2017-10-13 Points of View

From Transformers: Lost and Found

2017-10-13 Points of View
Date 2017/10/13
Location Rigard - Great Mountain
Participants Trailbreaker, Quicksight
Summary Trailbreaker tries to recruit a Decepticon to the Ethics Committee.

Quicksight's recent hobby of teashop writing has not gotten in the way of his training. He could never allow that. Writing's all nice and good, but his real duty as a soldier, as a Decepticon, is to fight. He can't just let the !Autobots get away with what they did to Soundwave, and the others. But in order to be more than just a burden on the field, he needs to get better,a nd thus, training still takes up most of his free time.

Today's excercise has taken him to the mountain, it's more wooded, uneven terrain providing an excelent training ground for working on his reflexes, and manuvers in tight spaces. The miniplane bursts out from between the trees into a rocky clearing, pulling up sharply to place himself above the treetops. He stays there for only a few moments, however, before angling his nosecone downwards again, diving straight back into the trees below.

Trailbreaker knows that something...something happened to Hound, who loves this mountain, and maybe that's why he's out here. Or he's starting to take Hound's suggestions about the benefits of clean air in the systems to heart. Or he just knows that if he tries to work on his Ethics Committee notes around too many others he'll just lose track. What was he thinking, figuring he could handle responsibility? This much? Rodimus knows how he is.

He looks up from the datapad after finishing the words 'Ambus' when he hears the little drone plane veer through the trees, zooming down towards him. It's...that guy, who doesn't like him much, but. Well, maybe this is a sign he should act on his hunch. "Uh, hey?" He holds up his hand with a weak smile.

<FS3> Quicksight rolls Transportation: Good Success. (7 3 4 4 3 5 1 2 5 5 4 7 6 5 1 7)

<FS3> Quicksight rolls Observation: Great Success. (1 2 8 8 4 3 8 1 7 4 1 3 3)

Quicksight spots the non-natural spots of colour that are a Cybertronian paintjob before the other mech even hails him. He is, ofcourse, a little curious as to what someone is doing all the way out here, but the trees make it a little hard to get close, and once he recognises the mech himself, he looses interest in investigating entierly. Thus, when Trailbreaker actualy calls out to him, the scout still ends up going right past him. And yet, the new question of what that guy wants piques Quicksight's interest once more, and so, eventually, he finds a clear enough space to turn around, and come back around towards the Autobot, slowing near one of the bigger trees in the area to transform and alight on its branch in a crouch, one hand resting against the trunk for support. The branch bounces under his weight. "Whaddaya want, Autobot?"

Looking up at the Decepticon perching like a bird on a branch, Trailbreaker stands up from the rock he was using as a seat. He's pretty tall, so he doesn't need to strain his neck too much. "Uh, so. I kinda feel like we got off the wrong pede last time," he says truthfully. "I went off 'n lost my temper at something you said and that wasn't really great of me. Just, uh, it's Quicksight, right? Can I talk to ya about something? Just a project I've got that you might be good for. Don't feel pressured," he adds, "it's entirely optional. Especially since it's bein' headed up by a..." He taps his own badge.

"Wow, you actually admit it" The branch bounces more, with new energy, as if Quicksight was testing its sturdyness as Trailbreaker rises "What fragging sorta Autobot project do you want me for? Wanna find out why we Decepticons so annoyed with you lot? Cause I'd be happy to tell you that again just cause, no project required. Frag, I'm sure there are tons of us who would be happy."

"Uh, not exactly!" Trailbreaker realizes he answered that a little too quickly and resets his vocalizer. "It's more like a cross-ship project. See, I've sorta...been commissioned to start an Ethics Committee." Jeez, how to explain it in a way that doesn't feel long-winded. "Something to make sure we can express dissent if Command does something immoral. Kind of like a...a voice of conscience? Make sure we don't lose our way, as a collective and individuals. And I wanna make sure I have Decepticons and Neutrals on board, especially ones willing to disagree with me, cuz otherwise it's like you said." He shrugs. "It just becomes another Autobot project."

The bouncing of the branch slows as Quicksight listens to Trailbreaker's explination, his red optics narrowing "You Autobots even know the meaning of the words 'Ethics' and ' Conscience'? The way you been doing things, I'da thunk those stood against everything you stand for. You -- wait. Whadja say?" he cocks his head as the other mechs words finally reach him in full "Ya actually want diversity and opposing opinions?"

Yeah, Trailbreaker should have expected that response. He has a feeling he's going to have trouble getting Decepticons on board for just that reason. Oh, well, he tried-wait, is Quicksight asking about it? For real?

