2017-10-31 Sir emBer pt.2

From Transformers: Lost and Found

Sir emBer pt.2
Date 2017/10/31
Location Abandoned Research Facility
Participants Lieutenant
NPCs emBer
Scene GM Tez
Summary Lieutenant meets emBer who answers all his questions

The fog that has covered Lieutenant's days lifts to show a familiar face: the reserved, cool features of one of the two Knights stands over him. His memories, typically so reliable, are nothing but fragmentary wisps. It's not clear if he has been conscious since his capture or offline. If offline, it certainly seems he's dreamed. "Are you with me?" she asks.

"--!" Lieutenant has to look around to gather himself, it's not often his memories take time to catch up with him. Is he with her? It feels like he should say yes, but he's quiet lost. Instead of answering he stares at the Knight with a lopsided fin. Everything is still in a haze, and trying to place everything that happened since the command to kneel was like trying to remember the details of a dream.

Lieutenant gives her a doe-eyed confounded expression, "Yes?" Because the way he sees it, he's with the Knight or the Quintessons and he has 50/50 chance of making the wrong call. Or, maybe they're both wrong calls. Either way he's given her his answer, tentatively.

She clasps Lieutenant's shoulder and steps back, offering him a hand to his feet. He seems to be in small barracks, with perhaps half a dozen recharge slabs, but only three of which seem to have seen recent use -- including his. "You went quite deep. Few are blessed with such deep dreams." If it was a dream that claimed Lieutenant, it's left him with a profound feeling of half-remembered bliss: the kind of high he once chased, sweet and addicting, yet rounded with a mellow wholeness that suffused mind, body, and spark. He might miss it. He might miss it a lot.

<FS3> Lieutenant rolls Mind+Mind: Good Success. (1 5 5 8 4 5 4 7)

Fins lower back a taste in his mouth and a hazy confusion in his processor. Had he been 'awake' all this time he might start asking questions. Lieutenant just glances about his surroundings once he's on his feet again. Absentmindedly he picks at one of his wounds from Lanarq where he used to inject himself not long ago. "Where- no." As much as it aches, as much as he longs for it, he can't ask for more. No, Lieutenant needs to straighten himself out, "I know not your name, but you seem familiar. Have we met before?"

"emBer," she introduces herself, capitalization unnecessarily complicated. "You surrendered yourself into our care just a few short days ago, and the servants of the Hand granted you a vision." She seats herself on one of the slabs and faces Lieutenant with a focused, serious expression. "What do you remember?"

emBer? Servants of the Hand granted? Lieutenant only pauses his picking to tug at his audial fin. Primes, "Just- give me a second..." Give him a minute to pace. His body is having cravings, his mind isn't where it should be, and he's not sure what to remember? Should he try meditating? If it doesn't yield any help, maybe it will help knock him out again.

emBer watches Lieutenant without speaking, rising and stepping away to dig through a pack at the foot of her berth to draw out a few cubes of condensed energon: refined and thickened, packed tight for travel. She offers one up to him without interrupting as she chews on another.

See, common sense says 'do not take that.' However, Lieutenant's common sense is still asleep as he takes the cube with a "Thank you." He sits back down, taking a bite out of the cube. Meditate it is. Not that he expects this to work, but it's better than trying to wrack his processor in this fog. Another take on the energon cube before he attempts to meditate.

<FS3> Lieutenant rolls Presence+presence: Success. (8 3)

As Lieutenant tries to focus on the fragments of memory, what he remembers is a sense of wholeness that makes every high he's ever chased before seem cheap. Fleeting. He doesn't remember anything in particular: only a hint of a suggested memory of how right it would feel to serve the Guiding Hand.

It's been well over a year since his last use of Syk. High-grade was a crude substitute that he tried but this new lingering hint lacing in his mind. Lieutenant sighs, opening his optics to emBer once more. "Shamefully, I do not remember what visions I was given." he admits, conflicted with this feeling. Something to lament on when he's alone, in the meantime, "Who are you, emBer? The 'Servants of the Hand' referred to you as a Knight. However, from my limited knowledge, they would enslave our kind." The avian picks up his cube once more, "Might you help me understand?"

"Enslave?" emBer repeats, sounding truly outraged. It wipes the disappointment from her features as he admits to not remembering anything. She regards Lieutenant with something close to pity as she shakes her head. "No. Yes, I am a Knight." Pausing, she admits, "Newly made, and newly named, of an order that stretches long before our wars, serving the Guiding Hand alongside the Servants. You know of the Guiding Hand, at least?"

