2017-12-30 Just Two Bros

From Transformers: Lost and Found

2017-12-30 Just Two Bros
Date 2017/12/31
Location Lost Light - Science and Medical - Perceptor's lab
Participants Drift, Perceptor
Summary Just two Wrecker bros chilling, maxing and relaxing.

The one place Perceptor can reliably be found is his labs, which is a good thing when he's forgetting appointments and making social calls only to get wrapped up in work. Work which currently illuminates every available sqauare foot of his dimmed lab with a network of holoemitters scattered around to project the needed graphs and schematics. Very, very familiar schematics. Someone's been taking a good in-depth look at himself.

In the middle of the holographic sea of information, Perceptor's sat cross-legged on the floor, chin pillowed in his hand and optics dimmed. Slim tails curl over one thigh and around his feet, sitting limp. Drift waited patiently at the spot he and Perceptor agreed to meet for about an hour before deciding that he probably isn't coming. This means he has no choice but to seek him out on his own and he has a pretty good idea where to start.

"Wow." Drift marvels after he steps into Perceptor's lab. "I think I get why you never showed up now." Perceptor lists off to the side, optics flicker-snapping online and arms flailing out to catch him before his head meets the ground. "Drift!"

Drift wades through the holographs over to Perceptor, grinning. "You were totally sleeping, weren't you? I guess you needed it if you're passing out on the floor of your lab." He takes a seat on the floor in front of Perceptor and folds his legs. "Hey. Sup?"

Perceptor rubs at his face while Drift makes his way over, peeking through fingers once his friend's seated at his level. "I've been engrossed." His shoulders fall and he frowns. "We were supposed to meet... over an hour ago. I'm sorry." "Eh, I figured you got caught up in something. You're not the type to just flake on me for no reason." Drift leans back on his hands, looking around at the information all around him. Interesting. "Well, we're here now so what did you wanna talk about?"

"Recharging isn't really..." Perceptor starts and trails off, folding up more so he can smoothly rise to his feet. "Right- I wanted to give you something- one moment please!" And he's off striding through holograms that disperse and reform around him, opening a cabinet and shuffling around to find something.

"You got something for me?" Drift asks, surprised. He watches Perceptor rifle around in the cabinet for a second before letting his gaze drift back to the holographs. Now that he has a chance to actually look at them, he's a bit.. unsettled by what he sees. "This is you," he remarks, pointing to one of the images. "And so is this one. What is all this?"

"In a manner of speaking, it's something we tend to keep stocked- aha." A small vial gets tilted in the dim light for a moment before the cabinet's closed and Perceptor's slinking back over and sitting down in front of Drift again. "I'm cataloging frame differences and analyzing what code I can parse in attempts to find some correlation." And now he's derailed, thinking about the purpose of this project. "It's to fix this. Me, the others."

Drift leans forward, trying to get a peek at whatever it is that Perceptor took from the cabinet. "Ah, I see." His gaze flicks back to the holographs and squints at one in particular, not having seen that particular frame design in his time knowing Perceptor. "It's kind of crazy how often we change how we look, isn't it? I guess changing is just part of our nature, eh?" He looks back to Perceptor. "I hope you find what you're looking for."

"I rarely changed outside of small modifications up until we met." Perceptor frowns slightly but unclasps his hands from around the vial, holding it out to Drift. It's nothing fancy, just a transparasteel receptacle for some red liquid and gas. "Bromine."

Drift looks very excited when he takes the vial from Perceptor. "Oh, wow! Bromine! This is fantastic! Thanks, Percy!" He grins wide and then asks, "What's bromine?"

Perceptor looks like he's trying very hard not to laugh. "Bro-mine." He repeats with a slight pause in it. "It's a halogen, they react with metals to produce salts. It's the name which I thought made it apropriate."

Drift stares at the vial for a long time, repeating Perceptor's explanation over and over again in his head. Needless to say, it takes a while for him to get it.

"OH! I get it now! Hahaha, that's actually really clever, I like it!" He grins. "So, does this make us bros then?" Perceptor's patient, smiling expectantly but he's aware of and comfortable enough with their differences to know that it'll take some time. He thinks the little bit of wordplay is hilarious.

"Or Amicas, if you still want to be. I'm just a bit torn over placing such a rigid descriptor on our relationship, but it's... big, for you to ask, and I want to try." Perceptor fidgets with his now empty hands in his lap.

Drift reaches forwards to still Perceptor's fidgeting with the touch of his hand and regards him with a warm smile. "We don't have to put that kind of label on our relationship if it makes you uncomfortable. I don't see any reason why we can't just be.. you know, bros. I mean, we know where we're at and that's what really matters, right?"

At the touch Perceptor stills and sets his hands palm-up, inviting. "Right. And who knows, it might also be prudent to give it more than a decade to see if we manage to make it to something lengthy enough to constitute a... logical application of amica status."

Drift tucks the bromine in a side compartment and takes both of Perceptor's hands in his, squeezing them gently. "You're probably right. Maybe I sort of, I don't know, jumped the gun on the whole amica thing? I did think I was going to die the next day," he mumbles, embarrassedly "Come to think of it, it's actually kind of messed up that I dumped that on you when I did. I apologize for putting that kind of pressure on you."

"Drift." Perceptor says firmly, squeezing back and looking quite serious. It's a look possibly backed by the very serious expressions on the surrounding schematic Perceptors. "It's. Reasonable. I'm weird, you know that, pits the first time we spoke face to face I was in welding gear and lacking a chestplate. We're unconventional and I like that, but I also think labeling us as Amica Endurae isn't... quite right? Because you're so much more." He blinks and ducks his head. "To me. Ah, apologies. I've gotten carried away."

