2017-09-26 Cast Out

From Transformers: Lost and Found

Cast Out
Date 2017/09/26
Location Some Planet
Participants Galaxy Shuttle, Rodimus, Sky Lynx
NPCs !Sunstreaker
Summary Sunstreaker gets the bad news

With Sky Lynx and Galaxy Shuttle to bring supplies, Rodimus is left to bring news. The space bridge pops them out on a dusty world of clearly artificial construction. It's honeycombed, with each cell in the comb slick and steep-sided. Some of the combs are still sealed, but their contents have congealed to rich ore deposits, or evaporated into space. The air is hazy with dust: perhaps the contents of some of those combs, sent into the air. The star that lights the sky is given a green glow by the haze as it passes overhead, the light diffuse enough to cast an almost-twilight across the world.

This lost world, discovered on the Matrix map and artifact extracted by a colonial team, has certain advantages: it's off the beaten path; the atmosphere reflects transmissions; the honeycombs serve as perfect natural jail cells of an ethically responsible size while providing absolutely zero way for anyone in the bottom to claw or blast their way out. Sunstreaker is stuck. Forever.

Security is minimal, consisting only of an observation post that is still actually in construction. Thus the supplies. "Sky, Galaxy, can one of you go scoop our guest out and set him down to talk?" Rodimus asks as he strides over the sealed top of a honeycomb cell whose broad, flat surface provides a landing place for even those two massive shuttles. "Watch out -- he's got an inhibitor claw, but he's still a Sunstreaker."

Now logging to "C:\Users\Nadya\Downloads\Logging\17-09-26.txt".

Sky Lynx is quite happy to be here. Well, not specifically here, but out here in general, doing things, being useful. Because that's what he's here for, being useful, not sitting around in some hangar or shuttle bay. He steps on the cell cap carefully, testing its strength before putting his whole weight on it. It would be bad, and quite unseemley, if he were to send the Captain flying into the cell itself. Once he's sure that it'll hold him, however, he turns his full attention to the matter at hand.

And the subject of the matter.

"I can't say it's particularly good to see him again" Lynx arches his neck over the cell to peer down at its contents. Their last meeting didn't go so well - not due to any fault of his own, ofcourse. He, as always, fought valiantly - it's just that he had a lot of non-fighters to take care of as well. This time, however, the advantage is clear. Stepping up closer, he dips his head in, his open jaws showing both his intentions, and serving as a warning, giving the prisoner a look at the cannon behind all those teeth. Just try anything. Don't worry though, he won't bite hard - Rodimus probably wants you out in one piece - if you don't resist ofcourse.

Galaxy Shuttle follows right after Sky Lynx, landing not far away. Thankfully, Sky Lynx spares him the effort of having to transform. The other shuttle is quick to follow the captain's orders and move in to grab the prisoner from his cell. Galaxy quickly becomes distracted by other things! Like how Rodimus says Sunstreaker's name.

The shuttle's holoform starts to fuzz into existence next to the captain, still using the projection that is just a smaller image of himself. The holoform's visor twists in an impossible way, miming a look of confusion. Is Sunstreaker's name an insult? Why? He wants to ask so bad, but it will make him look silly. "Oh, well, uhm... I'm okay with seeing 'Sunstreaker,'" Galaxy murmurs. He tries to add a little positivity to the situation while at the same time mimicking Rodimus's mocking tone of Sunstreaker's name. He's not sure why they have to say it that way, but there has to be a reason.

!Sunstreaker is not a happy camper. For a myriad of reasons: he is currently imprisoned, he had been downed by a '!Decepticon, and this god-forsaken place is filthy with dust. His wounds had been sealed but his poor paint job suffers, all of that dust just clinging to the black. The least he can do is try to get it off his painted faceplates- not that wiping does much.

!Sunstreaker fumes at the bottom of his cell until he hears the landing party. They've come to get him, of course. Its about time. One finial twitching, he shifts to pick himself up and tests his repaired leg. He'll have to work with it. His optics narrow hatefully at Sky Lynx as he examines the mech, jaw clenching.

"You are not picking me up with your heinious mouth," !Sunstreaker snaps. "I'll ride atop your head or I'll tear your jaw off." He sees the cannons but his standards hold more precedence than their implied thread.

