2017-12-01 Engineers Don't Mope

From Transformers: Lost and Found

Engineers Don't Mope
Date 2017/12/01
Location Lost Light: Engineering -- Engine Room
Participants Brainstorm, Nautica
Summary Nautica's going back to some bad old habits. Thankfully, Brainstorm is there to pull her out

The quantum generators that power the ship's basic functions have been reduced to a fraction of their former glory, while a skip drive hops the ship at FTL. There are warning signs near the quantum generators, reminding people not to stand next to them, after what happened to one of the Duobots

In the wake of whatever's transpired between the two of them, Nautica has vanished from the Science and Engineering labs. A bit of quiet inquiry can quickly turn up that the Camien mechanic has returned to her old, bad habits of hiding away in the engine room once more. In fact, to judge from the array of engine parts spread out across the floor, she's deep into avoiding her problems. She is seated next to what's left of one of the subspace oscillators, working away at removing some of the innards to fine-tune them.

In the wake of whatever's transpired between Windblade and Nautica, the latter has vanished from the Science and Engineering labs. A bit of quiet inquiry can quickly turn up that the Camien mechanic has returned to her old, bad habits of hiding away in the engine room once more. In fact, to judge from the array of engine parts spread out across the floor, she's deep into avoiding her problems. She is seated next to what's left of one of the subspace oscillators, working away at removing some of the innards to fine-tune them.

Brainstorm didn't even bother with the inquiry. Engine rooms are a Natica's natural habitat, and thus, when she stopped showing on the science deck, it was one of the first places he went looking.

And what do you know, he was right. "Knock knock!" he calls out as he pokes in through the doorway "Anybody home?"

Crash, clatter clatter. Nautica startles at the knock, dropping her wrench on the ground. "Oh," she greets, scrambling to her feet and trying in vain to look like she /wasn't/ just caught off-guard. "Brainstorm! Hi. I didn't expect you down here."

Brainstorm waits for her to get up before stepping in completely. "I didn't expect you here either. Well, I did, which is how I found you, but I was expecting you to be up on the science deck with the rest of us. I thought you were onto something. Unless the engine decided to embrace Primus as well." he raises a brow ridge.

"I just needed to think. To be alone for a little while." Nautica's tone is defensive, ever so slightly guilty; she knows, on some level, this is a bad habit to fall back into. And yet... "It's Windblade. She's miserable right now. And I think she blames me for what happened -- for her being denied access to the space bridge, to comms." Then she slumps, turbines drooping downwards ever so slightly as she adds more quietly, "And if she doesn't... she should. Because it /is/ my fault, isn't it?"

"You're a Quintesson trying to brainwash people with religion?" Brainstorm steps in further, though he doens't quite press into Nautica's personal space, instead, pausing to lean on a large bt of machenery "Because if so, you should have told me earlier, I would love to take a look. But if not, it really can't be your fault, because you just saw it. It would be like blaming Ratchet for the rust plague because he treated it."

"That's not what I mean," Nautica protests, shaking her head. She slips the wrench back into its holster at her side, before she continues. "I'm the one who told Rodimus he needed to cut the afflicted off from comms. Keep them from contacting the colonies. It had to be done, but... Windy's not wrong to blame me for her feeling trapped, I think." After a moment, she sighs, dusting her hands off vigorously, as if she can brush the thoughts away in doing so. "What brings you down here anyway, Brainstorm? I don't imagine you were just out for a walk."

"I was looking for you actually" Brainstorm gives her a pointed look "When you suddenly stopped showing up, I got a little worried, and it seems with reason. You're not to blame here you know. You did the smart thing. People don't always appreciate that at the moment - trust me, I'd know - but that doesn't make it wrong. What else should you have done? Let her spread this even further?"

"No," Nautica admits. "There wasn't anything else I /could/ have done. I know that." Which doesn't, it seems, make it any easier. Or do much to alleviate the feeling that she's betrayed her friend. "Maybe it will all be better after we've been to Vector Sigma? I don't know." She shakes her head, and steps carefully over the engine parts as she moves to join Brainstorm in leaning against one of the larger engine housings. "Why were you looking for me in the labs? Is there something new we need to discuss?"

"Because I wanted to see how your work was going?" Brainstorm raises a brow ridge again "Because I find this as interesting as you do? Because it worries me too? Because if Vector Sigma isn't a magic cure for this, we're going to need a plan B, and a plan A point 5 to keep it from spreading any further?"

