2018-01-09 Presenting Happiness

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Presenting Happiness
Date 2018/01/09
Location Rigard - Southern District - Hopper's
Participants Starstruck, Fireflight
Summary Starstruck gives Fireflight his Secret Santa present and they make plans.....

An average-quality bar set in the heart of the Southern District, Hopper's is the place to go for a variety of engex and a fairly chill atmosphere, as long as you beat the crowds. Often the bar is tended by its owner and namesake, an empurata'd mech named Clodhopper, who will eagerly dive into tales of cryptids he's chased around the galaxy. His unique interests can be seen reflected in the bar's menu theme, where signature mixes include 'The Junkion Data-Devil', 'Bigpede', 'El Circucabra', 'Quintessie', and the 'Protomoth Man'. Each drink comes with a unique glass shaped to resemble its namesake; the drinks themselves, however, are fairly generic. Something something empurata victims and looks.

Starstruck has claimed a table in Hopper's, a little cozy two-person affair near the wall. Good thing he did, too, because business is starting to pick up and seats are filling in fast, and he doesn't want to do this at the bar. He's already got two drinks ready, two blindingly orange Kremzeeks in mugs that fizzle and spark like they're covered in live electricity, and he's looking around the bar, waiting for his invited guest to show up. He's trying not to wiggle in his seat, or tap his fingers too much on the present he's got sitting on the table beside his drink. His excitement is lesser than it would've been - too much on his mind - but this is a good distraction.

Fireflight arrives fashionably late... or maybe it's just late. Apparently he got distracted again, but it's not *too* much later when Starstruck will catch a glimpse of a red and white jetformer making his way inside hastily, scooting around other patrons in the crowded joint in a hurry and nearly bumping into several. "Oops, sorry! Pardon me, moving through!" But soon Fireflight has caught sight of Starstruck and his blue optics beam as he makes his way over.

"Hiiii! Sorry I'm late, I got lost..." He slips into his seat, focus immediately on the drinks. Oooo. He stares, fascinated. "That looks awesome..." He glances up and smiles, gaze darting to the present in excitement before traveling back up to the Con. "How are you?"

Starstruck doesn't mind the wait. He'd figured this would happen, knowing Fireflight, and when the jet finally does appear he's flashing his fangs in a big, friendly grin. "Don't worry about it! Glad you found your way, heh." He gently pushes the present toward the side for now, giving Fireflight time to settle in and get acquainted with his drink. "Doesn't it? Called a Kremzeek. Kinda tastes like pop rocks." He has to bite back a giggle before continuing. "I'm doing okay! How're you, how're things?" His visor warps almost impossibly in a wave-like motion as he asks, "How's Teebs?"

"Oh wow," Fireflight sounds delighted about the drinks, gazing at the fizzling, popping concoction and reaching eagerly for it. He takes a sip, which produces a contented rumbling sound from his engine as he pokes and plays with the sparkle. "Tastes great, I love pop rocks!" He beams at Starstruck again, takes another big guzzle, and places the drink down. Ahhh. "Good! And... good! I've been okay..." Which is more or less true, minus a little crisis of faith. His smile broadens at the mention of the truck. "Teebs is good. He's busy, got that Ethics Committee and all... oooh, I should go to that sometime... and he uhhh... he met some old friends recently and... yeah." He's suddenly not sure if Starstruck would be all that impressed at that friend being *Optimus Prime himself*, so he leaves the name out. "We're all busy, I guess, though. Lots of things going on."

"Thought you might." Starstruck's grin turns lopsided and fond, fingers curling around his own drink to bring it to his lips. It gives a nice tingle over his tongue and on the way down his intake, exactly like pop rocks. Aptly named drink. "Oh right, the Ethics Committee! I should ask him about that, if I can grab him. He's been real busy lately." He doesn't need the name to know which 'friend' Fireflight is referring to - the rumor mill doth churn - and he doesn't comment on it. "Yeah, there is, ah, a lot going on recently.

"Like..." and here's where Star brings the present back over, putting it between the two of them on the table. "Secret Santa. Guess who got you~"

Fireflight nods, still grinning as he takes another sip, enjoying the fizzy sensation. "That would be good..." He pauses, suddenly unsure exactly how to put this and not wanting to say something unintentionally rude. "I mean... just that it's good to have people with all kinds of backgrounds and... uh... experiences on that Committee. It's... that's what Trailbreaker is looking for." He fumbles over to grab another gulp of the drink before perking up, looking excited as the present is pushed towards him. "Really???" He claps his hands together eagerly. "For ME?"

"That's what I heard, yeah. Think I might look into it." Starstruck always tends to have shifts on the nights when the committee meets, or is helping a friend out, or celebrating with friends, or fulfilling some other social engagement...his calendar is packed. Tabling that conversation for now, he nods and pushes the present more toward Fireflight, sipping from his drink. "Yeah, it's for you! Sorry I wasn't able to get it to ya sooner, as the organizer I had some stuff to tie up with the event..." Considering one of their members died and came back to life, and all. "Go ahead, open it!"

