2017-12-30 Key to a Heart of Adventure

From Transformers: Lost and Found

Key to a Heart of Adventure
Date 2017/12/30
Location Space
Participants Barrier, Fireflight, Blast Off
Summary Barrier and Fireflight find adventure as they search for an Artifact.

Another artifact signal has been detected and some Lost Light crew members have been sent on a reconnaissance mission. This time it's Blast Off serving mostly as the transport, Fireflight (having been assigned to Combat and ready for his first mission as backup), and Barrier. The Combaticon space shuttle flies the other two to their destination, a heavily vegatated jungle planet in the Delta Five system, and drops them off near where the artifact's signal comes most strongly.

There's some kind of structure up ahead in the jungle where the signal originates and Fireflight and Barrier are dropped off to investigate. However, there are fluctuations in the readings around them that also signal potential atmospheric or radiation dangers, so Blast Off rockets off into the sky after dropping off his passengers... he'll monitor the situation, as well as keep an optic out for possible Harbingers or other hazards. It's also possible he simply does NOT want to deal with all that organic life *everywhere*. Ugh. "<< Get straight to your location and find the source of that signal, but don't mess around.... Inform me of what you find. >>" With that, the shuttle is off and Barrier and Fireflight are left in a small clearing amidst heavy jungle. Their scanners tell them- go THISAWAY.

Barrier is delighted to be on this mission. Transported by the Combaticon Blast Off himself, and accompanied by the Aerialbot Fireflight. Two famous Cybertronians from each side of the war! Barrier himself is a triple changer of little distinction, having remained mostly hidden, helping deserters during the war. He looks around himself at the thick, organic terrain. He doesn't mind it. Reaching out, he touches a vine, "Interesting..." he comments, "Kind of neat." He looks into the distance, "C'mon Fireflight. The signal points--that way!" he transforms to his bear mode as he'd have an easier time climbing over things than barrelling through as a tank.

Fireflight is excited too, this being one of his first missions as a member of *Combat*. Sounds so prestigious, and AIR RAID is in this division too! He wants big bro to be proud. He steps around, taking in all the jungle flora, pushing a few large vines out of the way before drawing near Barrier. Grinning, he looks up. "Yeah, it is! I wish we had more time, I'd love ot fly over this jungle, take in the sights.... though I guess it's so thick we see about as much down here as we would up there, heh." The Aerialbot nods as Barrier starts heading towards the signal, following behind him and letting him push aside some of the more difficult obstacles- a bit easier for Barrier than for him.

It doesn't take long to reach their destination, however. The structure, when they find it, has so much overgrown jungle vegeation around it is is highly doubtful they'd have seen it from the air. The building is pyramid-shaped, with steps leading up to an entrance with heavy, ornate doors. There are images all over- drawings and carvings of various jungle creatures as well as symbols and designs reminscent of mechanical spokes and gears. The steps leading up to the doors show images of what appear to be boxes and locks. The doors themselves have a lock, but no key in sight. However, there is one giant rug to the right of the door, and one small rug to the left. The signal appears to be coming from inside. Fireflight stands at the base of all this, mouth slightly open. "I wonder if we're supposed to knock? You think anybody's home? This looks kinda... deserted." And indeed it does- cobwebs and scattered jungle debris lie everywhere.

"Hmmm, I dunno," Barrier replies to the Aerialbot, "It would be nice to spend some time just exploring this place," he bounds towards the stairs and transforms to robot mode once he reaches the door, "Good idea. Let's knock." He raps a fist upon the heavy, locked entrance. It makes a slightly ominous booming sound, "Um. Hello??" he continues knocking and then steps back, "Open Sesame!" he intones. Nothing happens.

Surprisingly, the doors open. There's an unlocking noise and the doors swing open slowly, revealing a dark passageway ahead full of dust, cobwebs, and vines. A large, somewhat flimsy-looking rug lies dead center in the hallway a few feet inside the door. More images line the halls, showing distressed looking faces and arrows pointing from the ceiling to the floor.

