2017-10-05 My Kingdom For A Crown

From Transformers: Lost and Found

2017-10-05 My Kingdom For A Crown
Date 2017/10/05
Location Khepri
Participants Sunstreaker
NPCs Scorn
Plot Artifacts of the Knights of Cybertron
Scene GM Vap
Summary Sunstreaker goes searching for his artifact deep in the heart of Khepri.

Sunstreaker doesn't want to think about the feast. He definitely doesn't want to think about Sideswipe, either. He's alive so, obviously, his brother is too. No need to think about him. Or that disastrous, embarrassing feast. Unfortunately, laying down doesn't help distract him. So he gave whoever may have been watching him- with unnecessary concern, might he add!- the slip and went off to continue looking for the artifact.

Thankfully, there isn't a whole lot of places left that need to be looked. In fact, the remaining places just HAPPEN to be where they're not allowed to go without permission. Isn't that just peachy.

Sunstreaker waits in front of the closed entryway to 'the vault'. He sent one of the many servants- assistants? attendants- off to get the Queen or her official permission or WHATEVER he needs to get in. The sooner, the better. "Don't give me that look," he says to Bob, rubbing behind his antennae. "I'm fine. He's fine. You worry too much." He smiles, at the little buggu, slipping him a treat.

Three guards stationed outside the large, heavily armored door keep Sunstreaker company while the fourth has been sent to get the Queen, who in turn is only mildly hesitant to allow one of their guests to enter one of their most important areas.

But she did promise, so she soon arrives with the same guard in tow, sporting a simple dress of tightly woven, platinum thread set with brilliant sapphire and aquamarine gems. ..Somehow this is considered simple. "Sunstreaker." She greets softly, smile polite as always when approaching them both, Bob's greeting coming as a few words in bug speech. With a nod the guards settle and she overlooks the reinforced door. "I was informed you had a lead on your artifact beyond here, in the vaults. Is this true? You understand, to enter here you must be completely sure what you seek is there."

Sunstreaker stand up, backstruts going stiff as the Queen approaches. His usual scowl settles in. Bob munches his treat, wiggling. "Scor- Queen Scorn," he quickly corrects himself, lips pursing. He glances at the door, the locks offending him on a deeply personal level. "It's in there," Sunstreaker says, entirely not sure if its in there or not. But he's not going to be denied just because he's unsure.

Scorn hangs for a brief moment before nodding and turning fully to the door. "So be it." Without any direction, the guards move aside as the Queen reaches and gently rests a hand upon the golden metal, a hushed word whispering past her lips. In an instant the air hums and with a heavy sound the door begins to split and fold outwards as it opens. But instead of opening on another room, a long tunnel begins to transform a path for them, to which Scorn starts down with a beckoning wave to Sunstreaker and Bob while the guards remain at their post.

As soon as they begin walking the main entryway closes and the tunnel transformers shut, keeping them in a contained space throughout. After a fair bit of walking, they descend into the center of the ship where they finally come upon a room where yet another door stands. But what's beyond that isn't important as they stand in the treasury now, decorated as a sort of mix between museum and library. Shelves of datapads line the walls, appearing as financial and stock records, while dazzling treasures and artifacts dot the room in their own space. But the most intriguing are the metal busts of rulers long past circling the room, each wearing a special item such as a crown, a necklace, or even weapons and scepters that rest on the podium.

Sunstreaker follows Scorn, on board weapons humming faintly online. He doesn't like the enclosed space around them as they walk and he visibly relaxes when they come out and into the vault. More like treasure room. Bob's optics all sparkle and he goes forth to sniff at things. "Don't eat anything," he tells the bug firmly. Not their's to eat and... what if he eats the artifact??? So, no eating.

Sunstreaker looks around, puffing his plating in a vague attempt to outshine the actual gold. "There's... A lot in here..." He vents, walking over to one of the busts and squinting at the sculpture. He's totally judging it. "And these are important people? All dead, I assume." He pulls out the scanner, hoping it'd help even with all this stuff everywhere.

"All dead, I'm afraid, yes." Scorn speaks softly while moving into the room and stopping before one of the busts, a mech with a hercules beetle look to him with a sharp, black crown. "Some through attacks on our colony, others from being overthrown.. I hope to be the last ruler of Khepri, or at least the longest in power. We are flourishing and I do not want my people to ever go back to what they were." A hand brushes the statue's cheek when speaking.

