2017-12-30 Wanna Watch?

From Transformers: Lost and Found

Wanna Watch?
Date 2017/12/30
Location Common Lounge
Participants Disaster, Glaze
Summary Combatants meet up formally for once.

Most of the chaos going on about the ship seems to have bypassed Glaze. Oh, sure, he's been doing his fair share, and then some, as always, but, maybe due to his habit of keeping his head low, or maybe due to that damned luck that has been following him around, he's come out more or less unscathed. Certainly nothing near what's happened to some folks. Optimus Prime's call to arms hasn't touched him either, not really. Long gone are the days when he would jump at such an opportunity. He's fine fighting here, where the demons of the past are less present.

Right now though, he's taking a moment of quiet. The sole occupant of the room, he sits on one of the couches, unopened overpriced soda in one hand as his mind wanders over recent events.

<FS3> Disaster rolls What Wall?: Good Success. (7 3 7 7 6 1)

The moment of quiet it interrupted with a 'thud' which is then followed by some movies and games falling off their rack. This perpetrator, a one-horned, and eyed minibot who steps back to rub his helm. "Sorry," Disaster mumbles to the rack looking over at the only other mech currently about. "Heya, I was just gonna grab a movie to watch." A glance at the few on the floor before he picks up the closest one to him, "Would you mind if I watched something here, or would that bother you??

Glaze nearly jumps out of his seat when something suddenly slams into the media rack. What finally gets him on his feet is the realization that that something was, in fact a someone. "No, no it's fine, go ahead" with the inital scare passing he relaxes a bit, though Disaster may find himself being carefully studied "Are you alright?"

"Who? Me? Yeah," Disaster waves off with a smile, "Happens all the time, yanno? Seeing?" He holds the movie in his hand close to his face, then hold as far away as he can. Depth perception is what he's trying to show but he doesn't quite know what it is.

There is still a mess on the floor. The minibot starts to kneel down before snapping upright, "Oh! Right! Duh," he grins to himself, holding out his hand to the other mech, "Name's Disaster, by the way. Seen ya about but dunno names, or just forget, yanno." "All the time?" This does not help remove the look of concern from Glaze's face at all No one should be running into things all the time. Is he trying to say that he has eyesight problems? Surely that could be remedied...

"Oh, I'm Glaze. I don't think we've formally met before."

"Oh, hiya Glaze! Seen ya in combat but yea, not really formally." Although nothing Disaster does is ever formal. He kneels down to pick up the movies that fell on the floor. "You're shield dude! It's really cool! Probably means you do a lot more ranged fighting, yea?" If it isn't obvious, the minibot enjoys idle prattling. Particularly asking about others as he finds just about everyone interesting. Everyone is amazing in his optic.

"Shield...dude? Well, yes, I suppose I do use a shield" Glaze nods "And I do use a gun, though I can handle myself fairly decently in close range too." He steps forward to crouch down beside Disaster and help him scoop up the fallen cases "I've never heard anyone call it 'cool' before though."

Disaster thumbs through the videos after he has a couple in his hand to see which has the most interesting cover. While he does this he nods in response, "Well it is cool, 'cause you could protect yourself, or others with it. That and you can probably like, bash down doors with it?" That more hopeful. He would try to do it if he had a shield.

"Well, I suppose that is kind of 'cool'" Glaze smiles. He's never really thought of it as 'cool', but he has been quite grateful to have it, especially when it came to the 'protecting others' part "It can also be a weapon in its own righ." Standing up, he sets the pile of movies and games in his own hands back onto their shelf.

A smile! Disaster loves seeing those when he talks to others, it usually means the conversation is going well. "Yeah! Is that what ya did during the war? Shield others and bash others in the heads with it? Didja ever throw it like that one Captain?" The mini just stands there, forgetting the movies in his arms as he rambles on, excitement growing in his tone.

"Yes, I, um, I did shield people and bash, well, not necesseraliy heads." That is totally all Glaze did in the war, shield, and bash. There was nothing else before that, nope. "I'm not sure what captain you're talking about, but no, I haven't thrown my shield. It's not exactly throwable. Say, what did you do - have been doing?" Let's stop talking about his past, okay?

Aw, shame it's not throwable. Oh well, not everyone can be the Captain dorito. "Still pretty awesome," Disaster assures with delight, "I was just- well not sure what I was built for but my last crew let me scout and double as a frontliner at times. Here I just scout which is less explode-y but helpful!" Tada! "But yanno, been doing good overall. Thanks for askin'!"

"Ah" Built, he said and judging from how he's talking, possibly an MTO. Well, this one Glaze walked into himself, which doesn't help the nagging feeling of guilt in the slightest "I'm guessing you like it here?" Time to change the subject again, carefully.

Disaster gives an enthusiastic nod, "Uh huh! This place is more lively than my last crew." Significantly fewer deaths too. "But I kinda wish the Lost Light was sentient, like Tempo! It feels eerie being on a non-living ship. Other than that though, it's pretty awesome to be here!" Oh, wait, he's still holding some movies. The minibot rifles through them swiftly and pulls one out, "Wanna watch this with me?"

"Good." Glaze smiles again. At least he's happy here, which is good "I admit I would find it a little strange to live on a sentient ship..." he admits. A titan is one thing - that's a whole city. But the ship - their primary vehicle? Shuttleformers like Sky Lynx or Astrotrain are one thing - they just act as temporary transport...

Anyways, back to reality "I'd be happy to" he nods. Why not? This fella seems nice enough, and it removes the possibility of any more...awkwardness for a while.

Depends on what you're familiar with. Disaster basically lived his whole life on a sentient ship. It's creepy when you're alone in a hallway, talking the ship before realizing no one is going to speak back. At least Glaze is speaking back, and he's agreed to see a movie with him! "Great!" The minibot hands the other combatant the movie, "Imma just get a snack outta the machine and then we can watch."

With that Disaster skips over to the vending machine - only to slam into it. "..I'm ok!"

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