"Oh wow, it worked!" Barrier peers around, "I don't like the look of this..." he murmurs, "Fireflight?" Taking a sensibly cautious step forward, the triplechanger reaches for the flimsy rug and pulls its musty, dustiness up from the floor. He glances from the ground to the cieling, then from the cieling to the ground.

Fireflight frowns a tiny bit... "...Yeah, that seemed a little too easy, I agree..." He holds his photon displacer close to his side as he steps in, then watches Barrier investigating the room. And indeed, it's a good thing he did check out that rug. When he pulls it up, he reveals a large hole in the floor, dropping down into what looks like spikes down below. Fireflight looks a little ill at the sight, optics widening. "Woah... you don't suppose this is one of those ancient, booby-trapped temples, do you?" The Aerialbot glances around a little unsure now. Nothing *appears* to be amiss, just a large hallway with many stones and pock-marked holes along the ceiling.

Barrier looks down at the hole with the glaringly sharp spikes. One thing Barrier does have going for him; he's not easily fazed. He looks over at Fireflight and grins, "I sure hope so! Lots of suspense and adventure. We can tell the crew all about it when we get back," he moves slowly down the dark hall, keeping an optic out for anything, "Have you ever done anything like this before?"

<FS3> Barrier rolls Ground Stunts: Good Success. (1 3 7 2 6 8)

"Yes!" Fireflight's face lights up at the suggestion that they tell the crew about this grand adventure. "If we do well, I bet Raid would be proud of me. He's my teammate, you know, and I want him to.... well, I want to do a good job, make him happy I'm... well I wouldn't want to embarrass him, you know?" The jet scratches as the back of his helmet with a sheepish grin. "I haven't done a lot of stuff like this on my own, no...I mean sometimes when I worked as a Courier before the war? Well *that* could be an adventure, let me tell ya! Ha. But mostly..." He turns more thoughtful, "Mostly I've usually been with my team since the war started, and Raid or the others usually know what they're doing a lot better than I...." Oh wait. He blinks, shifting his grip on his gun. "WELL I mean, don't worry! I know what I'm doing, I just... uh... well you know, ha ha..." He lets his sentence trail off into nervous laughter before following Barrier.

As they make their way up the hallway, Barrier will have very little time to hear a soft *click* from the walls where those holes are in the ceiling. However, it's going to be *just* enough time for him to realize he's somehow set off a trap.... and darts are about to shoot out at him. Darts he probably doesn't want to get hit by. Dozens fly out at him, and he'll need to do some fancy footwork to get away, but he's got the right stuff to do it, it seems.

Barrier drifts away, lost in thought as Fireflight tells him of his time with the Aerialbots and before the war. To be part of such an amazing team! To be able to fly! His daydreaming is cut short when dozens of darts register, tugging him back to awareness. He transforms to his ursine mode and flips backwards, trying to get away. He transforms to tank mode and aims for the cieling, not with brutal force, but just enough firepower to destroy the darts, "Get back! I can handle this!" he shouts toward Fireflight, "I think..." He fires. He's never really been military trained, just knows his tactics as a neutral during the war, trying to stay alive.

<FS3> Barrier rolls Firearms: Good Success. (6 8 8 4 5 5)

"Woah," Fireflight's gun swings up as the darts start flying, but he quickly realizes the best thing is to just get out of the way and bounces backwards, watching as Barrier performs some slick moves and escapes without hardly a scratch. Ok, a few, but nothing got past Barrier's armor. Good thing too, since the darts appear to have a little poison on their tips, as Fireflight sees as he picks one up from the floor to examine it. "Hrmmm..." He studies it, then looks up at Barrier. "I think we *did* find some ancient cursed temple, didn't we? I know I've seen something like this before in a movie..."