As Sunstreaker circles the room, the scanner will beep increasingly until it practically sings at one of the busts. It appears the oldest, despite being kept clean, and depicts a delicate figure, fair and simple with the appearance of a moth.

Hearing the scanner go off, Scorn turns to see where he is and visibly perks a little. "..That is Queen Lunas, the one who brought our people to the stars. Before her, we were structured under Onyx Prime, yet were still treated even lower than that. And so, rallying, she gathered as many who would follow to our beginnings, the fields where most of our sparks came, and began a small settlement." Scorn moves over beside Sunstreaker, optics hanging on the statue. "Tensions were high as it is, and not long after the war began. We managed to take one of the titans fleeing Cybertron and start our own civilization, which brings us to now.."

While the bust is nice, what clearly has the scanner beeping is the simple diadem resting upon its helm. A single band of polished, yet aged silver, it holds no gems while its only flourish comes from the small, yet graceful curl where the ends of the band meet in the center of the forehelm. "...Are you saying this is your artifact?"

Sunstreaker looks at the moth figure critically, optics narrowing. Queen Lunas... "Shame she's dead," he says, his own way to commiserate the loss. He glances up at the Queen, expression twisting before gaze dropping back to the scanner. "That's what this says. M'not sure. Artifacts can be anything..." He stows the scanner away before reaching out to take the simple crown. He hesitates briefly. Then he lifts it off the bust's head carefully.

There's a slight tension in the air around Scorn when Sunstreaker reaches for the crown, but she doesn't halt his progress. And while an artifact can be anything, clearly this one is made for the golden mech. As his hand nears it, he'll feel his hand touch against a weak, invisible field around the edges of the crown, like a static charge. When he touches it, however, he'll feel that charge travel up his arms in a bizarre, alive tingle that wraps around his spark like a specter with its very faint, ghostly, magnetic tug that bonds them together.

But other than that, nothing appears to happen other than a low hum that passes briefly through the room, drawing Scorn's attention to the other door in the room. "..He approves. This must be your artifact, then." Looking slightly troubled, she tries to smooth it away when looking to Sunstreaker, smiling softly. "I.. do not wish to give up a piece of our history. The very beginning of it. But.. if it is destined to help keep us safe, then I relinquish it into your care, Sunstreaker. I only ask that, should it survive once this is all over, that it be returned to its rightful place here."

Sunstreaker just about drops the crown when it almost feels like it tugs on his spark. Hrn... He brings it closer, turning it this way and that to get a proper look at it. His optics flick up to Scorn. "I, uh... He?" Its not him, is it? Because if it was his choice, he'd much rather something gold...

Sunstreaker shifts his weight from foot to foot, optic ridges pinching together. He looks at the crown again. "I'll keep it intact. And when we beat that thing, I'll make sure it's brought," he tells Scorn. Then he adds, "And I'm sorry about the feast. I hope I didn't interrupt it too badly."

Scorn smiles lightly at the confusion. "Where else to keep one's most treasured pieces than just outside the mind of a titan." She motions to the door. "He is Khepri, the ship, and our patron. He is a strange one, always in and out of slumber, but he protects us and we protect him."

To his agreement to bring the crown back, she nods gratefully as her smile grows at his apology. "Please, it's alright, the feast continued on. I was more concerned for you and hope you're much better now." Hands folding neatly against her middle, the mantis bows a bit at the waist in a small lean to the mech, expression coy and delighted. "Especially, as I've heard, you seem to have a rather commanding presence with my people. When the crown is returned I would be happy for you to as well and perhaps.. stay a while."

Sunstreaker's nasal plating crinkles at the idea of someone hanging out just outside his own mind. Another reason to be glad he's him. And not, say, a Titan. His finials angle up. "Yeah, I'm fine..." He turns the crown again and his glinting silver before sighing. "Sorry, about that. Its just the voice I use on Bob when he needs to listen... I'll see about coming back. But right now I need to go back and see someone." His optics narrow, brows squeezing together. "Thank... You for letting me in here. Me and Bob."

"Of course, of course. Let us go, then." Scorn nods, not wanting to have anyone other than her in here longer than they need to be. With a gentle motion she guides him back to the main door, the tunnel beginning to transform and open for them again. Walking at his side, and with Bob in tow, she hums pleasantly and smiles warmly as they go, "You are most welcome. If it means keeping my people safe, I will do all that is necessary. I must say, it was a delight to have you and your crew here, and I truly hope you'll return soon."

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