2017-12-30 Can't Be True

From Transformers: Lost and Found

Date 2017/12/30
Location Lost Light Recreation- Practice Rooms
Participants Quicksight, Fortress Maximus
Summary A discussion-turned-argument touches on filthy Autobot propaganda. And the truth.

Even with all that's been going on, Quicksight hasn't forgotten to allot some time to training. He's a Decepticon soldier, after all - it would be an abandonment of his duty if he failed to keep up his skills. Since he no longer has easy acess to the open skies, he's been spending more time indoors in the practice rooms.

So he is this time. He's not flitting around as he often is, however. This time, he's on the ground, bouncing and ducking around a practice drone, slashing and stabbing at it - no, not with his knives, but with a short sword, although to a bigger mech, it is fairly knife- sized. It wouldn't be his first time practicing with Chimera's gift, but he hasn't brought it out into public that often.

Fortress Maximus is usually down here when he's on duty now, either running training drills, practicing on his own, or going over tactics and paperwork in his office, usually alongside Brigade or Tailgate. He also has to monitor security protocols, and-well, rest assured, he's been very busy with his new duties.

This time he's come in with a particularly large rifle, one that happens to be of similar weight to the spark-gun he's been assigned. As he heads towards the shooting ranges he stops at the veering Quicksight, blinking. "That's a nice blade," he comments.

He might be training, but that doesn't meen Quicksight is unaware of his suroundings. Infact, that's part of the practice. To get caught off guard like that would be dangerous for a soldier, failiure for a scout, and likely death for someone small and poorly armoured like Quicksight himself. He's been keeping track of anyone who passed by which, admitedly, hasn't been a particularly high number of people so far. Certianly no one who's bothered to talk to him. Thus, while Fortress Maximus' comment is a little surprising, it doesn't distract him from his opponent. Jumping to the side as the drone swipes at him, he tosses the Autobot a brief glance "Thanks. It was a gift."

Fortress Maximus is pretty hard to miss even if one isn't on guard, the toweruing Autobot watching Quicksight's moves carefully. "I imagine against a larger opponent you'd want to get into any unsealed joints and snap wires. But you already know that. Don't mean to talk down to you or anything." He's a little muted, but noticeably not as cold as he was last time. In fact, he looks just a little tired.

"That's what I been doing" Quicksight confirms, although not without a bit of annoyance desite Max's disclaimer "Took down one of them Harbinger fraggers back when we first met em by hitting him in the aileron." Or well, the crack between the aileron and the wing. Finding another moment of saftey, he glance at Max again. What's with the look?

"Good." Max smiles a little, and then returns Quicksight's look. He wonders what's the easiest way to bring up a question that's weighed on his mind when it came to most of the Decepticons in his division, and then decides there's no easy way to just slip into it.

"So. You don't have to tell me, and don't consider this an official probe or anything. Just curiosity. But it sounds like you're staying here?"

"Eh?" This time, Quicksight pauses to look at Maximus properly, almost missing the strike of the incomming drone. It's only his reflexes that save him from being pummled into the floor by the indeferent machine "Well, I gotta go!" he hops a few steps away to give himself time to talk "No proper Decepticon coudl refuse, and it's coming from Megatron!" his optics go wide and bright as he pronounces the name "We - ngh!" he cuts off to jump away again as the drone continues coming at him "Pause! Guys like me could never dream of meeting him in person, let alone fighting under him like this! He's like - like justice incarnate! Everything the Decepticon dream stands for! Equality, freedom, truth! It would be an honor to fight with him! I - I mean, I don't really wanna leave the friends I got here, but - but it would be for them too, since we'd be fighting Unicron!"

"...I see." Fort Max looks a little beyond Quicksight for a second. "I had to quell my own desire to rush after Prime when he called his own. I have duties here. But I don't think Rodimus is going to stop anyone from leaving; I certainly won't." His mouth draws into a line. "Though would it really be such a betrayal of those ideals if you kept fighting here, alongside loved ones? I mean, if freedom's such a big deal for Megatron, why is he demanding your allegiance, under him?"

Quicksight's face crinkles at the word 'Prime'. Why would any remotely decent person want to follow him? Although Max's head is still probably full of Autobot propganda. Maybe once this is over, he'll have to see if he can't help him see the truth "I - I guess so people don't chicken out. The whole universe is at stake here! No real Decepticon should just sit around expecting everyone else to risk themselves for him when it's something this big, and everyone is affected! And - and I mean, it's Megatron! I mean, how can I refuse to fight with him?"

Max kneels down to keep talking, since it's clear sharpshooting training with the Ridiculously Big Gun is going to have to wait a little. Besides, he's a little fatigued from the drain that the actual spark gun puts on him when he so much as carries it around. "That's...actually why I stopped myself from going. I mean, among many other reasons. I realized I was just trying to go back to the old days, when I rallied behind the Prime and watched his glories in quiet awe, and tried to replicate him. Megatron might be the same. They kind of...became the movements after a while. Or at least, the Autobots were Optimus Prime for as long as I can remember..."

