2017-11-01 Fish Wellness Check

From Transformers: Lost and Found

Fish Wellness Check
Date 2017/11/01
Location Lieutenant's Apartment - Rigard
Participants Lieutenant, Rodimus
Summary LT invites Rodimus over to show off how great life is now that he's not part of the crew.

Fifth floor apartment for one with more space for one to stretch their wings in. Unlike when he lived in his hab, Lieutenant has decorated the living space. Everything is color coordinated with pastels. Shear drapes over the large doors leading out to the balcony, a long sofa opposite the doors with a large quilt draped over the back. Bookshelves lining the walls, steadily filling up over time. A decorative piano in a room adjacent to the living room, and a bedroom beside it. A kitchen that smells of sweets and calm scents of warm tea carry through the apartment to give it a welcoming sense. It's not the Towers of Iacon, but the sense of elegance from that time period lives within the apartment.

Lieutenant sent two messages once he got back to Rigard last night. One to Prowl, and one to Rodimus inviting him over. Then promptly spent the rest of his time cleaning and decorating until the arrival. In fact he's still busy trying to patch up his wounds from Lanarq in his room when Memory calls out, "HOT STUFF'S HERE!"

The little drone lets Rodimus in, trotting cheerfully beside him to introduce him to the new Apartment. "Do you wanna check outside? Sit down? Can you light something on fire?"

Hot Stuff is dangerously close to Hot Rod, and Rodimus is all set to bristle at it when the irritation tips into bemused humor. He gives Memory a sidelong glance and says, "I'll resist the urge," as he takes a look around Lieutenant's apartment. The bemused look settles, deepens. "Nice place you got," he compliments, sounding a little like he doesn't know what to do with nice places. Maybe burning them is back on the table after all. "Post-crew life seems to be treating you pretty well."

Memory would be disappointed Rodimus didn't light up something if he had the programming to mimic the feeling. "Memory.." Lieutenant calls over, emerging from his room. He's patched up in several areas and clearly ran out of time to do his makeup before the Captain arrived. The drone wanders over to the avian before he's gently ushered into the room while company is here.

"Does it seem so?" Lieutenant asks, approaching, "I have only just tried to settle into this for a few hours." He glances around the place, slightly amused, "Four million years of living on ships and suddenly settling seems imprisoning to be grounded. At least I get to decorate though." Beat. "Tea, sir?"

"Sure." Rodimus drifts after Lieutenant in the direction of the kitchen to watch as tea is made, leaning on the counter. He gives Lieutenant a closer look, then adds, "Okay, maybe it's a little more exciting than I thought it'd be, too. What happened?"

"A lot of things happened," Lieutenant answers evenly, "Prowl's command, the resignation, funeral, revolution, Quintessons, but I assume you are referring to the instance with Prowl?" The tea still needs some time to warm up anyway, might as well give it that time. He will not let it spoil again. "Captain-" No, wait, "Rodimus, I requested your presences because I wished to apologize for my actions on the Lost Light."

"Actually, I was more talking about the patch job, but sure, we can start there." While Lieutenant might not be a member of his crew, Rodimus still eyes him with clear concern -- and a bite of irritation in the back of his gaze promising a lecture for Prowl. HE LEFT INSTRUCTIONS FOR CARE OF THE FISH. Why is the fish already injured?! "Look, I'm the last person who's going to come down hard on someone for being manipulated by Prowl, all things considered, but you had a pretty clear statement of loyalties. Releasing you from the crew was the only way to honor that."

Oh, the patch job, yes. Little concern as this fish is fine, mostly. In any case, "I completely agree with your actions, which is why I turned in my resignation." His shoulders drop, "Still, I deeply regret my actions. While I have loyalties to Prowl, the Lost Light was redemption for me. I apologize for destroying your trust, the crew's trust. I knew I would be caught, and while I may stay on Rigard, I will not follow through a command that is harmful towards those I care about." Even though that's what got him in trouble with Prowl to begin with. Failing to follow through such a command. "Forgiveness is not something I accept, I only wished for you to know it was and has been a deeply regretted action since I accepted the order."

"I understand," Rodimus says after a beat. He rolls his shoulder in a shrug, spoiler flicking as he says, "The crew -- doesn't know. They know as much as you decide to tell them. Honestly, I'm not interested in stirring everyone up against Prowl -- which is probably where the blame would go -- if people knew. The reasons for your resignation are private, so far as I'm concerned. I'm sure we'll continue to work together anyway. We're all still pointed at the same goals."

So no one else knows aside from the immediate group. At least to the avian's knowledge. Lieutenant doesn't want to stir anyone else against Prowl. The mech has enough against him as it is. Besides, he knows how to respond if asked by others. "We still are," Agrees the mech, taking out a couple cups from the cabinet. Post-crew lift is strange, but Lieutenant has adapted to the customs of it as though he had never been on a ship prior, "I spent some of my 'vacation' gathering some intelligence which you will probably receive from Prowl or Blast Off. I plan on going out on further missions for research in hopes for something that might yield important."

Rodimus makes a face and says, "Yeah, probably, but why be coy about it when you've got it now and they are taking their time writing reports that are just gonna get summarized for me anyway?"

