2017-10-04 Lament

From Transformers: Lost and Found

Date 2017/10/04
Location Derelict Space Station
Participants Arrow, Rung, Sideswipe
NPCs Rosebud
Plot Artifacts of the Knights of Cybertron
Scene GM Lieutenant
Summary Things have not gone according to plan. (Continued from Rosebud)

<FS3> Opposed Roll -- Rung=Melee Weapons Vs Rosebud=Fortitude+2

<	Rung: Amazing Success (3 5 7 3 8 8 7 7 8 5)          Rosebud: Failure (2 5 4 3 6 6 1 5 5)
<		Net Result: Rung wins - Crushing Victory

Rung can only watch in horror as Rosebud, that- that monster plunges his teeth into Sideswipe's side. He expects the mech to react, to fight back but there is no reaction from him outside of stricken and enraged expressions. He has to get them apart.

Shaking off the dizziness Rung struggles to his pedes to focus on the task at hand, pulling the staff from his subspace and swinging it out to full size as he charges them. Several steps echo through the room before he brings the weapon down onto the other being's helm, hard.

Lapping at the dribbling energon, 'Rosebud' takes no notice of Rung. He doesn't care about the mech he didn't knock out. He nearly takes another chunk of Sideswipe, when karma in the form of a creamsicle smacks him upside the head. Literally. Reeling, his telekinetic hold on Sideswipe is released as he backpedals to get away from Rung. If that's how it's going to be, maybe he should eat him first. A quick appetizer before the meal.

<FS3> Opposed Roll -- Sideswipe=unarmed Vs Rosebud=fortitude+2
<	Sideswipe: Great Success (6 8 5 2 7 8 8 2 2 7 4 4)          Rosebud: Great Success (7 7 5 3 6 7 7 3 2)
<		Net Result: Sideswipe wins - Marginal Victory

The moment Sideswipe's servos unlock from whatever it was keeping him pinned, he launches into motion, flying fist-first at the freaky monster mech with a hearty battle yodel. "How about you eat my fist you slag-sucker!" Unfortunately for 'Rosebud', he now has a very angry, very bloody frontliner bent on bending his plating into new and interesting shapes.

<FS3> Arrow rolls Rocket Punch-1: Failure. (2)

Arrow can hear people outside the door. He focuses on that. There's people out there- it sounds like a fight but it means he's not stuck in here completely alone. It's fine. It's fine.

It's really not fine.

Both Arrow's arms are shot through with pain and fractures he's sure, but his right side doesn't feel as messed up as his left and he needs to get out of here before- he's left or forgotten or before Rosebud-- He fires up his thruster one more time, he's never punched twice with one arm in a day before, and the all encompassing shattering is blindingly painful as his less damaged fist makes contact with the heavy metal door again. The little jet gives a wordless howl of pain and slumps against it, cradling his absolutely slagged arm to his chest.

Rung swings his weapon around as he makes solid contact with Rosebud's helm, already moving backwards to try and get out of the mech's grabbing range. Arrow's yell from inside the cabinet makes him falter, helm whipping around to look, "Arrow are you alright!?" He probably should have kept his help on their enemy at the moment but well.. Rung clearly isn't a real trained combatant.

<FS3> Rosebud rolls 12: Good Success. (1 2 4 7 5 8 6 6 4 6 1 4)

The Decepticon stumbles over once more at the punch. He backs up further from the two, shaking his head to clear it. A hand extends to telekinetically grab Rung to slam him against Sideswipe. Best keep your mind on the fight, Rung. Arrow can be saved later, he'll be fine.

<FS3> Opposed Roll -- Sideswipe=reaction+reaction Vs Rung=reaction+reaction
<	Sideswipe: Failure (4 4 4 6 3 2)          Rung: Good Success (7 8 7 6)
<		Net Result: Rung wins - Solid Victory

Sideswipe doesn't react quick enough to the nerd flying toward him. Something something massive bleeding from an abdominal wound. That's what he gets for zeroing his focus in on rosebud, but how was he supposed to know the guy had telekenisis? The red mech grunts, trying to stay upright from the impact and gearing up for another lunge at the creep. This sucks.