Meanwhile, Barrier knocks out the remaining darts with some well placed shots from his turret. Firelfight walks up behind him, peeking out from the tank's bulk. "Good shot..." Of course *he's* the one in Combat but he keeps being a little distracted. It happens again as he steps out into the hall and looks ahead, marveling at all the intricate carvings. "Wow, look at all these figures... and designs. And faces!" Barrier will see that the hallway splits up ahead- one passage starts winding up into a staircase and one branches to the right, into something that looks dark and deep.

Barrier steps up beside Fireflight, marvelling too at the various figures and designs and faces. He looks from right to left, studying the facial expressions and figures. He studies them in silence for a long time, trying to make a connection, "What do you make of them?" he asks, calmly tapping a digit against his chin. He pulls out a scanner and tries to pinpoint the direction of the artifact signal, "What's a 'movie'?" he asks out of nowhere.

The faces show varying emotions. There's a recurring theme of what look like possibly two lovers kissing or standing close to one another. Then a heart shape which is broken, followed by some of the designs and clockwork pieces that seem to shatter into smaller, more sharp designs all up and down and around. Followed by bars and locks and keys and many sad or anguished looking faces. The scanner will be a bit confusing... it appears either route may lead to the origin of the signal... it lies straight ahead while the only passageways go left or right, the one on the left going up and the one on the right going down.

Fireflight frowns. "I'm not sure... looks like maybe something sad happened? In this story, or whatever this mural is.... all the shards go everywhere though. I don't know... do you feel like going up or down? The stairs look like they have a little more light, though..." He asks, peering at both paths. Then he glances back. "Oh? You haven't seen a movie? Oh wow, when we get back sometime I'll have to show you one. Like, Earth had a bunch of movies... it was a story you could watch and there was a plot and usually a problem to solve and maybe you'd get some adventure or romance and then you'd hope the ending was happy."

Barrier hmmms, "I've never been to Earth. 'Movies' sound fascinating though," he taps his chin again, looking at the mural, "Let's go up. The signal heads straight into the wall in front of us," he decides, "We can always come back down and see what's in the other direction." He pauses a moment to look for booby traps and heads for the left stairway, nonchalantly, "So far, I don't mind any of this at all! It's got the makings for one of those 'movies' you mentioned." Too bad there's already a movie like this on Earth.

Barrier ahahahas and remembers to transform. Back to robot mode it is!

"It does!" Fireflight grins as he proceeds to follow Barrier up the stairs. There's no visible traps or hazards, though the stairs become pretty windy and more narrow as they head up. It's slow going, with the overgrown vines and debris, but they start making their way upwards into a large room the stairs circle around and head up to a corner on the other side. There's another pit with spikes just below, so don't fall off the stairs, guys. There's also what look like massive tree roots growing through the walls up towards the top of the chamber, and these will make things even more awkward. But light shines in a doorway where the stairs seem to exit this room. Fireflight follows Barrier carefully as they make their way up. "Me either! Life is kind of boring without any advneture, right?"

Barrier chuckles, "It sure is." He climbs over vines and makes his way up the narrowing stairway, "Still with me, Fireflight?" the triplechanger checks for the artifact signal and looks around the chamber towards the light. It crosses his mind to climb the giant tree in bear mode, but that wouldn't do, leaving Fireflight behind like that.

<FS3> Barrier rolls Reaction+reaction: Good Success. (4 4 7 7)

<FS3> Fireflight rolls Reaction+reaction: Failure. (1 2)

"Yes!", Fireflight calls out behind Barrier, "I'm right behi- Ohhh!" The *Oh* comes to be because it is at that very moment that the step Barrier steps on suddenly gives way. The hazards of rickety old temples, perhaps, or maybe a boobytrap. Whatever it is, it crumbles a whole section of the stairs, and both mechs begin to fall. However, Barrier is able to grab onto some of those tree roots pushing through the walls and surrounded by vines, enabling him to stop his fall. However, Fireflight isn't so lucky, and he grasps wildly at vines, roots, anything, but slips down and away, starting to fall backwards and towards that spikey pit. There are still vines and roots that could be used as swings or ropes, but the poor Aerialbot doesn't seem to be able to latch onto any of these in time, still falling... falling..... "Aaaiiiiigh!"

