2017-12-30 Bird Watching

From Transformers: Lost and Found

Bird Watching
Date 2017/12/30
Location Lost Light - Recreation -- Library
Participants Astrix, Mir, Slugfest
Summary Only it’s the bird that’s watching (and griping), not the other way around.

Meant as a place for quiet study and public record, this storeroom is a repository of information. Whole collections of datapads fill shelves along all of the walls and the multiple dividing partitions, giving the space a very 'full' feeling. While many of these pads contain a copy of Cybertronian knowledge and study, many still are empty, meant to be filled with what is discovered from the continuing exploits of the Lost Light. Both a library and record hall, this room shares what is known and means to add to it with what is found.

Inside the entrance is the main desk, unmanned, but the terminal there serves as a nexus to track what datapads have been checked out and by whom. From this entry, there are stairs down and up as there are two levels to this library, the lower level having a black circles design fading into the silver wall to become solid silver on the second level. The central connecting space is open, allowing for those below to view who might be above and vice versa. The floors are black star-like tiles, with the bookshelves also sporting a similar glossy look as the floor.

There are also new sections added to the Library. The first floor now includes a 'comfort' area with a rug, and cushions with quilts in their own designated cubbies to borrow while enjoying a book. Quilts made by one of the previous librarians are also available. On the second level is the 'Colonies' area which hold histories and stories from each colony. In addition, each has their own set of holograms of art, the environment, and the titan from there for commemoration.

The library was quiet. Well. Usually one tries to keep libraries quiet. It's not always the case, but for this moment, things were appropriately silent. Which is why it was chosen as the optimal place for a white Cybertronian owl, more machine than animal, to take up roost. Still and silent atop a shelf, Astrix is reviewing the contents of a datapad, only occasionally touching its interface with one of its talons. Other than this, the lack of movement and dim, barely noticeable glow from its yellow optics are suggestive of a statue.

The library currently being quiet suited Mir just fine. Setting out only one of their speaker drones to examine the higher shelves, the minibot scours the shelves for some reading material - those about the Colony cultures being of special interest. After taking a few about Abyssalus and Khepri, they seat themselves somewhere comfortable, content to scroll through the datapads they've taken. "Hmm, going to Abyssalus would be a tad difficult though..." Mir murmurs aloud. Meanwhile, their speaker drone hovers randomly around the shelves.

A tiny robo stego is perched up on top of one of the shelves in the library, napping. Tiny robo snores can probably be heard, since the library is otherwise very quiet. Perhaps a curious mech or two would find the stego?

The steady snoring had become something of a white noise, akin to quiet, even if not proper silence. It drew no curiosity from the white figure.

At first, the only response to hearing murmuring is slight brightening of two large, yellow optics. However, the owl does not look up just yet. It isn't until a drone buzzing around the shelves makes movement too hard for the mech to ignore. His optical aperture narrows briefly, before dilating to their fullness to better track the drone's movements, and the owl lifts its head before leaning forward ever so slightly to better peer over the lip of the shelf it had been perched atop of for some time. Blade like talons grip harder, gaining traction to prepare to launch off of its vantage point, if necessary.

The speaker drone hovers closely to a certain sleeping stego ontop of one of the shelves. Mir's pointer digit twitches a little as their speaker drone returns a signal. Hm? Glancing up from a datapad on Abyssalus' subaquatic fauna, Mir taps at their audial. "Hm?" Taking temporary control of the drone, Mir watches through its sensors. The drone emits a small 'beep?'. "Oh, that's Slugfest." They whisper as quietly as possible. "Looks like he's asleep." Another quieter beep. They wonder how he got up there.

Slugfest probably got up there with his antigravs. He shifts in his slumber on the narrow shelf, suddenly finding himself off-balance and he tumbles to the floor with a squeal!

<FS3> Astrix rolls Reaction+reaction: Success. (3 8 6 6 1 3)

Already primed for action, the movement as much as the squeal from Slugfest falling is all Astrix needs for his reflexes to take in. His wings flip out and he dives off of his perch towards the chainsaw-stego. Light glints off of his razor sharp talons which he swings forward, attempting to snatch Slugfest mid-air, preferably finding purchase either between his plates or snaring one of his legs.

Coupled with the drone's last sensory-based image and Slugfest's squeal, Mir immediately tries to hop into action but stops when they remember the datapads around them. Plus, it appeared that someone else had it covered. A flash of white swoops at the falling cassetticon, right before their optics. Whoa. Meanwhile, the drone beeps before flying back to its owner and plonking itself on the desk.

The tiny robo-stego's squeal rises in pitch momentarily as he's snatched out of midair and is not currently decorating the floor upside down. If he'd landed that way, he'd probably had his back plates embedded in the deck plating of the floor.

Nearly losing his grip and dropping his prey - er - fellow shipmate, Astrix opts to land as soon as possible, bringing Slugfest within mere inches of the ground before dropping him the rest of the way. Astrix' short yet broad wings adjust to give him a little bit of lift, just enough to carry him onto a nearby table. Landing there, he folds his wings quietly as he scoots forward to the edge of the table so his talons can curl around the ledge of it. Then, his head swivels around 180 degrees and a pair of yellow optics glare intensely at Slugfest. "Hrmph!"

Again, whoa. The owl - wait, that's the mysterious Astrix fellow from the crew log - was big. Um. Huh. Sliding the deactivated drone off the table, Mir tucks it into their subspace before taking up a datapad again to hide their peeking at the beastformer.

