2017-10-11 Get Dunked On

From Transformers: Lost and Found

Get Dunked On
Date 2017/10/12
Location Volcanic Ocean Planet
Participants Bone-Spur, Nautilator
Plot Artifacts of the Knights of Cybertron
Scene GM Jug
Summary Two beastformers go hunting for artifacts; it's not a great trip for one of them.

Always use the buddy system for artifact hunts. That's the rule of thumb. Sometimes people break it, but this is not one of those times. Out of bots waiting for bridge coordinates, a pair gets picked, sent out-- in this case it's Nautilator stepping through the space bridge with Bone-Spur onto a pebbled beach. Nautilator has the detector on this one, and Spur seems more keen to just go where she is pointed.

As the port puts them out, the beach underfoot could be described as quaint-- if it weren't for the scores of debris trashing the surface and floating on the greenish brown lakewater. The water is somewhat clear, and underneath that is an unending, mossy junkyard overgrown with seaweed and floating clouds of kelp.

The signal on the radar comes from the water, and closer inspection seems to yield more than one.

Nautilator was beyond excited when Bone-Spur solicited him for this artifact hunt. He's not expecting to find one of his own because who the hell would give Nautilator anything that imporant, but he's just happy to be a part of something. He is visibly less happy when the spacebridge brings them to a beach. A beach, surrounded by water. It's awful.

And then it gets even worse when the artifact detector clutched in his hands picks up a pair of readings from within the depths.

"Uhh.." He shakes the detector around. "I think it's broken. There's no way there are artifacts down there." He squints at the trash littered around them. "There's no way there's anything here. This place is a shithole!"

"Yep. Sure is." Bone-Spur has picked up some sort of alien detritus while Nautilator scans for signals, and next time he chances a look she is turning it over in her hands and holding it up to an eye before tossing it over her shoulder. Not that curious. She steps over to look down at the radar, nose wrinkling as she peers at it. "I've heard'a finding 'em in weird places, but this has got to be one of the winners. This is all alien junk, and I don't see anyone around." Spur looks up at the horizon behind them, a smoky volanic island, the distance dotted with others and a flat water between all of them. The sky is a marbled green and white, the air a little staler than somewhere like Earth.

"Welp, come on then." The Eukarian picks one big foot after the other and heads into the shallows. "They ain't gonna find themselves."

Nautilator follows Bone-Spur's gaze to the majestic natural wonder all around them. It's actually really damn beautiful and he's absolutely captivated by it until he hears the sound of something (or in this case) someone stepping into water. The metal of the detector creaks under the tightened grip of his hands and he stays rooted to the spot. "Uhhh, oh, well er..." His optics dart around in a panic and he trembles slightly. "I have an idea! How about you go down there and see what's up, and I'll stay here in case we need to call the space bridge again!"

Bone-Spur is chest deep by the time she turns her head back around, the lower parts of her helm touching the water as she angles a look up the beach. What? She trudges back up with a crunch crunch of pebbles, and moves to pick up the other beastformer in both hands.

"Nope. Gotta do the buddy system. Ain't you a water bug or something anyway? Come on." She intends to pick him up and tote him into the water with her, of course.

"W-wait! is all Nautilator manages to squeak out before he's plucked from the beach and hauled towards the water. The freak out starts immediately and he struggles in her grip, desperate to escape. "HEY! STOP! SERIOUSLY! I'm NOT going in there!" As soon as any part of him touches the water, he transforms into his lobster mode to resume the struggling this time with lots of spindly legs.

Trying to grapple with the ankylosaur is not exactly the easiest task; she seems to know exactly where to hoist him as he squirms around. When he touches the water and transforms, Bone Spur tucks him under the vise of one arm and buries herself in the water alongside him. There are hills and hills of ...junk down here. At least there seem to be paths dug by alien scavengers, and fish hiding scatter when they hear the splashing. The water doesn't seem to bother her, but of course after a while it ought to bother her. For now, though, she just pulls the lobster under with her. "<< It ain't so bad, see? I'm right here. Calm your little fiddly legs down, now. Faster we do it, sooner we leave. >>"

Nautilator continues to kick and struggle and snap his claws in defiance until he exhausts himself and goes limp in Bone-Spur's arm. This is it. This is hell and he's going to be here for all eternity. <<Just.. just tell me if you plan on leaving me here. That's all I ask.>>

Nautilator continues to kick and struggle and snap his claws in defiance until he exhausts himself and goes limp in Bone-Spur's arm. This is it. This is hell and he's going to be here for all eternity. << Just.. just tell me if you plan on leaving me here. That's all I ask. >>

"<< What? >>" Bone-Spur's chest gives a rumble against the other mech's frame. "<< Why in Chela's name would I leave you here? We came together and we're leavin' together, right? >>" As Spur keeps going, they both get a rather intimidating view of things.

