2017-12-26 BFG (And Others)

From Transformers: Lost and Found

BFG (And Others)
Date 2017/12/26
Location Lost Light: Recreation -- Practice Rooms
Participants Brainstorm, Perceptor
Summary Brainstorm has some new toys available

The practice rooms are soundproofed and reinforced, serving as one part race track, one part shooting range, one part obstacle course, and one part holodeck. Oh, while also functioning as practice rooms. Honestly, it's a busy space, composed of many smaller rooms that can function individually or be taken down for a large course.

Recent battles and a return to more frequent participation in combat means that Perceptor has a need for new and exciting weaponry. As it happens, their ship has the best weapons engineer possibly in the galaxy onboard. He'd be remiss to pass up a chance to try out some of the unique guns and put the helpfully lax wrecker survival standards to work.

The CSO stands near the door to the practice rooms, a gamut of targets and holographic markers set up and already moving about behind him as he waits. Perceptor's wearing that clunky looking older reticule in place of his usual one and looks excited.

Brainstorm has been bussier than usual these days, given what's been happening these last few weeks, especially these last few days. That doesn't mean, however, that he doesn't have a few minutes to give Perceptor, especially when it's Percy himself that gives him the call.

His appearance as he headed down towards the practice rooms probably made a few people to scramble for cover under the assumption that if Brainstorm is toting that much firepower, it's either the end of the universe and he's decided that he has nothing to lose anyways, or there's going to be a lot of previously untested shooting and exploding in a moment, and, given that all the weapons are Brainstorm Specials, it would be in everyone's best interests to clear the area within a 5 mile radius.

Okay, he's not carrying that much, but it is quite an assortment, ranging from a pair of smaller rifles tucked under his arm, to a monster of a gun nearly as long as an average mech is tall, loosely hanging over his shoulder by a strap. Brainstorm himself looks quite chipper as he hauls this whole array down the Rec deck hall, his optics brightening when he spots the other scientist "Hey Percy!" He'd wave, but his hands are a little full at the moment "Finally decided to upgrade to something more awesome, huh?"

If Perceptor looked visibly excited before Brainstorm showed up, he's practically bouncing at the sight of all that weaponry being carted down. Wreckers, they're odd ducks. "Given current circumstances, it seemed pertinent to expand my arsenal." He strides forward to offer a hand with the weaponry, optics lingering on the massive rifle. That looks fun. "I've set up a course of suitable difficulty for assessment of basic use. Ah... for no particular reason, how waterproof are these?"

"Waterproof, fireproof, shockprooof" running out of fingers not necessary for keeping hold of the guns on one hand, Brainstorm starts on the other one "Rodimusproof, and dustproof. You offend me by implying that I wouldn't take even the most basic precautions. Why do you ask?"

"Ah- Is it important?" Perceptor looks a bit sheepish, gesturing into the room and slipping inside. Come come, there's shooting to be done. "What selection did you deign to bring?"

Brainstorm raises a borw ridge as Perceptor evades the question "Don't tell me you managed to get your gun soaked? I get Rodimus setting his bow on fire, but I thought you'd do better. But never mind. That's not going to be an issue with anything I make" on to more interesting topics. Ducking in after Percy, he finally drops his load, with visible relief, spreading the guns - five total - out on the floor between them "Take your pick! I've got mobility" he nods at the smaller of the guns, barely bigger than a standard pistol "penetration power" he tunrs to the giant on which, now that it's lying flat, Perceptor can make out the name Widowmaker 10X engraved into the stock with a scrawly hand "And everything in between!"

"It was point blank in a blast that expelled a large amount of energon and coolant from the cranial structure of an unexpectedly weak mech." Perceptor grimaces. It was gross, he was coated. His attention fixates on the guns once they're spread, especially the Widowmaker 10X. ".... Perhaps I should work my way up rather than starting with that." He kneels to pick up the smallest gun, weighing it in his hands and considering.

"So, you had a badly made gun" Brainstorm concludes. Clearly not his work if it couldn't take a little energon splattering. Or a lot. "They're all good, obviously, since I made them, they're just built for different situations. That one" he nods at the gun Perceptor choses - something of a cross between a handgun and a riffle, small and light, with a prominent switch labled 'extend' at the otherwise almost nonexistant butt "Is faster and more movable, but less powerful than the others."