"What kinda ethical oversight committee would just have one faction represented? We're all on the Lost Light together, and I don't know what it's like to be a Decepticon. I can't speak for your POV. During the war we had a committee to try to vote against using certain kinda weapons, that sort of thing. And now, we just..." He frowns. "Well, remember what happened with Abyssalus? We need people, a collective to go 'hey, even fighting Unicron's not worth some sacrifices.' A group from all of us." He gestures up. "You wanna come down?"

Quicksight tilts his head. He's been a little busy with his own training and writing, and thus has (shamefully, for a scout), fallen out of the loop on some things. Of course, that's not the main issue here, atleast, not for him "The Autobot kind. You lot never had in issue with a lack of diversity making all the judgements before. Where the frag did this change of spark suddenly come from?"

"From the captain's orders, actually. He insisted, when he put me in charge. But I would've opted for it anyway." Trailbreaker scratches his helm. "I'd say something like 'we're all united against Unicron' or 'we're all in this together,' but that'd be trite and only partially true. Truth is, we were on opposite sides of a war for a long, long time, and a lot of us still have trouble not thinking of y'all as the enemy. We're all buried in our own viewpoints and surrounded by people who agree with them. That's why we have to be a mix. Cuz otherwise, what if Command wants to do something that might slip by the Autobot code, but that a Decepticon would have reason to object to? Or a Neutral? Or vice-versa?"

"And it took ya lot how long to realise that that might be a thing?" Quicksight shifts, causing the branch to wobble again. He's getting comfortable, which means that he atleast doesn't intend to just straight up say 'frag this' and fly off for the moment "I been saying how ya Autobots play favourites since its mostly you in control. Still surprised ya'd wanna change that." he squints again, studying Trailbreaker. Are you serious about this?

Seems like Quicksight isn't gonna come down off the branch after all, which is fine. Trailbreaker knows flier tendencies even if he's a big, heavy grounder himself. "Tyranny's not part of the Autobot code. At least, it's not supposed to be. And a lot of us don't always live up to that code, but I try?" It almost sounds apologetic and sheepish, because he always feels awkward trying to sound heroic. "Anyway, this isn't just about you as a Decepticon. You as a person, you seem to really believe in the ideals and all. That was the vibe I got from ya. We still need idealists."

He shuffles his big pede. "If you're okay with being on a council with people who are gonna disagree with you a lot. Believe me, I'd rather everyone just drank and partied and got along, but that ain't realistic, is it?"

<FS3> Quicksight rolls Reaction+reaction: Good Success. (4 4 5 4 7 5 3 8)

Quicksight scoffs loudly at Trailbreaker's attempt to convince him that Autobots aren't supposed to subjugate others. Yeah, he could definitely see that when he had an explosive stuck in his head, or when the Autobot command played favourites with their own on the ship. Which actually only forces him to agree with Trailbreaker's insistance that there needs to be some sort of diverse oversight. 'Diverse' meaning, Neutrals and Decepticons along with the Autobots. Decepticons like --

Wait, me?" Quicksight catches himself teetering on his perch and latches onto the trunk harder to keep himself from falling off from surprise "You're asking me to be on this comittee?"

Trailbreaker pauses, and then breaks out into a grin, gesturing upward. "Of course! Who did you think I was gonna ask when I was talking to you about it? I mean, I want to ask more of ya, and if you have anyone you'd reccommend, I'd like to hear. Even if you don't wanna be on the committee yourself. I get along fine with some Decepticons, a few I even call friends." Starstruck comes to mind. "But just asking my friends would still be kind of an echo chamber. Not that-uh, I mean this isn't to say that I'm opposed to one day bein' friends but-I mean, like I said. We didn't exactly hit it off the one time, right?" He shrugs again. "But yeah, you. Why not you?"

"...Me...?" Quicksight's tone changes completely. Now he stares down at Trailbraker with some surprise. He wants him? "But, I mean, why me? I'm just - " Just a soldier? Quicksight thoughts dirft back to a conversation he once had with Soundwave. Soundwave had reffered to himself as 'just a soldier', but a soldier who stepped up to do more... "I - I mean I ain't saying I'm against it" so what is he, for it? "But, I mean, why you asking me, in specific?"

"Well, like I said, you seem to really believe in the cause. So I think you see the good in it, and I guess that can help people understand. And...I dunno. I get a feeling from ya. I mean, I'm not gonna lie, I was pretty irritated when you acted like I was a collaborator with people who would've used me as a weapon or wiped me out in a second." Trailbreaker may have a few sore spots underneath his easygoing exterior. "But I mean, I also offered you an enerdonut and you couldn't eat it cuz you had no mouth. That was something I didn't even think about cuz of how I'm made vs how you are. It's small, but it means you have a viewpoint to offer that some of us don't. So you'd think about how things would affect people like you better than I would. Does-does that make sense?"

He tries to stand on his toes, then decides that's a little futile. He's heavy. "Who would you have expected me to ask, if I was gonna ask a Decepticon? What've they got that you don't?"