Rodimus peers over the edge of the cell, but leaves that debate to Sunstreaker and Sky Lynx as he waits. Glancing over at Galaxy, he grins. "I'm okay with seeing our Sunstreaker. I dunno about this one. And either way, I wouldn't underestimate him: Sunny's never needed a gun to make his point when his fists will do just fine. Or his temper. Or his tongue! Basically: watch out."

"If you did that, I would throw you off, and no one would like that, least of all you" Sky Lynx rumbles a threat in return. "You are in no position to bargain" he has standards too. He's fine with friends and alies hitching a ride, but you are not his ally. With that, he reaches forward to grab the mech. If !Sunstreaker holds still, it'll just be an arm.

Well, this is starting to sound awful scary to Galaxy Shuttle. He can hold his own in a fight, of course, but that doesn't mean he's an avid lover of conflict. The holoform's helm starts to descend into its body, almost like its trying to disappear or transform. Its voice isn't muffled at all by the strange emote, though. "Be ready for a f-fight. Understood, sir," he answers. He eyes the proceedings with concern.

<FS3> Opposed Roll -- Sky Lynx=Reaction+Reaction VS Sunstreaker=Unarmed

< Sky_Lynx: Failure (1 3 5 1 6 3) Sunstreaker: Good Success (4 2 6 8 5 4 5 6 7 6 6 3 7)

< Net Result: Sunstreaker wins - Solid Victory

!Sunstreaker grabs what he can of Sky Lynx and uses that to quickly hoist himself up. He's not gentle and aims a swift kick with his good leg to crack some of those teeth as he pulls himself ontop of Sky Lynx's head. Crouching down, he digs his hands into seams to keep him there. "Now you can lift me up."

"Uh oh." When Sunstreaker comes out swinging, Rodimus activates the guns on his arms, which warm with a low whine of power. He's freshly repainted after Bob ravaged his arm, and basically back to tip top fighting shape in contrast to Sunstreaker's lingering limp. "Galaxy, weapons hot, just in case. You good over there, Sky Lynx?"

Oh, so that's how you want to play? Sky Lynx snorts when, despite his warnings, !Sunstreaker still outmanuevers his head to climb atop it, and kicks him in the process. Fine then, up you go. Way up. He stretches his neck up to its full length, way above the ground, and then jerks his head sharply from side to side in an attempt to dislodge the unwanted hitchhiker.

<FS3> Opposed Roll -- Sky Lynx=Unarmed Vs Sunstreaker=Unarmed

< Sky_Lynx: Good Success (7 8 5 8 6 5 1 4 2 1) Sunstreaker: Great Success (2 7 6 6 8 2 3 7 2 3 3 7 5)

< Net Result: Sunstreaker wins - Marginal Victory

"Yes, sir!" Galaxy shouts, his holoform snapping to attention. Its hand darts up in a salute. Across the way, the shuttle's actual frame starts to twitch and shift. Thump. The noise as Galaxy Shuttle reverts to root mode and settles in is deafening. The shuttle has to lean over to even get a good look at the threat.

Not that he has much luck with that. Before he's even moved a foot Sky Lynx starts to shake his helm wildly. Even with Galaxy's faceplates visible, it is the holoform's visor that goes wide with surprise, the holoform's mouth that opens in a gasp. He can only assume that Sunstreaker went in for the attack. "S-stop," he says, reaching out wildly to grasp the meanie. Now he believes Rodimus when he says they're mean.

<FS3> Opposed Roll -- Galaxy=unarmed Vs Sunstreaker=unarmed-50

< Galaxy: Good Success (4 8 6 6 2 2 8 8) Sunstreaker: Success (8)

< Net Result: Galaxy wins - Solid Victory

!Sunstreaker's grip tights and he tenses his entire frame in preparation. Its a habit for any beast to buck off their rider. But he's had a lifetime to learn how to tame such savage things and he's got a thing about perfection. "You're lucky I can't access my blades or I'd make scrap of your sub-standard neocortex," he hisses. That's about when the giant fist came in.

!Sunstreaker is strong and agile and capable (and gorgeous, and magnificient, the list goes on and on if you ask him) but there's only so much he can do against a GIANT FIST. Except be grabbed. He snarls and struggles against nonetheless. "Put me down," he spits at Galaxy Shuttle.