Barrier feels the stairs crumble beneath his feet, "Fireflight!" he calls out. Barrier's not the fastest or the smartest of the crew, but he reacts with what resources he has available to him. He transforms, leaping down in bear mode and hopefully falling a little faster than Fireflight with his heavier form. He 'skids' down the tree roots and latches onto them with his claws and reaches out to catch Fireflight before the Aerialbot is kabobbed!

<FS3> Barrier rolls Ground Stunts: Good Success. (8 4 6 7 4 2)

Fireflight falls, occasionally slowed by catching onto a vine just as it breaks, too, caught in a spot where transforming into a jet could bring the whole place down on them. But those spikes- those don't look good either. Happily, the Aerialbot is saved from possible impaling as Barrier swoops to the rescue. Fireflight's flailing hands meet Barrier's sure grip and he's stopped mid-tumble, hanging from just above the dangerous spikes. The relief on his face is obvious. "...Thanks!"

Taking a look around, he spots another trail leading off towards their goal below them on the end of the pit. "Look! Let me swing over there..." He begins swinging his legs back and forth, aiming to catch the edge of the trail with a foot and find his footing again....

<FS3> Fireflight rolls Crashing: Success. (4 3 4 2 4 3 7 1)

The big triplechanger shakes his ursine head, "Wait, no. I'll go over instead if you want," he says, offering to go in Fireflight's place. He's always been protective of others, the big tankbear. He eyes the ledge below them. As he does so, one of the organic thorns pierces a seam in his armor. A very small irritant that Barrier ignores and quickly forgets about, "Be careful, Fireflight."

"I'm fine; I got this!" Fireflight insists cheerfully, just before proving that he *don't* got this. The Aerialbot's footing on the rim of the new path slips and he suddenly slides right off, starting to head straight down to the spikes again, whoops. But he catches himself this time and stops any more falling. "Ugh..... Well, I thought I did." He starts trying to pull himself up, looking around as he does so. There is a doorway leading somewhere dark, but it *does* head in the direction of the Artifact....

Barrier watches as the Aerialbot nearly doesn't make it, but with a last-second save, "You okay?" he asks, hunkering to leap down towards the ledge in bear form, "Here I come!" And he leaps where Fireflight just did, eager to find where the Artifact is pinging.

<FS3> Barrier rolls Agility: Success. (8 1)

Fireflight chuckles as he makes his way from the edge towards the doorway. "Fine, thanks." Turning to watch Barrier, the Aerialbot extends a hand and waits for Barrier to land... it *looks* like the other mech is gonna make it, but Fireflight tries to simultaneously be there to assist if needed AND stay out of Barrier's way as he swings over.

Oh yes, here comes Barrier... right smack into the wall below the ledge. He was looking to make an impressive leap and instead hauls his bulk up by his paws onto the ledge, "Heh," he says almost sheepishly, "Here I be." He transforms to robot mode and makes the last few feet being pulled up by Fireflight, "Are we on track for the Artifact?" he asks eagerly, gazing into the darkness of the corridor in front of them, "This is some great adventure." he gives his appraisal of the situation, quite pleased.

Fireflight actually giggles as Barrier makes light of the situation, grunting afterwards as he helps pull the other mech up. "It is!! I think they could make a movie about *this*, and I guess that means *we're* the stars!" He seems quite happy with that idea, grinning ...until he steps to the door and peers in. "I.. I can't see a thing...." The jet stands there a moment before reaching his hand inside tentatively... nothing so far. "Uhhh...." That's when two lights suddenly turn on on the floor in front of the door. Eerie blue, phosphoric light wafts softly in the darkness, beckoning them in.

Barrier watches as the darkness is suddenly lit from below by those eerie phosphorous lights. To him, they're not creepy. They're BEACONS to even greater adventure! The triplechanger looks inside the room for any potential traps. Perhaps carelessly, or fearlessly, he takes a step into the room, "Nothing to be afraid of," he says to Fireflight. But 'nothing to be afraid of' in Barrier terms could mean anything.

