2017-09-17 Get Out

From Transformers: Lost and Found

Get Out
Date 2017/09/17
Location Cordyceps Station
Participants Breakdown, Lieutenant, Static
Plot Artifacts of the Knights of Cybertron
Scene GM Koi
Summary This place is gross, let's grab the artifact and go!

Our heroes didn't exactly start out with their best foot forward- especially Breakdown. But his leg was successfully detached and a temporary prosthetic attached, making him a peg-legged, eye-patched pirate. This has freed him from any infection. The same cannot be said about the detached leg, its armor now jet black and fingus spiderwebbing across it. Its not hurting anyone, at least.

The room everyone has holed themselves up in, is solid despite all the oozing fungus around it. And the glowing caps here and there provide nice ambience. There's clanking and scratching and clicking from the door they arrived through but it doesn't open for the infected. Which means our heroes have time to rest, reload, and make a plan. The artifact is through the other pair of doors, a straight shot- a far straight shot.

<FS3> Lieutenant rolls Mind+Mind: Good Success. (1 7 8 7 6 3 6 6)

<FS3> Static rolls Mind+Mind: Failure. (3 1 5 6 1 5)

<FS3> Breakdown rolls Mind+mind: Success. (7 3 5 4)

Upon further investigation of the room, it's clearly some place used to perform surgeries. Anything on the walls were as degraded as the posters in the halls. The tools are odd as well, some made for mech hands and some made for... Something fingerless to handle. There's supplies strewn about- whoever had last been in here left in a hurry- and boxes that, seen through their fungus covering, filled with old mechanical parts that have rusted over time.

Static sure sees those mushrooms glowing. Weird.

Now that he has the shotgun from Breakdown, Static has been keeping it close at hand. He no longer flinches at the sounds of scrabbling from the door, but he does look over occasionally, as he explores the space, eying the mushrooms from a healthy distance. It may have taken a bite for one of the fungus-covered creatures to transmit it to Breakdown, but he's apparently not taking any risks as he watches the things glowing in their places.

Eventually, he turns away from them, looking at the other two. He has to wipe condensation away from his visor (the station is just as disgustingly muggy as it was when they arrived) to look at them. "So what do we do now?" he asks. "Keep moving?" Breakdown has, in the past, been in better moods. He keeps giving a continual eyeing to the remains of his detached leg, his lip curling back from his teeth. He rumbles in a low growl, "This place gives me the creeps. Look at all that rusted scrap."

Lieutenant has been striding around since the completion of the pirate peg leg. He's been looking over this place, fear creeping into his mind that he is in a place of surgery. At least, it could be. What is it though? Certainly the artifact is the goal in this mission but he's curious to know where they are. What happened that made everyone this way, and the tentacle things throw a wrench in the works.

Static breaks his thought process of crossing Quintessons off his speculation list with his questions. "It is best we keep moving." Lieutenant agrees, "Breakdown, are you stable enough on your own?"

<FS3> Breakdown rolls Reaction + Reaction: Good Success. (6 8 7 5 6 3)

Stare at it all he might, Breakdwon's leg doesn't move. And outside of the bit that withered and died when he shot at his wound, the fungus looks lively. Probably feeding of the energy left inside. But it's rather harmless if not disturbing.

Rasping clicks and banging sounds against the doors they entered. Scraaaape. Scraaaape. Its a good thing they don't have to go that way.

Breakdown stands, testing his weight on his prosthetic. He balances for a moment on it entirely, forcing it to take on his weight. His scowl riven deep into the plate of his brow, he shakes his head and goes, "Frag. It's fine. As long as I ain't tryin' to do any fancy ballroom dancin' or aerobics. Let's just ... find the fragging thing and get the scrap out of here."

"Well he's not going back out that way," Static says, jerking his helm toward the door and the sounds still coming through it. "If we can avoid disturbing the rest of these things, or... attracting them... maybe we can find our way to the artifact, then find another way out of the station." Shaking his helm, he glances around the doors. "It was this way, wasn't it?"