"I don't know that I /have/ a plan B," Nautica admits, scrubbing a hand over her face with a despairing laugh. "If Vector Sigma can't fix it -- if we can't figure out how to reproduce the effect by watching when that happens -- we're going to have to figure out how to write a security patch for sparks. We don't even know how they /work/, not really -- we certainly don't know how to /change/ them. This is so far beyond quantum mechanics, Brainstorm... we're making up a new field of science as we go!" She shakes her head. "We might almost need to go try to steal Quintesson technology just to be able to even /start/ modifying spark code any time in the next thousand years or so."

"Isn't that how all fields of sinces are made? By being made up as we go?" Brainstorm tilts his head down to look directly at her I mean, sure, we definitely won't get anything done if we don't try anything, but why would we? We've got the brightest minds on Cybertron" he taps the index finger of one hand against his own helm "And Caminus" the same finger of the other hand juts towards Nautica "And a bunch of other fairly smart people, all gathered together on this ship. You'd think that would be enough to get somewhere if we tried. Although I wouldn't mind getting my hands on some Quint technology either..." his optics narrow, a telltale glimmer passing through them.

"I mean, I wouldn't /either/," Nautica admits, with just a hint of her old enthusiasm and curiosity beginning to peek through her generally guilty demeanor. "I mean, they've clearly got technology far more advanced than ours if they can modify sparks directly -- the amount we could /learn/ from it would be incredible. The medical and psychological advances alone would be make it worthwhile!" She offers Brainstorm a wry smile. "And I know... all science is made up as people discover it. I just worry that we'd be at it for a thousand years. I don't want to see Windy and the others like /this/ for that long. We can't just..." The sadness returns to her tone. "Lock them away indefinitely."

Good, good. Brainstorm's glad to see that his efforts are working. He's ready to continue on the topic to keep it going, but then Nautica takes a downward turn again "Which is why we need a plan A-point-five." He leans in. Look at him. Engineers don't mope about problems, they find solutions for them "One - to keep anyone else from falling victim to this, especially one of us, and two - we might find a way to atleast temporarily disrupt the effect while we look for a more permenant solution. In the meantime, we can send someone out to see if we can get a couple samples of the tech. I know a couple guys who might be willing to go out and retrieve it."

Nautica tilts her head as she regards Brainstorm. "You know a couple guys?" she repeats. "Should I be worried about what type of guys these are?" She considers this for a long moment. "I wonder... we can't disrupt the signal any normal way, because it's /probably/ a quantum entanglement receiver. But maybe if we could alter the quantum state of the afflicted individuals, maybe we could break the entanglement somehow."

No, no. They're just a couple sadistic helicopters and possibly a space pirate. Nothing to worry about. Brainstorm can call them up later. For now though, he focuses on the conversation on hand, one, because this is begining to sound like the Nautica he knows again, and two, because he's geniuinley interested as well "So, if that's the case, what we need is a quantumn phase shifter!" he offers, holding up a finger to indicate the presence of an idea.

"I could build something that /might/ work," Nautica muses, "But it would have to be worn. And if they're really determined to keep hearing the Hand, then they're going to just take it off. Still..." She trails off, already working on ideas. But then her gaze falls on the engine parts scattered across the floor, and she adds ruefully, "I should probably put the engines back together first, though."

"Locks, implants, convincing them that its a test of their faith" Brainstorm ticks off each idea on his fingers "We could probably treat it as a medical emergency if anyone on the bridge think that's unethical. Honestly, I wouldn't mind working it into something that could protect the UN-infected too. Like me. Religion's always been so..." moral "restrictive." He shudders, before looking down at the disasembled engine as well "Maybe, or maybe not. It's not like we'll be using it any time soon, though I guess that wouldn't matter to you, huh?"

"I'd rather have it ready when we /do/ need it," Nautica points out, beginning to gather up parts. Her wrench is loosened from the holster once more, as she settles back down on the floor and begins reassembling the components to put the Lost Light's engine back together once more. "But we should sit down and talk about a quantum phase shift inducer, later."

"I'll catch you later then" Brainstorm nods as he steps away from the wall "Or you me. I will be on the science deck, as usual, in my workshop. Just knock, or ping me beforehand." With a small wave, he turns around, to head back out of the room.

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