2017-11-10 The Weirdest Tailoring Gig in History

From Transformers: Lost and Found

The Weirdest Tailoring Gig in History
Date 2017/11/10
Location Lost Light - Science and Medical - Brainstorm's Workshop
Participants Brainstorm, Minimus Ambus
Summary Considering that the tailor is Brainstorm...

If Brainstorm's workshop was a mess before, now it's utter chaos. Shards of glass and bits of metal litter the floor, and it's almost impossible to walk without tripping over some tool or weapon, in any possible state of progress or disrepair. The floor, walls, and even ceiling are covered in multi-coloured stains, and holes of various sizes. The chains and cords hanging from the ceiling have tangled among each other into several metal knots. The lab computer is still mostly intact, although it will definitely require repairs for proper functionality.

Despite all that's been going on, however, there are signs that Brainstorm has taken at least some measures to tidy up, namely, the fact that the ship hasn't been stretched across nine dimensions by some damaged project yet, and the rather familiar looking microscope set neatly next to the computer.

The siege is ongoing. The Lost Light has been hauled into a storage bay. There are few moments to spare between rushes, but some of those moments to spare are the long, weighted pauses in any siege, and time enough for the defenders to grow restless waiting for the next assault. Militaries are full of this. Hurry up and waits.

But Minimus Ambus has something productive to do, and he knows just who the mech to help is.

As he arrives at Brainstorm's door and announces himself with the heavy pound of a knock at its frame, he looks like a better candidate for medical than for science. The Magnus armor looks ... partially melted. A good deal of the bright paint has been slagged off altogether, leaving behind a bronzeish residue of scorched metal. Parts of it have fused together altogether. Despite the armor's serious staying power, it has been subjected to extremes of heat most common when one is dancing through the corona of an active star. It whines and grinds as he moves, for all that he has managed to attain a fairly normal walking pace. In his off hand, he is carrying a piece of weaponry that literally broke off of himself.

While everyone else is out there waiting, Brainstorm is hard at work, having locked himself in his workshop behind that very secure, very blastproof, reinforced door. It's so people don't disturb him, you see, and totally not because he's afraid of any danger. It's just that in a time of seige, he, as the ship's weapons engineer, he needs to make sure that their armaments are up to scratch, right? Well, armaments and other clearly necessary projects. Right now, his workstation is littered with parts of multiple projects, including a partially finished drone with an oval head, a ball covered in lights and pannels, a triangualr -- scanner? Maybe? -- of some sort, and a whole mess of wires, screws, parts and and tools.

Currently, it's that maess that he's labouring over, manuvering a reddish wire into place onto some part so tiny that he has to use tools to handle both - his fingers are too big for the job. He doesn't even look up when he hears the knock, only scowling through the eyepiece clipped to his helm "Who is it and what do you want? I'm busy!"

"Ambus," Minimus Ambus states from beyond the wall. He thumps on the doorframe again with heavy thumps of his armored fist, and then eyes the smear of burnt paint his impact has somehow left on the frame. Ugh, that's weird. He considers his pitch for a long moment as he carefully uses his thumb to scrape the mess he has made off of the frame of Brainstorm's door. "I need the ship's genius for a sensitive project."

Well, that's definitely a way to get Brainstorm's attention. The engineer abaondons his tools to move over to the control pannel set into the wall near the door. A short sequence of buttons, a soft click, and the door slides open "If that's the case, come in." he invites, one hand still on the pannel.

Minimus Ambus steps across the threshhold and gives him a grave nod. He glances about the workshop for a free surface, so that he can lean very carefully to side and place the on-board gun that literally fell off him down. He waits to see if anything explodes for about a beat, and then he says, "This may take a moment." There's a low, winding, whining grind of noise, and then a soft, almost sad little powering down. Ultra Magnus's optics go dim. A beat's pause.

Then the Ambus armor emerges from within the Magnus armor, absent the scorching, the slagging, the signs of wear. The interior of the armor is left open behind him, yet very difficult to focus on because of the attention deflectors that were built into its interior, so that the eye merely slides off. Minimus says, "You can see that the armor is not really in fighting form at the moment. I was managing, but it isn't doing well. Medical might be able to help me if all I wanted to do is repair it."