Protocol though! He may no longer be on the ship but there is still an order to follow! It's not as though this was life-threatening intel. "Very well," A cup of tea is handed over to the Captain of the Lost Light, while Lieutenant put his and the pot of tea on a tray to take back into the living area. A seat is offered to Rodimus as the avian reports, "The tail end of my travels led me to an old research facility full of Photonic Crystals that were gone through by Quintessons. My original intent was to research them to learn more of their history and I have. Seems some that remain prefer to be referred to as the Servants of the Guiding Hand." -Because tentacle creatures wish they had hands of their own.- "They worship the Guiding Hand and are using the crystals to replicate the Matrix precisely. Blast Off has some from the lab, I believe. It is a holy artifact to them, and I wish to ask more but with Navigation trespassing my time for further questioning was cut short."

"Replicate the Matrix? Weird." Rodimus drops himself into a seat somewhat gracelessly, getting perfectly comfortable before taking the tea with a grunt that's mostly thanks. "Would've thought a Decepticon like Blast Off would rather off himself than hold anything even remotely like the Matrix. Why are you looking into the -- whats its?"

"Blast Off perhaps knows the importance of finding the Matrix trumps past faction feelings." That's someone else he had to apologize to for last night. "If it were Quicksight I suppose there would be more shock." Lieutenant says, settling into a seat across Rodimus more poised than comfortable. "I want to know more because they seem to have ties to the Guilding Hand themselves. As ridiculous as it sounds to me, I cannot let disbeliefs or harden feelings get in the way of possible findings. Something has to help stop or hurt Unicron some how. I am determined to find anything that might help with it."

"Not the craziest thing I've heard. I don't really know much about the Quatsits." Rodimus sits forward, elbows on his knees, and tilts his head as he considers Lieutenant. He gestures, beckoning. "What do you know about them? If there is some kind of overlap, I guess I should learn something."

"Quintessons, sir." Not Quatsits. "Unfortunately, most of the Guiding Hand that I know is from the fairytales I read as a young one. That they were once amoung us during the golden age until Mortilus challenged himself against Primus. Hence why I want to look further into this, to find an overlap. I met a newly indoctrinated Knight, known as emBer who assisted in answering my questions."

Lieutenant wishes he had spent more time, but it will have to wait until next time he visits to dig further.

Rodimus waves his hand and says, "One of the advantages about no longer being a member of the crew is that you don't actually have to call me sir. Not that most of them do," he admits, "but you aren't supposed to, either. emBer is -- a dumb name," he says, pausing. "Isn't that who Prowl's after?"

"I may not be a member of the crew but unless you stepped down as Captain of the Lost Light while I was out, Sir stays." Lieutenant does it out of respect for his leaders, even Windblade. As for who Prowl was after, the avian raises an optic ridge, "First I have heard." Surprise, he runs into the one mech Prowl is looking for and he isn't aware. Subconsciously following command perhaps, he's not sure.

Dragging his hands down his face, Rodimus sniggers beneath. "Can't wait until I see the look on Prowl's face when he realizes you had her in hand. Where is she now? What's this Knight business? How many Knights are there? I need a chart."

Oh dear Primes, Lieutenant gets a sinking feeling about that. Prowl is not going to be happy. A sip of tea to calm himself, and he pulls out a datapad of the Quintesson territories map he found at the Shattered Mall. "We were here. The Knights there, I only saw two, and sensed no others but there is a possibility there are more." he tugs at his audial fin as he explains, "The Knights, or at least current day ones, seem to think themselves the sword arm to the Guiding Hand. I want to speak to Anialus about this, see if he would be willing to speak on the Knight history."

"The Knights of Cybertron were supposed to be the first mechs to follow the Guiding Hand," Rodimus says absently as he looks at the maps. "Whatever they were. Are? I don't know. I never really got into the whole Guiding Hand thing that much. I don't think Optimus did, either. I know we have a few Primalists. Chimera -- and. I don't know, have to be more. The Circle, of course. And every one of them blurring their data all in different directions."

"It is frustrating," At least it's going to be a long term project to work with though. That and he plans to frequent Lanarq once again, soon. Try to help them out with that mess. Maybe once his wounds have healed. Lieutenant sighs, "I can talk to Chimera about this for insight, unless you wish to yourself. It might save on the reports."

Opening his hand in a wide gesture, Rodimus says, "No, go ahead. She's great and you know your stuff better. Talk to her." He leans back as he finishes the rest of the tea and the shifts, starting to stand. "I still consider you an ally in this fight, so if you need anything -- I mean, you know, that Prowl can't already provide -- let me know. I'll work with him to see you get what you need to get answer."

Lieutenant sets his tea down to stand up as well, "As I you, but I would not worry with Prowl much." Considering the message Prowl sent earlier, the avian is more perplexed as to who is writing for Prowl now than being un able to provide help. "I do appreciate you coming by."

Rodimus slides by the kitchen on his way out to leave the emptied cup of tea on the counter and hangs back, just to add, "Really do like what you've done with the place, though. Big improvement on the ship. You have a door. No holes in the walls. A window that's not just a gaping tear." He gives Lieutenant two thumbs up with a, "Nice! Thanks for the invite," and then makes his way out with the social ease slipping into a tenser stride out the door.

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