Well that's settled, Breakdown can manage. With that, the avian heads towards the door that is not getting scratched up by zombified mechs. "Perhaps if we find a lighter, we could take Breakdown's original suggestion and set them on fire on our way out." They are dead after all. They will need to consider an alternative to their exit, but in the mean time there is an artifact to get. With that, Lieutenant opens the doors to continue on.

<FS3> Lieutenant rolls Seismic Sense: Great Success. (2 7 3 3 5 8 6 2 7 7 8)

When Lieutenant opens the doors, there's nothing more than a dark hallway. It stretches outward into a black abyss. Milky fungus oozes red all over its surfaces just like before. Unlike the other hall, its not filled with cordyceps terrors. At least, none that can be seen from here. Lieutenant is able to make out hidden beings ahead between them and their goal. And beyond that, he can sense through the fungus- all of it connected- a sudden halt.

The atmosphere seems especially thick here, providing a moist, murky haze. Hopefully no one gets rust out of this. (Though, you might want to get treated for it. Immediately. As soon as you return to the Lost Light.)

Static comes up behind Lieutenant then immediately grimaces, upon feeling the practical wall of moisture beyond the door. "I'm not one to rush," he mumbles, "but the sooner we get out of here, the better." That said, he peers down the hallway, his visor scanning for any more of those forms hidden among the mushrooms lining the walls.

Squelching forward in a mismatched gait, Breakdown moves unevenly but with caution. His headlights, angled from his hips, flicker on in angled beams forward into the depths of the dark. He hoists his heavy pistol in his hand, mistrusting, as he moves. Clank-click. Clank-click. Clank-click. He mutters something under his breath but it's probably just profanity.

Duel pistols at the ready as the door opens when he fires off two 'warning shots' to where some of the cordyceps would be. Lieutenant nods for the other two to follow. See movement, shot it. With that, he keeps pressing forward.

<FS3> Lieutenant rolls Firearms: Great Success. (3 7 4 8 1 4 7 7 5)

The fungus mechs weren't doing much. Just standing around, being covered in fungus. Sometimes oozing. Lieutenant's shots make all of them jerk and turn towards our heroes, towards the sound. They start shifting and shuffling towards the living, one of Lieutenant's shots forcing a fungus mech to the ground and another stumbling. They start to get up though, clicking and rasping. More clicks sound out, spreading through the backside of the station. Criiiick-click as their pedes squek-squeeeelch. Their maws open, frothing with spores.

"Ugh, they're just fragging disgustin'." Breakdown picks up speed as he starts clang-clank, clang-clank faster into the dark hall, blasting with his energy pistol. "Move, move, move. I ain't got enough legs for this!"

Static is more than willing to add to Breakdown's earlier hissed profanities, as he brings up the shotgun to blast at the one Lieutenant sent stumbling. He doesn't even wait to see if the shot lands before he's running forward, staying at Breakdown's elbow. He won't be much help if the larger mech goes down, but he can at least provide cover for the mech to get himself back upright again. "So much for getting past them!" he shouts. Too bad they couldn't just empty the entire place out into the vacuum. Maybe then these monsters would stop that damn clicking.

<FS3> Breakdown rolls Firearms: Good Success. (5 3 3 5 2 5 6 6 7 7)

<FS3> Static rolls Firearms: Great Success. (7 7 5 8 7 1 6 3)

Is it too late to mention that the whole !Ultra Magnus thing was the first time Lieutenant had ever seen a zombie? As the mech who reads and has intel on just about everything, he could have handled this wiser. He'll guilt-trip himself on his poor decision later, if they all live to do that. "Apologies." He rushes along with the rest. Just shot, run, and don't do anything else stupid along the way.

<FS3> Lieutenant rolls Firearms: Success. (2 5 7 1 5 1 1 5 3)

Static's shot seperate's a fungus mech's torso from its legs. Ooze eeks out of his opened fuel lines as its upper body starts crawling after them. Lieutenant's shots bounce off another, not causing any serious enough damage to cease its continued steps.

Breakdown's shot hits a mech moss full in the front, the energy of his shot making it collapse and jerk, parts of the fungus withering from around where the shot hit. Another mech trips over the downed one- they're not very graceful are they. But they are many and their hands are reaching.