Perceptor shrugs, they were stock guns he co-opted and modified, nothing specially made for him, something he built his body around instead. "Hn." He flips the gun into a more secure hold and straightens up, pivoting around to fire a series of shots into the targets. They all hit, several centering in their respective targets but most of them landing around the holes. The holograms blink red where the hits passed through. He presses the 'extend' button, reorients, and fires again.

All those shots land as well, most making the bullseyes.

Per the label, the 'Extend' switch triggers mechanisms within the gun's body, and the butt of the weapon slides out, allowing for a more traditional rifle hold. "Don't worry about the kickback" Brainstorm reasures Perceptor as he watches him soot "You could have Grimlock jump on it and it wouldn't even bend. Now if you want something more special, try the next one!"

Perceptor blinks down at the rifle and nods slowly. "I dislike the extension." But that doesn't mean it's bad, just not for him. Raising an optical ridge at Brainstorm, he kneels to take up the second gun in the lineup, enacting the same procedure to test it and snapping back around to fire at the targets again. The quick draw and aim is apparently important when choosing these.

Criticism or not, the comment brings out a scowl on Brainstorm's face, though it might be a little hard to see thanks to the mask. The disapointment doesn't last long, however, and as Perceptor picks up the next gun, the weapons engineer is once again eagerly watching.

This gun is a little more standard looking - as standard as Brainstorm specials get anways. The interesting part comes when Perceptor shoots. With each hit, there's a short bzaap, and a flash of bluish light "It works better on actual, living targets" Brainstorm explains "It's an electric stun rifle! Though you can change the settings to be more damaging. Works great against electronic equipment too!"

"Ah, that would be useful to avoid ah... unneccesary medical treatment for captives." Perceptor perks up a bit, looking the gun over a bit more and smirking. "How large of a target is it capable of stunning, in theory? Have you had chance to test it in the field?"

"In theory, about two Ultra Magnuses - Magni?" Brainstorm waggles his hand "Though the effective time might be shorter, and I haven't actually had anyone that big to test it on. Could also depend on species. Fairly sure some organics respond to being zapped differently. You like it?"

"I like the concept of it. Whether it lives up to expectations will determine how much I like it in practice." Perceptor's little smirk could almost be teasing the way it's directed toward Brainstorm. "I would like to use it further to test the parameters." That said, he stoops again to pick up the next gun, repeating the same action from the first two into the targets.

Again, Brainstorm scowls, squinting in a show of annoyance. Are you implying that his guns wouldn't live up to someone's expectations? The smirk is caught though, as is the fact that Perceptor said that he likes the concpet. Even if this one isn't good enough, he can easily recycle the basic idea for something fancier.

The next gun is deffinitely built more for distance - not quite a sniper rifle, but certianly longer and heavier than its predicessors, with a foldable, extendable scope built in. The walls will attest that it packs a bit of a punch as well.

Perceptor blinks and stares down the sights at the holes he's put into the walls. He has to requisition someone to fix those now. They'll know. He stares at those, then down at the rife and grins. "Armor piercing or just built for a more range than this course offers?" It's punchy, his tone is pleased and approving.

"Both!" Brainstorm answers chipperly "It's not much in terms of range and stopping power compared to the the next ones" he nods at the two remaining guns, the Widowmaker 10X, and a slightly smaller, but still fairly heftly sniper rifle "It's meant to be more mobile. If you like this one, I'm sure you'll love the rest!"

"Are they safe to test within the ship?" Perceptor eyes the next two with a mixture of anticipation and the particular look that lends itself toward calculating damage repair costs. "I am a sniper, while short range and stunning is well and good, precision shots with high recoil weaponry is what my frame is meant for." As if he was built to be a sniper and hadn't been an unassuming and excessively weak microscope for millions of years, less combat capable than even Brainstorm.

"Just make sure that the next few adjascent rooms are empty and don't shoot at the hull plating" Brainstorm reassures him cheerfully "You did say you wanted something with rantge, and what's the point of a gun if it can't do any damage? The next one has some special ammo to go with it by the way. Acid rounds, smoke rounds..."

Perceptor looks at Brainstorm, down at the weapons, and makes a vaguely pained noise. "Would you mind me taking them to test planetside?" On one with atmosphere and wind and walls that he isn't in charge of the status of. He can't just go destroying things now, the paperwork is, in the end, all on him, not Penchant and Hound. It has acid rounds, he's practically smitten with it already and he hasn't picked it up.