Brainstorm waits for Minimus to clear the doorway before punching another button to shut, and lock, the door behind him. Even with Ultra Magnus in the room with him, he's not going to be taking any chances. Not to mention that 'Ultra Magnus' looks like he's been through some heavy fire. Brainstorm raises a brow ridge as he studies the damage. That must have been one hell of a fight.

Brainstorm continues studying it as Minimus climbs out, but once the smaller mech begins talking, his attention snaps right back to him. His optics begin to twinkle "But instead, you came here" he observes "So, finally decided to take me up on my offer of an upgrade?"

"This is very serious, Brainstorm." Minimus Ambus has cleared the armor and steps away from it. It looks like an empty hulk behind him, free-standing and awkward. He glances over his shoulder at it, and returns his the weight of his scarlet gaze to the engineer. "But after millennia of war, I believe this is the fight of our lives. It's time to go to my limit." He shifts his weight, looking discomforted even as he says, "Whatever that is."

Minimus' emphasis only makes Brainstorm's optics glow brighter. It's serious, but more importantly, he's serious! He's seriously asking him for an upgrade! "Then you've definitielty come to the right place!" Brainstorm leans down to Minimus' eye-level to jab a finger at him "I can not only work that out, but put it to use too! Hmmm." Brainstorm rubs his chin as he tilts his head this way and that, looking over Minimus "I'm going to need you to take that off" he taps Minimus' chestplate with the other hand.

"What." Minimus Ambus looks at Brainstorm in mild consternation, and then down at the Ambus armor that he currently wears. "Oh. My irreducible form?" Why he's more hesitant about that isn't immediately clear, but it is apparent that he is. "I ... very well." Brainstorm's seen it before, after all. Finicky and fussy about this, he kind of backs up a pace. "Are you watching me? Don't watch me."

"Yes!" Brainstorm nods "I just need to take some measurements" with that, he straightens out and turns around - not so much to give Minimus his privacy - although that is a side effect, but to head back to his workbench, to rummage in a toolbox which, ofcourse, has some very non-tool-like barrels poking out of it.

It does give Minimus time to climb free of the Ambus armor. He looks up at the two -- one in fine, trim form, sleek and smooth, insignia and all; the other a half-slagged wreck, shoulder towards drooping slightly without his internal drive to hold everything straight and firm. He scowls, and then turns back to give Brainstorm a wary look from a much shorter vantage point. "What kind of measurements?"

"Oh, just some basics. General dimensions, spark output, that sort of thing" Brainstorm digs in the toolbox some more before pulling out something greatly resembling a voltometer, except instead of pins, the wires end with clamps. This he holds up, along with the tape measure already in his other hand , as he returns to the ireducable Minimus. He doesn't quite get there before pausing "Hmm, okay, you're going to need to stand on something." he scans the room. How about that box over there?

Minimus Ambus glares at Brainstorm's knee for a moment with visible irritation in his expression, but he still about faces, marches over to the box and scales it. He says, "This is very undignified." (You think?)

"Hey, you're the one who said you wanted to go to your limit." Brainstorm points out as he follows "That means you can't be wasting energy powering two suits of armour, or anything not as energy efficient as it can be." he glances back at the mid-level Minimus "This'll be fast if you copperate. Now, if you could straighten out." he comes up behind Minimus, snagging the tip of the tape measure with his thumb to beginextending it.

Minimus stands straight. "What do I do with my--?" This is the weirdest tailoring gig in history. He holds out his arms out of the way just in case that's what he's supposed to do. "The Ambus armor isn't inefficient about energy. It's designed to rout directly to the outer armor when not in use. It's better to have an intermediate layer in case the outer armor is severely damaged."

"I promise there's still more loss there than if you were directed to the outer armour directly." Brainstorm responds as begins measuring, starting with the vertical dimensions before moving on to shoulders and waist "Plus, it adds to the weight, which in turn, adds to the power needed just to move the armour. If you really want to push your limits, you'll want every Yoctowatt of power available. Don't - hold out you arm - Don't worry about the damage issue. There are other ways of dealing with that."

"Aside from not getting damaged in the first place?" Minimus Ambus asks, still attempting to be cooperative despite his extreme personal stiffness. "Because sustaining damage is inevitable, particularly where I intend to stand."