<FS3> Breakdown rolls Reaction + Reaction: Good Success. (8 7 8 4 6 2)

<FS3> Static rolls Reaction+Reaction: Failure. (1 5 1 3 4 1)

<FS3> Lieutenant rolls Reaction+Reaction: Success. (6 6 6 6 7 3)

"Just keep moving. Don't let them touch you. Well, don't let them bite you--" Breakdown keeps firing, more to provide covering fire as he keeps advancing. "Ugh, even after you shoot them they keep crawlin' ... I /hate/ zombies, and I /hate/ fleshlings, and I /hate/ everything--"

A mech moss reaches for Breakdown from the ground and... Gets stomped on. Breakdown has excellent stompy feet. And also excellent aim. His shots are doing more damage than the others. The energy sears in the fungus, making it wither around the wounds while the mechs shriek clicks. A mech reaching for Lieutenant is too slow, Lieu's steps to broad and fast.

The two big mechs are spared, the average one... A fungus mech manages to get close enough to grab Static. It wrenches him with surprising strength before sinking its teeth into his arm armor, allowing the fungus spores in.

It's bedlam. Mayhem. There's enough of these things, on the ground and stumbling, upright, toward them, that it's easy to miss one, even with three of them shooting. Easy enough that by the time Static realizes that one's gotten past their perimeter, he just barely has time to swing his gun around-- when his leg fails him, sending him stumbling at just the wrong time, allowing the creature to grab him and pull. Static shouts and tries to yank himself away at the sudden sharp sensation of the bite, but too little, too late.

Okay okay, everyone seems safe so far- Static. Lieutenant knew he shouldn't just carried that mech instead of letting him wander on his own. Torque is going to strangle him for letting her friend get hurt. Well, further hurt than he seems to be. The avian fires upon the zombie that has a hold on the speeder.

<FS3> Lieutenant rolls Firearms: Good Success. (1 5 8 4 5 5 7 2 4)

The fungus mech with Static in its clutches is repelled by Lieutenant, the force of which separates its jaw from the rest of it. Fungus seeds itself into Static's arm and begins to reach out of the wound with its webbing. The armor around the bite starts to glow black.

There's more fungus mechs after them, though they look a might bit less interesting in Static. In the dark, up ahead towards where the Cybertronian signal is coming fron, a light flickers. An honest to Primus working ceiling light lights up briefly. Flick-flick-flick. It illuminates a door not covered infungus and then goes out again.

"Scrap! Static!" yelps Breakdown as his cyclopean gaze slides across the chunk bitten into his chest. "Damn it! We can't give you a prosthetic chest!" he yells, shooting repeatedly as they keep moving. "What the-- /a door/, halle-fraggin'-lujah!" and, because doors are his favorite, he hobbles towards it, yelling and shooting like a maniac.

<FS3> Breakdown rolls Firearms: Good Success. (2 1 5 7 8 6 5 6 4 1)

He doesn't drop his gun. In the midst of this, the pain and the sinking realization of what's just happened, that fact seems somehow important. Static has to force it close to his body, tucking the bitten hand back as Lieutenant blasts the plant zombie back. Everything feels numb, and he can't tell whether it's because of the exhilaration or everything else. "I'm fine," he rasps. "I'm fine, keep going, we need to get out of here." They don't have the time to stop. He doesn't look down at his arm-- can't look down at it. He just curls it close to his chest instead. "Keep going."

Lieutenant looks to where Breakdown shouts about the door. Good. Hopefully that has less zombie and more artifact. With that, he's going to scoop Static up into his arms to keep him from getting bitten again. It would be nice if this place had working door panels. Easier to hack a door than pry it open. At least it's not covered in fungi.

As they run, the fungus on Static's arm spreads as his gray and yellow armor turns back. But the fungus beneath them, around them... It glops and sticks and squealches and begins to thin. The light flickers again, revealing not just an un-fungus'd door but that the walls and floor are free as well. Just metal walls and metal floors, that their feets stick to. They are covered in disgusting organic ooze.