"Good catch," Rodimus calls toward Galaxy Shuttle with a double-thumbs up of approval. He converts that into a wave, gesturing for Sunstreaker to be brought down to his level and dropped next to him. "Okay. Let's get this over with. Sunny," he calls, which is just a little obnoxious, "we need to talk."

"Don't get ahead of yourself" This time, Sky Lynx's words come out sounding more like a growl. He's got other ways of shaking off parasites, and he would go through with them too, if Galaxy Shuttle hadn't taken it uppon himself to pull !Sunstreaker off. "Consider yourself lucky" he rumbles, turning his head to look at their captive once more, giving him another close-up of his teeth. His window-optics narrow dangerously "If it were not for Galaxy Shuttle, you would be little more than a pile of scrap metal right now."

<FS3> Galaxy_Shuttle rolls Apologizing: Success. (8 4 6 5 1)

Galaxy Shuttle looks down at Rodimus, distracted from the squirming mecha in his hand. The larger mecha bites his lower lip component (this time not his holoform). "Of course, sir," he says, lowering himself with a groan. Getting this close to the ground is not easy at his size. He ends up sprawled on the ground like a young child, limbs all askew. He sets his fist, and what it holds, down next to Rodimus. One digit starts to unravel to drop the mecha, but Galaxy Shuttle thinks better of it after what just happened. "Uh, y-you sure you want to talk to him? He hasn't even apologized. He should say sorry," Galaxy Shuttle says.

The holoform, meanwhile, is distracted with other things. It fades from view beside Rodimus, solidifying on the tip of Sky Lynx's nasal cone. In tiny, tiny form. The small holoform squints, looking for damage. "I'm sure he's sorry to you, too. But he doesn't seem nice enough to say it so, sorry," he says, giving a sage nod to the other shuttle.

Despite being held by another mech, !Sunstreaker has an uncanny ability to look down upon Sky Lynx. Because he believes with all of his spark that he's above such a beast. He rolls his optics, focusing on Rodimus. He features soften for a beat, mouth even crooking into a radiant smile. But his optics shutter and it falls back into a delightful resting bitch face. (The fancy gold paint against black metal makes such a face equally radiant, of course.)

"Sunstreaker," he corrects the nickname. The handsome mech ignores Galaxy Shuttle completely. Beneath him, beneath him. "Tell your... 'crew' to release me. I'm on best behavior- I just won't tolerate being picked up by mouth." His nasal plating wrinkles at the thought. "There's no point in fighting anyways. I assume you're keeping Bob too. Shame." He'll have to find another one.

Rodimus considers for a beat and then nods at Galaxy Shuttle: "Let Sunstreaker go -- but let's all just make sure we stay on our best behavior, okay?" He looks from Galaxy to Sky Lynx with a slight nod, clearly expecting them to stay poised. For a moment, as he looks back at Sunstreaker, a fierce anger burns across his features. It's a familiar look, really. But it's source is just what Sunstreaker might expect from these soft-sparked idiots: "You tortured and abused someone who looked to you to protect him! Yes! We're fragging well keeping the slagging bug!" Then he adds -- and this is just the right, delicate, way to break the news, "And apparently we're keeping you, too. No take backs."

"I doubt it, but I would be happy to make him be sorry" Sky Lynx grumbles. His optics nearly cross as he tries to focus in on the latest passanger on his head. This one he doesn't mind. Well, atleast his holoform (he would very much mind if Galaxy decided to sit on his head with his full bulk). He's even careful when he moves his head again to get a better look at their captive - and better position himself incase he does get feisty "So we're taking him prisoner?"

Galaxy Shuttle's holoform wibbles for a moment, but he's not about to disobey a direct order. His last few digits unfurl slowly, easing Sunstreaker to his pedes more gently than he deserves. Once that is complete, he starts the process of manuevering back into a ready position. Not easy! "Excuse me, sorry," he mutters as he stumbles back to his pedes, trying to avoid knocking into both Sky Lynx and the little guys.

The holoform still perched on the tip of Lynx's nosecone clings with tiny hands as the other mecha tilts his head, his gaze following downwards until it locks on the mean mecha. His voice drops to a whisper so only Lynx can hear. "Oh dear, but I don't think he likes it here very much. Do we have to?"