Brainstorm says, "Sure, why not. It would be a better demonstration that way too" Brainstorm nods, giving the walls a meaningfull look. It's a little hard to see how well the gun worked when there are walls between you and the final hole "Just make sure to tell me how you like them! Actually, I can just go down with you. I am busy, but I can spare some time.""

"Sure, why not. It would be a better demonstration that way too" Brainstorm nods, giving the walls a meaningfull look. It's a little hard to see how well the gun worked when there are walls between you and the final hole "Just make sure to tell me how you like them! Actually, I can just go down with you. I am busy, but I can spare some time."

"Ah...." Fangs biting into his bottom lip, Perceptor gives Brainstorm a searching look. "I really do not think you are predisposed toward gallavanting into active combat zones for the sake of watching your weapons be tested." What he means is his intent was to bring the new guns along for Drift's next harbinger hunting trip, get some actual field experience with them to get a real opinion on how well he can work with them.

"Oh" No, Brainstorm most definitely isn't predisposed to that, even if it does mean showing off his brilliance to Perceptor. His life is just a teeny bit more valuable to him than his ego. Anyways, it's not like he can't boast later "In that case, make sure to tell me how you like them afterwards! I'll give you some more ammo for that one" he nods at the smaller gun "If you're looking for a real punch, take the Widomaker 10X. Comes with explosive rounds too! Both of them have built in bipods by the way, so don't worry about that."

Perceptor kneels to set down the rifle he's still holding and gently pick up the other two, holding the Widowmaker 10X with it's butt resting on the floor- it's practically of height with him and the implications of that make his tails wag excitement. "Oh, I hadn't been, they're top notch craftsmanship, it's simply if they'll fit with my preferences." Ok so he's a bit of a gun nut now, blame Kup. The grin tipped up toward Brainstorm is one learned from the Wreckers; all anticipation and that slightly manic excitement at the promise of destruction.

Oh, do go on! Brainstorm perks up at the praise, his shoulders straightening out as he tilts his chin up a little. Not so much though that he can't keep on watching Perceptor. People getting as excited over his guns as he is is some of the best praise he can get, especially when those people happen to be Percy "I can always make some modifications later, or something new entierly!"

"I think these will do the job nicely, simple weapons tend to be the most useful." Perceptor tilts his head to the side, bringing the gun in close to hold it close to his chassis, almost like a hug. "Thank you for the confidence in my abilities to test them, I do understand hesitance with regards to the majority of our working experiences." The ones on Kimia, where Perceptor wouldn't touch a gun much less get excited over trying an experimental one.

Brainstorm says, "Of course!" How could Brainstorm say no to a chance to show off his work to Perceptor of all people?"

"Of course!" How could Brainstorm say no to a chance to show off his work to Perceptor of all people? "Stock weapons are trash anyways. Sometimes I feel like they're built to kill the guy shooting them as well. Plus, from what I've seen, you handle weapons better than a lot of people. Atleast you didn't set one on fire like some people - wait, no, he set himself on fire while holding his weapon. And then people decided to outdo him by setting the whole armory on fire..." He hasn't forgotten any of those incidents.

"I'm inclined to agree with you on that." Perceptor smiles a bit softer, less fangs and more a gentle tilt of lips. "I'll deliver my notes to you upon completion of assessment for the weaponry." And then a slight flash of fang and he sways to lean forward, a bit into Brainstorm's space and maybe it's the wrecker persona getting too cheeky but, "Do you want me to set them aflame as well to test durability?"

Fortunately, Brainstorm was never that big on personal space to begin with. Perceptor's smile is returned with a cheerful flash of optics. This has been a good day "I have been wondering if your flames are any different from Rodimus', or any fire you might normally encounter. It'll probably hold up though. I don't make shoddy work that's going to melt because of a little heat."

"They're roughlly equal in temperature but the colour appears to be a chemical reaction." Perceptor's smile wavers, a bit unsure. Right, his... fire. The mutation. "I do not believe I'm prepared to run extensive tests on it as of yet, wait until I'm capable of summoning it at will." holding the guns close and sliding the smaller of the two into his back holster, Perceptor hoists up the long rifle into a casual resting hold. "Ah- It would appear my time's run short. I'll request you when I've had a chance to test them."

"Have fun!" Brainstorm nods, as chipper as ever, either not noticing Perceptor's sinking mood, or choosing to maintian the cheerful atmosphere despite it "If you have any questions, just ping me or stop by!" Were it anyone else, he'd be much more hesitant in offering them a chance to disturb him, but this is Perceptor, being interested in his guns!

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