"Intelligence is not always correct, which is why I must be curious." Lieutenant explains, open to being wrong. He's not who he used to be, certain that he and Autobots were always right. "I know of the Guiding Hand, but I have been around far longer than I was made to be." Although not as long as Chimera, "You say you are newly made-" meaning she's not one of The Knights. "-Newly named. Explain, because you and the Servants of the Hand must have something with each other. As to why you are deemed a Knight, and what this all has to do with the Photonic Crystals? What is your purpose? What are you doing?"

emBer looks to the side and then back to Lieutenant: "In another life, I fought for the Decepticons. I fought for a good cause that was lost in sadism and waste. I left, when I realized I wanted no part in that. But the Guiding Hand found me, through their Servants. The corruption of the Primes and of war has contaminated what was once a holy artifact of the Guiding Hand: the Matrix. They wish to remake it."

With his legs crossed from meditation, his seismic sense isn't active. So even if Quicksight wasn't being super stealthy, he would have gone undetected. Unaware of the Navigation team, Lieutenant drinks this new information in along with the cube. "For what purpose drives them to do that?" Isn't one Matrix enough? "Forgive my narrow-mindedness, but I have never looked into the Matrix to be more than an item. I do not understand the purpose of it or why recreating it is important."

emBer pauses, then admits, "I know the stories. I know the myth which tells of the Matrix itself being one of the Guiding Hand, giving himself after death. I know another that says it gives life. I know a lot of stories, but I don't know what's true. I know that the Guiding Hand wanted it. That was enough."

This is why one must question everything. Then again Lieutenant has become more of a 'instincts first, questions later,' sort of mech over time. Still, in this scenario, he questions. "So the Matrix is what remains of a member of the Guiding Hand, so to speak," fine, he'll go further on that later, "What of the Quintessons, what is their part in this?"

emBer shakes her head. "I don't actually think that's literally true, of course. I think it was a gift from the Guiding Hand, not -- a remnant. The Guiding Hand, after all, still exist." Duh. "The--" She hesitates. "They prefer to be called the Servants of the Guiding Hand. But their name, the five faces that the highest among them wear: it's to honor the Guiding Hand, as they were their first Servants."

Sure the Guiding hand still lives, just like his Conjunx. Fine, just roll with that faith based idea. He'd no here to stomp all over someone else's beliefs. "Servants of the Guiding Hand, my apologies." There are few things he knows about the Quintessons, one being their five faces. Which, considering, are similar to the Guiding Hand's five. Or so the fairytales tell. "So they used to serve the Guiding hand in the past?"

"They still serve the Guiding Hand," emBer corrects firmly. "We are their sword arm, and the Servants are their voice."

Lieutenant knows what he signed up for, ending the giant, yellow ball of evil. Being the Guiding Hand sword arm? Not in his contract. But if that's emBer's deal. "Might I speak with the Servants? Perhaps for further understand about why they are looking to remake it? Aside from separating such an artifact from the contamination of war?"

"Of course," emBer says with an easy gesture. "Iuedata is our host, the Servant you already met." Her features, typically stern, briefly soften. Good ol' Iuedata. "He left me here to watch over you while he continued to look for materials suitable for repairing what has been done to the Matrix. The false Primes, the war: I'd be more surprised if it weren't in dire need of a spiritual cleansing after all that."

You know who should have come on this trip? Whetstone. He'd whet himself with holy water over this knowledge. Spiritual cleansing sounds ugh to Lieutenant which means his mind isn't as fogged up as it was earlier. "Might we speak to him now?" The avian is already standing up in hopes to get some words out of Iuedata.

emBer looks a bit bewildered by the insistence, but says, "I can try comming him--." She breaks off as she does so, but shakes her head after a minute or two. "He's not answering, but could simply be busy. I'm sure he'll call back."

<FS3> Lieutenant rolls Seismic Sense: Success. (4 3 4 1 1 4 2 1 2 4 1 5 7)

Lieutenant spends 1 luck points on I did NOT restat for a measly SUCCESS.

<FS3> Lieutenant rolls Seismic Sense: Great Success. (7 1 8 5 8 4 1 1 7 4 4 2 6)

Standing up, Lieutenant picks up three very familiar mechs not too far from him. How? Why? Never mind, "I will speak with you and Iuedata another time then, it seems there is other business to attend to." He gives emBer a bow and makes his way towards the labs, breaking radio silence to Cosmos. "<< Cosmos, if you were looking for a second kiss, I am fresh out. >>"

"What? Where are you going?" emBer pops to her feet and paces after Lieutenant, her baffled expression only growing. "You're really weird."

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