Rung's voice cuts through Arrow's pained haze only barely. His right arm is fragged, he can't move his fingers at all anymore and he's vagely aware of the energon dripping to the floor. Bad idea. Never again. Arrow's helm thunks against the door as he curls into himself to try and press through as soon as it opens. He can't see through the darkness, can't break down the door and if there's a panel he can't hack with his arms this broken- he's an imbecile. He can't do anything more than listen to Sideswipe and Rung fight and maybe die out there. He can feel the walls closing in around him, he can feel the dark room start to swallow him up and he can't stay in here he can't he can't.

<FS3> Opposed Roll -- Rung=Melee Weapons Vs Rosebud=9
<	Rung: Success (2 8 1 6 5 6 4 6 3 4)          Rosebud: Success (2 1 5 2 6 2 7 6 6)
<		Net Result: DRAW

Rung is moving to try and help Arrow- EEP! Suddenly lifed by seemingly nothing, the mech can only yell in surprise and pain as he is smashed into Sideswipe and sends them both stumbling.. well, the red mech stumbling, Rung smacks onto the floor as soon as he is released from the telekinetic hold. Shaking his helm to push back a grown, Rung rolls over onto his back and swings the staff at Rosebud's feet in an effort to bring him down and hopefully give them a chance to immobilize the mecha.

Nice attempt Rung, but while he does hit, Rosebud still stands. He swats Rung with a wing. Beat it. If the twink is out of the way, he will make to scratch at Sideswipe to tear a larger hole in his side. Get more of that fresh energon on the floor and hopefully down the frontline to finish his meal.

<FS3> Opposed Roll -- Sideswipe=unarmed Vs Rosebud=9
<	Sideswipe: Failure (6 4 2 3 2 3 2 5 2 6 2 5)          Rosebud: Good Success (8 6 6 2 4 7 3 8 4)
<		Net Result: Rosebud wins - Solid Victory

Sideswipe spends 1 luck points on Tezzing (please, dice, let sideswipe have this one punch).

<FS3> Opposed Roll -- Sideswipe=unarmed Vs Rosebud=9
<	Sideswipe: Success (1 6 1 3 3 5 3 7 5 4 6 1)          Rosebud: Success (5 6 4 8 6 3 4 6 2)
<		Net Result: DRAW

Sideswipe snarls, regaining his footing enough to lash out at Rosebud's reaching claws. He might not have as much energon as is medically advisable still in his body, but he's still able to put up a fight! "Fragger!!"

They're going to die. Arrow figured it'd be soon but not here, but this sounds nothing less than deadly out there and he can't help and they can't get him out and-

No. Stop. Breathe and think.

The door has to open eventually. It has to. Arrow wants to throw up, but until Sideswipe and Rung are dead he's not alone and they won't leave him in here. Not while Rodimus is gung-ho about not leaving mechs behind. Arrow looks to the wall rack of vials, all glowing dimly. Something to fight with, maybe, when it does. He stumbles up, gritting his teeth as the motion jolts his arm, and swipes some. If it's locked away, it's dangerous. Maybe they can drug a monster...

Rosebud's claws never make contact, quickly switching to defense as Sideswipe punches his arm. The creature hisses, before moving to chomp down on Sideswipe's fist. If he wants to give it up so bad, this monster can't complain.

<FS3> Sideswipe rolls Reaction+reaction: Good Success. (4 4 8 8 2 1)

Unfortunately, Rosie will be getting that relish air instead.

Meanwhile, in the closet. Sadly the objects have no empathy for Arrow. But his looking around, his wings knock over some datapads. One in particular knocking him in the back of helm.