The box is wrapped in festive sparkly red-and-gold paper, with a fountain-like bow on the top in curly green ribbon.

"Oh, that's fine!" Fireflight is just delighted to be being given a present at all! He gleefully reaches for the shiny paper. "It's so pretty!" He picks it up, feeling the weight and can't quite help but shake the thing a little, still grinning. Then he slides a finger down the bow, then the trim. Glancing up as Star encourages him, the smile broadens and he starts pulling the paper off quickly. Riiiip! Apparently patience isn't his strong point here.

Starstruck watches, beaming, while Fireflight tears the paper apart. He doesn't seem bothered at all to see his beautiful wrapping shredded; after all, that's the whole point! "Just wait 'til you see what's inside," he says, hiding another chuckle behind his hand when Fireflight shakes it. Good thing he didn't put anything fragile in there...

When the paper is removed and the box opened, Fireflight will find inside a special, chunky datapad of an eye-catching red, as well as a hefty bag of small, multicolored round candies. The datapad comes with an equally chunky and fun-looking stylus, perfect for someone who is easily distracted. "Wanna try 'em out?"

Many delighted little noises come from the jet as he opens his present, optics sparkling like the Kremzeek drink as he sees what's inside. The wrapping paper falls away, forgotten as he pulls out a shiny new datapad, "Ooooooo," and "Ah!" a bag of candy, always a surefire hit with the young Aerialbot. "Yesss..." He grins at the bag of candy, reaching for one to pop in his mouth before returning his attention to the datapad. "Yes!! I... uh..." He frowns softly as he tries to figure out how to turn the datapad on.

The candy that Fireflight pops in his mouth may taste differently than the Kremzeek, but the same texture and popping-fizzy is there - clearly, they are a type of pop rock. "If you put those in other drinks," Starstruck explains, gesturing toward the candy, "they'll fizz the same way these do, no matter what they are. Isn't that awesome?"

Carefully reaching over, Starstruck presses a button on the side of the datapad to turn it on. "This one I wasn't as sure about, but I hope you like it.." The screen brightens and reveals the title page of a datapad filled with coloring pages, the example included showing a fun and interesting design. "It tells you inside how to change the colors and erase and stuff, and you can save a version of what you did, then wipe it clean and color it a whole different way."

"Yeah!!" Fireflight readily agrees, rolling the candy around in his mouth, enjoying the fizz. He's clearly having a good time with that alone (he's easily amused). He slows as Starstruck turns the datapad on, expression focused and then dawning into something thoughtful. "Ohhh wow..." he watches as the Con demonstrates how to use the device. "That looks like it'll be a lot of fun!" His fingers are already heading towards the color buttons on the screen.

"You think so?" Starstruck beams, then takes the stylus off the top of the datapad and holds it toward Fireflight. "Here, use this. And I think you can change the modes too, so it either like, fills in the white areas, or you can color like it's a real pencil." He points out the menu button, where presumably those options are. "I dicked around with it a bit before I got it to make sure it wasn't stupid complicated, but it's pretty easy!"

"This is so coool!" Fireflight is clearly delighted, eagerly taking the stylus and starting to dab around on the screen. *click click* Colors fill in, then flood the screen... "Ooops..." But he finds the Undo button fairly quickly and goes from there. Soon there's a very basic colored in image, though it still has some blank spots or miscolored patches. The Aerialbot smiles, shifting the screen downward as he looks up at Starstruck. "This is such a neat gift. Thank you!" His grin grows, then he suddenly puts the datapad down so he can bounce up and try to give the Con a big hug if he seems amenable.

Of course Starstruck is amenable! With a laugh, he gets up and moves around the table, scooping Fireflight up into his arms and hugging him tightly - but not too tightly, Star's still twice the boy's size. "I'm really glad you like it," he says, pulling back to look Fireflight in the face as he grins, though he's still got Flight wrapped up in his hold. "I wanted to get you something cool and fun that wouldn't be boring, you know? Especially after....well. Everything that's been going on. Wanted to put some brightness back out there."

Fireflight is perfectly comfortable where he is and is happy to be swept up in a friendly hug and snuggle. "I do!" He nods, his grin staying put... at least until Starstruck mentions 'things' going on, which fades it slightly. He glances away, a more whimsical expression on his face now. "...Yeah." He looks down at one of his feet, wiggling the tip before glancing back up at Star and letting his head sink onto the Con's shoulder.

"Yeah. It's been... uh. Well all the fighting and people missing and Raid's transformation and my uh... well thinking I found something that wasn't what it seemed, I guess. It's... yeah, there's been a lot."

Hugging time has now become cuddling time, as Starstruck sinks back into his seat without letting go of Fireflight, instead arranging the Aerialbot comfortably in his lap. A large hand runs soothingly along his back as best it can with that jet kibble. "I know," he says quietly, close enough to Fireflight's audial that he can still be heard even with the noise of the bar. "We've been getting our asses handed to us, recently. But you know what that means? When you hit the bottom, it's a solid place to kick off and fly back to the top, right?"