Further down the watery junkyard, the heat is higher, and the ground vibrates periodically with the belching of the earth. Cracks visible along the path show deep veins of magma, and here and there dotting the landscape spouts of it burst from below. The fiery streams send ash and steam and molten rock into the water towards the surface, ember orange contrasting with the deeper blues of depth. It is a young world, unfortunately used for an alien dumpsite. The islands forming here will one day cover the trash, as if it were never there at all. And probably confuse future scientists and conspiracy theorists.

But right now-- it's all here. Fresh volcanoes melting up against discarded tech, and underwater life that takes up all shapes hiding between crags of scrap. The radar pings up ahead, in a small field of narrow magma spouts.

Nautilator isn't sure if he can trust Bone-Spur but it's not like he has a choice right now. He stays silent and lets himself be carried deeper and deeper into the depths of this ocean, reluctantly taking in the sights all around him. It's.. actually really awesome. He's been in many an ocean but never one so young and full of potential. << Geez.. Real shame about all this crap, >> he mumbles, mostly to himself. At one point he sees a chunky alien lobster on the ocean floor, tangled up in some discarded wiring. He squirms his way out of Bone-Spur's grip just enough to reach out and snip the bundle of wire with his claws, freeing his crustacean brethern. << You see anything yet? >>

"<< Yeah... I'd hate to be livin' here. >>" Spur says this while pausing for a many-legged arthropod that comes to her ankle. It scuttles past with some sort of pincer waving behind it. She looks up as Nautilator gives a wiggle, seeing what he's after and letting him ease out and reach the fellow lobster. He is free with that decisive snip, darting out into the muddy bottom. Aww. Bone-Spur's cockles are warmed.

"<< Just more magma chutes. What's the scanner say-- up there. Yeah. >>" She looks away from the ping towards the field, deciding to carefully set Nautilator down on the mud. "<< Some debris in there. Hot as slag, too. >>"

If Nautilator was any good at swimming he'd be making a break for it the second Bone-Spur put him down. But he's not, so he just sort of.. stands there, sinking slightly into the mud. << Woah, woah, hold up.. you want to go in there? >> He points a claw towards the magma chutes. << Do you have any idea how hot it gets in those things? Our sensors could get fried! Or we'll melt! >> He hunkers down into the mud. << What if we get lost inside and have to spend our last waking moments in misery!? >>

"<< It can't possibly be in the volcanoes. They're probably just shored up... 'sides, this ain't nothin on a hot subterranean forge. >>" Bone-Spur issues a bit of bubbling when she cracks a crooked grin down to her partner, broken nose giving it just the right touch of recklessness before she goes galumphing towards the field over the mud, which soon turns to warm volcanic rock, leaving black soot on pedes and limbs. "<< Come on! >>" She clearly does not share his concerns.

Nautilator sinks even further into the mud, his legs disappearing inside of it. Running towards underwater volcanoes is exactly the sort of thing he tries to avoid, and yet..

"<< Hnnng... Wait up! >>" He wiggles himself free from the mud and makes a made scuttle for Bone-Spur, following her towards where the artifacts have been detected. At one point he gets a leg stuck in a partially buried can. The bright colours and in-your-face logo suggests it's some offworld brand of soda. << Ugh! Seriously, wait up! >>"

Bone-Spur is not made for the underwater life, and that's clear enough when she trips on something sticking out of the ground and goes floating up as if on a moon, tumbling to a stop in volcanic muck. She pulls her face out of it, the soot splashing all over her torso, on her hands and knees on the heated ash. Looks like a bath later. Despite this, the dino seems undisturbed.

"<< Ah, Chela, look at all that! >>" Amidst the castoffs in the volcanic field, magma illuminates the outlines of several piles of large objects, mostly intact. "<< Maybe someone was sorting this stuff, once? Scavengers? >>"

Nautilator, on the other hand, was made for this kind of shit. Literally, someone made his body into this awful opcean bug form so he could root around on the ocean floor for the Decepticon cause or some crap like that. He kicks the can off his pointy foot and carefully scuttles to where Bone-Spur is currently shaking off volcanic ash.