Slugfest is set on feet, and peeks up at the mechanical owlformer. He's a little confused, as he doesn't know if he fell off the shelf himself or whether Astrix snatched him right off it. He cocks his head. "Did you grab me off the shelf while I was sleeping?"

"Did I gra--" Comes the irate owlformer's voice, cutting himself off at the absurdity of the questions. He slowly begins to turn the rest of his body around to face Slugfest. "What reason do you suppose I would have for abruptly and violently disturbing your slumber - even if you were sleeping at a most inappropriate time and place? This is a not a habsuite." For a brief moment the owl's scowl shifts from the tiny stegosaurus to where Mir is trying to not stare. He fixes the minibot with a stern glare before looking back at Slugfest, awaiting an explanation.

Reeling back from Astrix's glare, Mir squeaks, dropping the datapad with a clatter and holding up their servos in surrender. Just surprised! Surprised, that's all! They also had nothing to do with Slugfest falling off the shelf either, they swear! Sorry Slugfest, but you're on your own for now. Maybe when Mir gets a grip.

Slugfest looks at the floor. "Dunno how else it happened," he says, swishing his tail. "Such a nice nap, too."

"A NICE N--A ni... guh... bah!" sputters Astrix in exasperation. He begins to unfold his wings, looking as if to simply fly away in disgust, but seems to think better of it, refolding his wings. With pokey, awkward movements, he half hops, half steps his way to the other edge of the table. Narrowing his optics somewhat, he grips the edge and leans forward, bobbing his head a few times as he continues to glare at the tiny stego. "Pray, tell, just what WAS an overglorified novelty doorstop such as yourself doing on that shelf?" Astrix glances to the shelf in question, from which Slugfest fell, as if to draw his own clues. Such was what subject matter could be found there.

Mir's surrender, for the time being, is accepted and they are being kept out of the crossfire. For now.

"Can see who's coming and going while I'm still awake," Slugfest says, "And I don't get tripped over on a shelf!" Clearly getting tripped over is a problem for the tiny stego.

Even when they can't really see Slugfest's expression or body language, Mir still feels a bit bad for not saying something. ...Whatever, they can do a double-shift if Blaster needs them to if it gets back to him. Plus, partnering up with Slugfest on the bridge was way too fun to give up and get awkward silences forever. "Slugfest rolled over in his sleep and fell off." Mir speaks up timidly.

"You don't get... you don't... hn hn hn" Something akin to a chuckle can be heard, but there is nothing uplifting or friendly in the sound of it. "Tripped over, yes... of course..." the owl murmurs. Having a perch in order to watch from is not exactly something Astrix can find fault with. After all, he's almost always situating himself on lofty perches and watching the antics of the crew. More often than not, however, he does not get involved. And he now seems to be seriously reconsidering not letting the small stegosaurus fall and embed his plates into the floor. Astrix draws a glance over to Mir. Yes. Let it all happen and see how this one would have handled it. Astrix shrugs his wings as he straightens up his posture as Mir finally speaks up. "A hazard wherever you lay to rest it seems. And why exactly is it that you have no learned to simply TIME your recharge cycles more appropriately to when you won't be anyone's way at all? Hm? From the sounds of things you have had AMPLE opportunities to learn."

"It's not my fault! I had a NAP ATTACK!" the tiny stego whines. Not unlike a certain rotund orange cat in the funny papers.

If Mir tried to catch Slugfest instead of the much quicker and much more ready owlformer, then they would be down one speaker drone and in the infirmary in time for the new year. And what a way would that be, starting a new year in the medibay. "You don't have a desk or two in your habsuite to climb on?" Mir asks, already thinking about alternatives.

"A nap attack you say? Why, that sounds like a very severe condition." The owl's tone lowers, sarcasm ripe and dripping off of his words. "Of course, of course, not your fault. Why should I or anyone expect an intellectually challenged can-opener like yourself to take responsibility for themselves? After all, that seems to be fashionable among the ship's residents." Once again, Astrix is leaning forward, wings spread. He remains in this precariously posed posture for a moment or two, glancing between Mir and Slugfest. "Ah yes, I imagine if you put your minds together you can come up with a wonderful solution to not allowing these nap attacks to inconvenience others any longer." Apparently, he has much better things to do than be anything but a critical curmudgeon. Astrix' tail spreads out, briefly sliding side to side in preparation of flight.

Slugfest curls his tail around him. "Dunno how it inconveniences you," he murmurs. He pauses. "Hey! I don't open cans!"

Ignoring Astrix's slightly demeaning jab (if it was a jab at the Intel sector instead, then it would clearly be a different response), Mir stands up and walks over to the two. After neatly scooping up the protesting robo-stego, they return to their seat and plop him onto the table. "You can nap with me, if you'd like instead?"

"Oh, of course you don't. That would actually be USEFUL!" The owl retorts to Slugfest's protest. Not about to waste his time further in explaining how Slugfest had inconvenienced him, Astrix takes to the air. Hr circles above their heads without disturbing any of the shelves and then heads for the exit. He's done with the library for now.

Slugfest yays. Nap with Mir! Sounds good to a tiny stego as he's scooped up and plopped onto the table. "Okay!"

After watching Astrix leave and waiting for Slugfest to settle down a bit, Mir returns to their datapad. One crisis neatly averted. Now back to their reading about Abyssalus. Hum, interesting.

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