Fireflight allows himself a small frown, looking downwards again at his feet, though they seem to wiggle happily at the strokes along his jet kibble at least. He relaxes at the touch, keeping quiet for a moment before agreeing, "...Yeah. We need some *good* things, some happy times to remember why we... we do what we do." His smile begins to return, a soft, wan one as he looks up at the other mech. "...I like that. Ha!" he laughs, "I know how that goes, too, I sure crash enough times... but yeah, then that just means you can fly even further once we get going again!"

"See, exactly! I know what I'm talking about," says Starstruck, the tour bus who couldn't fly if you pulled a Tracks and strapped wings to his undercarriage. "Just remember that even when you crash, you can keep going, higher and farther than before. That's what I try to think about, when stuff's getting me down. Gotta keep moving and things'll start looking up again, sooner or later." Kinda sounds like he's trying to convince himself just as much as he's trying to convince Fireflight. With one hand still on Flight's back, he stretches with the other to grab Fireflight's drink and hand it to the jet, before getting his own. "Cheers to bringing back the good times, eh?"

Fireflight watches as Star reaches over for his drink, content to remain where he is and accept the fizzy pop as it's handed to him. Clutching it with both hands he offers the mug up in a toast with Star's before guzzling it again. Yum. "Cheers!" Once he's finished for now, the drink settles more into his lap and wiggles his feet again, adding a flick of his wings. "I should like... plan something to...I dunno, cheer people up or something. I think Teebs would benefit and...well to be honest I think a *lot* of people would benefit. From...uhhh." He looks around the room. "...Something fun?"

Starstruck guzzles his, too, setting the empty mug back on the table. He does keep an eye on Fireflight; boy's been drinking quick, and this is a bar, and those drinks are alcoholic. "I think you're right. We should do something, have a party or something. Maybe karaoke?" He's biased. "Or we can keep that one on the backburner. Maybe we could have...if we find a nice planet for it, something like a picnic. Something chill and relaxed and easy-breezy fun. How's that sound?"

Everything Starstruck mentions seems to sound fantastic to Fireflight. "Oooo... yes. Yes!!" He gets more excited at each one, shifting in his seat in Starstuck's lap to lean forward and up more. "Yes! That would be great! Ha ha, maybe we'll have a picnic party *with* karaoke? I haven't done any karaoke in a long time.... I can help you set it up, maybe? Help arrange the food and drinks and... Ha and..." He grins and points to the datapad, "*I* will create the invitations!!!" Of course, really any notices will probably just be text-only messages but don't tell him that.

Fuck, he's so cute. Starstruck can't help but be caught up in Fireflight's excitement, bending down to press a kiss to the jet's forehead. Hey, he's a good friend, he wouldn't kiss Flight on the mouth (unless Trailbreaker was there and he got to kiss both of them). "Picnic with karaoke sounds fucking cool, dude! And yeah totally, this isn't a one-man job, I'd be really happy to have you helping me plan it." He laughs and shakes his head, also doesn't mention that he's not sure if there's a printer for getting pages off that datapad. "Perfect! I'll have to check with Nav, see if there's any planetoids or something on our course that we can stop off at. And we can think about having another pool party at Tempo's pools, or a dance, there's plenty we could do. You're a genius, Flight!"

Fireflight giggles, pedes wiggling as Starstruck kisses him again. It's all good fun. He beams up at his friend. "Awww, ha, I don't know about that but..." he scratches at a cheek briefly, "I like to see people happy."

He arcs his back, puffing out his chest more and balls his hands while pointing his thumbs at himself, "And together we're gonna *happy* the heck outta people!" He grins, then falters a bit, thinking about that. "Errr... or wait, maybe that should be happy the heck *in* people..." Blink. "Wait, no...that doesn't sound....uh." He stares off into the distance a little before rubbing his face with a hand, a little embarrassed. "Ha, I just... I mean.... you know. Let's make folks happy, at least for a little while. People need to remember how to laugh and relax in between all the life-and-death battles and stuff."

"You're right, they do." A little nuzzle this time, Starstruck gently bumping his nose over Fireflight's. "Before we start making other people happy, though, let's get back to making you happy." He raises a hand, ordering another round of Kremzeeks for their table, his other arm comfortably settled around Fireflight's waist. Clearly he plans on the rest of their night here being spent half-cuddling. "Maybe we can check out some of the designs in that coloring pad, there were some pretty sick abstract ones you might like..."

Fireflight squees at the nose bump, chirping like a happy little bird before settling comfortably in the Con's lap. The only thing that would make this night better would be his Aerialbros and Teebs here to cuddle and laugh and enjoy some fun drinks too, but he's enjoying himself as is. He never knew Decepticons could be so friendly until he met Starstruck. The Aerialbot looks up at Star, wanting to say again, "...Thanks. For everything. I appreciate it."

Then on to the other things. "Ok!!" He answers cheerfully, going with gusto on his second Kremzeek and his head already dancing with designs for the invitations. Fireflight holds the datapad up so they can both easily see it and starts sorting through the possibilities. "This one- oh wait no, that one! ...Or maybe..." With his distractibility this might take awhile, but they have time.

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