"<< What is all this? >> he asks, poking at a random pile with a claw. He pokes a little too hard and dislodges it, forcing him to scuttle backwards lest he get crushed by falling debris. "<< Is the artifact really in here? Did those Knight guys use this place to dump all their trash? Oh my god, what if the artifact is like.. ancient Knight garbage? Like a garbage bag full of candy wrappers? >>"

Bone-Spur's laugh is more like a gurgle, and she closes her mouth to expel water through her teeth before it starts rushing in more. Hrk. She sits on her knees, looking carefully from one pile to the next.

"<< People've been finding all kindsa things on these... >>" So chances are, it could be anything. Spur pushes back to her feet, watching the shifting debris carefully, and a fresh chute of magma not far away with the same look. "<< Probably not knights. Too busy bein' worldsavers'nat. >>"

Something from afar tugs at the senses, though for Nautilator the feeling is tight, and dragging, as if something has hooked onto his antennae and is attempting to reel him in.

"<< Oh yeah, real world-savers those guys, >>" Nautilator says with a snort. "<< They sure did a great some keeping Unicron at bay. Oh wait! They totally didn't! And now everything in the universe, including us, is gonna die! Thanks, you knight bastards! >>" He waves an angry claw and is ready to go on (and on and on) about how pointless and stupid this all is when he feels.. something. It's something he can't describe but it has his full attention.

"<<...You feel that? >>" Nautilator doesn't want for a response, he makes his way towards whatever it is that's pulling him. The longer he walks, the stronger the feeling. By the time he gets to a sketchy patch of mud, distended from whatever is buried beneath it, the feeling is so intense he feels like he's going to explode. << What the hell? >>"

<FS3> Nautilator rolls Underwater Excavation: Good Success. (5 8 1 4 3 4 6 4 5 7 8)

Bone-Spur angles her head to watch Nautilator's claw shaking with large optics, the stormy colors pale against the water. She wants to laugh again-- but she learned that lesson, and now her systems are pinging at her not to stay longer than she's able.

"<< Feel what-- >>" As she says this, however, she hesitates, cutting herself off to watch Nautilator head off a site. "<< Yeah... >>" Checking the scanner as she goes, the dino plods after him, and then a little further, drawn to another spot entirely. Something to do with a pile of junk, which she immediately butts her head up against.

It collapses away from her, and she bends down to peer amongst the Stuff(tm). "<< You got somethin' over there too. Anything interesting? >>"

"<< You ever seen one of those cartoons where someone makes some food and it smells so good that the smell actually travels to the main character and the smell, like, goes up in their nose and they sort of float over to the food? >>" Clearly Nautilator has been hard at work watching cartoons instead of looking for artifacts. "<< It's like that but.. not that. >>

The odd buldge in the ocean floor does not go unnoticed and Nautilator is quick to dig it up and unravel the mystery. He uses his sturdy claws to shovel claw-full after claw-full of mud out of the way. The more he digs, the more intense that feeling gets. After some moment he uncovers the source of that magnetic pull.

"<< Is this some kind of joke!? >>" he snaps after uncovering what appears to be a very big, very heavy anchor.

"<< Uhhhh. >>" The confused expression that comes over Bone-Spur's features causes her lip to lift and her nose to rankle between the knot of brow. She has no idea what he means by 'cartoons' and 'food smell goes up their nose'. But she shrugs at him anyway. If you say so. She lifts her head to watch him as he digs and digs, the spouts molten bubbles getting covered in mud and ash from his big claws. Good digger, at least!

"<< ...I don't get it. >>" Spur says to the joke commentary. optics on the anchor he's uncovered. It sure is a fancy one. She comes up alongside of it, looking between it and the arthropod, giving it a rap of hand. "<< It's our kind of metal. Think you could lend a claw digging over there? You're damn good at that. >>"

<FS3> Nautilator rolls Underwater Excavation: Good Success. (7 4 6 1 6 1 3 3 7 2 8)

"<< No.. no, it must be some kind of joke, >>" Nautilator repeats, antennae laying flat against his body. "<< I've heard about what other people have gotten for artifacts. They're like.. weapons and cool things like that. Not this. Not a damn anchor! Did Knights even have boats!? >>" Clearly this is a mistake and his artifact is somewhere else. Maybe it's over there, where Bone-Spur is asking him to dig. "<< Tch, it's kind of my specialty, >>" he says, digging his claws into the mud and starting to pull it up.