Barrier watches as the darkness is suddenly lit from below by those eerie phosphorous lights. To him, they're not creepy. They're BEACONS to even greater adventure! The triplechanger looks inside the room for any potential traps. Perhaps carelessly, or fearlessly, he takes a step into the room, "Nothing to be afraid of," he says to Fireflight. But 'nothing to be afraid of' in Barrier terms could mean anything.

Barrier enters the room ....and nothing happens. Except: another pair of lights pops up, flickering in the darkness, lighting a pathway inside. Should they take another step- another pair of lights will come to *life*. It certainly seems to be guiding them in... for what, they can't quite tell yet. Fireflight follows after Barrier, looking a little bit nervous.

Barrier walks confidently forward into the darkness, each step being illimunated as he goes. He turns to Fireflight, "See? Nothing to worry about." The triplechanger gazes around the room, dimly lit by those phosphorous lights, "I wonder..." he murmurs to himself, looking to the far end of the room.

As Barrier continues inside, the darkness seems to somehow grow around him, though the tiny lights remain steadfast, lighting their way further into some sort of room. They'll have some sort of sense of largeness, some hint of draft in the air that indicates they're not in a small hallway anymore. Steps and sounds ring out into a vast abyss.

Finally, at a certain point in their walk, the lights turn on faster, increasing their number rapidly before the two Cybertronians, extending a pathway in front... and then around the center of what must be the room they are in. But they can't quite see the back end of those center lights because there appears to be some object in the way, an object the lights surround. Something big, something that starts to hum to life like clockwork.

The triplechanger turns to the Aerialbot and shrugs with a grin. Turning to the center of the room, where something -large- hums to life, Barrier gazes wondrously at it, unsure whatsoever of what it is, "Woah..."

The lights begin to brighten and soon, both Cybertronians will see a giant clockwork figure... of sorts.... standing before them. A primitive looking robot by comparison to them, yet taller than both. It whirs and whizzes to life, gears and gadgets seeming to power its every move. Inside is a pulsating globe, an object that seems to be its power source, it's heart. There appears to be something sticking out of this heart, this globe, and Barrier will suddenly be struck with a sense of connection with whatever it is. It calls to him.

The clockwork figure suddenly cries out in a mechanical tone, "I am Clox, intrepid adventurers! You have braved my gaunlet, my tower- now find the key to my heart!" Clox's upper torso suddenly whirls around, faster and faster, arms creating a barrier for Barrier... he needs to performs some fancy footwork to snag that treasure inside!

The heart of the clockwork figure beckons to him, so much so he's lost in thought for a long moment. And then, he acts, he must have whatever this object is. It calls out to him as he leaps up past the barrier in place to grasp the object within. His fist closes around it. It feels metallic. And it is. Landing again, he peers into his opening fingers at his palm. A silver and gold key.

As soon as Barrier braves- and bests- the gauntlet, the clockwork bot flashes a brilliant yellow light, then begins winding down. The arms slow down, the frantic pace sputters and dies until Clox is again at rest. Then, slowly, it seems like he smiles, or the closest approximation he can get. The grindy, mechanical voice rings out again, "You have finished the Quest, found your Grail, performed your Tasks. I am pleased. I built this bot and programmed a little of myself inside long ago, during a time of great distress, hoping to find someone with the Great Adventuring Spirit... and enough heart to brave the dangers both outside- and in it. I commend you, noble Sir, for a job well done, and for showing me there are people with true *Heart* that still exist out here among the stars."

Just before he goes quiet again, he murmurs, "And now I shall sleep again. ...Thank you." With that, all is quiet, the clockwork being goes dark once more. Fireflight, who has been watching all this with an open gawking mouth, has enough presence of mind to grin. "That was... *awesome*, Barrier." He gives the other mech a thumbs-up just as they both get pinged by Blast Off's radio... he's inquiring about whether they found the object or not yet. Fireflight lets him know and now- with Key in hand- it is time to go back home.

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