Drift can't help himself from cracking a smile at Perceptor's admission that he's a weirdo despite how serious he and the holograph Perceptors all around them look, but it's that last comment and the apology that quickly follows that has him looking more serious. "You uh.. you going to elaborate on that or just leave it hanging there?"

Tails twitch and Perceptor's hands try to follow down toward them to smooth over the surface, but they're all caught up with Drift's. "I believe it could be categorized as a 'hero complex' but that feels very clinical and indicates that feelings of great fondness and ... love, aren't truly meant due to the way the infatuation manifested."

If the bromine thing gave Drift a hard time, this is going to be even more difficult. "Wait, hold on. So, it's a hero complex? But there are feelings there that are there despite it being a complex?" His brow knits together and he pulls a hand away to rub at his chin. "Or.. wait, maybe I'm overthinking it. But, you did say love. But then you said infatuation.." Finally he sighs and rubs his forehead. "I'm getting really confused, Percy. Can you elaborate uhm.. better?"

"You're the only reason I made it off that ship." Perceptor reigns in the vocabulary, slipping his free hand down to run along the end of one tail. "You're my hero, but you're also my best friend and my six, and the person I trust most to cover my back on the field. If you needed me to jump into a suicidal situation with you I would and I wouldn't think twice."

"Oh, wow." Drift keeps the hand to his forehead and looks just a bit overwhelmed. "That's extremely flattering, Percy, and I'm honoured that you think so highly of me, but you know I'm just a person like you, right? Like, I make mistakes?" He grins, trying to offset some of the awkwardness. "Seriously though, it sounds like you have a crush on me. Is that an accurate assessment?"

"Oh, I'm aware you do. Everyone has flaws." Perceptor tilts his head to the side just enough to look incredibly startled and embarassed. "P-perhaps! I'd been quantifying it as... as just a very high level of emotional attraction that doesn't match with the levels experienced toward other friends. Not- I'm not proposing anything, that would be awful of me to do now but..."

"Heh, yeah, it kinda would be. I mean, I did just get out of a relationship..s." There's a forlorn look in Drift's eyes when he says this but he doesn't let it linger. "But what?"

Perceptor considers for a moment and shrugs, levering up onto his knees and shuttering his optics to press his forehead with Drift's. "Less important. You want the stability of amicas, right? This is important to you to have?" Let's turn away from Perceptor's wonderful world of feelings to something about Drift.

"Hm," is all Drift has to say about Perceptor's lack of answer. It's hard to worry when there are head bumps to be had. "I guess I just like knowing that there are people who have my back," he says, placing his hands on Perceptor's shoulders and leaning into the forehead press. "Relationships, friendships, any kind of ships I guess. They're all important for me to have."

"Then I'm okay being your amica endura." Perceptor smiles, small, lopsided and genuine. "If it's important to you then it's worth it, but I'll always have your back as long as I am able to cover it."

"Are you sure?" Drift doesn't look too sure himself now. "You just said earlier that it makes you uncomfortable, and that we should give it some time? Not to mention all that stuff about, you know... your feelings? The amica thing isn't just about what I want, it's about what you want too and if you're unsure, then there's no reason to force yourself into it."

Perceptor gives Drift's head a push from where they're resting, hands going up to wind around his friend's elbows. "I have a lot of uncertainty in my life right now, let me latch onto your drive for this. It's something stable, and I want you to be happy. Primus, I want to be happy. This might... further that goal? Either way, I'll officially have you as a best friend for life, no take-backs."

Drift leans back so he can stare at Perceptor. His expression still reads as unsure but it eventually softens and he smiles. "Can't say I have much of a rebuttal. Alright, you've sold me." On the thing he originally suggested. "We have to do that whole spark thing, you know."

The smile turns into a bit of a grin and Perceptor gives Drift's arms a squeeze. "I know, I trust you." He draws back a bit, optics flickering back on. "Now?"

"Right now? Like, right this second?" Drift looks around, dozens of holographic Perceptors in various frames looking right back at him. "Right here?"

Perceptor blinks, looks around and breaks into giggles. Okay, he gets the lack of appeal. Sharp static buzz of a short burst comm command shuts off the holoemitters. Unfortunately, this also removes most of the light from the room. "Ah- pft. Sorry, sorry. Those must have been disconcerting. Here? Unless you have a location in mind...?"

"Actually, now that all that stuff is turned off, it's quite nice in here." Drift smiles sheepishly. "To be honest, I didn't have a specific place in mind for this. Oh and uh.. I wrote down the words we're supposed to say but I left them at my apartment because I didn't know this was happening today."

"I looked it up, after we talked." Perceptor rushes to fill the gap of information, offering to cover for both of them. "It's remarkably short, but if you wanted to wait I'm agreeable. Whatever you wish."

Drift laughs. "Of course you did. Alright, look, I'm totally on board with this but give me a day or two, alright? Look at me-" He gestures to himself and all the wear and tear that comes with flying around in space and fighting harbingers. "I look like crap. Let me clean myself up, I want to look good when I lock you into friendship for life."

Perceptor's smile flashes little tips of fangs when he laughs and nods. "Alright, I suppose I can muster up some patience." He leans forward again to press a quick kiss to Drift's cheek and poke the middle of his forehead plating. "For a presentable amica. Suppose I should clean up as well." Because hiding in the lab and firing weapons doesn't lead to a shiny finish. "Page me when you've found time?"

Drift urfs at the poke. "Yeah, you should. You look like you've been sleeping in your lab," he teases, ringing Perceptor's collar bell with a finger flick. "Of course. It wont be long, I promise."

Perceptor has the decency to look embarrassed, because he has been sleeping in his lab. Drift woke him up. "I'll hold you to that."

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