<FS3> Opposed Roll -- Sideswipe=unarmed Vs Rosebud=9
<	Sideswipe: Good Success (4 7 6 6 2 7 5 4 8 6 1 3)          Rosebud: Failure (1 1 3 4 4 5 2 6 5)
<		Net Result: Sideswipe wins - Solid Victory

Sideswipe's snarl turns into a full blown shout, loudly trying to yell the monster into submission. He manages to swing around with his other fist and drive it toward the monster's face. Try biting him now, not so easy with a fist in your face, is it?! The rage isn't going to stem the bleeding but it's doing a good job of helping him ignore the blinding pain in his side and the whole 'maybe dying from energon loss' thing. This is fine.

Rung curses beneath his venting as his attempt to displace the mech does nothing, only resulting in being swatted off to the side- where he can't help. Struggling to get up again Rung can only call out with fear, "Wait, please stop! Why are you doing this!?" Ok, so that probably won't help but primus if he won't try something! And he can't exactly attack from this far out so he can try to use words (likely in vain) until he can cover the distance.

<FS3> Rung rolls GuiltTripping: Good Success. (3 4 5 4 6 4 7 4 1 8)

Arrow curses faintly under his breath as he's smacked in the head with a datapad, everything's enough trouble already and he can't take the time to read right now! Fumbling with his forearm and slightly-less-slagged left hand, Arrow scoops up the datapad and pauses for just a second as he looks at it, then a longer second as his neglected scanner beeps wildly from its spot scattered down on the floor. "You're kidding," he mumbles to himself.

Rosebud screeches, reeling back into the closet door. Unfortunately for Arrow, it doesn't break open. He licks his own blood off his teeth, glaring from Sideswipe to Ring. Telekinetically he grabs Rung once more and flings him across the room, through a wall.

The therapist will fortunately land on a secure floor littered with needles and tubes on the other side. A single berth with an inhibitor claw attached to it to keep others down on it. It's a surprisingly intact room. Two walls lined with chambers, names written on each one. Some are broken, all are dark, but one is different than the rest. Shattered.

Back with Sideswipe, Rosebud tries to go berserk on him. Swiping his claws at his face and chest. One of them will stand in the end, and it has to be him!

The datapad Arrow holds is an old one. It's clearly been through some trials, but certainly well loved. It is currently locked, but it should be nothing for Arrow.

This is going better than it was three minutes ago. So much better. Sideswipe meets the attempt to beserk with an anger and pain fueled burst of red hellion. Rung getting thrown gives him enough time to brace for a lunge at the monster, going for a full tackle and, if he's doing real good, maybe tearing off one of those pesky claw-tipped arms.

<FS3> Rung rolls Unarmed: Good Success. (8 7)

Rung goes crashing through the wall, hitting the floor hard and rolling for several feet until he comes to a stop- a motionless heap on the floor for several seconds until a pained groan is pulled from him. Yeah, he's definitely bleeding now ,a face that proved itself as he wipes dripping energon from his nose before it can pool onto the floor. Pushing up to all fours, the therapist shakily stands to look around the room.

It seems like... like a containment room... Frowning the mech only has a moment to examine the rows of chambers before his optics fix on the inhibitor claw. Now isn't that opportunely placed?

Hearing the fight outside, Rung wastes no time being gentle. A hand braced against the table and a firm YANK on the inhibitor is all thats required to break it loose from its bindings. A quick examination shows it to be not only bigger than a normal one but still in working order, good. "Sideswipe!" CLimbing through a likely very nerd shaped hole, the therapist stumble back towards them, "Immobilize him!" He needs to get it on the mech!

There is a horrendous wail through the Medical center as Rosebud retreats hastily away from Sideswipe. He grasps at wear his arm once was, hissing and bristling. The creature clearly looks like he wants to fight once more. However, he does press against a wall, spreading his wings in a ditch effort to intimidate. Buy himself some time to think of a way to escape.

His optics dart towards the closet. Right. He's got a hostage. The door sudden rips out of it's frame to the floor, as Arrow is forcibly yanked outwards Rosebud. He grabs the twig, pinning him down on the ground under his only clawed hand, digging into the little blue chest.