"S-Soundwave? Or- or Ravage?" Quicksight offers, uncertianly "They got more experience, though I guess they got other things to worry about now..." Given Soundwave's condition and all "You - you serious about this? Like, serious serious?" he leans in as far as his stabilizing arm will allow him "You sreiously want a Decepticon - me - on this comittiee?"

Trailbreaker has to stifle a little shudder at the idea of Soundwave 'the Spymaster' on the committee. "Maaaybe Ravage," he concedes, "but you have different experience from them. Or from me. Or from any Neutrals. We all do. And I'm very serious! I mean, if you're okay with listening as well as sharin', and making sure we're having discussions and debates, not shouting matches...but trust me, I wouldn't bring it up and ask you just to mock you. What kinda mean joke would that be?"

"The Autobot kind, or the pre-war kind. Take your pick." Quicksight mutters, but he sounds distracted. His mind is on other things. Listening...not shouting. He'd definitely heard the criticism before. What was it that Soundwave had said back then? That he had the capacity to further the Cause, if only he would temper himself? Something like that. Well, here's an opportunity, litterally walking up to him. Something like this needs a Decepticon voice to keep things fair for them. But...can he? Looking back at his most recent, hmm, disagreement, it was painfully hard for him to keep himself in check. Then again, it wasn't like the other side was listening.

"The same standards would apply to everyone else, yeah? Listening and all?" he asks, tentitivley.

"Well, yeah. Of course. I'm gonna try to enforce it best I can. We all talk and we all share and we all listen. Not that I'm a great moderator," or really a good leader of anything or WHAT IS TRAILBREAKER DOING WHAT DOES HE THINK HE'S DOING???

No, it's fine, he can do this. Rodimus believes in him, that has to mean something. "But," he continues, "I'll try. This is sorta new for all of us, so...I mean, all we can do is try, right? Otherwise we may as well just have a single Ethics Officer or something whose entire job is to decide what's right and wrong, and frankly I'd call that tyranny."

Quicksight scoffs again, but this time at the idea itself, not the one talking about it. Such an officer, would, ofcourse, be an Autobot, which means peace was out of the question with that sort of tyrany. No, for peace, for equality to happen, there had to be people to oppose tha Autobots. And should he really be one of those people? This is something that's far beyond what he's used to but... this is new for everyone, Trailbreaker said. Things gotta change, , and this is an avenue for that change, and if he refuses to do it, how can he ask anoyone else to? Be the best Decepticon you can be. That was Soundwave's last ...order ? Request? Either way, the message stands. A real Decepticon would stand for the Cause, for equality. Opportunity came knocking, and to turn away just because he's not entierly sure of himself here would be to run like a coward, like he once swore never to do. It would also mean that he would be doubting Soundwave's confidence in him. Quicksight takes a long stream of cool air

"I'll do it."

Trailbreaker grins and his shoulders sag with relief, as if this carried weight for him too. And it does. If he couldn't convince a Decepticon who wasn't his friend already, who he had disagreements with, who he actually lost his temper at before, how could he possibly handle a committee with all sorts of possible disagreements? And selfishly, he'd rather be closer to someone's friend than someone's enemy.

"That's great! I'll notify you of our meetings, and if there's anyone else you think I should ask, lemme know." He did make note of Ravage. "Uh, one more thing. You said 'pre war,' right? So I should look for some more warborn too? On all sides?"

What the frag did he just -- did he really just really agree to.. oh man, this is gonna be interesting. Trailbreaker says it's new for everyone, but for Quicksight this is, well, it's definitely new on all fronts. "I - yeah, okay" he manages "And yeah, you pre-war lot, don't know frag about what it's like for MTOs. It's easy for you all to say 'just move on' when the whole reason you were created in the first place didn't suddenly just stop existing." he's trying to sound annoyed, but it's not coming out as agressivley as usual. He's stil busy processing things.

"Nah, I don''re right, a lot of us are asking you to move on from your own birth. We weren't..." Trailbreaker's visor dims for a moment as he remembers, dimly, his conversation with Hunker. "It wasn't fair. We're both all about self-determination and equality, and then we force a whole generation of sparks to..." He shakes his head. This isn't the time to get sentimental. "Well, that's what I mean. Even if I'm a big ol' bleeding spark on some topics, it's not the same as having firsthand experience. And I just...wanna make sure voices are heard and counted."

Quicksight lets out a sound, a puff of air that sounds like it might have been meant to be a scoff, but comes out more as a vent. That's a topic, well, oh, it fits Autobots alright, with their Functionist roots, but he's tried not to think too much about the implications of Decepticons doing the same thing. It just doesn't sit quite right with the narrative.