The clicking fungus mechs behind them begin to slow, and the mugginess starts to clear from the air. The doors don't open automatically for them. They might need some convincing.

Breakdown puts down his gun in a tilted slant against the wall, backs up two paces from the door now that they've tested it and found that it isn't opening the easy way, and scrapes his foot and his prosthetic leg both across the dry patch of floor like a bull preparing to charge. Then he hurtles forward into the door in an attempt to bodily force it open to admit them with a wordless bellow. "GRAAAH," more or less.

<FS3> Breakdown rolls Body + Property Damage: Success. (4 5 6 3 3 1 3 1 4 7)

Static doesn't even have time to protest before he's being scooped up into Lieutenant's arms. He only briefly thrashes at first, in surprise, before stilling, and letting himself be carried. They're in too dire of a situation right now for him to protest, even if being carried is not ideal. Instead, he glances down at his hand, and the spreading black stain, before looking away, and forcing himself to curl both hands around the shotgun. Even as they charge forward, in Breakdown's case literally slamming into the door with a crash that makes him wince.

He's almost thankful he hadn't removed the webbing and organic squelch from his person. Otherwise that body slam into the door, reverberating through the floor, would have shaken the avian to the point of dropping Static. "Living up to the name." Lieutenant mutters to himself, glancing for any other way to open the door, should it not breakdown.

Breakdown is successful! Woo- but just barely. The door is broken open but it might be a bit of a squeeze for Lieutenant. Once inside, the difference is astounding.

For one, its bright. The windows are open, allowing the full power of this system's suns to filter in. No fungus mech approaches the light and their clicking can be heard. For another, the temperature in here is comfortable- not damp, not too hot. It unburdens their ventilations, chilling condensation on their armor. It looks like an office. Its orderly and some old systems are still online, although glitchy. Any text is in either great ancient primal vernacular or an equally dead, alien language.

Something lies at the desk in front of a glitchy viewscreen. Or perhaps its someone, no more than a pile of silver dust. Was someone. There's a tug at Lieutenant, something calling his spark to the dust.

There's also a tug at Static, pain ripping up his arm as the rooted and spreading fungus tries to urge its host away from the light and energy of the suns.

"Welp," Breakdown says as he scans around the room, trudging inside and poking around. He prods at one of the terminals, staring at unfamiliar text in one-eyed curiosity. "Somethin' in here's keepin' the gross zombies out. Think it's somethin' about the artifact we're huntin'? What /is/ all this gobbledygook, anyway." At least he doesn't punch any computers.

"Hnn!" Static bites back a groan as pain shoots up his arm, curling forward in Lieutenant's arm, tucking the bitten section against his chassis to try and hide it from the light, an automatic reaction to try and stave off the pain. With his arm thus hidden, he starts to force his visor around the room, taking in the raised shutters and the room, so different from everything else they've found in this station. "It--might," he says, in response to Breakdown. "The air's even different in here." He's not going to comment on that pile of dust.

Static gets placed on the ground so the avian can attempt to squeeze inside. Certainly is a 'breath' of 'fresh air' to be in a cleaner, clearer room. The moment of admiration is ruin after his vents shutter to sneeze at the chill and dust. Lieutenant glances around, looking to see if he could hack into one of the terminals for info when he finds himself pulled towards a screen. More dust, but perhaps the place just needs a little cleaning. So dust the area he shall before trying to hack for intel.

Out of the light, the fungus now continues to spread over Static's arm. As his fingers blacken, they begin to numb.

As Lieutenant dusts, it becomes evident that there's something solid within the shifting mass. As more is brushed away, a shape takes form. Its a sphere resting on the square, both powdered silver. It takes a soft vent to blow it away and reveal the a class sphere with a flame within, resting atop a datapad. The flame flickers in time with the beat of Lieutenant's spark, calling...

Breakdown keeps a wary eye on the broken door behind them as he prowls restlessly through the room, clank-click, clank-click. He returns to loom over Static's side, looking down and over him. "That don't look good," he says. This is his medical diagnosis.