<FS3> Sideswipe rolls Reaction+reaction-2: Failure. (4 5 5 3)

Sideswipe grins over at his very pink and now even more bloodspattered side, not at all a happy thing and turning more and more into a painful grimace with each passing second. He twitches attention toward Rung, wide optics seeping toward purple with the error overlays behind them. A few choice explitives are grumbled on Sideswipe's way over to grab the inhibitor from Rung. He hurts and he's definitely not going to be able to do this for much longer. "Give it."

Arrow doesn't have time to contemplate hacking open the pad with his crushed fingers, not when the closet door is (blissfully, miraculously) ripped off its frame and Arrow finds himself snatched (awfully, terribly, painfully) and slammed down onto the floor and held under a monster he can only assume used to be Rosebud. His energon goes cold and he stares wordlessly up at the- the creature!? That's not a mech! He drops the datapad in favor of scrabbling uselessly at the arm pinning him.

Rung had really only asked him to hold the mecha down but- whatever. Maybe he can help in another way. Handing over the inhibitor, he motions for the mech to sneak around before taking a slow, careful, step towards Rosebud and his hostage. He projects nothing but calm and steadiness as he creeps closer and hopefully gets the 'con's attention, "Rosebud, please listen to me." He keeps his voice level, just as he has with hostile and downspiralling patients in the past, "I beg of you, release Arrow. We don't know what happened here, or why you are in this state and doing this, but please let us help. You must only release him." Better hurry Sideswipe, he won't be able to keep Rosebud's attention for long... if he even gets it in the first place.

Sideswipe creeps toward Rosebud, stalking around the mechs side until he sees an opportunity in the release of claws and goes for it. In his last big leap of strength the mech launches himself at Rosebud, prioritizing getting the claw into place but also hoping to pin the mech down with his weight, since he's definitely not doing any more moving after this. Nope.

Arrow's focus is trained up on the monster overtop of him. Bad time. Big old bad time.

And then a heavier bad time when Sideswipe throws himself onto Rosebud and Arrow's going to be be happy if he doesn't wind up crushed under their collective bulk by the end of this mess.

Rung rushes forward as Sideswipe makes his move, leaping for arrow to try and save the mech lest he get crunched or clawed in the likely ensuing struggle.

Fortunately, Sideswipe tackles Rosebud off and away from Arrow when he attaches the inhibitor. No telekinesis to try and move him though. The creature tries clawing at the hellion, only to remember he's missing the arm he tries to use. He attempt with the arm he does have but he'll likely only be able to scratch, if he's able to catch any of Sideswipe.

<FS3> Sideswipe rolls Fortitude: Success. (5 8 6 4 3 3 2 2)

Sideswipe's done. He's in too much pain and too woozy to do more than pin down the outlier with his greater weight and keep the mech from lashing out at his tiny companions.

Arrow squirms his way out from under the side-crashing pile of mechs with Rung's help and snags the artifact. They need to get out of here, now. He sends a ping to the Lost Light for a bridge, Sideswipe's in no condition to make it anywhere else so it has to be to here and he's making sure they know medical needs to be prepped. That he's not shooting his mouth off at whoever's on shift is probably enough of a rush stamp for anyone who knows him. "We gotta go," he says. Obviously. "Before Rosy over there claws off the claw."

Rung makes sure Arrow is alright with a quick once over before raising a hand to his helm to call back to the ship for a spacebridge- not even wasting time to answer Arrow. They have to get out of there, now. "Sideswipe the spacebridge is coming, can you hold on for just a moment longer?"

Rosebud continues to scratch, and claw. While his is unsuccessful clawing Sideswipe, he does tear off the inhibitor. With that gone. He glares at the other two leaving, before using his telekinesis to first grab his arm back. With that secured, he picks up Sideswipe to throw into the bridge after the other two. "Come. Back. Not."

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