Released, !Sunstreaker's armor bristles and the kibble on his back moves a little as he stretches. He rubs the back of his neck with the self-absorbed confidence no prisoner should have. There, much better. One corner of his mouth ticks up. "Oh, please. He's a beast- it was his privledge to be trained by me, just like anyone else." He glances at Sky Lynx like he wants to give Rodimus some tips.

It takes an extra moment for that last sentence to sink in. Fury lights up his features, servos clenching. !Sunstreaker exvents and re-centers himself, thought. "Rodimus... My Rodimus won't be pleased by this. Trying to keep me is a mistake. I suggest you reconsider." Of course that's how he takes it.

"Well, that mostly depends on him," Rodimus answers the two shuttles as he watches Sunstreaker ... totally miss the point. "Ooh boy. Okay." He pinches the bridge of his nose. "I started off demanding ten Decepticons, and by the end I would've freed you for one, but all he said was -- I don't know. Something about you being as useless as Sideswipe in the end. Like Sides isn't just as much a beast, so what's that about?"

"He is not expected to like it if he's to be prisoner" Sky Lynx answers, as quietly as he can, which really isn't all that quiet "And we aren't really expected to care" giving up on trying to look at Galaxy's holoform, he turns back to the smaller mechs "So his Rodimus does not think he's worth even a single Decepticon?" he peers down at !Sunstreaker, studying him as if he were some interesting insect "He must have really high standards. I will admit he" he tips his head at Sunstreaker "Was quite an adept fighter the last time we met, although he would have not stood a chance if I did not have inexperienced fighters to look out for" because that's totally the only thing that went bad in that fight. He himself could have obviouslt taken twice as much damage, and still come out victorious.

!Sunstreaker opens his mouth as if to reply and... It just... Hangs open. His optis shutter in his bewilderment. He had misheard. That wasn't... It takes a minute but his mouth starts working again, slowly. "Useless? But I'm..." He's Sunstreaker. "That's impossible. He didn't- Sideswipe is a traitor!" He slaps a servo on his chassis, jabbing a finger at Rodimus with every point he makes. "I am loyal! I can lead! I've razed planets for him! Helped bring mecha to heel for him! I've given the finest paints and waxes, Everything for him! I'm not useless- I'm not Sideswipe!"

!Sunstreaker's gaze narrows accusingly. "YOU! You're lying again! You're a demon here to tempt me. You won't lead me down the path my brother took." Pulling back a fist, he aims a punch at Rodimus. Fiesty.

<FS3> Opposed Roll -- Sunstreaker=unarmed Vs Rodimus=unarmed

< Sunstreaker: Great Success (1 3 7 1 1 4 7 2 8 7 3 1 1) Rodimus: Good Success (4 4 7 8 1 2 4 1 6)

< Net Result: Sunstreaker wins - Solid Victory

Rodimus warned them. He's like, 'watch out, Sunstreaker's a bad ass; he doesn't need his weapons to throw a mean punch'. He w a r n e d them. He just never expected it to apply to himself. He flinches too late, and Sunstreaker's fist cracks across his faces, forcing him to stumble back. "Right. Right, okay, I should've expected that. Hang on." He waves for Galaxy Shuttle and Sky Lynx to keep Sunstreaker from repeating that and reaches into his side to pull out a datapad and transfer a message from his internal comms to an outside display so he can play it. It's his last exchange with !Rodimus, which starts with a lot of insults -- that go both ways -- and ends with !Rodimus, snarling, disavowing himself of the useless Sunstreaker, ties cut, should've known they were both sparked wrong, and so on.

Rodimus need not even wave. Sky Lynx, of course, already knows what needs to be done. He reaches for !Sunstreaker once more, though this time, with a clawed foreleg, aiming to simply pin the smaller mech down under his weight. His head, of course, still looms over him, just in case he slips that, and more toothy restraints are needed.

It feels good to land his punch in the false Rodimus's demon face. With his demon lies. !Sunstreaker takes a step forward but stops and hesitates. He can't completely ignore how Rodimus looks like !Rodimus... Just without the ugly add on that mars his perfect fact. He doesn't get a chance to get past the hesitance though because a GIANT... Paw? Sure. A GIANT PAW pins him. On some level, !Sunny is rather flattered Rodimus brought the literal big guns to deal with him.