He pauses. "We're already fighting Unicron, though. On our terms, instead of theirs. Besides, what will we do if they..." He has to stop himself from saying 'Megatron,' since of course Optimus would never do it. It'd be all Megatron. But still. "If they start the war up again after all this?"

"That would -- " Quicksight begins, only to stop. A while back, he would have said that that was the best news he's heard. It's what he'd been hoping for a good couple years after the end of the war - for Megatron to show up, confirm that the war was really just on hold, and lead them to the victory they deserved. But much time has passed since, and many things happened. He'd aknowledged that the war was, indeed, over, made nice with Autobots, and swore off violence as a means of bringing about change. That war is over, and it did not achieve everything they'd hoped for. The time is for new weapons - for words. But if he can see it, surely Megatron had it figured out years ago? " That'd only happen if your Prime decides again that only the few should get equality while everyone else should suffer while they amble about not doing nothing real about it."

"That was never Optimus Prime's intent. Where did you hear that?" Fortress Maximus narrows his optics, trying hard not to succumb to old patriotic badge-feelings himself. "Megatron started the war. You think now that he's back, and he has an army, he'd stop at defeating Unicron and just...let things be? With Starscream in charge? If he's so intent on doing what's right, why doesn't he..."

It's like something hits him all at once, and he puts a hand to his helm. "Why don't they work together? One huge united army makes more sense against a lone enemy than two divided ones rooted in old hatreds." He's asking a question to the universe, rather than Quicksight.

He stops and sighs. "Well, it'd be a shame to see you go. I was hoping you'd stay part of our forces; you even seemed like you were making progress through your probation."

"Your Prime stood with the Funcs." Quicksight's optics narrow in return "Megatron tried to do it peacfully while your Prime was siding with the slaggers who tried to supress him cause they didn't want no equality and freedom. Last thing anyone needed was ta go back to that slag. Megatron wanted to maek sure it never happened. If your Prime don't decide to push stuff back there anyways then there ain't gonna be no reason to start another war over it. And Starscream shouldn't even be in charge. He's a fragging traitor who don't care 'bout nothing but his own power. Pretty sure it ain't just Decepticons who think that. No real Decepticon would want to side with a Func supporter anyways, let alone a Prime. Primes ain't ever been good news, and power should come from respect and leadership ability, not some fancy title."

By this point he's standing arms folded over his chest, feet set far apart "Like I said, I don't wanna leave behind my friends, but it's my duty as a Decepticon soldier, and my duty to them, to go."

"At least we agree on Starscream." Fort Max has his arms folded too, and stands at full height again. The compare-and-contrast might be funny to an onlooker, but he's unaware of it. "They were together in that simulation, you know. Not that it matters, since that simulation also made about Prowl," he adds with a shudder. "Optimus Prime didn't stand with the 'Funcs,' anyway. He wanted better for us, better than Functionalism or Peace through Tyranny. And how could you really keep believing in the better nature of a leader who allowed things like Grindcore and the purge of neutrals to exist? You think he's just...past that now?"

He stops himself and sighs. "Sorry. I said this wouldn't be an interrogation. That was unprofessional of me." He has to remember he's a superior officer now and can't let his feelings get in the way.

"Which is why he did slag all to help the downtrodden and sided with Zeta Prime?" Quicksight can see the differences, but he doesn't really care. Most people are bigger than him - he's used to it "The neutral purge was a mistake. Soundwave said he regrets it, and I'm sure Megatron does too..." his voice falters a little there. Isn't Megatron supposed to be an infailable spearhead of justice? "Or - or it was done without his sayso! And most of the things ya heard 'bout Grindcore ain't nothing more than Autobot propoganda. They just wanted you to hate us."

"I had plenty of reason to hate y-to hate Decepticons without propaganda, thank you." Max tries to lean on that past tense. It's past tense, right? He has to command Decepticons now and he can't alienate them no matter how hard it is to trust many of them. "And we have reports from people who went through Grindcore, Quicksight. Information from captured Decepticons at G9 who gained nothing from lying. Grindcore's your perfect example of Peace Through Tyranny, isn't it? They turned people into living bombs. Melted down prisoners to make metal for-"

He catches himself when he realizes what he's about to reveal, to whom, and lowers his voice a lot. "Soldiers. Sorry, I don't mean to get heated."

"There ain't no way even half of that could be true" Quicksight stands his ground stubornly "Okay, maybe it wasn't just propoganda on your side. Some of it coulda easily been fear tactics from our side. No real Decepticon would just give up real information to the enemy! Those prisoners probably got handed to you so they could make you fear us! There ain't no way Megatron would let any of that really happen!"

"That's a flimsy justification and you know it. Where do you think they got the metal to make y-"

Max stops, honestly horrified with himself with open optics, and steps back. "I'm sorry, Quicksight. That really did cross a line on my part. I'm getting carried away. Just stressful to think of so many soldiers leaving us." In part because of a leader Fortress Maximus used to admire, still admires.