"I'm proud to be a Decepticon soldier and be able to fight for a good cause, but that's what I was built for, fighting. I dunno what the frag to do with peace, and neither do a whole lotta us. Autobots too. So easy for you lot to readjust cause you know what to do without a war. Ya expect us to know too, 'xcept all we were ever taught to do was fight." the words end in a low, half-sparked grumble as he studies Trailbreaker "Still supprised ya'd give a frag about that."

"I, uh...I dunno how well some of us are readjusting either, honestly." Trailbreaker in turn doesn't like to think too hard about how much the war years have contributed to his enjex problem. "We're all kind of...well, Rung and Watts have their work cut out for them, that's for sure." There's that sheepish smile again. All this trying to sound authoritative is draining. "But it must be different for you. Why are you surprised I'd care?"

"'Cause since when did Autobots start caring about people who aint them" Quicksight shifts again on his perch, inching closer to the tree's trunk to settle in a more comfortable position "In the past, ya lot were happy to just try and silence anyone with a problem insteada adressing them. And a buncha ya pre-war people think that we just weapons that outlived our usefulness, or get annoyed when we dunno what the frag to do now when noone taught us how to do anything but fight."

<FS3> Trailbreaker rolls Diplomatic: Success. (6 4 3 1 8 5)

Hmm, Trailbreaker sees the problem here. At least part of it. "Hmm, know how I said I wanted to recruit a Decepticon, but I also wanted to recruit you, like the person? Well, I know you're gonna look at me and see an Autobot but I hope you can see me as a person too. know, whats to help. Those of us who are pre-war can...should...ought to tell you all more about it, though you're gonna get conflicting stories cuz we all had different experiences. And I mean...hey, I'm not gonna judge anyone for not knowin' what to do next. I don't. Rodimus had to give me the job."

Quicksight continues to study Trailbreaker as the Autobot talks. The badge is still rather hard to miss, but, well, this guy is a little.. odd for an Autobot, and a pre-war Autobot at that "It ain't more stories we need. We get tons of those already. What we need is something to do. If we ain't allwoed ta fight anymore, the frag is it that we supposed to be doing?"

"Well, I drink a lot," Trailbreaker says earnestly. "Seems to fill the time alright." Or at least it makes some of it go away entirely, forgotten in drunken haze. "I wish I could answer that for ya, but I can't. I don't know. In the meantime, we can help make sure this fight doesn't go too far, right? Doesn't cause more innocent and uninvolved people to suffer. Jeez, this is getting heavy...this is about where I usually start some of that drinking and all. Except I figured if I tried to talk about the committee drunk, wouldn't do much good."

The fact that he was looking for hangover food the last time they encountered each other might put this into perspective here.

"Drink?" Quicksight leans back with a light scoff "It ain't about passing time, it's about doing something useful. If we were to just drink the day away - " he lets out another puff of air "Though I guess ya are doing something with this. I just hope that it's actually what ya say it is, not just another Autobot show meant to placate the rest of us."

Ow. Accurate, but ow. Drinking is not, in fact, a lifestyle, much as Trailbreaker jokes about it sometimes. But the alternative is being Forcefield Guy, or...this? This, huh. Diplomat, was that what Rodimus called him? Hmm.

"Considering Rodimus isn't an Autobot anymore, and isn't into placating anyone if he can help it, I'd be surprised. Think I am gonna have some enjex up here on the mountain though, and find somethin' for my friend who's...sick." Is that what happened to Hound? Sick? Hurt? He isn't sure. "Thanks for signing up, uh, Quicksight, right?"

"Former Autobot though" Quicksight mutters. And there's still the question of why he let Prowl aboard if he weren't placating anyone or playing favourites with Autobots. Or didn't he realise how a good third of his crew would think of that guy being here? But those are questions for the Captain himself.

"Mhm" the scout nods "Quicksight."

"Trailbraker." The truck gives a cheerful two-fingered salute, though he's pretty sure he introduced himself before. He was hung over and kind of buzzed, though, so this may be Quicksight's introduction to sober Trailbreaker. "So I'll see ya around, then. I'm gonna look for, uh, a pinecone? A nice stream rock? Something outdoorsy, he likes outdoorsy things..."

<FS3> Quicksight rolls Botany: Failure. (2 3 1 5 3)

"A...pinecone...?" Who the frag would want a pinecone? Well, except maybe Skystalker. They are plant... things, aren't they? Organicy. Wat kind of normal Cybertronian who isn't Sky wants organicy things. Quicksight's not even sure why trees need them. "...Alright...I should get back to training..."

<FS3> Trailbreaker rolls Botany: Success. (4 3 7)

"It's like a tree egg, I think?" See, Hound? Trailbreaker pays attention when he's talking about nature and organic life! He totally pays attention! "Good luck with the training...!"

Whoa, he just...recruited a Decepticon? Maybe he's not so bad at this diplomacy thing after all...?

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