Snarling and struggling, !Sunstreaker's finials twitch when the message is played. He keeps fighting against Sky Lynx until the end though. The part where he's cast aside. Like trash. Its quite the blow. "But... I gave him everything- I made sure he got that vile Ambus back. I... Don't understand."

Rodimus nods his thanks to Sky Lynx, then follows it up with a thumbs up. GOOD WORK. He drops the super inappropriate for the mood esture as Sunstreaker speaks, looking back at him.

"I'm sorry," Rodimus says, and it sounds like he means it: earnest, sincere in a way that !Rodimus has never been in his entire life. "I know it's not fair. But this isn't a bad place to be while you decide what you want to do next. There are worthier causes." Anyone who has ever seen Rodimus look at a hopeless cause and say 'I got this' might recognize the hope that brightens his gaze. "And maybe there's a better you that you can find, too. Sky Lynx is going to put you back, but if you need anything -- uh, anything reasonable, please don't ask for a rope to climb out -- just let the guard know when they bring your energon, okay?"

Sky Lynx lowers his head to look at Rodimus just in time to see the the nod and the thumbs up. He did good, yes? Yes. !Sunstreaker's struggling goes almost unnoticed this time. Sorry, buddy, but unless you're secretly a power type 0.1%-er, it's not happening. He's not even using his full weight here - that would be rather messy.

Not so high and mighty now, are we? Lynx even gives his captive a particular, longing look When Rodimus informs that he's to be put back into the pit. Not so agile now, huh? He could easily scoop you up in his mouth here and throw you back....But Rodimus said to play nice. Lynx sighs, and the claw pinning !Sunny shifts and curls around him. With a half-limp, half-jump, the space dragon is at the cell again, foreleg outstretched to deposit the Light-Loster back in.

!Sunstreaker just sorta dangles there in Sky Lynx's grip. How could he be unwanted? Worse than unwanted. On the same level as traitor. Just like his brother. He worked so hard to get his position, to seperate himself from !Sideswipe, it was all in vain. This is all because !Sideswipe hade to- oh, slag.

!Sunstreaker's optics shutter and he jerks in Sky Lynx's grip suddenly. "I need something! Right now! Sideswipe- I need him."

Rodimus goes, "Uhhhh," a long and unflattering moment before asking, "Which Sideswipe? Do you want ours to like -- visit? Or something?" He seems willing to think about it, as though it might bring Sunstreaker some comfort.

Sky Lynx pauses, politely holding off on depositing !Sunstreaker back into the cell while he talks. The claw around !Sunny tightens though. Don't think of taking advantage of his courtesy to flee. Lynx himself looks back between the two smaller mechs, waiting for the go-ahead to drop his captive.

"Which-? Mine! Why would I need any other one?!" !Sunstreaker vents. "Sideswipe is a traitor. I've made sure no one's killed him but he's gotten into the habit of... Trying to do that himself. And without me there... My life is in danger! Shouldn't you know this?"

Rodimus gives Sky Lynx the up-nod to GENTLY SET SUNSTREAKER DOWN, the shifts his attention back to their captive. After a slightly lengthened, definitely awkward pause, he says, "Yeah. Of course. Sure. That -- definitely explains what the aft plate was talking about, I guess. Anyway, I'll see what we can do. Do whatever we can. Promise."

Sunstreaker will still have to suffer through a small fall. Sky Lynx's leg just isn't as flexible as his neck. He can't quite reach the bottom with it from up here without stepping into the cell, and he doesn't want to provide the captive with an opportunity to latch on again. This would not be a problem if you weren't so picky, !Sunny.

!Sunstreaker snarls as he's dropped a short distance. And he's back here again. Its not like he can any filthier than he is now. He glares upward. He didn't like the sound of that pause. "I don't need promises- just don't let him die!" He tries to hold the glare but just ends up sinking into a listless sulk.

Reaching over to pat Sky Lynx's side, Rodimus leads him off, leaving Sunstreaker's words to stew in the back of his processor. "Come on, let's go unload your supplies. Nice work there, by the way." He leaves an opening for Sky Lynx to launch on a long, winding narration, making use of the silence to think -- and start a comm back to base to see how the Lost feel about giving up the other twin.

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