With his arm still tucked in against his chest, Static steps cautiously further into the room as Lieutenant does, moving toward the screens that Lieutenant abandoned, setting down the gun so that he can poke at things with his free hand, looking over the systems. The burning sensation in his arm, as painful as it is, has given him an idea. He flexes his hand, grimacing at the feeling slowly disappearing from the tips of his digits, and resolutely ignoring it for the moment. "I'm fine. It's only spread a little bit. Just give me a moment," Static mutters, refusing to look at Breakdown just yet. Just a bit longer... The systems seem glitchy, but maybe... if anything still works, then if he could find the systems for the shutters. It would certainly speed up their retreat from this station.

<FS3> Static rolls Mind+Mind: Good Success. (2 7 6 7 1 1)


Lieutenant watches this shifting to form a spherical object, with a soft blow, he sees the flickering little flame. It's bright but seems fragile at the same time, with every flicker seeming to threaten by being the last. Yet, strangely it remains. Gingerly, he picks it up, cupping it in his hands to hold it close. The warmth inside seems to be much more than it could be.

As mesmerized as he is, Static talking in the background tugs at his attention just enough to gain a flick of his audio fins. Lieutenant picks up the datapad it was on. He will check it when they return. In the meantime, "We should go." he suggests softly, optics never taken off the orb in his hand.

Within Lieutenant's servos, the flame within suddenly flares brightly for a moment. Its warm within Lieutenant's hands, it feels right there. Good.

Static's endeavours are successful as well. The systems are dated and in a foreign language with an alien coding. But there's some things that just don't change- from self destruct to artificial gravity to opening bombing doors on the windows- as long as you know a bit about where to find them. If it ain't broke don't fix it. With the window shutters forcefully deactivated, there's a snapping of fungus out in the halls. And then shrieking, frantic clicks. Something offensively acrid and organic-y assaults their olfactory senses.

"Uhh." Breakdown squints, turning his head back towards the shrieking and clicking. "Go, yeah, let's get that /fraggin' bridge/ if you mechs are /done/," he says, visibly, deeply uncomfortable.

It's a horrible smell, and between that and the shrieks, this one might just be coming back to haunt Static in his recharge. He looks towards the door, then toward the windows, then squares his jaw and braces himself. If those sounds are any indication... this isn't going to be fun. "Just don't take the arm," he whispers. "Not quite," he says, louder, to Breakdown. Then, with a grimace, he thrusts his arm out into the beams of sunlight.

It hurts static. It hurts a whole damn lot. He might want it checked out after this anyways.

He's still enamored by the warmth and the flame that he takes several moments to come back to reality and look around. Huh, windows are open and the sizzling fungus that reeks, guess it's just a safe walk back to where they began. A wince of sympathy goes out to Static as he thrusts his arm into the sunlight. That's going to hurt. Lieutenant waits for a few moments before nodding the both to the door. They should really be going. Breakdown and Static need medical attention, fast. "Burning daylight here."

"Ugh, scrap," Breakdown says, staring for a moment at Static's arm with the repulsed horror one might adopt at seeing another in hideous pain. Shaking himself, he goes, "Bet your aft, Eltee." Breakdown turns and starts for the broken doors. He swoops down to pick up his gun as he goes, and picks up speed, gathering momentum as he charges out into the hall full of shrieking, writhing, dying, stinking fungoid zombies. "THIS IS REALLY GROSS!" is apparently what his battlecry is as he careens out into the hall.

It takes a lot for Static to keep his arm in the light, but he does it, even when it feels like his entire arm is going to burn off. He does it, and only when all of the traces of black are gone does he finally let it drop, staggering a bit as he does. His visor is dim when he turns back toward Lieutenant and Breakdown, and watches as Breakdown, braced pegleg and all, goes charging off. "Let's just get out of here."

"You cannot bet that," Lieutenant calls after Breakdown, "I own that!" With the other mech charging out, Static is left. He swiftly picks the speeder back into his arms and follows behind Breakdown. Sorry but pride is not a consideration here. He's just glad they'll be going back alive. In pieces, roasted, sticky, but alive. There's that at least.

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