"<< Maybe the dude was a boat? >>" Bone-Spur's voice is hushed in the comm, still with its usual gravel but low all the same. "<< And if ya want a cool thing like a weapon, I can hook you up. No artifact hunt required. >>" And this offer is, in fact, fitting in a fashion when Nautilator comes over to help dig up the other spot. Once he clears enough of it for Bone-Spur to grab, she tugs on the blunted shape of it and dislodges an anvil of onyx-black material, hoisting it overhead with a snorf of bubbles and a pulse of her spark.

"<< Yup... That one's gotta be yours. >>"

"<< Are you telling me that guys like Riptide need anchors to keep them from sailing off into nowhere? >>" Nautilator asks gruffly, clearly still upset by the discovery of such a problematic maybe-artifact. When he unearths the object and it's revealed to be an anvil, his fuel pump sinks. The anchor is definitely his. "<< But.. >> He scurries over to the anchor, antennae flicking out to touch at it. << I don't want it! >>"

Still rooting around in the trench of hot earth, Spur finds a length of chain tangled with other objects. She sets to unraveling it, looking over as Nautilator checks the anchor over again. "<< What? You can't say that! These things are important! >>" The chain comes free, and she loops it up and watches it sink down again before moving to Nautilator's side. The anvil is set down, and Bone Spur stoops to look at the other mech.

"<< You feel it too, right? That thing you mentioned. I feel somethin' weird when I hold that one... like a heat that ain't no volcano. Like holdin' my hand, yeah? >>" Calmly, big hands start to handle the anchor and manipulate it to its crown, sitting it up. "<< What a handsome thing. Look at these engravings-- and the balance is perfect-- Practically art. >>" The chain is hooked through the shackle and clipped together before she offers the end to Nautilator.

    <FS3> Nautilator rolls Complaining: Good Success. (1 8 7 6 5 1 3)

Even Bone-Spur's praise on the artistic integrity of the anchor isn't selling Nautilator on it. "<< Art? Tch! More like a mockery! I can't believe that I get a friggin' anchor.. It's like the knight who left it here knew that I'd find it. >>" He waves his claws over his head. "<< Ha ha! Real funny! Oh, Nautilator can't swim! Let's give him an anchor! Get it? Because he sinks like a rock!? HA HA, I get it! Real funny! >> "Begrudgingly, he takes the chain offered to him. "<< What? You expect me to drag this thing back to the surface? Lady, I can't even drag myself to the surface! >>"

Can't swim? So that's why he was fussing? Aw, and she dragged him in! Bone-Spur's mouth turns down at that note, listening to the rant with an uncomfortable amount of chill. "<< Sorry I dragged you in here, but now this thing-- >>" She holds the shackle of the anchor. "<< --is your responsibility. For better or worse. Sorry it ain't up to your standards, ya cheeky thing. >>"

Bone-Spur angles over to grab onto her anvil, hand running over the side as if it were a new pet. She puts it on the width of the anchor to use it as a sleigh, before moving to Nautilator and picking him off the sea floor into both arms. "<< Hold onto that chain or tie it on, but we're leavin'. >>"

Nautilator is suddenly swept up into Bone-Spur's arms. Since they're actually leaving the water this time instead of going into it, he doesn't struggle at all. In fact, he transforms into his robot mode and settles in, taking hold of the chain with both hands. "<< Whatever, let's just get the hell out of here.. >>" he mumbles, trying to sound grumpy even though he's elated to get the fuck out of here.

"<< You're such a sourpuss. I like it. And I meant it, if you need a weapon. >>" Bone-Spur laughs through closed teeth, bubbles at her jaw and the heat of magma at her back as she starts her way back up the paths towards the shore. The anchor and anvil press a deep groove behind them, tugged over ash and mud and debris; it's not nearly as heavy with her pulling. Soon enough they make it back to the surface, where Bone-Spur gathers up the anvil and chained anchor to haul them through the space bridge back to Rigard. The poor saps on shift will have a grand old time cleaning up the chamber.

<FS3> Nautilator rolls Complaining: Good Success. (6 7 3 4 6 4 7)

<FS3> Bone-Spur rolls Chill: Success. (1 8 6 4 2 5 4 4 2)

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