"Im not doubting that" Brainstorm looks up at the battered Magnus armour as he straightens out "I'm saying there are other ways to keep you" he jabs Minimus' back with a finger "Safe and combat effective without adding a whole new layer of weight - which will probably be decimated in about a fifth of a second if there's something powerful enough to drive the outer layer completely out of comission" Tucking away the tape measure, he steps around to come at Minimus from the front "Hold still, I need to take energy measurements, and it will be completely off if I don't get the position right" With the 'voltometer' box tucked under his arm, he holds out the clamps that end the wires - one in each hand- at the smaller mech's chest level.

Minimus Ambus grunts in a low startle when Brainstorm pokes him in the back, and starts to turn only to freeze with his memory, that's a bad idea. He resets his vocalizer in a low clear of his throat. "I will leave the expertise to you, then," he grumps, and attempts to hold as still as possible. His scowl helps; it already seems frozen in place.

"Glad we got that settled" Brainstorm nods as he reaches to attach the wires to Minimus' chestplate "Keep holding still" he himself steps back, pulling the bulk of the device out. He watches the display as the numbers bounce up and down before finally settling down "Okay, that's it." Tucking the voltometer under his arm again, he reaches to remove the clamps "So, anything specific you want to get out of this?"

Minimus Ambus is silent for a long moment after Brainstorm asks this question. He stares across the room at the half-slagged armor that he's spent the last few centuries wearing, and his frown lingers as he stands there. "An Earth colloquialism comes to mind," he says finally.

"I'm going to assume that that doesn't mean that you want me to paint human colloqualisms on the outside, or make them pop up on your HUD" Brainstorm observes "I mean, I could do that, but that would just serve as a distraction."

"Ah, no." Minimus gives Brainstorm a slightly reproving look, brow furrowed. "Of course not." Resetting his vocalizer in the low clear of his throat, he then makes air quotes: "'Go big or go home.'"

Brainstorm raises a brow ridge. Come on mech, really? That is not how you use air quotes. But he gets the gist, and soon, his optics are twinkling again "That I can do. Was planning on it anyways. I assure you you will not be disapointed there."

Minimus Ambus is not very clear on how air quotes are supposed to work, it is true. "Very well," he says.

"So when do you want this done?" Brainstorm moves to set the tape measure and voltometer down on the edge of his workbench, where they'll be out of the way. He's already got all the numbers in his head. As he does, he glances over his shoulder nack at Minimus "I'm not saying that this will take me too long but, just out of curiosity."

"Soon." Minimus closes his hands into fists and stares thoughtfully at Brainstorm's wall. "We are the only Knights of Cybertron we're going to have. I am not asking you to rush or to do anything less than your best work. But time is not an unlimited resource in the fight against Unicron."

"You know, this sounds like the moral to some story. We were looking for the knights, but it was us all along or something" Brainstorm makes a grandiose gesture with his hand "But soon it will be, and it will be my best work. I am insulted that you think that I would agree to anything less!" he doesn't sound particularly insulted. Infact, he's quite eager about all this. A chance to improve the Magnus armour!

"I ... definitely did not intend to insult you," Minimus says a little wanly. He turns his gaze back to the pair of armors across the room. He says, "Can I put the Ambus armor back on or do you still need... things?"

"No, you're good to go" Brainstorm waves dismisivley at the mid-tier armour "I got everything I needed. If I need anything else, I'll give you a call. Otherwise, I'll give you a call when I'm done."

"Oh." Minimus Ambus resets his vocalizer again and then says, "Oh. Well. All right. I..." He pauses, and then nods, and goes to resume his armor. He glances back at the large Magnusian structure that is left, in all of its damaged glory, and then turns back to Brainstorm again at his sturdy medium height. "Thank you," he says.

"Ofcourse!" Judging by the brightness in Brainstorm's optics, he's the one who should be giving the thanks here "Glad you finally decided to do the smart thing and come to me, even if it was a little late" he cocks his head at the armour "Don't worry though, you" he steps in again to jab a finger at Minimus' chest "will not be disapointed."

Minimus Ambus claps his hand against Brainstorm's shoulder and looks into his happy but masked face. He says, "I will attempt not to be concerned," he avers firmly.

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