"Ta make what?" Seriously, what are you talking about? "We had plenty metal ta make things from other planets! Whyja think we needed em? I was built ta fight over a resource rich world!" Quicksight steps forward, not that it makes much of a difference, given the size difference "Anything outlandish ya heard weren't nothing but propoganda, yours or ours! War's over! I thought we were supposed ta get over that slag now?"

"We are. I am. I thought I was." Max still looks a bit stunned at himself, turning away. "Seeing Optimus Prime giving a speech is affecting me more than I thought, I think. They're both affecting us, they're dividing us. Rodimus was right..."

It's like he's talking more to himself than Quicksight, though he snaps out of it. "There was talk that with the rate MTOs were being produced towards the end of the war, Decepticons melted Autobot prisoners down to sentio metallico for Decepticon frames. As a final act of spite. We probably shouldn't...touch too much on this; it's just making things worse."

"What?" Quicksight backs off a little, but not out of any surender. His brow ridge goes up "Who the slag came up with nonsense like that? And ya actually believed it? There ain't no way that coulda really happened! Come on, mech, I know it ain't easy ta let go when hating us is all ya knew, but ya can't seriously belive that we'd do something like that. Megatron wouldn'ta ever let something like that go on!"

"I don't think you'd do something like that. Or a lot of the Decepticons I've met on the Lost Light. You're just soldiers, like we were. It's just, your leadership..." Max leans against the wall again. "Megatron might not have known. Our armies were massive. Autobots did some terrible, awful things without Optimus Prime having a clue. Some of the confessions I saw at Aequitas..." He dims his optics. This is the nice version; he's pretty sure Megatron would have endorsed anything at Grindcore gleefully. "And he had his Phase Sixers, his Decepticon Justice Division. I mean, if I had to point out any difference between the two leaders and their addresses, it'd be this: Optimus called upon us to help him. He didn't vow to punish those who did not."

"Well, yeah, it was war! Loose lips down ships, yeah?" Quicksight straightens out to his full height to peer up at Max "And like you said, the armies were huge! 'Course Megatron couldn't personally go after every traitor. Ain't nothing worse than someone who'd throw his comrades to the enemy to save his own plating! And we needed those resources! Sucks that some of those planets were inhabited, but they were just organics, and if it weren't them, it was gonna be us. And right now, Megatron is just looking out for the saftey of everyone. Some people just don't seem to get that if we don't win this, we dead anyways. They need the push to get in there and fight. Better risking ya life than surrendering it, yeah? Not to mention that they expecting everyone else to save their plating for them, and that ain't right. They're soldiers! Theu got the ability to help out for the greater good, including their own!"

He quiets down, and for a moment, it seems that he's done with his response, but then he perks up again as an idea crosses his mind "Hey, if ya ain't gonna take my word for it, I - I can ask Megatron himself! I - I know he busy, but - but if he does answer, I'll even record it for ya so you can hear it for yourself!" He seems almost excited for this. Is he doing this right? Words, not yelling or violence, yeah?

"I still think it's better to gather the willing to you than to coerce the unwilling." Fort Max might not be saying the same thing if positions were reversed, but this is Megatron. It's a little hard to remain impartial in the face of Megatron. "Do you think Decepticons who choose to fight alongside the Lost Light are cowards? Because he meant them, too. And if he sends any of his forces to claim them, we...could end up enemies." He frowns. "I really do hope that doesn't happen."

And then Quicksight has his Big Idea, and Max blinks. "Whoa, are you sure about that? He'd allow it? If you go to him and then end up choosing not to follow him, you could be in a lot of danger. I just hope for your sake he's the person you think he is..."

"Why would I choose to not follow him?" Again, Quicksight's brow ridge goes up, trully perplexed. How could he not want to follow Megatron? "And people here would still be fighting Unicron..." That's got to still count, right? "Just promise me that you'll actually listen if I can record anything!"

"Well, if you end up having second thoughts..." Not that Max thinks Quicksight will. He's a staunch loyalist, and who can blame him? He feels a little glum about it despite the friction the two often have, and despite what Quicksight said to Lieutenant; he enjoys these debates on some level. "I'll listen," he adds. "I promise. Even if you can't record, I'll take your word. You're not a liar."

Quicksight scowls at the suggestion that he might have second thoughts, only to brighten as Max continues. After Lieutenant's accusations, hearing someone, let alone an Autobot, say that they trust his dedication to honesty feels awesome. Hey, maybe this talking thing could really get somewhere, even if it's just convincing a single Autobot to stop beliving all that wartime propoganda! "It might take a while, sincehe's Megatron, and he's obviously gonna be busy, and that's assuming he even cares to talk to me, but I'm definitelly gonna try."

"I'm still not sure this is a good idea. Just be careful, Quicksight. That's an order." Fort Max picks up the big rifle again. Time for more Not The Spark Gun Practice. "I'll let you get back to your dueling. If you do end up leaving, you'll give your friends warning, right?"

Quicksight frowns a little at the 'order'. What could possibly go wrong? Not to mention that you're not the boss of him. He's in a different division! He doesn't comment on it, however. Instead, he focuses on the last part, answering it with a nod "'Course!"

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