpers a little, then looks to Quicksight. Who hopefully had time to get down before Addy transformed. "Thank you for helping me...I-I mean it. You're very brave." He smiles a little.

Quicksight will be a little sore too - falling does that to you, though atleast he's in one piece, and the artifact is too. By the time they pass through the space bridge, he's had time to recover and straighten out, and be ready to hop down onto the ground on the other side "'Course!" he nods, optics flashing in a 'smile' as he hods the teacup out to Adagio "Looks like this is yours"

Very, very carefully, Adagio takes the tiny, fragile teacup in his massive hands. Maybe he'll thread a ribbon around the handle so he can wear it, or just subspace it. "I'll take good care of it, I promise."

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